Hull University: reinstatement the branch president and withdraw proposals to end language degrees

The UCU branch at Hull University asks that you sign this petition to show your support of the branch position in the two disputes that it currently has lodged with the employer.



In January Hull University’s senior management team sacked, by means of compulsory redundancy, Keith Butler, the president of Hull UCU branch.

The university is refusing to recognise Keith’s status as the elected branch president and has chosen to deny him access to all meetings concerning the industrial relations framework, they have also removed his contact details from the union pages of the staff intranet, and, even though he is an accredited UCU representative, are not allowing him to support and accompany members during individual casework meetings.

Hull University UCU branch considers this a DIRECT ATTACK ON TRADE UNIONS and is now in dispute with the Hull University SMT over this issue.

A recent meeting of the UCU branch at Hull University voted overwhelmingly to call upon the SMT to reinstate Keith.



Recruitment to all language degree provision (BA in Chinese Studies and BA in Applied Languages) at Hull has been closed by the Hull University Management and staff in Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish are facing redundancy.

In addition to this, the university institution-wide language programmes are under review and risk suspension with additional staff in Japanese and Russian being at risk of redundancy, depriving Hull undergraduate and post-graduate students from valuable toolkits in a post-Brexit and global work market!

Hull University: demand the reinstatement of the branch president and withdraw proposals to end language degree

This petition is now closed. Thank you for your support.

