Stop job cuts at Blackburn College

Dear Blackburn College board of governors,

We are writing to you to reconsider the current plan to put 29 members of staff at risk of redundancy, and cut yet more jobs at Blackburn College.

Particularly during a national crisis college governors, staff trade unions and students should work together to develop alternative plans to grow the College and secure its future.

Blackburn College has played a vital role in providing educational opportunities for some of the most disadvantaged groups in society, and we are some of its very many supporters.

The College’s once proud record of widening participation and student-focused teaching and learning is being put at significant risk.  A strategy of shrinkage pursued by successive principals and senior management teams has already resulted in a 25% drop in teaching staff numbers between 2016 – 2019.

Plans to undertake the 7th redundancy exercise in 6 years is no measure of success. Further staff cuts will only act to accelerate the decline that has already caused significant damage to the college’s reputation and prospects.

We urgently call on you to rethink these plans, withdraw the planned job cuts, and work with the college trade unions and student groups to developing a coherent, workable, and forward-looking recovery plan for the necessary re-growth of Blackburn College, and to enable it to continue serving the needs of its communities.

2,935 Christine Bessell UNISON
2,934 Wendy Croft Bradford College
2,933 Nick Hall AMRC NW
2,932 Samantha Glaze Support worker
2,931 Simon Crew Secretary, Bristol Trades Council
2,930 Ross Heaviside University of Salford
2,929 Cecily Blyther Petroc/Devon
2,928 Haider Bilal London
2,927 Heather O'Brien Burnley College
2,925 David Gernon Jisc
2,924 Katie Crosson Royal Holloway, University of London
2,923 stephen cole Ipswich
2,922 Sarah Robinson Nottingham
2,921 Berenice Guyot-Rechard KCL
2,920 Kevin Wilkie Lancashire Fire Brigades Union Secretary
2,919 Stacey Clifton UCBC
2,918 Paul Banks Lancashire
2,917 Oliver Kearns University of Bristol
2,916 Jacqueline Dodding UCLan
2,915 Stuart Blackwood
2,914 Bob Mcguigan Herts
2,913 Mick Clarke san antonio
2,912 Helen Bull Newcastle
2,911 Tim Mercer Lancashire
2,910 Fenella Fudge Goldsmiths
2,909 Matthew Falloon Freelancer
2,908 David Parker BWDBC
2,907 Callum Dunleavy Dundee
2,906 andrew marriott Merseyside
2,905 Declan Hammond Blackburn
2,904 Paul Nataraj Craven College
2,903 Peter Bentley Blackburn
2,902 Jon McCaughey Blackburn
2,901 Bronwen Joy Balckburn
2,900 Katy Quayle Restore beyond the Purple door (massage therapist)
2,899 Michael Sharp Blackburn
2,898 Gillian Rodriguez Cumbria
2,897 Jeanette Emmerson Leicestershire
2,896 Melanie Brown Edinburgh
2,895 Clair Chapman Cheshire
2,894 Catherine Craven Blackburn
2,893 Philip Turner Shropshire
2,892 Brendan Russell Engineer, Broadoak gear cutting, darwen
2,891 Hannah Boast University of Warwick
2,890 Annette Berry Retired
2,889 Hanadi Rammu UCL, London
2,888 Mandy Langton Lancashire
2,887 Sophie Gibson Burnley
2,886 Jonathan Purcell University of Central Lancashire
2,885 Amy Haslam Lancashire
2,884 Emiliano Trizio UWE Bristol
2,883 Clare Lane Leeds arts uni
2,882 Julie Britain Manchester
2,881 Joanne Gale-Chambers Hampshire
2,879 Richard Chamberlain University of Northampton
2,878 Dave Griffiths Manchester School of Art, MMU
2,877 Helena Carr UEA
2,876 Philip Connell University of Cambridge
2,875 HM Altorf St Mary's University
2,874 Ian Mundy Northampton College
2,873 David Heywood Lancashire
2,872 Linda Heywood Lancashire
2,871 Hannah Piercy Durham University
2,870 Mariana Galante Cambridgeshire
2,869 Ece Algan Loughborough University
2,868 Chris Ingram unionsafety/CWU Grter Mersey Amal
