Stop redundancies at University of Leeds

Here we go again...

University of Leeds is RAMming through redundancies 

In the middle of the Covid-19 global crisis, University of Leeds management has taken the strategic decision to make ‘voluntary’ redundancies in departments working to tackle the Covid pandemic: the school of medicine (SoM) and the faculty of biological sciences (FBS).

In its 2018/2019 accounts (the latest published) the university reported an operating surplus of £38m and healthy reserves. The university has not given us any financial explanation of why it cannot afford to stop redundancies.

No job should be under threat. The three campus unions oppose these redundancies. 

Management ran a voluntary redundancy scheme in the SoM as recently as last year and in FBS ten years ago. FBS is witnessing a re-run of the failed 2010 approach; at that time an academic from FBS addressed university court:

“One of the problems in biological sciences is that the university has not yet made a full disclosure of the financial information on which this re-structuring is based. Staff were promised an ‘open book’ exercise, but this has not happened as yet.” 

This time, staff have not even been promised an ‘open book’ exercise. What is the management hiding?

The marketisation of higher education lies at the heart of this problem. The resource allocation model (RAM) at Leeds is inspired by market forces and is widely regarded as flawed. If a department attracts plenty of students/fees it can fare well. Academic areas requiring laboratories and expensive equipment seem to be ‘competing’ in an unequal ‘market’. One would have thought that departments working on the Covid-19 pandemic such as medicine and biological sciences would be key to the university strategy 2020-30 titled ‘Making a Global Impact’. The RAM is distorting the notion of collective academic endeavour and is clearly failing the university in its own terms.

We, the undersigned demand:

  1. the voluntary redundancies at the University of Leeds are ceased immediately
  2. University of Leeds management guarantees no compulsory redundancies
  3. the detailed financial data, analyses and conclusions underpinning management’s rationale for the redundancies are made available to the trade unions and University staff for interrogation
  4. a review of the Leeds resource allocation model is undertaken, involving the provision of detailed information and worked operational examples for staff to examine
  5. all schools and departments should be supported in accordance with their needs.


Stop job cuts at University of Leeds

This petition is now closed. Thank you for your support.

