Save Evesham College Provision

In 2016 on merger of WCG and Evesham and Malvern Hills College, WCG CEO Angela Joyce said: “Through this merger we can expand provision in the south of Worcestershire for your people and employers.” (Evesham Observer, 17 July 2016).

Fast forward to 2021 and WCG are closing and selling off Malvern Hills College, as well as the majority of Evesham site, forcing a reduction to adult and further education provision in Evesham and elimination of provision in Malvern.

Warwickshire College Group announced in November 2020 that substantial parts of Evesham College site will be sold and the remainder “repurposed”. No further information or consultation has been forthcoming. No equality impact assessments on the effects on students, staff, or the community and local businesses have been released.

In recent press announcements, WCG management claim they are ‘investing’ in their Worcestershire campuses, while closing sites and packing provision off to Pershore! These proposals come at a time when the Government has announced £375 million investment in skills post-Covid-19. Local people who have lost their jobs because of the pandemic will need retraining and will not be able to afford to travel distances to access it! Wychavon features high on the National Deprivation Index and ranks 322 out of 324 on an index of social mobility alone – the third worst in England. This is clearly a place that needs a local education provider – not to lose one!

From Autumn 2021:

  • Hair and Beauty, Engineering, Construction Motor Vehicle and Digital Courses will run from a greatly reduced Evesham campus
  • Malvern Hills College will close
  • Access to HE and Supported Learning be transferred to the Pershore site (7 miles away)
  • Early Years courses will no longer be offered in Worcestershire campuses.

WCG management are closing campuses and shutting down local provision, while claiming they are investing in Worcestershire!

In the last decade, the access to local education in rural communities and small towns – built up over generations – has been limited and reduced thanks to FE mergers and subsequent site closures. Evesham and Malvern need local further education expanded, not reduced.

Please sign this petition: we must stop the local cull of provision and the relentless reduction of the further education sector estate.


Keep FE and adult ed provision in Worcestershire!

For more information regarding the closure and out campaign, please contact us at

Save Evesham College provision

1,087 signatures

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1,087 Abbie jenkinson college north east london
1,086 Liz Reece Liz Reece Careers Further education provides courses to meet community, employer and student needs and is more vital than ever in the post-pandemic recovery. The country has a skills shortage which will not be met if this local provision is closed.
1,085 Ralph Partridge
1,084 Dave Jameison New College Swindon
1,083 Clive Jackson Sedgeberrow
1,082 Nic G
1,081 O Hamlyn
1,080 Daniel Morris How college
1,079 Laura Povoledo UWE Bristol
1,078 Louise Carson Evesham resident Now more than ever local access to training and new qualifications are vital to our community.
1,077 Jason Rawlings - Everyone should vist this link below and read the Annual Statement of Accounts 2020 for WCG and will see that Anegla Joyce has squanderd a £40,000 bounus last year on top of her high salary in relocation costs. She is a disgrace to WCG and the communities of Warwickshire and Worcestershire.
1,076 Steve Peace
1,075 Katie Mckay Surprise surprise…WCG at it again! You only have to look at the site in Evesham to see that they have already let it go to rack & ruin! I’ve read about the proposed money they are said to be spending in Worcestershire and I’m willing to bet my house on the fact that barely any will be spent at Evesham. Believe me when I say if you think Evesham College will be there in two years, you’re a fool!
1,074 Clair Sharpe University of Liverpool Solidarity.
1,073 David Brown Retired, Evesham Its hard to see how we can boost meaningful local employment without local training.
1,072 Julian Richardson Oldham College This country needs to protect it's education system if it wants to progress both for individuals and as a nation.
1,071 Helen Davenport RSC It is utter madness and morally indefensible to remove provision from the college.
1,070 Gill Green Worcestershire I took an Access to Higher Education Course at Evesham College - with having 2 children at school, if the course was in Pershore, I wouldn't have been able to attend. We must keep these courses at Evesham College.
1,069 Julia Collier Retired, University of Bradford
1,068 Louise Kenyon Loughborough University
1,067 Katherine Baxter Northumbria University
1,066 Christopher Donaldson Lancaster University
1,065 Andrew Differ Worcestershire
1,064 Sol Gamsu Durham University Solidarity! We need to protect local college and adult ed provision - now of all times it is absolutely essential to local communities!
1,063 Simina Dragos University of Cambridge
1,062 Cecily Blyther Petroc
1,061 Melanie Roxby-Mackey University of Birmingham
1,060 Jonathan Mason East Sussex
1,059 Katherine Fossett Fossett Warwickshire College
1,058 Pravina Ellis Croydon Adult Education With recent government announcement of £375 million investment to retrain and increase skills post-Covid-19 pandemic then Warwickshire College Group's announced re sale of large parts of Evesham College seems very short-sighted. Especially as no local consultation has taken place regarding future educational services and retraining facilities that will be required in the local community.
1,057 Simon Welsh University of Leeds
1,056 Sara Crangle University of Sussex
1,055 Cian Power Faculty of Theology and Religion, University of Oxford Local provision for training local students is essential for a strong future for the region. Keep the provision on site!
1,054 Stephanie Bowry University of Leicester
1,053 Dr Carrie Etter Bath Spa University
1,052 Anastasia Karanika University of Leeds
1,051 sareen galbraith leeds beckett university
1,050 Rajiv Sud Stcg group,London
1,049 Jennet Thomas UAL
1,048 Louise Helen Mackie Bath College
1,046 Kerry Hughes Worcestershire You were given this building for free, as you were the Malvern building where Art is housed. Selling them on is devastating for staff and community alike. It also reeks of corporate interests above educational function and local need. This has tainted the WCG brand, and should be reconsidered.
1,045 Elane Heffernan Retired Further Education is a vital service. It enhances lives; helps keep people up to date in skills for work and vitally, it gives people purpose and interest in life. To close down campuses, cut courses abs dismiss people drives a dagger into the heart of local communities
1,044 godfrey brown South & City College Birmingham Totally disgusting what has happened and continues to happen to Evesham College provision. Can't people managing these provisions see that it's the local people who suffers, and this cannot be good for their community and ultimately the country.