2,867 Eleftheria Bourtzinakou Gateshead College
2,866 Jonathan Brockbank University of York
2,865 Katherine Rackley East sussex
2,864 William Crosby Anglia Ruskin University
2,863 Izabela HOPKINS Please Select
2,862 Rajmil Fischman Keele University
2,861 William Brownings New City College, Hackney
2,860 Nuno Ferreira University of Sussex
2,859 Ernest Schonfield University of Glasgow
2,858 Clare Daly University of Roehampton
2,857 Andrew Ford Blackburn College
2,856 Claire Rixon Isle of Wight College
2,855 R Price University of Sussex
2,854 Roberto Veneziani Queen Mary University of London
2,853 Janet Harrison Liverpool
2,852 Peter Girling Cambridge University
2,851 Ian D Fleming UAL - LCC
2,850 Mariko Skorupski SOAS
2,849 Peter Walters Stoke on Trent College
2,848 Penny Welch University of Wolverhampton
2,847 Sean O'Henly The Manchester College
2,846 Giulio Giusti SOUTH YORKSHIRE
2,845 William Rupp University of Warwick
2,844 Kevin Hunt Merseyside
2,843 Paul Crean Salford City College FE
2,842 Martin McAreavey University of Bolton
2,841 Martin McAreavey University of Bolton
2,840 Rodger Brown University of Derby
2,839 Richard Mcewan New city college poplar
2,838 Scott Thurston University of Salford
2,837 Marie Holmes Blackburn College
2,836 Judy Wills EMRMB
2,835 Alinda Damsma University College London
2,834 Andrew Oldham Saddleworth
2,833 Carol Rea University of Lincoln
2,832 Adam Dwight Wolverhampton College
2,831 Brian Cattell Coventry
2,830 Chris Taylor University of Leeds
2,829 Paul Gerrard Former Head of Sixth Form, Blackburn College (2004-2009)
2,828 Stephen Moran UNISON Pennine Acute Health Branch / Manchester
2,827 Annette Berry Blackburn
2,826 Louise Nicholson University of Liverpool
2,825 Sean Berry Blackburn
2,824 Jane Lomas Blackpool and The Fylde College
2,823 susan ruthen hospital
2,822 Eleanor Berry Student
2,821 Joe Kay Blackburn
2,820 Lynne Wallace PCS
2,819 Katie Neild NWAA
2,818 Jackie Jarvis Preston HMRC
2,817 Cairon Berry Blackburn
2,816 Emma Garner CWU
2,815 Jennifer Regan Lcc
2,814 Francoise Ugochukwu Milton Keynes
2,813 Francis Davis Crown Paints
2,812 Amanda Rego Lancashire
2,811 Nicola Rimmer School
2,810 Annie Poulton Blackburn
2,809 Lesley Quigley Lancashire
2,808 Tim Kershaw Royal mail
2,807 dawn kelly meadowhead junior school
2,806 Georgia Berry Bb2 2rf
2,805 Graham Rawsthorne CWU eastlancs
2,804 Stephanie windle Lancashire
2,803 Richard Wright Royal Mail
2,802 Sharon Mcmullen Royal Mail
2,801 Derek Berry Lancashire
2,800 Adam Berry Lancashire
2,799 Martin Thomas Horsch Widnes
2,798 derek berry 3563
2,797 Megan Searson Blackburn
2,796 Michael Keane Cips
2,795 Peter McLoughlin QUB
2,794 John Ramsden University of Leeds
2,793 phiona hesketh probation service/HMP
2,792 craig pirie PCS
2,791 Jennifer Miles Exmoor
2,790 Sarah Winter DURHAM
2,789 James Pratt Coventry College
2,788 Doris Rohr Liverpool Hope University
2,787 amanda brown dorset council , unison Branch Sec
2,786 Jackie Greatorex Cambridge
2,785 Tiago Machado Costa University of Nottingham
2,784 Matthew Phillips Royal Holloway, University of London
2,783 Anthony Silson West Yorkshire
2,782 Michael Turner Lancashire
2,781 Thomas Schlichter UCL Physics and Astronomy
2,780 Frances Kelly Manchester, Lancs
2,779 Naz Khan Hmrc
2,778 Sophia Mian Bradford College
2,777 Gerard Loughlin Durham University
2,776 Steven Spencer North Lincolnshire
2,775 Nnamdi A SMB
2,774 Malaika Sarco-Thomas University of Chester
2,773 John Shorrock Home
2,772 Steve Kirk University of Sheffield
2,771 Amanda Bray GBMET
2,770 David Irvine Retired, Riverside College, Kingsway, Widnes
2,769 Arabella Fisher Open University
2,768 Rehana Sharif Birmingham Metropolitan College
2,767 Judith Wright Retired academic