End date: Jul 11, 2022

Signatures collected: 1,586

1,586 signature

1,586 Cherie Judge Liverpool, University of Liverpool
1,585 Malcolm Heath Leeds, University of Leeds
1,584 Raja Mazlan Leeds, University of Leeds
1,583 Ruth Bell Leeds, Retired
1,582 Catherine Johns Leeds, Trinity Campus
1,581 JANE SELLERS Leeds, NE Leeds Labour Party
1,580 Jonathan Pownall Leeds, West Yorkshire
1,579 Suzanne Williams Leeds, Leeds North East Labour Party
1,578 Malgorzata MacDougall Leeds, University of Leeds
1,577 Rosina Bartlett Leeds, University of Leeds
1,576 Polly Radcliffe London, KCL
1,575 Faisal Mahmood York, York college
1,574 Paul Watt London, Birkbeck, University of London
1,573 Raj Tiwary London, NHS
1,572 Jarvellis Rogers Leeds, University of Leeds
1,571 Jean Hatton Huddersfield, N/A
1,570 Rosa Mas Giralt Leeds, University of Leeds
1,569 Felix Schulz Leeds, University of Leeds
1,568 Maggie Gray London, Kingston University
1,567 Peter Hill Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumbria University
1,566 Helen Sadig Leeds, University of Leeds
1,565 Eddie Little MANCHESTER, Retired
1,564 Robert Avery Castleford, York St John University
1,563 Gareth Brown Leeds, University of Leicester
1,562 Ben Robinson LEEDS, University of Hull
1,561 Yasmin Hussain Leeds, Leeds
1,560 Romain Cames York, University of Leeds
1,559 Darren Moon London, London School of Economics and Political Science
1,558 Fabienne Benoist London South Bank University, --
1,557 Jonathan Colman Burnley, University of Central Lancashire, Preston
1,556 Rasha Soliman Leeds, West Yorkshire
1,555 T Khan Bradford, University of Leeds
1,554 G Mir Leeds, West Yorkshire
1,553 Maria Hussain Leeds, University of Leeds
1,552 Ricardo Michue-Bendezu Leeds, University of Leeds
1,551 Sarah Dawson Leeds, University of Leeds
1,550 Gregorio Alonso Leeds, University of Leeds
1,549 Sue Conway Nottingham, Nottingham College
1,548 Marie Eyre Liverpool, University of Liverpool
1,547 Jessie Cooper London, City, University of London
1,546 Astrid Haas Liverpool, University of Central Lancashire
1,545 Daniel Gonzalez Bernardo Oviedo, Spain
1,544 Glyn Oliver Southampton, Hampshire
1,543 Leo McCann York, University of York
1,542 Simon Allen Norwich, University of East Anglia
1,541 Clare-Louise Peyton Leeds, University of Bradford
1,540 Ghizlane Lafdi Evesham, Aston
1,539 Thomas Peyton-Lander Market Harborough, Leicestershire
1,538 Stefania Romano Luddenden, University of Leeds
1,537 Martin Lopez-Garcia Leeds, University of Leeds
1,536 Greg Swadener Birmingham, Aston University
1,535 anni raw Bradford (University of Leeds), West Yorkshire
1,534 Gareth Farmer Bedford, University of Bedfordshire
1,533 Devesh Mistry Leeds, University of Leeds
1,532 Kayla Kemhadjian Leeds, University of Leeds
1,531 Tobias Bast Nottingham, University of Nottingham
1,530 Sara Romero Falmouth, Cornwall College
1,529 Rachel Mulholland Glasgow, Lanarkshire
1,528 Georgina Jackson Nottingham , University of Nottingham
1,527 Felicia Gottmann Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumbria University
1,526 Iyiola Solanke Leeds, West Yorkshire
1,525 Giresh Kale Leeds, University of Leeds
1,524 Emma P Leeds, West Yorkshire
1,523 Olivia Christie Leeds, University of Leeds
1,522 Kate Bennett Liverpool, University of Liverpool
1,521 Rajmil Fischman Keele, ST
1,520 Graeme Chesters Lancaster, University of Bradford (retired)
1,519 Mahmood Akhtar Leeds, University of Leeds
1,518 Charlie Gilkeson Wakefield, Wakefield College
1,517 Anna Harrold Leeds, University of Leeds
1,516 Pete Keal Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire
1,515 Fran Pontin Leeds, University of Leeds
1,514 Nour Halabi Leeds, Leeds University
1,513 Yasmine Garman Hull, University of Hull
1,512 Christopher Marrows Leeds, West Yorkshire
1,511 Florence Scott Leeds, University of Leeds
1,510 Alan Murphy Gateshead, Newcastle University
1,509 Clare Wilson Leeds, SoM, LICAMM, University of Leeds
1,508 Stephane Bauguitte Cambridge, University of Leeds, SEE
1,507 Rosalind Day Leeds, University of Leeds
1,506 Michael Powell-Davies London, University of Kent
1,505 Madeleine Steeds Manchester, University of Manchester
1,504 Jakub Krol London, UCL
1,503 Caitlin Coyle Glasgow , Glasgow
1,502 Jackie Greatorex Cambridge, Cambridge
1,501 Zoe Groves Leicester, University of Leicester
1,500 Jackie Thomas London , UCL
1,499 Mark Pfuhl London, King's College London
1,498 Catherine Tucker Leeds, Leeds Beckett University
1,497 Richard Naftalin King's College London, State
1,496 Eric Olson Sheffield, University of Sheffield
1,495 Lucy Recchia Leeds, University of Reading
1,494 Innocent Tasara Leeds, University of Leeds
1,493 Jess Baines London, University of the Arts London
1,492 Susan Pyne Glasgow, University of Strathclyde
1,491 Juliette Underwood Leeds, University of Leeds
1,490 faye harrison Leeds, university of leeds
1,489 Joe Haslam Newcastle, University of Leeds
1,488 Jenny Anderson Newcastle, Uni of leeds
1,487 Jennie Hepburn Winchester, HMP Winchester
1,486 Ioana Iordan Leeds, West Yorkshire
1,485 Anastasia Kaldi Leeds, University of Leeds
1,484 Matt Trant Leeds, University Of Leeds
1,483 Kit Macgregor Stedward Leeds, University of Leeds
1,482 Sarah Turvey Sheffield, Uni of Sheffield
1,481 Irene D'Amico York, University of York
1,480 Nicola Davis Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire
1,479 Midori Harris Cambridge, University of Cambridge
1,478 Ryan Sweet Exeter, Swansea University
1,477 Agnes Flues Nottingham, University of Nottingham
1,476 Carole Jones Edinburgh, University of Edinburgh
1,475 Russ Whitfield Birmingham, University of Birmingham
1,474 Jenny Carter Holmfirth , Huddersfield university
1,473 Sezen Kizilgul Kartal London, City anf Islington College
1,472 sharon coen salford, university of salford
1,471 Adam Vernone Reading, University of Reading
1,470 Sara Scott OXFORD, Oxfordshire
1,469 Richard Coyle Rochester, Kent
1,468 Peter McLoughlin Belfast, QUB
1,467 Ruth Holland Leeds, University of Leeds
1,466 Phoebe McLeod Preston, Lancs
1,465 Matt Smith Newcastle, NCUC
1,464 Minjie Cai London, University of Greenwich
1,463 Fiona McGarry Belfast, Queen’s University Belfast
1,462 Jasmine Moran Harrogate, North Yorkshire
1,461 Josh Moos Leeds, Leeds Beckett University
1,460 Harriet Carroll Aberdeen, University of Bristol & Lund University
1,459 Mihaela Stanescu Leeds, University Center Leeds
1,457 Angus Sinclair London , Goldsmiths, University of London
1,456 Lesley Catchpowle London , Univerity of Greenwich
1,455 Kitty Allen Leeds, University of Leeds
1,454 Bill Lawrence Mexborough, Retired
1,453 Steve Kirk Ripley, Univeristy of Sheffield
1,452 Tiziana Morosetti London, Goldsmiths
1,451 Chris Downs Chichester, The Open University
1,450 Timothy Ball Sheffield, -- Please Select --
1,449 Gracia Ramirez London, University of the Arts London, London College of Communication
1,448 Rachel Coleman Cambridge, University of Cambridge
1,447 Anne Darby Nottingham, NTU
1,446 Gemma Wibberley 1, 1
1,445 Jeff Oliver Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire
1,444 sarah brien Winchester, Hampshire
1,443 Pravina Ellis London, Croydon Adult Education
1,442 Nadine Salman London, UCL