1,043 Catherine Kennedy South Yorkshire
1,042 Chris Cumberpatch
1,041 Umberto Albarella University of Sheffield
1,040 Sarah Williams Bridgwater & Taunton College
1,039 Naomi Pennington North Yorkshire
1,038 Sally Burr Glyndwr University
1,037 Ashley Chapman Leicester
1,036 Godfrey Jennings Retired Member
1,035 KAREN POWER Gloucestershire Evesham is a large, and growing, town. Further Education provisional is essential for the community to help provide skills and qualifications for the population. Changing provision location to a distant site will result in further damage to the environment through increased traffic; it will also affect those in a lower income bracket as they may not be able to afford (even subsidised) transport.
1,034 Alex de Ruyter Birmingham City University
1,033 Geoff Taylor International College, St Clare's, Oxford
1,032 Sarah Dalton North Yorkshire
1,031 Clare Law Working Mens college Already an area where it’s very hard to move around on public transport. This local provision is needed
1,030 Tony Clancy Uni of Gloucestershire
1,029 Anne O'Sullivan UCU
1,028 Katrina Stephens Cardiff Uni
1,027 Liam O'Hare Open University
1,026 sean talbot Bristol
1,025 Elaine Guilding Formerly Newark FE College
1,024 Graham Mustin
1,023 Chantal Baxter Malvern
1,022 James Leahy University of Birmingham
1,021 Louise Murphy Malvern
1,020 Charlotte O'Neill S Yorks
1,019 Chris Allen Gateshead College
1,018 katherine bradley retired.
1,017 Carina Hart University of Nottingham
1,016 Stephen Homewood london
1,015 Matthew Evans University of Sussex
1,014 Francesco Sticchi Oxford Brookes University
1,013 Chris Donahue
1,012 Voirrey Hampson County (optional)
1,011 Vicky Blake UCU President
1,010 Michelle Howell South and City College Birmingham
1,009 Valerie Aspin University of Bristol
1,008 Matt Russo Westminster Kingsway college
1,007 Joanne Stephens
1,006 John Loveridge Retired
1,005 Kathleen Bell Previously at De Montfort University I used to live near Evesham and know the importance of a range of FE and adult education in an area poorly served by public transport.
1,004 Susan Christie Retired of York College My niece and nephew owe their careers to Evesham College where both started their Further Education. FE and Adult Education are incredibly valuable and need to be easily accessible, especially in rural areas. This decision must be reversed and investment must be made to bring FE and Adult Education back to be recognised for its wonderful value before it is too late.
1,003 Sheila Webber University of Sheffield
1,002 Brian Hambidge EMRMB
1,001 John Cowley Formerly of City University London
1,000 Molly Browne Newman University
999 Patricia Thorpe Bristol Areas of deprivation are in dire need of more training and education - not less!
998 Charis Flavell Retired, now in Norfolk We should be expanding adult education provision, not cutting it.
997 Robert Amess University of Oxford It's very sad to see this happening in what was my county of birth. Regional councils and national government are clearly not joined up in their thinking and planning. I think the blame for this has to the national government which has reduced funding over the last decade. Perhaps it will make more people realise that voting conservative was a bad idea. I do not understand their popularity.
996 Leslie Huckfield Glasgow Caledonian University This is appalling. There will soon be no FE outside City of Worcester and Warwick.
995 Jonathan Brockbank I taught FE in Warkwickshire and feel for you.
994 Raphael Hoermann UCLan
993 Helen Forbes Bradford College Another example of those in the most need being ignored. You are right to fight against these moves.
992 Anna Pollert Warwickshire
991 Peter Bradley University of Bath
990 Lorenzo Feltrin University of Birmingham
989 Leah Rea
988 Deena Omar New City College, Tower Hamlets, London. Similar rubbish happening to us here, and many other places too. Good luck and solidarity!
987 Helen De Witt County (optional)
986 Di Sturdy Coventry College
985 Anand Sengodan Strathclyde
984 Kevin Malone University of Manchester
983 Adrian Whittaker Other (Non U.S.)
982 Fraser McQueen University of Stirling
981 Jesus Martinez-Garcia University of Essex
980 Alan Wellings Worcester College of Technology (retired)
979 Cheron Dixon Lambeth College
978 Daphne Hunter BIrkbeck College, London The riding-roughshod over consultation with, and information to, the community over this drastic reduction of Worcestershire provision, is an insult to the locality and in direct contradiction of government proposals for vital post-Covid re-training and upskilling. And where are the equality impact assessments??
977 Inna Harutyunyan Activate learning
976 Iain Farquharson Brunel University
975 Lewis Jones London metropolitan University
974 D M Butcher Oxford
973 Pam Simpson London College of Fashion Rural colleges are very much needed for the communities they are based in. Public transport cuts mean travel to other colleges is very difficult or impossible from some rural areas.
972 Graham Lee University of Oxford
971 carole tatham Burnley college More colleges are needed, not less especially in the current climate were more funding nd campuses are needed
970 John Markussen University of Winchester We must stop the local cull of provision and the relentless reduction of the further education sector estate.
969 Paul Bearcroft Worcestershire
968 Carol Hatton
967 Philip Taylor
966 susan taylor Worcestershire
965 tim mitchell Lighting Designer
964 Amanda Webb Save the college
963 Sally Leeks Retired Local adult educational provision is absolutely critical, particularly in terms of cutting down needless and expensive travel to far-flung campuses.
962 Steve Tamplin Telford
961 Tom Norton England
960 Mark Haughtey
959 Peter Daw
958 James Richards Heriot-Watt
957 Josh Ford East Sussex
955 Peter Hill Northumbria University
954 Lee Knight 6 malin mews Evesham needs to be protected from future cuts for the up and coming generations to carry on getting a good education.
