Stop job cuts at Macclesfield College

We’re campaigning against redundancies at Macclesfield College – redundancies that came without notice, or proper consultation.
Macclesfield College UCU has found support with local councillors and has written to local MPs to fight back against dreadful management decisions that abandon UCU members to redundancy in the run-up to Christmas.
Please take 2 minutes to sign the UCU petition to join the call to immediately reserve these dreadful job cuts.

Stop redundancies at Macclesfield College

We urgently call on the principal of Macclesfield College to withdraw the proposed job cuts and work with UCU to developing a coherent, workable, and forward-looking recovery plan for the necessary re-growth of Macclesfield College to enable it to continue serving the needs of its communities.

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227 Emms Bleakley Uni of Aberdeen
226 Philip Henshaw Macclesfield College
225 Taleen Temizian Macclesfield
224 Jen Cairns Lampeter, Ceredigion
223 Jackie Wheelock Sandbach
222 Chris Constable Wilmslow
221 Richard Coyle Midkent College
220 Altamash Sever Macclesfield
219 Jim Rowley Macclesfield
218 Giulio Grosso Aspire business services
217 Tessa Pattinson Cheshire
216 David Few Macclesfield College
215 abbie jenkinson East Sussex
214 Adam Vernone University of Reading
213 Dr H Jones Bedfordshire
212 J White Macclesfield
211 J Kirk Derby
210 Gemma Harris Ex special needs TA - Derbyshire
209 Tanya Franklin Macclesfield College
208 Eleanor Beal Manchester Metropolitan University
207 Ian Sainsbury Reading
206 Claudia Dr Wulff Surrey
205 Jaya Van Seventer Macclesfield College
204 Alan McShane Lancashire
203 Pekka Pitkanen University of Gloucestershire
202 Paul Stanesby Cheshire
201 Dr C.H. Bryant UCU NW region HE Secretary
200 Angela Davies Na
199 Peter Conner University of Sheffiled International College UCU Branch
198 Alan Bevington Leicestershire
197 Peter Girling Cambridge University
196 Tom Rudman UCU
195 Nicola Webb Blackburn college
194 Jack Kirtley -
193 Maria Torres-Quevedo University of Edinburgh
192 Ian Parker University of Manchester
191 Lucy Newman L
190 Evgenij Belikov University of Ediburgh
189 Amy Daniels Leeds
188 Veronika Johnson United Kingdom
187 Mario Slugan Queen Mary University of London
186 Matt Arrowsmith UCU
185 Josh Ford Surrey
184 John Malcolm Wagstaff University of Southampton
183 Jacqueline D'ARCY Warwickshire college group
182 John Sullivan Warwickshire college group
181 Amy Spencer University of Sheffield
180 Phoebe McLeod Blackpool and the Fylde College
179 Anne Delaney South Devon College
178 Suzi Collins Fife
177 Andrew Melling Oxford University
176 Adrian Rixon Cardiff University
175 Lynne McDermott Oxford
174 N Thorpe Cheshire
173 Nuno Ferreira University of Sussex
172 Adam Hall University Of Sussex
171 Miss Andrea card Tui
170 Wendy Scragg Cheshire
169 sareen galbraith leeds beckett university
168 Teuta Gjuladin-Hellon University of Central Lancashire
167 Vivian Murray Stafffordshire University
166 Paul Mackney Former General Secretary UCU/Natfhe
165 Bev Crowder-Bridge Park lane School
164 Alex Marshall Sheffield Hallam University
163 Jennifer Hodkinson CHESHIRE
162 Natasha Webb MAES Manchester
161 jude Holland HMP Lewes
160 Naomi Pennington North Yorkshire
159 Pauline Girdwood Retirec
158 Debbie Meehan Macclesfield
157 Rebecca Cresswell Hackney Learning Trust
156 Liam O'Hare Open University
155 Alison Chapman City College Plymouth
154 Peter Gavigan Morley College London
153 Rob Crowther Yorks & Humber Region
152 Jane Lancaster Ex college emplyee
151 Michael Higson Manchester
150 Ruth Simpson Nottinghamshire
149 Stewart Fraser New College, Swindon
148 Nikki Knight-barnett Teaching assistant
147 Susanna Phillippo Newcastle University
146 Jane Cosgrove Macclesfield
145 William Palk Macclesfield College
144 Vincent Morley Hughbaird College
143 Tanis Rooney Architectural Designer Macclesfield
142 Ian Jermyn Durham University
141 Moira Loake Macclesfield
140 Lynsey Sankey Macclesfield
139 Tracy Murphy Construction
138 Sarah Hibell Macclesfield
137 June McCready University of Warwick
136 Lisa Goodwin smbc
135 Jade V Beckett Macclesfield
134 Cath Roberts The Manchester college
133 Emma Millward Macclesfield
132 Tracy Blakemore Cheshire
131 Amy White England
130 Neil Barnett Engineering
129 S Copeland Housing