1,441 Juan Baeza Brighton, King's College London
1,440 Pat Devine Manchester, University of Manchester, Honorary Research Fellow
1,439 Katie Hunt Lincoln, University of Lincoln
1,438 Ian Wells Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
1,437 james foley sheffield, SOUTH YORKSHIRE
1,436 Roberto Scipioni Haywards Heath, University of Sussex
1,435 Katharine Terrell Leeds, Leeds alum and Sheffield Hallam University lecturer
1,434 Alex Latham-Gambi Cardiff, Swansea University
1,433 Paul Wilkinson Nottingham, Retired
1,432 Lynn Fotheringham Nottingham, University of Nottingham
1,431 Eddie Little Manchester, Retired
1,430 Duncan McNeil Leicester, Retired
1,429 Kirstie Ball St Andrews, University of St Andrews
1,428 Keith Trickey Liverpool, Retired
1,427 Malcolm Harnden Harlow, Essex
1,426 Laura Povoledo Bristol, UWE Bristol
1,425 Dr C.H. Bryant Salford, UCU NW HE Sector secretary
1,424 Thomas Peyton-Lander Leicester , Edinburgh Napier University
1,423 Jim Tyrrell Leicester, Leicester Adult Skills and Learning Service
1,422 Liz Brown Derby, Birmingham
1,421 Kevin Church Milton Keynes, The Open University
1,420 Joaquin de Navascues Colchester, University of Essex
1,419 Rachel Fennell York, York St John University
1,418 Mairi Hamilton Glasgow, University of Glasgow
1,417 Thomas Renstrom Durham, England
1,416 Hannah Quirk London, King's College London
1,415 Andrew Gilbert Exeter, University of Exeter
1,414 Damian Gallagher Strabane, Tyrone
1,413 Pierre Bocquillon Norwich, University of East Anglia
1,412 Stephen Dee Manchester, Uclan
1,411 Dr Malcolm Lyon Stockport, retired / University of Manchester
1,410 Stephen Cornell Liverpool, University of Liverpool
1,409 Jacqueline Rattray London, Goldsmiths
1,408 Charlotte Thompson London, Morley College
1,407 Scott Cole York, York St John University
1,406 Daniel Gardener Edinburgh, University of Edinburgh
1,405 Lia Betti London, University of Roehampton
1,404 Su Beesley Nottingham, Nottingham Trent University
1,403 Rebecca Lawson University of Liverpool, Merseyside
1,402 Christine Leonard ST. NEOTS, Cambridgeshire
1,401 Anya Cook Newcastle , Newcastle College
1,400 Fionnuala Doran Glasgow, Lanarkshire
1,399 Dionne Dean James London, College/London
1,398 Heather Brown Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear
1,397 Angela Panks London, London
1,396 Joy Harvey London, Westminster Kingsway College - retired member
1,395 Jennifer Harris Edinburgh, University of Edinburgh
1,394 Claire Furbey Sheffield , The University of Sheffield International College
1,393 Andrew Dean Liverpool, University of Liverpool
1,392 Jim Granter Stoke-on-Trent, Retired
1,391 Karl McCreadie Derry, Ulster University
1,390 Joe Hill Sheffield, The University of Sheffield
1,389 diane standring gloucestershire, University of Gloucestershire
1,388 Jayne Gifford Leeds, UEA
1,387 Amit Chattopadhyay Wolverhampton, Aston University
1,386 Ibrar Khan Bradford, West Yorkshire
1,385 Alan Carr Belfast, Open University (retired)
1,384 Ellie Gillis Bristol, England
1,383 Fernando Galaz-Garcia Durham, Durham University
1,382 Paul Banham Great Yarmouth, University of Nottingham
1,381 Charlotte Newey Reading, University of Reading
1,380 Dominic O'Brien Birmingham, University of Birmingham
1,379 Barbara Segal Bristol, Formerly at UWE & Open UNiversity
1,378 Amber Lascelles Bristol, University of Bristol
1,377 Alison Cooper Birmingham, University of Birmingham
1,376 Andy Grant London, King's College London
1,375 Ryan Burns Brighton , University of Brighton
1,374 Nick Turner Hebden Bridge, None
1,373 Poppy Cullen Nottingham, Loughborough University