953 Pete Rogers Worcestershire WCG were given these Colleges to make something of them, not asset to cover their own incompetence and over inflated pay packages. They don't own them they are the guardians for our future generations. The CEO's pay has increased whist the sites are assets stripped and staff face endless rounds of redundancy. It's time this madness was stopped before there is nothing viable left!
952 julie Huxley Warwickshire We need to preserve Adult Education in the community that the adult learners can access.
951 GWYNETH Cruickshank N Warwickshire & S Leicestershire College How can reducing provision in rural areas be good for the economy. Short sighted cost saving is ruining the FE sector!
950 David Gent Access to further education is important.
949 Zarria Phillips NES
948 Harriet Guest Retired
947 Patrick McCarthy WEA Adult education offered by Evesham College is going to be even more important in the post-Covid rebuild.
946 Stephen Page UNITED KINGDOM
945 John Gough Shropshire, Retired Why is Further Education provision being reduced at a time when we need to train the workforce to grow our future as an independent country. Education should not be viewed as a business but as an investment in the future.
944 Robert PHILLIPS Worcestershire This appears to be a very cynical attempt by WCG to make short term gains and to cover gaps in Government funding. We need FE provision in the shires like never before following the damage done by the pandemic and the impending adverse effects of Brexit which have hardly registered with anyone as yet! Why no consultation?
943 Nigel Barnacle Retired We can't afford to lose Further Education provision especially in rural areas.
942 David McLoughlin Newman University
941 Ruth Stacey Worcestershire
940 Tania Manyuira Sandwell College The attempt to close Evesham along with Malvern campuses is leaving the local community with big difficulties in accessing the courses that are closed down when the colleges are shut. We have to stand up and fight to protect community colleges from shutting down.
939 DT Roach Worcester
938 Dan Eastough Worcestershire
937 Paul Golz University of Worcester Signing in a personal capacity
936 Jim Clements Halesowen
935 Olivia Joyce Warwick University
934 Maggie Turner West Midlands Cuts and selling off land are devastating to FE. The impact on learners is unmeasureable.
933 Michelle Bavington Coventry College
932 Jodie Blundred Worcestershire
931 Stephanie Brewster University of Wolverhampton
930 Warren Mills WCG
929 Jamie Beeson Evesham
928 ollie dishart house for meg
927 hannah gilmour evesham
926 Ruth WERBISKI Dutton Retired What a disgrace this Govt supposed to be Levelling UP, increasing opportunities LOCALLY for young people, education, training, apprenticeships and INVESTING IN EDUCATION.
925 Sylwia Nowak Worcestershire
924 Paul Campion Worcestershire I attended the college to complete my a levels and to attend evening courses throughout my life. It has been a valuable instrument in education for both young and old throughout my life.
923 Elaine Chant Evesham
922 Nichaela Summerton Evesham
921 Amber B Evesham Everyone deserves the option of a higher education without the struggle of traveling elsewhere to learn when you could learn in your local area. Evesham cannot be without somewhere for people to better themselves.
920 Emma Harrington University of Gloucestershire This is a disgrace! If anything more investment should be made in Evesham college it is genuinely a lifeline for some and an incredibly important resource. And a total travesty to lose Malvern college altogether!! Thank you for creating this petition.
919 Chris Bates Civil Service This establishment should be developed and used to give the skills necessary to build a better Britain not cut back and removed so some local authority can claim a saving. There is no saving, only a cost to the local Community. Many of us trained and qualified there and our Higher education needs rejuvenating and a good shake up because currently it is inefficient and ineffective.
918 Helen Woodburn
917 Jackie Sainsbury Worcestershire I work independently with many young people with SEND / a need for local practical courses - travel issues act as a major barrier. Moving key courses and support to 'hubs' rather than offering more localised provision in more than one place, denies many of my clients equality of learning opportunity.
916 Sarah Houlston Worcestershire
915 Simon Claxton
914 Eddie Little Manchester (Retired)
913 Stuart Houlston Malvern Cutting back on FE at a time when young people need all the support they can get is ridiculous
912 Marilyn Fisher Alot of pupils from the Vale of Evesham School go to Evesham College when they leave, as did my son how will they get to Pershore if their family do not have transport. It would be tragic to lose the ABI as where is the nearest one to Evesham .
911 Colin Taylor Worcestershire I just don’t understand how WCG are continually allowed to get away with doing this!? Why isn’t Nigel Huddleston speaking up like Harriet Baldwin is? I truly hope that Malvern is saved and Evesham is kept as it is! I really hope the members of the SLT for WCG are happy with yourselves over in Leamington and can sleep at night! YOU ARE NOTHING BUT THIEVES!!!! STOP SELLING OFF OUR COLLEGES!!
910 Sian Orchard Evesham College Young people need this accessible provision as nothing else for miles! How are they supposed to Continue with compulsory education if there is none available. Not all kids want to stay on in 6th form so need a choice. If they use the land for more housing where are all these kids supposed to go?
909 Matt Ripley
908 Andrew Faizey
907 Chris George retired at a time when adult education is needed most to retrain or stimulate regrowth in communities and individuals, these vital local centres of provision are being reduced or got rid of completely. Utter madness!
906 Saul Bolton
905 Andrew Davies Worcestershire
904 Neil Bevan Malvern
903 Matthew James Evesham
902 Robert Fisher Evesham
901 Mike Bennett Evesham Local provision within the community for adults is key to the local economy and community
900 Steven Ranford Worcestershire Closing colleges or removing courses is stupidity of the highest order...
899 Robert Banner WCG
898 Andy Shaw Wcg
897 Christine Sherry Evesham Profit over people. Cash over community. Not without a fight.
896 Russell Parker Warwickshire
895 Jill Haycock Evesham One son with no car, 30 years ago had an option for Glos FE in Cheltenham with no suitable bus connection. He then chose Hereford FE but had to go by train and then a long walk. Train timetables were not suitable so he was always late. Evesham had no suitable Art and Design courses linked to emerging computer scene then. He has survived but it was not at all ideal. Are the schools to be involv
894 Glenn Buckley I went to Evesham to study AAT. Without a local college students will have to travel further to study. We should be reducing congestion and pollution on the roads. The community needs this college
893 Christine Moon Warwickshire
892 Rebecca Jeynes Worcestershire Country Council Adult Learning
891 Claire Hodgetts Self employed I am a former student of the college and feel that closure would be a great shame not only for the town and surrounding areas but all the aspiring youngsters wanting to further their education.