End date: Jul 11, 2022

Signatures collected: 1,113

1,113 signature
1,113 Patience Spencer Delaware
1,112 Jo Dillon University of Cambridge
1,111 John Newsinger Retired
1,110 Sezen Kizilgul Kartal City and Islington College
1,109 Raj Tiwary NHS
1,108 Matthew Evans University of Sussex
1,107 Laura Povoledo UWE
1,106 William Hope Lancs
1,105 A R University of Bedfordshire
1,104 paul whitfield University of Birmingham
1,103 Dee Reynolds Manchester
1,102 Jeff Malpas 35 Mountain River Road, Grove, Tasmania
1,101 Bronwen Price Hampshire
1,100 Keith Buckland Middlesex University
1,099 Helen Hills University of York
1,098 Clair Sharpe University of Liverpool
1,097 Kitty Lees-Edmondson University of Hull
1,096 Hannah Freeman Library
1,095 Tiernan Graber Big creative education
1,094 Helen El-Sharkawy University of Hull
1,093 Carol meer Type a choice below ...
1,092 Elise Bateman Hull University Students' Union
1,091 Frances Hanson University of Hull
1,090 Sara Crangle University of Sussex
1,089 Heather Heiner QMUL
1,088 Peter Hill Northumbria University
1,087 Andrew Hawke University of Wales Trinity Saint David
1,086 Stefan Manz Aston University Birmingham
1,085 Allison Drew North Yorkshire
1,084 Amanda Bird England
1,083 Steve Gill West Midlands
1,082 Darren Moon London School of Economics and Political Science
1,081 Fabienne Benoist London South Bank University
1,080 Jonathan Colman University of Central Lancashire, Preston
1,079 Phillip Tipton University of Salford
1,078 Vesco Paskalev Brunel University London
1,077 Nick Heffernan University of Nottingham
1,076 Michael Pritchard Aston University
1,075 Melvyn Battersby Retired]
1,074 ray pearson coventry
1,073 Janet Farrar The Manchester College
1,072 Angela Hulme University of Leeds
1,071 Nick Parsons Retired
1,070 Michael Elliott ---
1,069 Eleonore Kofman Middlesex University
1,068 Ian Foster University of Bristol
1,067 Nick Bailey Cardiff University
1,066 Bridget Burnett Glasgow
1,065 Dr C.H. Bryant UCU NW HE sector secretary
1,064 Simon Dye University of Greenwich
1,063 Yasmine Garman University of Hull
1,062 Ilaria Scaglia Aston University
1,061 Ian Sainsbury Reading
1,060 Leigh Oakes Queen Mary University of London
1,059 Molly Gough Hull Uni
1,058 Lynne Attwood Derbyshire
1,057 Simon Button Hull
1,056 Gabriele Breithaupt Wyke College Hull
1,055 Gabriele Breithaupt Wyke College Hull
1,054 Amalia Cazalla Pulido Wyke College
1,053 Nicki Johnstone Wyke Sixth Form College, Hull
1,052 Lou Della Rocca Liverpool
1,051 Fred Lindop South (retired)
1,050 Stephen Hind DMU
1,049 Judith Turner University of Sunderland
1,048 Zoe Boughton University of Exeter
1,047 Rich Millington Chester
1,046 Aidan Coveney University of Exeter
1,045 Astrid Haas University of Central Lancashire
1,044 Alan McShane Lancashire
1,043 Edward Granter University of Birmingham
1,042 Elizabeth Hoar Worcestershire
1,041 Daniel Gonzalez Bernardo Spain
1,040 Emmanuelle Labeau Aston University, West Midlands
1,039 Brian Sudlow Aston University
1,038 Glyn Oliver Hampshire
1,037 Leo McCann University of York
1,036 Simon Allen University of East Anglia
1,035 Isabel Richardson University of Sheffield
1,034 Richard Kirkwood Londonmet retired
1,033 Louise Bourguignon University of Reading
1,032 Ghizlane Lafdi Aston University
1,031 Gemma Dilkes Aston University
1,030 Marina Vishmidt Goldsmiths, University of London
1,029 Lucy Andrew University Centre Shrewsbury (University of Chester)
1,028 Robert Moore Emeritus Professor University of Liverpool
1,027 Judi Atkins Aston University
1,026 Sarah Budasz Durham university
1,025 Greg Swadener Aston University
1,024 Bill Rutherford Imperial College London
1,023 Rudi Wurzel University of Hull, School of Politics and International Studies
1,022 Eleanor Madley University of Sheffield
1,021 Matt Foxwell The University of York
1,020 Snezhana Taylor Goole
1,019 Katie Morley University of Hull alumni
1,018 Daniella Cattini Hull
1,017 Clive King Brighton
1,016 Olga Semenova HUTH
1,015 Rachel Ferguson Hull
1,014 Katie Macfarlane Finance Manager
1,013 Dasha Butcher Waitress
1,012 Jenny Potts Hull
1,011 Nailya Crossland Primary school, Hull
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1,009 Ekaterina Konovalova Newcastle upon Tyne
1,008 Tanya Broadhead University of Manchester
1,007 Laura Mark University of Sussex
1,006 Eve Weighill Hull
1,005 Vadim Broadhead Hull
1,004 Elliott Laboure RWS Life Sciences
1,003 Margaret Littler Lancashire