2,766 Tess Baxter University of Lancaster
2,765 Nalini Paul Glasgow
2,764 Stephen Clark University of Leeds
2,763 Simon Naylor warrington and Vale Royal College
2,762 Stephen Caunce retired from Uclan
2,761 Nick Parsons Cardiff University
2,760 Eda Ulus Angus
2,759 Marina Vishmidt Goldsmiths, University of London
2,758 chris savory east sussex
2,757 Leire Barrera-Medrano Bath and North East Somerset
2,756 Matthew Evans University of Sussex
2,755 Debra Charnock University of Bolton
2,754 Robert Sissons Self employed
2,753 Blair Matthews University of St Andrews
2,752 Anna Mikkola Central Saint Martins, UAL
2,751 Allister Mactaggart Chesterfield College
2,750 Helene Maloigne UCL
2,749 Christian Mossmann University of Exeter
2,748 Ben Shepherd Glasgow Caledonian University
2,747 Paul Spivey Hopwood Hall College
2,746 Andy Lambie Liverpool
2,745 Julian Finch Councillor at West Lancashire Borough Council
2,744 Helen Topping Clitheroe, Lancashire
2,743 Margaret Hampson lancashire
2,742 Stephen Craig Flintshire
2,741 Georgia Theodorou School Governor, London
2,740 Barry Casey Blackpool teaching hospitals
2,739 Ursula Martin Retired teacher
2,738 Zoe Hurley Hillside specialist school
2,737 Wayne Davis Surrey
2,736 Jane Shorrock Home
2,735 Michael Vaughan Staffordshire UNISON
2,734 J BOREHAM local government
2,733 Susan Riley Lancashire
2,732 Coleen Docherty UNISON, Glasgow City Branch, 84 Bell Street, Glasgow
2,731 Rob Wall Bedfordshire
2,730 Lisa Marie Bradley Scapa health care trade union rep
2,729 Alex Roberts Retired Probation Officer
2,728 Graham Tranquada Bedfordshire
2,727 James Hacking Student
2,726 Keelie Barrett East Lancashire Hospitals
2,725 Alan Murphy Newcastle University
2,724 Michael Donovan Retired
2,723 josephine Maguire Blackburn College
2,722 Karen Daw Salisbury
2,721 Adrian Welch Retail Tesco
2,720 Paula Carlyle Unison
2,719 Nicholas Stratton Lancashire Police / Rossendale NPT
2,718 Daren Wright Unison member
2,717 Jenny Lennon-Wood Dorset Trades Union Council
2,716 mathew winston NASUWT
2,715 Kathleen Atkins Retired college lecturer, formerly Preston College
2,714 Elisabete Garcia Hopwood Hall College
2,713 Val McClinton Lancashire
2,712 Neil Armitage Gloucester & District Trades Union Council
2,711 James Pickles Sheffield Hallam University
2,710 Robert Almond Cheshire
2,709 ebrahim sidat blackburn library
2,708 Ian Baxter Liverpool
2,707 Helen Clayson Bolton
2,706 Ben Scott Nottingham Trent University
2,705 Fouzia Naoui Greater Manchester
2,704 lynne hodge unite rep
2,703 Paul Stuart UNISON Housing and Care Scotland branch
2,702 Wendy Smith Retired
2,701 Simon Murch NEU
2,700 Jayne Barry Work
2,699 Alastair Smith Uni of Warwick
2,698 Helen Roberts University of Hull
2,697 Gavin Schwartz-Leeper University of Warwick
2,696 PAUL TRIMMER University of Warwick
2,695 Claire Daffern University of Warwick
2,694 Matt Bennett University of Cambridge
2,693 Joe Baldwin UNISON Liverpool Hospital Health Branch
2,692 Joe Baldwin Unison/NHS
2,691 Justine Walker Blackburn College
2,690 David Dowdle University of Salford
2,689 Claire Smith Bury
2,688 Zach Mason Glasgow School of Art
2,687 Paul Mason Artist educator Yorkshire Sculpture Park
2,686 Angela McConnell LIVERPOOL
2,685 Nicole Beardsworth University of Warwick
2,684 Chris Bayes Lancaster University
2,683 Nuno Ferreira University of Sussex
2,682 christine barnett NEU
2,681 Jeff Howarth UNISON
2,680 Matteo Fumagalli University College London
2,679 Richard Lighten Manchester Metropolitan University
2,678 chris TURNER BAE Samlesbury
2,677 Siobhán Brennan-Robson NEU
2,676 Chris Webb Keighley College
2,675 Jonathan Sinclair Lancashire
2,674 Julia Charlton Newcastle
2,673 Clare Gibbs Coleg y Cymoedd
2,672 Adele Fletcher Cleaner at Farington Leyland.