890 susan adams Worcestershire
889 Mrs Kelly Keen Birmingham What a surprise... WCG up to their old tricks again! Angela Joyce... you should hang your head in shame! This is an absolute travesty! In a time where FE & HE is more important than ever, you decide that the best option for YOUR OWN POCKET is to YET AGAIN close a community college! And you want to strip a charity of their building! You disgust me! You’re an embarrassment to Education!
888 Gordon Eames With so many unemployed at this time we need to build a new future. training various skills will be a major part of this . For all ages
887 Nicki Cother Worcestershire
886 Alan Hodge EVESHAM Totally wrong to expect people trying to better themselves to have to travel to Pershore .
885 Robert Collcott NHS Worcester - Evesham College IT Graduate 2014 Save the college, great place and have a lot of fantastic memories thete
884 Nr Lee Fisher I think it would be a disaster if these cuts went ahead and would have a detrimental impact on students education , if the ABI is sold where are people with bran injuries going to get the support that they need?
883 Rebecca Wicks Garage/Evesham
882 Arja Scarsbrook Evesham There needs to be more skills and education - not less. Save - once gone the opportunities will not return !
881 Virginia Ditchfield Broadway
880 Christopher Bates Chartered Safety Practitioner Investment should be made at the college, not closing it down. After Brexit we need to improve further education and get some decent lecturers to teach the up and coming generations the skills needed to enable them to be successful when they start work, these are the things the colleges have let slip over the last 20+ years.
879 Vikki Higgins Worcestershire I have had some great training from both Evesham and Malvern colleges so I hope this decision can be reversed.
878 Lindsay Tether Retired WCC teacher (Home Tutor) I object to the loss of learning provision/sites for Evesham and Malvern - younger people are less likely to have transport and need local education. Why is it Evesham college in particular that needs to be reduced?
877 Charlotte Selleck UWE
876 Sarah Mills Evesham
875 Beverley Montague-Daubney-Reeves WR12 7HY This is vital for local people where some villages have no bus provision for other areas ........and for those who work and want to expand their knowledge
874 Katie Hughes
873 Sarah Mccarthy England This college is VITAL for all those who live in Evesham and the surrounding villages ,who cannot get to Pershore ,or even further afield !
872 Julie Hamilton This is just frightening that the provision in Evesham will be reduced. We live in Broadway and I expect my children to use this facility. How would my children ever get to Pershore? It is all extra distance as we are the other side of Evesham in Worcestershire. There is so little choice as it is if your children are not able to go to 6th Form.
871 Melanie Waldron Worcestershire We need to keep as many FE options open as possible.
870 Susan Crouch Evesham I wish to protest against the proposed closure of adult and further education provision in Evesham and Malvern.
869 Alison Parry Evesham College Such a shame to lose another institution when Evesham is expanding!
868 Amanda Peters
867 Cynthia Brawn Evesham This is disgraceful. Evesham always comes at the bottom of the list for facilities and now this is another low blow. How do they think people in Evesham and Malvern can access learning when you move colleges miles away, especially with the state of public transport. Why are the poorer members of society always the ones that are picked on to lose facilities. An easy target I suppose!
866 John O'brian Evesham Resident WR11 Email all of these Senior Leadership team members Angela Joyce COE, Robert Bevan CFO, Peter Husband, COO Group Principal; Helen Kinghorn, group deputy principal
865 Daniel Palmer Evesham
864 David Hughes Killybrack, WR12 7LW
863 Patricia Moody Broadway We need to invest more in localised further education not less. This move will discourage people due to the traveling and the more disadvantaged over cost. I only hope this proposal is based on the lack of uptakes in courses rather than financial.
862 Laura Howie Broadway, WR12
861 Sally Clarke Gloscol Now more than ever , FE is needed to help build and maintain communities ,and create jobs and careers for young people.
860 Marilyn Burgess N/A
859 Amy Hall-Cook Evesham
858 Heather Canavan Broadway Now retired, in my past career I worked in FE management in Hampshire. I’ve seen how FE can make a major difference in individuals’ lives. We need more adult education in our community.
857 Neil Townshend Drs Townshend & Partners Broadway I support this petition as the maintenance of locally accessible further education is crucial for rural communities and the prospects of those who live in this area.
856 Sarah Clarke Birmingham
855 Deborah Couliou School
854 Catherine O'Brian It's vital to keep our education provision local!
853 Fiona Legge It offers an alternative to university please keep the full options available
852 Helen Peacop Worcestershire My college in Northwich Cheshire was sold off for housing. Fast forwards a decade to a greater divide, drug taking, teen pregnancy and little prospect.
851 Andrei-Ionut Bila-Nicola Evesham
850 Ann Lambsdown West Yorkshire 0
849 Gill Carr We should be investing in local educational establishments to encourage young people to undertake further education
848 Donna Marriott Evesham We cannot lose this we need to keep it
847 June Anstey Broadway Best thing ever for area - a space for students to flourish when school was not always the best option.
846 Judith Ciotti Evesham resident Thank you for the opportunity to support College provision
845 Nicola Heritage Broadway This college has provided excellent teaching please don’t close the site.
844 GEORGE GOULD worcestershire
843 Sebastian Garner Broadway
842 Dean Rickett Stourport on severn I have family in the area and I not only achieved my qualifications at this fantastic college but I came back many years later and helped out as a member of staff in my skilled area and even though I was only there for a few years there were some fun times being had not only the students but by the staff too, some of the best people I've ever met and worked with I met here,
841 Mark Payne Worcestershire I have gained two qualifications from this college. 1989 - Motor vehicle technology - city & guilds, and 1997 - a bTech nat. dip. for computing & electronics. It would be a crime to take this facility away from Evesham and deprive students of Evesham town the right to an education on their doorstep. This is a perfectly good college and Evesham NEEDS IT!