1,002 Jo Brown Nottinghamshire
1,001 Neil Broadhead Retired teacher Hull
1,000 Michelle Moyes Stowmarket
999 Susan Bates Retired
998 Richard Bates Retired
997 Sam Smith-browne CPD bodies Stockton
996 Jenny Smith Uni of Hull
995 Geoff Bowen Retired
994 Drew Lyness CIEEM
993 Cheryl Deeks Suffolk
992 Colin Moyes Suffolk
991 Nicholas Chancellor Durham Univo
990 Norman Jemison Retired
989 Chris Henry University of Kent
988 Deborah Adshead Yorkshire
987 Christina Balogun London
986 Gert Hofmann UCC
985 Elisabeth Mohun Leeds
984 Madeleine Lodge University of Hull student
983 Peter Wilson S.A.S. University of Hull (retired)
982 Greg Ryan England
981 Miki Aoki University of Hull
980 Joash Deque University of Hull
979 Sean Reece University of Hull
978 Nathan Baker University of Hull
977 Caitlin Riley Chester, UK
976 Sophie Croain University of Hull
975 Aline Caruano University of Hull
974 Rob Cullen Hull University
973 Adriana Granoszewska University of Hull
972 Jamie Gould England
971 Isobel Skidmore University of Hull
970 Lisa Whitehouse University of Hull
969 Qimiao Guo University of Hull
968 Shijie Zhang University of Hull
967 Mila Sari University of Hull
966 Alicja Kurbiel university of hull
965 Karina Caldina University of Hull
964 Dionysios Kapsaskis University of Roehampton
963 Paul Timms University of Leeds
962 Anna Riera Mora Imperial College, London
961 Graham Chesters Hull
960 Joanne Edwards Social Cate
959 Victoria Semark-Masters London
958 Jayne Strange Nhs
957 Laurie Brown University of Sheffield
956 Toby Andrew Imperial College London
955 Lana Feldmann Bangor University, UK
954 Emily Greening Scunthorpe
953 David Gibbon Imperial College London
952 Rhianna Lee Hull University
951 Sam Sterling Leeds
950 Georgina Taylor University of Hull
949 Emily Amini Coventry University
948 Robert Speight Leeds
947 Giulia Trovero University of hull
946 May Elrick Imperial college London
945 Anna Baumgartner London Metropolitan University
944 Mikolaj Mroszczak Imperial College London
943 Kim Woodruff Imperial College London
942 Derek Huntley Imperial College London
941 gehan wickremeratne Imperial College
940 Nikki Boyd Imperial College London
939 Nathalie Perl Imperial College London
938 Amy Huynh Imperial College London
937 Aaron Bundock University of Bristol
936 James Murray Imperial College, London
935 Anna Baumgartner GREATER LONDON
934 MI James Yorkshire
933 Jeffrey Vernon Other
932 Dr David Clements Imperial College London
931 Lin Martin-Haugh Imperial College
930 Judith Eberharter University of Leeds
929 Irene Sotiropoulou University of Hull
928 Philip Croft Yorkshire
927 Christine Schallmoser King’s college London
926 Jack Price Middlesex university
925 Lucy Bishop Hull university
924 Lawrence Gains Bradford
923 James Hawkey University of Bristol
922 Elisabeth Koenigshofer Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities
921 jonathan ellis Salisbury
920 Arthur Carter Yorkshire
919 Birgit Hoffmann Wien
918 Sandra Bond Lincoln
917 Alison Bond Lincoln
916 Daniel Fürstner Primary school
915 Kirsten Mericka Vienna, Austria
914 Emanuele Mensa Carlo Bo/Urbino
913 Ollie Hayter Suffolk
912 Barbara Grabher UNIVERSITY OF HULL
911 Constanze Guczogi University of Vienna
910 Marina Spunta University of Leicester
909 Sarah Winkle University of Leicester
908 Matthias Pohl Vienna
907 Daniel Kelemen Vienna
906 Helen Wilson Doncaster UTC
905 Theresa Guczogi KPH Wien, Vienna, Austria
904 Christopher Shipstone University of Hull
903 Ailbhe Cunningham University of Bristol
902 Peter Cranie Edge Hill University
901 Daniella Richardson Teacher
900 Rachel Minshull Leeds City College
899 luke boardman hull
898 Caroline Smith Sheffield
897 Amie Mawson Uni of Hull
896 Rebecca Burns Uni of hull
895 Lewis Doyle Hull
894 Emily Snelling Cambridge
893 William Fletcher Teacher, Hull
892 Lucy Mcintyre Leeds uni
891 Felicitas Brink University of hull
890 Larissa Boettcher University of Manchester
889 Euan Bartlet Heriot-Watt University
888 Warren Thaxter Essex
887 John Daniel Dicks Cambridgeshire
886 Katharine Dicks Cambridgeshire
885 Lorna Bennison University of Hull
884 Annette Hinton J & W Hinton Ltd
883 Kerensa Gaunt University of Cambridge
882 Adam Walker University of Hull
881 Luke Brayford Hull University
880 Louise Jacq London
879 Mrs Elizabeth Thaxter See Tickets London
878 Megan Hogg Durham University
877 Rachel Royles University of Hull
876 Patsy Pallistwr Hulk university