1,372 frank melling SOUTHPORT, university of salford
1,371 Heather Butters Salford, University of Salford
1,370 Arunima Bhattacharya Leeds, University of Leeds
1,369 Maria Karafyllia Birmingham, University of Nottingham
1,368 Andrew Feeney Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear
1,367 Hettie Malcomson Southampton, University of Southampton
1,366 Gyorgy Toth Glasgow, UK
1,365 Pablo Morales London, University of Leeds
1,364 Dr. Sara L. Uckelman Durham, Durham University
1,363 Heather Logue Leeds, University of Leeds
1,362 Marta Aloi Nottingham, University of Nottingham
1,361 G. Anthony Bruno London, Royal Holloway University of London
1,360 Liz Gloyn Loughton, Essex
1,359 George Gilbert Southampton, University of Southampton
1,358 Helen Franks Salford, University of Salford
1,357 Nicholas Kingwell Southampton, University of Southampton
1,356 Joan Tumblety Southampton, University of Southampton
1,355 Conal Ruddy London, Uxbridge College
1,354 Polly Galis Bristol, University of Bristol
1,353 Michail Veliziotis SOUTHAMPTON, Hampshire
1,352 Sarah Feinstein Leeds, University of Leeds
1,351 Anya Schlich-Davies Leeds, School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds
1,350 David Chillingworth Southampton, Universtity of Southampton
1,349 Jonathan Way Southampton, University of Southampton
1,348 Louise Walton Hassocks, East Sussex
1,347 Rob Crowther Leeds, UCU
1,346 John Preston Southampton, Hampshire
1,345 Rebecca Nash Southampton, University of Southampton
1,344 Marcia Ostrowski Southampton, University of Southampton
1,343 Christina Saville Southampton, The University of Southampton
1,342 Stephen Morton Southampton, University of Southampton
1,341 Stuart Stanton Leeds, Bangor Uni & GMB Union
1,340 Rebecca Jiggens Frome, Outside US and Canada
1,339 Annie Goh London, University of Arts London
1,338 Anna Zueva Bradford, University of Huddersfield
1,337 Ben Fulford Crewe, University of Chester
1,336 Martin Thurlow Luton, University of Bedfordshire Unison Branch Chair
1,335 Beth Johnson Bradford, University of Leeds
1,334 Milene Volpato Leeds, University of Leeds
1,333 Sheila Cullen Lewes, University of Brighton
1,332 Richard Wild London, University of Greenwich
1,331 Kevin Biderman London, RCA
1,330 Nicholas Nazari Southampton, Solent University, UCU
1,329 Annie Richardson Brighton, University of Brighton
1,328 Federica Frabetti London, Roehampton University
1,327 Pam Clarke Liverpool, Merseyside
1,326 Christopher Roman Frankfurt, Germany
1,325 Mary Wilkins Birmingham , West Midlands Region retired members. Chair.
1,324 carol mills Eastbourne, Unite Community
1,323 Donna Brown London, Royal Holloway, Uni of London, UCU
1,322 Feyzi Ismail London, SOAS University of London
1,321 David Warren Henfield, West Sussex
1,320 Neil Thomson Leeds, West Yorkshire
1,319 Lizzie Reed Southampton, University of Southampton
1,318 Caterina Mazzilli London, QMUL
1,317 Emma Hock Wakefield, University of Sheffield
1,316 Peter Girling Cambridge, Cambridge University
1,315 Olga Castro Coventry, Warwickshire
1,314 CARMEM MACKLE York, North Yorkshire
1,313 Brian Roberts Birmingham, Aston University
1,312 Igor Ventura Leeds, University of Leeds
1,311 Pat Caplan London, Middlesex
1,310 Rachel Watson Smethwick, West Midlands
1,309 Mike Esbester Portsmouth, University of Portsmouth
1,308 George Parr Grange-over-Sands, Retired (U of Nottingham)
1,307 Eleanor Bath Oxford, County (optional)
1,306 Carlus Hudson Edinburgh, university of portsmouth
1,305 Randy Banks London, Retired
1,304 Gertjan Lucas Nottingham, England