840 Sue Oxley Inkberrow
839 Anne Heyworth Open University This education provision is vital and valuable, please don't sell it off!
838 Dawn Green Worcestershire I attended Evesham college in 1971 and I’m so happy that it’s given so many other students the opportunity to further their education. Evesham is dying and this is yet another nail in the coffin we should be expanding it not closing it
837 Pamela Peters Disgusting
836 Tim McCormick freelance The above says most of it. Malvern college has some 130 years of history as a first class dedicated arts college, and there is nothing else like it in the whole region.
835 Shawn Ballard
834 Lynda Whitcombe BSC hons. Hort Govt. Claims to improve education/training for future, yet two collages locally to close.
833 Emma Church Evesham There needs to be more investment in the area. Education is the key to social mobility and improving people's lives.
832 Simon Bowes Tutor, HMp long lartin Education is key!
831 Julie Jones-Ford keep our college open. we need the provision for out young people
830 Helen Nightingale Nusery
829 Lynne Robinson Care, Chipping Campden, I used to work at Evesham college, WCG took over and it went from a thriving busy college to a ghost Town with all the changes they made. A lot of us who worked there could see this coming. Pure greed and negligence. Evesham needs there college back, our children need a local college.
828 Craig Holgate Aston University
827 Rob Thompson Cavotec
826 Deanna Burdett Evesham Nursery School Please save Early Years Education. I wouldn’t be were I am in my career if it wasn’t for the Evesham campus and the amazing Tutors.
825 Marie Pearse Evesham Nursery School Evesham College provides excellent training for our future workforce. Students from the college always bring enthusiastic ideas to their placements with us. Many of our current and precious staff trained for their roles within our unique nursery school. Previous staff have also used their experience to continue into cutter qualified actions including teaching.
824 Chris Bradshaw Coventry
823 Becky Cook Worcestershire
822 David Smith Warwickshire
821 Kerry Smith Warwickshire
820 Rebecca Harker
819 Matthew Barker Broadway Save our college
818 Kelly barker Broadway Save our college
817 Carolyn Miles Worcester
816 Nikita Louise
815 Chad Morrison Broadway Being able to learn in a place that was relatively close, was less stressful because I didn't have to worry about travel times
814 Eddie Little Retired
813 Sarah Watkins Worcestershire As someone who has worked in both of these college locations, I can testify to the very great need in the local community. WCG have been working on a managed decline of both the Evesham and Malvern sites since they took over in 2016. This should have national publicity and Angela Joyce should be forced to fall on her sword as she is not fit for office. Shocking tactics.
812 Joanna Smith Nhs Our community need these courses and more to keep running. Save Evesham college
811 Carlin Anderson Glos
810 Joanna Aizpuru Glos
809 Christine Jones Parent of main stream and sen need children. Pershore I don't think has transport provision from Moreton area and special learning provision is poor anyway how are youngsters ment to travel to these colleges further away? Evesham is a train ride away and a long walk as it is..learning is hard enough more courses more provision should be put in NOT taken away.
808 Sam Williams
807 Isabelle Goldie Moreton-in-Marsh
806 Jonathan Mason University of Brighton Education is a right, not a privilege, and we should be able to access it at any stage of life, whatever our interests - otherwise those without money or the luxury of opportunity will miss out on achieving what they're capable of or leading the lives they wish for.
805 Amie Wiberley Warwickshire
804 Darren Moon London School of Economics and Political Science
803 Louise Stuart Evesham Your building all these houses and you want to get rid of educational places. Are you mad!!!
802 Jess Barrand Worcestershire I passed my child care course and now I’m a pre school room lead! The best tutors are at this college!!!!!
801 Fabienne Benoist London South Bank University Solidarity to colleagues fighting course closures.
800 Judith Baxter
799 karen woodall Community midwife
798 Gillian Bradley Evesham
797 Yunus Ebden Evesham How can they justify to close an educational institution which serves the community?? call for a general strike. We have to rally the community which the college serves
796 Alastaire forsyth WCG
795 Natalie Harris Evesham leisure centre
794 Amelia Johns Nursery nurse I wouldn’t be able to have the career I have now without the amazing early years teachers at the college
793 Jasmin Minto S Lukes CE First School I wouldn’t be where I am today without the child care courses on offer at Evesham college!
792 Ashleigh Fiander
791 Caroline Cleaver WCG
790 Boguslawa Kucharska-Hodgkins Worcestershire
789 Pauline Holder Evesham Unfair for those who want to do a course and have to travel, this may mean not joining college courses due to time and cost spent travelling. Government may wish to re-train students within area, shortest distance from home. Once college building sold, no going back for expansion. Vulnerability of students aged 16+. Parents may be concerned for safety.
788 Rachel Tompkins WCG
787 Ian Graham University of Warwick & resident of Evesham The level of concern about adult literacy rates in England and the inclusion in the Queen's Speech of the pledge to overhaul the post-16 and adult education and training system with a Lifetime Skills Guarantee highlights the critical need for establishments like Evesham College and Malvern Hills College to remain open, not be closed or scaled back for monetary gain.
786 Rachel Watson West Midlands Horrendous to see this provision being erodeed away. It seems to be happening everywhere.
785 Elizabeth Matthews Nottinghamshire
784 Linda Hewines Retired
783 Wendy Burrell Scarborough
782 Rebecca Jackson England I am a former student of Evesham College which has enabled me to be where I am today, a qualified nurse. The younger generation and people who want to further their education and learn new skills in Evesham and the surrounding areas need a place to study.