2,671 Nigel Cole College
2,670 Walter Reakes Bath & North East Somerset
2,669 Lorna Kennedy PCS
2,668 Elli Long Parcelforce
2,667 Karen Windle Burnley College
2,666 Gillian Hobson Manchester
2,665 Elinor Harrison Nuclear Power Station
2,664 Andy Lowe London
2,663 Tim Young Retired Railwayman & TU Activist
2,662 William Butterworth Retired
2,661 Sheila Wise County (optional)
2,660 Jennifer Andrew Prospect, Liverpool
2,659 Rachel Wise Stockport Trades Union Council
2,658 ADRIAN RUDLEY Capita
2,656 Amanda Finch Ulster University
2,655 Kerry Nash Unison - Manchester
2,654 Nina Losardo BT
2,653 Thomas Mewies Bristol
2,652 Ron Graves Peterborough Trades Union Council
2,651 Steven North Salford City UNISON
2,650 John Southwell CWU
2,649 Keith Lewis Learn with Unite
2,648 Aisling O'Beirn Ulster University
2,647 Richard Bates Darwen
2,646 Mark Bolton Royal Mail
2,645 Anthony Windle CWU Blackburn
2,644 Mark Evans Royal Mail
2,643 Paul Regan GMB Trafford
2,642 Andrew Mercer CWU, Merseyside
2,641 Neil Smith GMB Trade Union
2,640 Peter Middleman NW Regional Secretary, National Education Union
2,639 Kathleen Spencer East of England and Home Counties Retired Members
2,638 Michael McKrell University of Central Lancashire
2,637 Scott McCabe Trade Union Education Centre at the City of Glasgow College
2,636 Mark Best Ab-inbev brewery Samlesbury
2,635 Maureen Le Marinel UNISON Lancashire Police
2,634 Mustafa Turus City and Islington College
2,633 Andrew Birchall Wigan
2,632 Tery Jones roehampton
2,630 Barry Rutlidge United Utilities ,Preston
2,629 Malcolm Wallace Chelmsford TUC
2,628 Rebecca wiseman Btrcc, Burnley
2,627 Carol Reid Merseyside
2,626 Giuseppe Roberto Unite Riverside Group Branch
2,625 Rosie MacGregor White Horse (Wiltshire) Trades Council and UNISON
2,624 Marina Isaac Kingston University, London
2,623 Stephen Pickup Bolton
2,622 Barbara McMahon Lancashire
2,621 Tim Price Bucks
2,620 Peter Pinkney Cleveland
2,619 Paul Wilkinson ---
2,618 Gary Kilroy TSSA
2,617 Franklyn Ellis Retired
2,616 Evangeline Tsao University of York
2,615 Anne-Cécile Déclais university of Dundee
2,614 Martin Empson Manchester
2,613 Christopher World Lancashire
2,612 Rhiannon Hall Brunel University London
2,611 Helen Beeey Usdaw
2,610 Julie Johnson Blackburn With Darwen
2,609 Nuala Orton Greater London
2,608 Rebecca Darley Birkbeck, University of London
2,607 Lucy Hodgetts University of Leeds
2,606 John Bamford Former UCU Health & Safety advisor
2,605 Yu Wang University of Salford, Manchester
2,604 Conal Ruddy Uxbridge College
2,603 Luke de Noronha University of Manchester
2,602 Joel Gibbs Sandwell College
2,601 David Hulme University of Nottingham, retired
2,600 Ahmed Kozal University of Salford/ Salford
2,599 Max Gaskell DBS
2,598 Norman Murray University of Salford
2,597 jackie thomas housewife
2,596 Helen McCabe University of Nottingham
2,595 Greville Corbett University of Surrey
2,594 Izzy Jayasinghe The University of Sheffield