1,303 Benjamin Martin Aberdeen, University of Aberdeen
1,302 Kathryn Bennett Sheffield, South Yorkshire
1,301 Sajida Ally Greater London, University of Sussex
1,300 Adrian McGinnis Carrickfergus, Retired
1,299 Martin Dewey London, King's College London
1,298 Danielle Matthews Sheffield, University of Sheffield
1,297 Andrew Hawke Aberystwyth, Ceredigion
1,296 Naomi Pennington York, North Yorkshire
1,295 Alan Bevington Leicester, Leicestershire
1,294 Dylan Carver Cambridge, University of Cambridge
1,293 Rebecca Parris Lancaster, University of Lancaster
1,292 Carla Willig LONDON, City, University of London
1,291 Chris Maguire Harrogate, North Yorkshire
1,290 Deivi Norberg London, Queen Mary University of London
1,289 Jennet Thomas London, UAL
1,288 William Crosby Cambridge, ARU
1,286 Lucy Mooney Bradford, LCC
1,285 Karenza Moore Manchester , University of Salford
1,284 Lee McFarlane Leyland, Runshaw College
1,283 Abdus Sobhan NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, Tyne and Wear
1,282 Laurie Kelly West Yorkshire, Resident of West Yorkshire
1,281 Umberto Albarella Sheffield, County
1,280 Anne-Marie Bagnall Horsforth, Leeds, Leeds Beckett University
1,279 Graham Dawson Brighton, University of Brighton
1,278 Rachel Newton Reading, University of Reading
1,277 Max Jones Manchester, University of Manchester
1,276 Dana Josephson Oxford, Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford (retired)
1,275 Nuno Ferreira Brighton, University of Sussex
1,274 Yvonne Lane Cardiff, Cardiff
1,273 Ljubica Spaskovska Exeter, University of Exeter
1,272 Chrys Papaioannou London, University of Leeds Alumna
1,271 Andrew O'Bannon Southampton, University of Southampton
1,270 Heike Arnolds Liverpool , University of Liverpool
1,269 Sadegh Attari Birmingham, University of Birmingham
1,268 Molly Raymer London, Royal Holloway, University of London
1,267 Ruth Adams London, King's College London
1,266 David Sanders Newcastle upon Tyne, UCU
1,265 E V Brack Sheffield, Sheffield
1,264 Sean Meleady Cromer, Norfolk
1,263 Angie Craft London, UoL
1,262 Ray Campbell London , Royal Holloway, University of London
1,261 Hazel Pearson London, Queen Mary University of London
1,260 Margit Bowler Lawrence, Kansas, USA, University of Manchester
1,259 Tim Green Brighton, London
1,258 Mandy Instrell London, City, University of London
1,257 David Twell Leicester, LEICESTERSHIRE
1,256 Aidan Mosselson Edinburgh, -
1,255 Louise Clarke London, dmu
1,254 James Stewart Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
1,253 Alison Lane Durham, Durham University
1,252 Lyn Bainbridge Basildon, Essex
1,251 Sibylle Nalezinski London, University College London
1,250 Daryl Hodge Liverpool, University of Liverpool
1,249 Andreas Bieler Nottingham, University of Nottingham
1,248 R. van Nues Edinburgh, University of Edinburgh
1,247 Sara Crangle Brighton, University of Sussex
1,246 Caroline Duvier Leeds, University of Leeds
1,245 Julieta Galante Cambridge, University of Cambridge
1,244 Naomi Smith London, Birkbeck College, University of London
1,243 Clair Sharpe Liverpool, University of Liverpool
1,242 jimmy marshall Newlyn, Truro college
1,241 Matthew Spencer Liverpool, University of Liverpool
1,240 Deana Heath Liverpool, Merseyside
1,239 Joe Gluza Cambridge, Cambridge University
1,238 David Bayliffe London, formerly at West London College
1,237 Ben Willis Leeds, University of Leeds
1,236 Professor Simon Lilley Leicester, Leicestershire
1,235 Dianne Foulkes Stoke on Trent, Keele UCU
1,234 Ben Davies Portsmouth, University of Portsmouth
1,233 Peter Cranie Liverpool, Merseyside