875 Joseph Barker University of Hull
874 Melissa Dicks University of Hull
873 Elliot Skittrall University of Hull
872 Katie Gull United Kingdom
871 Emily Hitchins University of Hull
870 Alicia Ripley university of hull
869 David Scurfield University of Hull
868 Maria kelly University of Hull
867 Ivan Reid Bradford
866 Leanne Massey University of Hull
865 Mary Hough London
864 Beth Blenkiron University of Hull
863 Eleoma Bodammer University of Edinburgh
862 Michelle Routh Childcare
861 Lindy Barbour University of Edinburgh
860 MArtin Nickson University of Hull
859 Miracle Ogunbayeje Hull
858 Lizzy Spafford University of Hull
857 Uracha Chatrakul Na Ayudhya Birkbeck, University of London
856 Chris Williams Open University
855 Jill Whiteford Tyne and Wear
854 Kieran Stampe Kidderminster
853 Valerie Holmes East Yorkshire
852 Sean Wallis UCL UCU branch president
851 India Wall University Of Hull
850 Bettina Friedrich IHI UCL London
849 Emma O'Dwyer Kingston University, London
848 Eleanor Beal Manchester Metropolitan University
847 Neil Pyper Birkbeck, University of London
846 Peter Hill Northumbria University
845 Clare Bielby County (optional)
844 Barbara Stewart-Knox U Bradford
843 Grace Burnett East Riding of Yorkshire
842 Justin Morris University of Hull
841 Jordan WIndram University Of Hull
840 Emily Spiers Lancaster University
839 Shelley Cobb University of Southampton
838 Munro Price Bradford University
837 Peter Conner University of Sheffield International College
836 Julia Morgan Bradford university
835 callum loch University of Leicester
834 Pat Devine University of Manchester, Honorary Research Fellow
833 mike rigby London South Bank University
832 Carole Elliott East Yorkshire
831 Tim Hall Kent
830 Dario Carugo UCL
829 Teresa Pudge Warwickshire
828 Patrivia Bussiere Open university
827 Ming Hou Hull
826 Annalise Lilley Sheffield
825 Karen Aldridge University of Greenwich
824 Vi Zandi Hull
823 Eve Brown Hull
822 Bee Hughes LJMU UCU
821 Tom Baynham Alpro
820 Alex Noble ERY
819 Carlos Azevedo The Open University, UK
818 Ryan Burns University of Brighton
817 Sarah Joss Heriot-Watt University, UCU VP
816 Katrin Kohl None
815 Noemi Gualtieri University of Hull
814 Hassan Rashid Coventry University
813 Jo Fish Age Uk
812 Nikolaus Henkel Universität Hamburg
811 Claire Hurley Kent university
810 Jon Bryan Northern Region UCU
809 Hester Greatrix Hull
808 Maggie Gray Kingston University
807 Pierre Bocquillon University of East Anglia
806 Robert Munro Queen Margaret University
805 Libby Tasker University of Sheffield
804 Ben Hamlett University of Hull
803 Susan Hunt Sunderland universiry
802 Rhiannon Lockley BCU
801 Vanessa McDonald University of Hull
800 Jake Elston Sheffield
799 Kevin Smith Baby bottles wholesale ltd
798 Jessica Saunders Hull
797 Jean Kellie University of Hull
796 Ilona Newman Hull
795 Patrick Newman CHCP. Macmillan Doctor
794 Gwilym Selwood University of Leeds
793 Abigail Stacey Warwickshire
792 Helen Fenwick University of Hull
791 Janice Hudson Bewdley
790 Alex Brigham Hull
789 Helga Kotthoff, Prof. Freiburg university, Germany
788 Pascale Baker UCDA
787 Courtney Gray Grantham
786 Simone Klapper GALWAY
785 Anthony McDonald Leicestershire
784 Antonio Jimenez-Munoz University of Oviedo, former Hull Uni staff
783 Vincent Rawcliffe NHS
782 Alex S Middlesbrough
781 Elizabeth Horan University of Hull
780 Peter Adams Hull
779 Kieran Henry University of hull
778 Philippa Price University of Hull
777 Carol Turner Grimsby
776 Katie Hargreaves University of Hull
775 Wednesday Bogg Woodhall spa
774 Logita P Hull
773 Isabella Storey Sheffield Hallam University
772 katie garbett university of hull
771 James Carr Institute of Physics/Nissan/Sunderland
770 Carmen Álvarez-Mayo University of York
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768 Kathryn Blance University of Hull
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765 Susan Jones HAC
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763 Chris Homewood University of Leeds
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760 Amelia Satterthwaite Nottingham Trent University
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756 Rebecca Bridges South Yorkshire
755 Justin Farrier West midlands
754 Angels Emery Leeds
753 Martin Avramov University of Leeds
752 Scott McDonald Warwickshire
751 Sophie Crane University of Hull
750 Adam Fergus University of Sheffield