2,593 Hannah King City College Norwich
2,592 Eleanor Higgs University of Cape Town
2,591 Eleanor Price London
2,590 Lee Battle University of Salford
2,589 Michael Starrs Newham College
2,588 Jonathan Williams Retired, Blackburn
2,587 Peter Fox Bfawu learning services
2,586 Lee Nixon Greater Manchester
2,585 Paul Rafferty UNISON AQA
2,584 Dave Savage Lancashire
2,583 Stevenn Turner Lancashire
2,582 Nick Russell UCU
2,581 John Cunningham Lancashire
2,580 Rachel Perry-Doyle Unison
2,579 Ron Smith Sussex
2,578 James Graham The University of Manchester
2,577 Tony Ealey LMA Liverpool
2,576 Julian Eisner Civil Service
2,575 Jacqueline Hargreaves Hospice
2,574 Karen Carberry NEU Official
2,573 Rosa Crowley-Bennett GMCA
2,572 frank melling Merseyside
2,571 Patricia Nesbitt Lancashire
2,570 Karl Sorfleet Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue
2,569 Ian Horsfield UWE
2,568 Elspeth Wardrop Bolton College
2,567 Andrew Sayer Lancs
2,566 Andrew Coburn Essex
2,565 Sundas Hussain Coventry University
2,564 RACHNA CHOUDHIRY Oldham College
2,563 Sanhita Roy Tutor
2,562 Gill Cook Lancashire Adult Learning
2,561 Kamalika Sen Oldham college
2,560 Eve Sheppard The Oldham College
2,559 Zed Vazifdar Oldham College
2,558 Layla Razavi Oldham College
2,557 Carla Cahill Oldham College
2,556 Stewart Wade Lancashire
2,555 Mike Evans Warrington & Vale Royal College
2,554 Peter Duggan Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust
2,553 Karen Manca Burton on trent
2,552 Elke Pawlowski University of Bath
2,551 Graham Wheatlely HMRC
2,550 Ruhulamin Bapu HMRC
2,549 EMRE TARIM Lancaster University
2,548 Andrew Fox-Hewitt fire service
2,547 Kristen Malone Myerscough College
2,546 Matthew Burns University of Manchester
2,545 Wendy Pickering Hopwood Hall College
2,544 Kanchan Mukherjee Lancashire
2,543 John Calvert B&FC
2,542 Susan Yavetz University of Liverpool, PhD candidate
2,541 Julie Stacey HMP Haverigg
2,540 Colin Davies GB
2,539 Neil Gaskin Somerset
2,538 Julian Wells London School of Economics
2,537 Fatima Seedat Blackburn
2,536 Sam Rosen University of Nottingham
2,535 Sahida Seedat Manchester
2,534 John Hughes Unite
2,533 Joan Taylor Pleckgate High School
2,532 louisa Bidzinska Lancashire
2,531 Jack Higginss University of Gloucestershire
2,530 Matthew Fryer Brigade Organiser - Fire Brigades Union Manchester
2,529 John Pye Bolton Unison and Manchester TUC
2,528 Naela Hashemi Bolton College
2,527 Martin Clark UNISON Scotland Further Education Branch
2,526 Janet Morgan Keighley TUC & PCS member
2,525 DOUGLAS LONSDALE Northamptonshire
2,524 Ian Morgan Retired teacher
2,523 Brian Peace Garstang
2,522 Tracy Crossley Unviersity of Salford
2,521 Andy Reid PCS ARMS London Branch Organiser
2,520 Leigh Powell UNISON Centre
2,519 olivier bagnara NASUWT/SOMERSET
2,518 FRANCIS MCMAHON Retired NHS manager
2,517 Davies Chris University of Derby
2,516 Gareth Lowe Unite the Union Regional Officer