1,232 Shirley Koster London, University of Roehampton
1,231 sue evans Plymouth, City college Plymouth
1,230 Anita Herle Cambrige , University of Cambridge
1,229 Nigel Barnacle Birmingham, Retired lecturer
1,228 Andrew Pepper Nottingham, Nottingham Trent University
1,227 David Margolies London, Goldsmiths
1,226 kate boldry london, IOE, UCL
1,225 Eloise Bennett Edinburgh, University of Edinburgh
1,224 Martin Pennington Leicester, Ex-University of Leicester (now retired)
1,223 Abelardo Clariana-Piga Southampton, Retired lecturer
1,222 Julian Goodare Edinburgh, University of Edinburgh
1,221 Miho Taka Coventry, Coventry University
1,220 Robert Payne Leicester, University of Hertfordshire
1,219 Leonie Smith Manchester, University of Manchester
1,218 Ingunn Holen SHEFFIELD, South Yorkshire
1,217 Alex Withers Manchester , MMU
1,216 Sos Eltis Oxford , Oxford University
1,215 Garry Lyons Leeds, University of Leeds
1,214 Brian Alston London, University College London
1,213 Steven Rock Telford, Telford College
1,212 Philip Langley Hull, University of Hull
1,211 Karen Hardcastle-Rad Leeds, University of leeds
1,210 Jaco Weinstock Southampton, University of Southampton
1,209 Andrew Clements Loughton, Milton Keynes, Coventry University
1,208 Fidel Meraz Bristol , Uwe
1,207 Laura Povoledo Bristol, UWE
1,206 Alexandra Avrutin Southampton, University of Southampton
1,205 alexis comber LEEDS, university of leeds
1,204 Claudia Wulff Berlin, Germany
1,203 Elena Simon Sheffield, University of Sheffield
1,202 Lucy Munro London, King's College London
1,201 Michael Berenbrink West Kirby, Merseyside
1,200 Monica White Nottingham, University of Nottingham
1,199 Jon Hackett London, St Mary's University
1,198 Lefteri Andritsos Guildford, University of Surrey
1,197 David Swain Bristol , University of Bath
1,196 Jon Bryan Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle
1,195 Chris Powell Camden Town, England
1,194 Abbi Kedir Sheffield, University of Sheffield
1,193 Katherine Swancutt London, King's College London
1,192 Lisa Fitzpatrick Derry, University of Ulster
1,191 Dawn Lambert Canterbury, Kent
1,190 Andrew Dunn Leicester, Leicestershire
1,189 James Drewett Chippenham, Wiltshire
1,188 Christian Billing Hull, University of Hull
1,187 Emma Turner Cranfield, -- State or Province --
1,186 James Richards Kirkcaldy, Fife
1,185 Iain Sutcliffe Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumbria University
1,184 Abigail Stevely Sheffield, University of Sheffield
1,183 A Craig Birmingham, University of Birmingham
1,182 Daniel Rigden Wallasey, University of Liverpool
1,181 Doreen Coldwell :eeds, Leeds City College
1,180 Chris Lloyd Mills Nottingham, Nottingham Trent University
1,179 Adrian Whittaker LONDON, Other (Non U.S.)
1,178 Andrea Nini Manchester, University of Manchester
1,177 Chris Beggs PETERBOROUGH, Peterborough College
1,176 Jackie Stanley Birmingham , BCU
1,175 Anna Fenemore Leeds, University of Leeds
1,174 Tracey Mollet Huddersfield, England
1,173 Anne Velenturf Leeds, University of Leeds
1,172 Jennifer Carlberg Leeds/international PGR, University of Leeds
1,171 Richard Clare Leeds, School of Media and Communications, University of Leeds
1,170 Konstantinos Stylianou Leeds, University of Leeds
1,169 Jitse Niesen Leeds, University of Leeds
1,168 Amelia DeFalco Leeds, University of leeds
1,167 Gill Walker Leeds, University of Leeds
1,166 Robina Mir Leeds, University of Leeds
1,165 Anita Dorsett Leeds, University of Leeds
1,164 Fiona Bannon Leeds, University of Leeds
1,163 Deej Fabyc London, London Metropolitan University
1,162 Laurence Truman Bradford, NIHR CRN