749 Izabela Michalska Newcastle
748 Malaika Hasan Queens College
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746 Katie Elliott Coventry
745 James Brigham University of Hull
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743 Amy Ashwell University of Hull
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732 Louise Songer-Strom Specialised travel agent, Vienna
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727 Luke Terry The University of Hull
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725 Katharine Sykes University of Birmingham
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719 Aleksandra Kuczak University of Hull
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717 Catriona Scott Hull university
716 Vanessa Igbenabor Alumni, University of Hull
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714 Peter Martin University of Liverpool
713 Milena Collis University of Southampton
712 Florence Miller Hymers college
711 Tony Phillips Flitwick
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708 Christine Smyth Retired language student
707 Vicky Barford England
706 Darren Robinson Valencia
705 José Coelho de Souza University of Manchester
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703 Kara Baynham Bedworth
702 Amanda Wilson Retail
701 Bruce Woodcock Senior Lecturer in English (retired) University of Hull
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698 Lyn McDonald Home
697 Irene Jobson Freeman Hospital Newcastle
696 Mrs Walker Rugby
695 Jade McDonald Leicester
694 Tom Bridges University of Hull
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692 Louise Bromley Coventry
691 Ewan Black Hull university
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689 Peter Bonsall Retired Luxembourg
688 Ben Campion University of Warwick (PG student, previously at Hull)
687 Amelia Swain UCLAN
686 Kimberley McDonald Rugby
685 Meagan-Paige McDonald Shropshire
684 James Dudley Darlington
683 Rebecca McGarry Tyne & Wear
682 Valerie Maybury Retired Hull College also pt lecturer at HU
681 Gemma Wilcox London
680 Charlie Hunt Hull
679 Dan Cash BA Hons English Linguistics Brighton
678 Paul O’Neill University of Sheffield
676 Ruth Luthi-Carter Uni of Leicester
675 Rebecca Jenkins Hull York Medical School
674 Mike Bradshaw Chesterfield
673 Christopher Mcdonald Hull University
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671 Tabitha Topping Tyne and Wear
670 Mrs Brenda mcdonald Hull University
669 Jamie Wilde Leicestershire
668 Joe Maylin Aston University
667 Molly Sewell St Edward’s School
666 Ángela Dorado Otero Queen Mary University of London
665 Craig Maples National University of Ireland Maynooth
664 Camille Backert University of Hull
663 Rebecca Brown Forden England
662 Florence Arnold Football Association
661 Ailbhe Nic Giolla Chomhaill University of Limerick
660 Callum Friend University of Oxford
659 Harvey Hines Fareham
658 Jessica Birch University of Bristol
657 Alison Knowles Hull University
656 Maisie D Southwark
655 Zhongxiaochu Gong The university of hull
654 Max Henry University of Hull
653 Helen Littlewood South Yorkshire
652 Diane McDermid Hull
651 Jack Morton Isle of Man
650 Tom Randall UCL
649 Clare Randall Essex
648 Anna Grantham Self employed. Hull
647 Hannah Fisher Hull
646 Beate Muller Newcastle University
645 Imogen Machin University of Hull
644 Ross Powell Leicester
643 Alice Broadbent University of Hull
642 Lily Myers University of Hull
641 Brian Swallow Retired
640 kathleen james West Midlands
639 Karen Crowton Solihull
638 Jan Pyrah Hull
637 Maureen Hulme Retired Headteacher Hull
636 Sophie Mills Hull
635 Wills Gray-North University of Hull
634 Cecile DeCat University of Leeds
633 Janet Dugdale University of Hull
632 J H Reid Nottingham
631 Lorraine Bradshaw Chesterfield
630 Sara Cadau University of Cagliari
629 Chloe Brown University of Hull student
628 Emma Dixon University of Hull
627 Brenda Tiplady Kingston upon Hull
626 Joanne Slater Sheffield Hallam University
625 Gabriele Zagel-Millmore University of Leeds
624 Charlie Buckley Hull University
623 Ross Wilson University of Cambridge
622 Lydia Barrett Hull university
621 P F Coventry
620 Anja Schmidt-Ott University of Oxford
619 Sgeila Gaynsrd Retired Hull University Lecturer
618 Edward Richards Manager
617 Alice davis University of hull
616 James Belcher University of hull
615 Deborah Holmes University of Salzburg
614 Grace Doherty Hull