781 Sue Jackson Scarborough So early years provision/education is not going to exist either ???????
780 Colin Morris Evesham Save the college as people will be unable to pershore on a low income.
779 Dr C.H. Bryant UCU NW HE Sector secretary.
778 George Ball Bretforton
777 Sally Ball Bretforton
776 Trish Hacklett Evesham area
775 Ann-Marie White Evesham Don't really want to have to move to Pershore college to continue my education when I'm already studying at Evesham & have been for 4 years.
774 Anita Hobday University of Worcester This is badly needed in Evesham. More courses should run here not close it
773 Tamsin Woodford Falmouth Adult Education, Cornwall I know Malvern Hills College well , my Father has taught there for many years. I know it to be a very vibrant and busy place, very valuable to the people in the area. As an Adult Education tutor myself, I know that it is rare and wonderful to have a purpose built college for art in Adult Education. This belongs to the town and area and should not be lost.
772 Christine Lingard Retired grandmother Why close a lot of Evesham college? Evesham has a large young community who will need college education
771 Nigel Taylor I attended Evesham college as a teenager great experience made loads of friends and really help me with my future it would be a travesty to even think of closing or shrinking it all the young adults in our area need this facility.
770 Ali O'Connor
769 Helen Haynes Our younger generation need this what’s happening to Evesham come on joke.
768 Owain Roberts
767 Vera Judge Evesham I am a resident of Evesham and the college is an essential provision for the town. Our young people need it but it’s adults education is also indispensable. I have personally attended numerous evening courses there over the years. Please save our college.
766 paul kennedy Westminster Kingsway College, London Outrageous!
765 Emma Stanley Worcestershire
764 Patrycja Wawrocka
763 Jenni North Evesham This would be the worst thing for Evesham as not all students can access transport into other locations. Evesham college helped me through 4 years; coming out with a HND.
762 Claire Withers This must not happen
761 Elizabeth Adams Bristol Please save it!!!! Very important
760 George Adams Warwickshire
759 Ed Adams Taswell This college has helped so many young people over the years and it’s a real asset to the local community will be such a shame to see it go
758 Anna Kryska WCG collage in Evesham ,domestic asystenc I have a son who will make a choice regarding college in the future I always hoped that he would make a choice and continue his education at our college in Evesham, the other thing is I work at this college and I am afraid that I will lose my job and I am a single parent
757 Kate Zuill UK
756 Dawn Adams Dawn Lodge Associates Chartered Surveyors With the growing population in Evesham and surrounding areas it is vital to keep education provision fully available to all at Evesham College
755 Christine Robinson Worcestershire I am disgusted by this reduction in services at Evesham. I taught French for many years in what used to be an excellent Adult Education sector and was destroyed many years ago now.
754 Alex Shute Evesham
753 Laura Bayliss Worcester
752 Penny Welch Wolverhampton
751 Julie Allen Evesham
750 Charlotte Beyer Gloucestershire
749 Tamora James Sheffield Further education provision is essential for providing opportunities for development and these proposals will have an impact across a wide catchment area.
748 Christina Holder
747 Tricia Smith Evesham Over the last few years the College has been systematically downgraded, reducing the opportunities for further education across the community. We should be increasing those opportunities, building a better educated community which will benefit everyone.
746 Anthea Smith
745 Roxanne Grinnell Evesham
744 Martyn Dormer
743 Dr David Kewley Retired Engineering Director Just appalled at their actions and their plan to close the ABI Centre at Evesham College.
742 Gabriella Chantry Evesham
741 Anne Smythe Malvern The FE sector must be saved and maintained - it is too important to lose
740 Jen Gardiner Self-employed
739 Jacqueline Banks Evesham This is a great local resource that provides excellent learning experiences. Moving services elsewhere is not environmentally acceptable as it entails more travel and fuel use.
738 Anne O'Hagan Evesham, retired I was shocked to read about the proposed cuts to courses. Colleges and community education provision should be continually expanding, not contracting!
737 Kitty Kavanagh
736 Elizabeth Allsop
735 Robin Lacey
734 Lynette Mantle Past FE instructor I have watched provision at Evesham College being consistently destroyed to the point where I felt no longer valued and, therefore, no longer able to work there.
733 Hannah Burke Teacher at Vale of Evesham School
732 Elizabeth Coomber Evesham Provision of Higher education is vital for our children and town!
731 Claire WITHEFORD Evesham Post Covid we need more post 16 opportunities & retraining for adults who have have lost their jobs, not less. Also what about the SEN provision at the college, these young people have enough barriers to achieving without having to travel further as well.
730 Kate gibbons Sedgeberrow school
729 Sarah Cullen
728 Katie Brooks Evesham Access to higher education is vital in towns. Removing the option of adult and higher education learning is a terrible idea
727 Sarah Adamson School at Ettington
726 Lucy Radbourne Evesham
725 Andrea Arrandale Evesham We need ongoing provision for adults and young people to continue and not be reduced at all
724 Rachel Smith Stratford upon Avon We need to secure the future of young people
723 Tabitha Ellis Offenham primary school I trained here on a BTEC childcare course, giving me access to a teaching degree. Not every child in Evesham a suited to 6th form. These courses at Evesham College are very valuable to our town
722 Abi Attwood Stratford upon Avon scholl
721 Jane Johnson Worcestershire
720 Vicky Stanton Evesham Please do not close this college that serves so many local young people
719 Tony Neath Retired
718 Tessa Jenkins Now more than ever we need good local education provision,
717 Karen Aris
716 Sue Tully Provision is needed in the local area to train people for the jobs market. Not everyone does well in the school environment. Some provisions are needed as a bridge from school into higher education. Provision is also need to retrain people who have lost their jobs. This is especially relevant post COVID.
715 Alison Godber I worked for Evesham College for over 19 years. It WAS a great place to work and study but when WCG took over, it lost its’ soul and management were more interested in making money than providing quality education. Also far too many Managers on inflated salaries!
714 Lesley Kewley Trustee AcquiredBrain Injury Trust It seems not generally known that the ABI BUILDING is owned by the Trust but WCG have chosen not to extend our lease and are planning to use our building for their own purposes. We are at present trying to negotiate alternative accommodation .