1,161 Ian Fox-Williams Birmingham , Birmingham City University
1,160 George Francis-Kelly Leeds, University of Leeds
1,159 Joey Talbot Leeds, University of Leeds
1,158 Darren Newton Leeds, University of Leeds
1,157 Robyn Dowlen Manchester, University of Leeds
1,156 Leila Jancovich Leeds, University of Leeds
1,155 Clare Danek Leeds, University of Leeds
1,154 Tony Gardner Leeds, University of Leeds
1,153 Stephen Gorman Leeds, Chemistry
1,152 Joslin McKinney Leeds, University of Leeds
1,151 Alison Andrews Leeds, University of Leeds School of Performance and Cultural Industries
1,150 Leo Burtin Leeds, University of Leeds
1,149 Emma McDowell Huddersfield, University of Leeds, PCI
1,148 Samuel McKay Leeds/Liverpool, LIPA/University of Leeds
1,147 Mark Shields Leeds, University of Leeds
1,146 Tracy Walsh Oxford, Oxfordshire
1,145 Dominique Bailey Chelmsford , Essex
1,144 abbie jenkinson Hove, East Sussex
1,143 Graham Greensit Leeds, University of Leeds
1,142 Alex Stead Leeds, University of Leeds
1,141 Derek Harland Leeds, University of Leeds
1,140 Paul Smith Leeds, University of Leeds
1,139 Jane Dalton Leeds, University of Leeds
1,138 Henry Yeomans Leeds, West Yorkshire
1,137 Arthur Pritchard Holmfirth, retired, University of Leeds
1,136 Adam Tuncay Leeds, University of Leeds
1,135 Eilis Boyle Leeds, University of Leeds
1,134 Jacqueline Vater Leeds, University of Leeds
1,133 Ines Cordeiro Dias Leeds, University of Leeds
1,132 Lukas Hardt Glasgow, University of Leeds
1,131 Michael Daly Leeds, University of Leeds
1,130 Myfanwy Taylor London, University of Leeds
1,129 Helen Butt Leeds, University of Leeds
1,128 Bao Xu Leeds, University of Leeds
1,127 Rosemary Wilkinson Hexham, Northumberland
1,126 Lee Brown Leeds, Uni. Of Leeds
1,125 Almut Beige Leeds, School of Physics and Astronomy
1,124 Rebecca Porter Burnley , University of Leeds
1,123 Lisa Matera Leeds, University of Leeds
1,122 Alison Tomlin Leeds, West Yorkshire
1,121 Carol Kearney Leeds, University of Leeds
1,120 Lucy West Oxford, University if Leeds
1,119 Isolde Adler Leeds, University of Leeds
1,118 marie suggitt leeds, Leeds university
1,117 Rob Chapman Leeds, University of leeds
1,116 Georgia Dixon-Lynch Leeds, University of Leeds
1,115 simon vallance Leeds, University of Leeds
1,114 Claire Eldridge Leeds, University of Leeds
1,113 Freya Bailes Leeds, England
1,112 Maki Fukuoka Leeds, West Yorkshire
1,111 Ilias Trispiotis Leeds, University of Leeds
1,110 John Wood Leeds, University of Leeds
1,109 Ela Beaumont Leeds, Leeds university
1,108 Robert Davies Leeds, University of Leeds
1,107 Andrew McCaig Huddersfield, University of Leeds
1,106 Laura Hardie Leeds, University of Leeds
1,105 Catherine Dolan Leeds, The University of Leeds
1,104 Karima Gaci Leeds, Leeds university
1,103 Stephen Mossman Manchester, University of Manchester
1,102 Judith Eberharter Leeds, University of Leeds
1,101 Kate Dossett Leeds, University of Leeds
1,100 Emily Timms Leeds, University of Leeds
1,099 Karen Gray Bristol, University of Leeds
1,098 Rebecca Macklin Leeds, University of Leeds
1,097 Algy Kazlauciunas Leeds, Leeds University
1,096 Ingo Cornils Leeds, University of Leeds
1,095 Yas Khalil Sheffield, University of Leeds, Leeds
1,094 Jack Palmer Leeds, University of Leeds
1,093 Richard Hibbitt Leeds, University of Leeds
1,092 Carl Gilkeson Leeds, University of Leeds
1,091 Ian Fairley Leeds, West Yorkshire
1,090 Bethan Bide Leeds, University of Leeds
1,089 cath Potter Ashton under Lyne, Retired University of Leeds
1,088 Mark Priestley Leeds, University of Leeds
1,087 Evy Kersalé Leeds, University of Leeds