128 Maureen Bradshaw Lancashire
127 Damien James Black South Wales
126 Mrs Wendy Fielding Stockport
125 Emma Marsden Barclays
124 Linda Littler Leeds
123 Lesley Woof Macclesfield college
122 Victoria Eardley AstraZeneca
121 Philip Sellars Cranfield Uni
120 Rebecca Thatcher Macclesfield
119 Helena Graham All Hallows’
118 Dan Lovesey Cheshire
117 Lisa Shorrock East Lancs NHS Trust
116 Emma Coombes Cheshire
115 Chris Massey NHS
114 David Webb Macclesfield College
113 Louise Banton Lancaster UCU
112 Lee McFarlane Runshaw College
111 Jayne Gillies Bury College
110 Sally Burr Glyndwr University
109 Ben Parsons University of Leicester
108 Andrew Hawke CEREDIGION
107 Bridie Moore University of Huddersfield
106 George Burgess Retired
105 Debra Nixon LGBT Foundation
104 Paul Nixon Macclesfield College
103 Peter Coxhead University of Birmingham
102 David Little Electrical Installation Lectorer in Construction
101 Linda Sproson Congleton
100 Georgia Sproson Cheshire
99 nigel sproson Cheshire
98 John Machin Retired teacher nulc
97 Heather Sproson Cheshire
96 Lloyd Stone Macclesfield college
95 Robert Sproson Macclesfield College Construction Dept
94 Malcolm Lyon Stockport
93 Laura Povoledo UWE Bristol
92 Graham Coyne SHU
91 Heather Willbourn Monmouthshire
90 Carmel Bradley Nottingham
89 David Murray University of East London
88 Bronwen Price Hants
87 Bruce Downie The Open University
86 Jackie Greatorex cambridge
85 Judith Horrocks Retired lecturer
84 Verity Clarkson University of Brighton
83 Ernest Savage retired
82 David Halliday University of York
81 Charlotte Thornton Macclesfield college
80 Diana Warren UCU
79 Danielle Texeira Leicestershire
78 Melvyn Ball ESCG
77 Kate Sawtell North Somerset
76 William Farrell University of Leicester
75 Felicity Blamires Carlisle College
74 Peter Armstrong Macclesfield College
73 Michaela Hodges University of Warwick
72 Eddie Little Manchester
71 Dr Diana Stypinska Liverpool Hope University
70 John Cunningham Lancashire
69 Matt Arrowsmith West Yorkshire
68 Lee Farrow South Thames College Group
67 Lauren Mura United Kingdom
66 Lia Betti University of Roehampton
65 Ian Hurley Leeds Beckett University
64 Fiona Clifford Sheffield University
63 Andrea Browne Macclesfield College
62 David Orr UCLan
61 Fred Lindop UCU retired
60 Tobias Heinrich Grossbritannien
59 Javier Argomaniz University of St Andrews
58 Rebecca Ito Somerset
57 Simon Naylor Merseyside
56 Martin Pennington Ex-University of Leicester (now retired)
55 Gabriele Zagel-Millmore University of Leeds
54 Marina Vishmidt Goldsmiths, University of London
53 Jackie D'Arcy WCG (Warwickshire College Group)
52 stephanie crossman Cheshire
51 Irene D'Amico York
50 Steve Gaskell Greater Manchester
49 lesley hawkins canterbury christ church university
48 Nicky Nolan Macclesfield College
47 Steph Meredith UCLan
46 Rhiannon Lockley BCU
45 Nicholas Chancellor Durham University
44 Ruth Harwood Stoke-on-Trent College
43 Ron Brown Lanchester
42 Viola Eidenbenz Goldsmiths University of London
41 Ruth O'Connor The Manchester College
40 Peter Farrar N/A
39 Linda Farrar N/A
38 Daniel Wood Salford City College
37 Leonie Smith University of Manchester
36 Janet Farrar The Manchester College
35 Kyle MacDougall Coventry College
34 Roger Brock University of Leeds
33 Phil Jimmieson University of Liverpool
32 sarah steadman harrow college
31 Clare Gibbs Coleg y Cymoedd
30 Matthew Evans University of Sussex
29 Caterina Mazzilli East Sussex
28 kevin taylor Sheffield Hallam University
27 Chris Simpson Devon
26 Emily Heath Lancaster University
25 Michael McKrell UCLan
24 Matthew Mosley University College Isle of Man
23 Peter Bradley University of Bath
22 David Sanders Newcastle upon Tyne UCU
21 Duncan Davies West Suffolk College
20 Chris Powell Retired UCU Regional Official
19 fiona hackney Manchester Metropolitan university
18 Carina Hart University of Nottingham
17 Andy Lea The University of Manchester
16 Anke Bernau Greater Manchester
15 Nick Bailey Cardiff University
14 Jake Poller Choose a State
13 James Richards Heriot Watt
12 Jonathan Gurney London
11 Craig Sykes Cheshire
10 Deana Heath -
9 John Atkin UK
8 Anna Kemball University of Edinburgh
7 Andrew Hobbs University of Central Lancashire
6 Doug Cowap Merseyside
5 Dylan Carver University of Cambridge
4 Jean Baird DMU
3 Annette Connolly None
2 Aisling O'Beirn Ulster University
1 Edward Bailey UCU