713 Rachael Duggan Evesham, Worcestershire This is most likely where my son would want to attend when he finishes school. It is valued by young people not just in Evesham but further afield too.
712 Jan Gruihn Retired Did a few adult courses here, retraining. It’s a vital part of the town and area.
711 Reuben Andrews
710 Erica Johnson Evesham Why are you reducing the size of the college when more and more housing has being built in Evesham over the last 10 years which means greater requirement for further education in our area?
709 Paul Brockbank Self employed
708 Kathleen Barry England - Worcestershire The college serves the community and surrounding villages, what a catastrophe it would be for Evesham if this facility is lost.
707 Mick Beard Retired I worked for Evesham College for 30 years, when WCG took over I had retired and gone back part time. It did not take me long to realise their management shared a brain cell and only had pound signs in their eyes. Such a shame as it was a great workplace and a much needed amenity for the local community. I do not understand why !!!!!
706 Tracy Clements hmp Pushing more pressure on our younger generation to have to go further afield for higher education and losing adult services will not serve the community
705 Michelle Wilson Evesham Save our college
704 Andra Proctor Herefordshire Have just moved from Evesham and whilst living there (37 years) took advantage of the facilities at the College, even doing my O levels. Evesham needs this college, please save it.
703 Oprea Andreea
702 Rose Cullimore Wr11
701 Rebecca Pritchard WORCESTERSHIRE
700 Michael Beard Honeybourne Such a travesty after teaching there for 30 years they want to destroy it within the community
699 Martin McCormqc Evesham College
698 Lee Merrett Evesham
697 Claire Merrett Patoss
696 Teresa New This college is a much needed facility. I must not close, there are so many young adults in the town who need it.
695 Val Mckechnie Evesham I was one of the very first students at attend Evesham college when it opened in 1970. I remember feeling I was privileged to have such a facility on my doorstep. Years later I also went there for an evening class. These opportunities open to local people should not be undervalued or undermined, especially as Evesham is growing by the day. SAVE EVESHAM COLLEGE!
694 Julie Wood Worcestershire
693 Jean McVeigh Retired
692 Kate Pettemerides
691 Rachel Thompson Worcestershire
690 Norman Stanley Evans Retired Sadly the value of Art and Craft Skilled education is being eroded nationally. The closing too of Malvern Hills College, deprives many of the local and wider population of quality opportunities offered as full-time, part-time and Summer School courses.
689 Duncan Day
688 Bethany Roberts Cats protection
687 Ida Patrone Worcestershire
686 Melissa Palfrey Pershore 'Save the college'
685 J Pritchard Armed forces Education should eqate to SPEND not SAVE .
684 Stacey Clarke Worcestershire
683 Jeanette Davis Jeanette_morris@hotmail With education now having to extend to the age of 18 it seems ridiculous that this college is being closedown it is ridiculous that parents will have to pay for the children to go to college further afield On buses that are at stupid times and not catered to take children to these locations and at its cost parents cannot afford Investment needs to be given to the college not closure
682 Caroline Kerr Self employed I used to work at Evesham college and it will be greatly missed by the local people, we must at all cost save this educational facility.
681 Les Plumb Worcestershire
680 Ann Currie Malvern
679 Anna Tice disabled Local colleges need keeping for young and 'not so young'. And the college buses from Evesham to Pershore, I hope will continue.
678 Lydia Green Retired Stop this happening!
677 Beryl Morgans Herefordshire
676 Phillippa Rushton The works
675 Hilary Knox Another establishment being run down and sold off by WCG! There will be nowhere for school leavers and adult education left in the area soon, thanks to their asset stripping.
674 Philip Roberts Pershore save the college
673 Claire Breward Evesham This would be a huge loss to Worcestershire and the bordering counties. It benefits so many people of all ages. As housing in Evesham and local areas continues to expand, more and more resources are being taken away.
672 Amanda Sanders Worcestershire Rural communities need access to local further education!
671 Claire Hughes NEC Group
670 Caryl Mills AL Evesham needs to have services in this rapidly expanding town. More houses less provision.
669 Gillian Mountjoy Evesham collage The town is ever increasing and the collage is a vital learning center especially to people who do travel or drive..
668 Josh Chambers Pershore
667 Fiona Wilkins Harvington
666 Carol Green Home Where are young people going to be able to train for early years in Worcestershire?
665 Carol Riley
664 Stewart Warner Worcestershire We need all services we can get
663 Katharine Hart Worcestershire
662 Sharon Bowler Evesham
661 Caroline Ballard This college was a life line for me and my family. It is needed in the community. So many families are not able to send their children to college out of town.
660 Karen Brock Powick
659 Claire Dingley Worcestershire I don't understand why this is happening! Greed and ignorance? I hope each signature helps x
658 Wendy Camden Worcestershire county council It was through Evesham college that I accessed further education and went on to gain two university degrees. I would not have the career I now have without this initial opportunity provided by Evesham college. It would be a massive loss to the local and surrounding communities if this facility was lost.
657 Sharon Scott Worcestershire
656 Paul Brockman Retired Education is the most important thing we can give our young people .
655 Kevin Hartwell Evesham As a former Vice Principal at a secondary school in a deprived area I understand the importance of educational opportunity at a local level in such an area. Closure of local colleges would be extremely detrimental to the life chances of young people and those in need of retraining.
654 Julie Hartwell Evesham As a former teacher, I am extremely concerned at the proposed reduction of FE provision in our town.
653 Aline Cornish Evesham Typical of WCG (Warwickshire College Group) after closing Henley College. Idle promises making profit from buildings rather than investing in student futures. Evesham is a thriving growing town that needs education facilities. However, Evesham & Malvern Hills colleges have been stripped of their assets, both their employees and courses. Very sad and devastating.