2,515 Joyce French Retired
2,514 Robert Hardy Lancashire
2,513 Tim Bridges Lancashire
2,512 vivien scott Lancashire
2,511 Samantha Knapp Blackburn
2,510 Michelle Mehnert Lancashire
2,509 Lynne Chamberlain Greenwich and Bexley TUC
2,508 Debbie Walton Hairdresser
2,507 Justin Richards University of Salford
2,506 Jason Shields Blackburn
2,505 Carson Bergstrom University of Salford
2,504 David Godsell University of Gloucestershire
2,503 Pamela Sherlock Manchester
2,502 Rod Hartley Preston
2,501 Christine Gausden University of Salford
2,500 Pekka Pitkanen University of Gloucestershire
2,499 Rob Kent Lcc
2,498 Michael Lappin SLF
2,497 James Cornish Somerset
2,496 David Farmer University of Salford
2,495 David James Gloucestershire
2,494 Geoffrey Disley Blackburn College
2,493 Barbara Norris Retired
2,492 Robin Head Somerset
2,491 Louise Inglis University of Glasgow
2,490 Dru Haynes UCU
2,489 Lorraine Roberts University of Lincoln
2,488 Terry Whitehouse NEU Somerset
2,487 James Rupa Lancashire
2,486 Liz Miller Manchester
2,485 Elizabeth Rice Cheshire
2,484 Tony Cook Plymouth
2,483 Mike Cattell Bedford TUC
2,482 Keith Nockels University of Leicester
2,481 Christine Briercliffe Blackburn
2,480 Mark McKendrick Self employed, London
2,479 James Robinson South Eastern Regional College
2,478 carole grady lancashire
2,477 Jill Catlow Lancashire
2,476 Neil Southworth PCS Rep
2,475 Lorraine Lateu Frome College
2,474 Vicki Nash Somerset
2,473 Sarah Seaton Secretary Leicester & District Trades Union Council, Chair of Leicester UCU
2,472 Pat O'Connor Retired union rep
2,471 John Hall Blackburn with Darwen Council
2,470 Susan Olech London
2,469 Teresa MacKay Retired
2,468 Cllr Brian Taylor Blackburn with Darwen BC
2,467 Andy Merryfield Yeovil
2,466 Lisa Tunnell Teacher - Chesterfield
2,465 Alex Lee University of Brighton
2,464 Geoff Key Lancashire
2,463 celia billep Lewisham College
2,462 Brian Blatchford Unite retired members rep
2,461 Mark Newman Secretary, Cornwall Trades Union Council
2,460 Hannah David PCS/Culture/South West
2,459 Kevin Russell Mendip Trades Council - Somerset & PCS ARMS South West
2,458 Zarria Phillips Ruskin College
2,457 Dawn Adams Lancs
2,456 Kathryn Mackridge TUC
2,455 Caiti Betterton Manchester
2,454 Chris Solman White Horse (Wiltshire) Trades Council
2,453 Eva Bryczkowski Retired
2,452 Caroline Corbin Salisbury and District TUC
2,451 Suzanne Elliot Sometset
2,450 Ian Macdonald Home
2,449 Amy Hoskins Royal mail
2,448 Darren James GB
2,447 Josephine Smoldon retired university senior technician
2,446 Susan Amatiello Somerset
2,445 Dave Chapple Bridgwater TUC
2,444 Li Gibson Bridgwater
2,443 David Phillips NHS
2,442 Eric Olson University of Sheffield
2,441 Dalvinder Kaur Central Campus, Sandwell College
2,440 Christopher Anderson New City College
2,439 David Applebaum University of Sheffield
2,438 Denise O'Brien Lewisham College
2,437 Jon Berry Hertfordshire
2,436 Kate Dunstone Manchester