652 Sue Amor Retired
651 Trudy Jarvis Evesham
650 Emma Middleton
649 Ruth Honeywell Eveshan
648 Samantha Williams Gloucestershire
647 Debra Westwood
646 Tracey Hodgkins Malvern Hills College
645 Danielle Salter Evesham
644 Jessica Heaney Evesham
643 Maria Pedro Kanes Food
642 Mel Walker Blockley school I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Evesham college when I left school and I have attended many night time college courses there since ! It will be a great shame to loose such an asset for young people growing up in the town and surrounding villages, leaving few options for school leavers .
641 Robert Tilley Malvern FE is not a business.
640 Wizzy Shawyer Artist self employed I studied at MHC as a teenager and went on to a very successfull international career in the Arts. This college is vital.
639 Rosie Bull Evesham Would be awful to lose this!! Not all kids can travel. There'll be nothing left in our town soon
638 Sue Scrivens This is an asset to the whole of Worcestershire
637 Kate Smith Worcestershire I think this is absolutely ridiculous as it's ruining children and adults education
636 Steve Drayton Home
635 Richard Morgan Evesham
634 Paula Morgan Evesham
633 Jaime Johnson
632 Emma Gordon Evesham Please don't close this college. I did a BTEC here nearly 30 years ago.
631 Pete Gordon What are they playing at! placed like this are needed. I went there for 4 yeasr after suffering a brain hemorrhage. I was re educated and went back to work.
630 Grace Agg Nanny, Cotswolds I did early years at evesham college 4 years ago. This has enabled me to have an amazing career in nannying leading to buying my first house at the age of 20!
629 Julie Haines
628 Sasha Jelfs
627 Emily Corfield Pinvin Community Preschool This is absolutely heartbreaking! Doing the childcare level 3 course has helped to support and mould me into the practitioner I have become and will forever be grateful for this, other people should still be able to have this opportunity to make a difference to young people’s lives.
626 Susan Haslam Worcestershire This a terribly retrogressive plan, robbing local people of a wide array of learning opportunities. It’s also a disgraceful betrayal of Warwickshire College Groups’ commitment to protect these institutions, and daylight robbery to thieve their assets.
625 Lauren White St Barnabas First and Middle School in Drakes Broughton
624 Bethany Radbourne Private nanny I completed my early years course here 8 years ago and I was abaosluflt fantastic. I was supported phenomenally and the knowledge I was taught was outstanding. 8 years later I am in the career path I have always wanted to go down and this if for Evesham college and it being so local To home.
623 Judy Cox Evesham Evesham and Malvern Colleges are essential places for local school leavers to further their education. Townships continue to expand and therefore provision for further education is necessary.
622 Kate Taylor WCG
621 Claire Warner Evesham
620 Samantha Dallard
619 Kirsty Kilgallen Former college student This is a stupid idea!
618 Pat Gough Worcs
617 Pat Jones So important to keep this facility for the young people of Evesham especially in a rapidly expanding town. Expecting people to commute to Pershore isn’t easy as the public transport infrastructure is so poor in this area with no sign of any improvement. The college has an important place in the community and the WCG should not be considering cutting the provision of FE in Evesham.
616 Nina Shields Herefordshire
615 Kerry Staley NHS Evesham
614 Lisa James Evesham This is one ridiculous proposal. They should be expanding not selling off this facility.
613 Matt Snape
612 Lorraine Mellor
611 Jack Peterson Evesham Another asset stripping exercise due to poor leadership and managment, a typical act of the (WC) group. Evesham needs its college more now than ever and execting people to just communte to Pershore isn't as easy as it sounds as the public transport infrastructure is poor in this area.
610 ann dingley Worcestershire Young people need education where they live ,not an hours journey away.
609 Ros Gray Worcestershire
608 Victoria Hildyard Evesham Stop closing what is left of Adult Education in our town. It is a very short sighted move.
607 Michelle Maunders Worcester
606 Alison Jeanes Pershore Please keep the college open. I have done many courses there as an adult and then worked there. It is a great place to learn and work.
605 Christine Wade Evesham My son is in he's finally year of graphic design and he has really enjoyed the whole experience of that college and he has been able to walk to college as we live off Davis road Evesham.
604 Lorraine Pearson Tesco Amazing educational establishment which is inclusive and gives all a chance. Ex student and employee
603 Dianne Pilkington Worcestershire Scandalous!!
602 JOHN SMYTHE Malvern This college has an important place in the local community. It is an area needing further education at every stage in the lives of the people.
601 Stuart Bryant
600 Verity Lloyd Riversides school, Worcester
599 Vicky Ashfield Evesham Please rethink your decision to close our college. There are so many young people in the town who don't drive and public transport is lacking so will be difficult for them to travel.
598 Courtney Smith Teaching Assistant I went to Evesham college when I left school and took level 3 childcare course which was amazing! I also went back there after my two year course of childcare and I got my GCSE Maths with the amazing support and help from the Maths department. I then went back last year to do the Level 3 Teaching Assistant course which was also amazing! They support that you get from this college is incredible!
597 Jo Dennick Evesham The provision of further education to our young people is an absolute necessity in this ever growing town. Closing the local college will force the young people in to cities & other towns to seek further education stretching those colleges resources even more.
596 Karen Baikey This college needs to be saved for generations to come!!!
595 Deborah Harrison Hft supported living Our town and surrounding villages needs this college please save our college
594 Jane Dunn Retired Our town has been subjected to a massive new buildings program yet the community will be lacking provision of it's only FE college not good planning
593 Jill Moulder Worcestershire Evesham college is vital to Evesham and its residents it would be a sin to close any part of it
592 Gill Thompson
591 Angela Ballard Ex Evesham College Employee I support my friends and ex colleges in their fight to keep Evesham and Malvern Campuses open. Further Education at a large college is not for everyone - students want to study locally not spend hours on buses to other campuses. Evesham College have amazing tutors who really know their pupils, encourage them to achieve and be the best version of themselves.
590 Donna Hill We need a local college with good educational provision for our children. Not everyone can afford to travel to Stratford Upon Avon or Gloucestershire - & why should they?
589 Janet Mayne Malvern
588 Lilli Turner Travel agent COOP TRAVEL Save our college !