USS cuts are not necessary

In February UUK voted through plans to cut 35% from the guaranteed retirement income of members of the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS). However, the latest USS Financial Monitoring Report (FMP) shows that scheme assets have soared to over £88bn, placing it in a stronger position and evaporating any justification for devastating pension cuts. 

We the undersigned call on the chair of the Joint Negotiating Committee to note the improved financial position of the USS scheme as outlined in the most recent FMP. 

That this must be acknowledged in her role as chair of the JNC and a call must be made to USS to issue a moderately prudent, evidence-based valuation of the scheme as at 31 March 2022. 

The chair must acknowledge that there is no justification for continuing to support UUK’s cuts, which will see USS institutions paying out huge sums of money to redress a deficit that does not exist. Growth in the scheme’s assets of £22bn, soaring from £66.5bn to £88.8bn, has outstripped growth of liabilities, meaning that required deficit recovery contributions now stand at 0%. 

The urgent need for UUK to revoke its cuts must be urgently called for with UCU’s proposals implemented on ahead of a moderately prudent valuation as at 31 March 2022. UCU’s proposals are the best short-term solution ahead of any new valuation. 

It is vital that the chair notes that UUK’s cuts are not necessary and recognises her role in remedying the current situation and ensuring a fair outcome for members of the USS scheme. 

Failure to do so could lead to a staff exodus from higher education, as recently demonstrated by UCU’s groundbreaking survey into staff morale.  

Time is of the essence. Please support university staff. 

Stop the cuts to USS

9,822 signatures

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9,822 Ao Wang University of Warwick
9,821 Sascha Becker Warwick University
9,820 James Field Cardiff University
9,819 Lewis Mates Durham University
9,818 Rachel Wilde UCL
9,817 Aleksandra Thomson University of Bristol
9,816 Shaw John Durham University
9,815 Anita Lewton-Moukkes CSM UAL
9,814 Hugo Lazaro The University of Edinburgh
9,813 Emilie Wielezynski King's College London
9,812 Maureen Beckenham York
9,811 Sandra Landahl Cranfield University
9,810 Erola Pairo-castineira University of Edinburgh
9,809 Nicholas Chambers City, University of London
9,808 Vivek Trivedi University of Kent
9,807 Anne Redgate Newcastle University
9,806 TG Micklem University of Cambridge
9,805 David Carey Hertfordshire
9,804 Eleanor Egan-Gilbert The University of Edinburgh
9,803 Susan Smith University of London
9,802 Sarah Hill University of Oxford
9,801 Oliver Grant University of Edinburgh
9,800 Lili Scott Lintott University of St Andrews
9,799 Jaya John John University of Oxford
9,798 Jenny Steffensen University of Edinburgh
9,797 Amy Morgan University of Surrey
9,796 Rosiwe Wyles University of Kent
9,795 Jane Warren Deferred member
9,794 Manuela Perrotta Queen Mary University of London
9,793 Michael Crawford University of Bristol
9,792 Beatrice Brierley University of Sheffield
9,791 Emily Doolittle Glasgow
9,790 Laurie Stras University of Huddersfield
9,789 Anwen Hughes University of York
9,788 Nina Morris University of Edinburgh
9,787 Angus Bell Brunel University
9,786 Colin Marx University College London
9,785 Robert Canner University College London
9,784 Jesse O'Hanley University of Kent
9,783 Thomas Teubner University of Liverpool
9,782 Hersh Mann University of Essex
9,781 Beate Muller United Kingdom
9,780 Roisin McGoldrick Strathclyde
9,779 Martha Buckley University of Oxford
9,778 David Robertson UK
9,777 Alexander Scullion University of Strathclyde
9,776 Stephen Wilson University of Strathclyde
9,775 Michael Mayo Worcester College, Oxford
9,774 Gary Sanders University of Nottingham
9,773 Jon Mason University of Oxford
9,772 Thorsten Ackemann University of Strathclyde
9,771 Pamela Sammons Nottinghamshire
9,770 Pen-Yuan Hsing University of Bath
9,769 Jacquie Kelly University of Southampton
9,768 Claudio Lombardi University of Aberdeen
9,767 Denise McDonough Oxfordshire
9,766 Patricia Zivkovic University of Aberdeen
9,765 Diane Rainsbury Istitutomarangoni
9,764 Alisdair MacPherson University of Aberdeen
9,763 Lydia Morgan University of Birmingham
9,762 Cheryl Capek University of Manchester
9,761 Chris Day Devon
9,760 Elisabeth Schroeder-Butterfill Southampton University
9,759 Johan Pauwels Queen Mary University of London
9,758 Debra Jackson Retired
9,757 Lizzie Thynne Sussex University
9,756 Anne Marie Hughes University of Strathclyde
9,755 Jeremy Sokhi University of East Anglia
9,754 Emma Thomas Cheshire
9,753 Laura Lewis England
9,752 David Johnson St Peter's College, Oxford University
9,751 Millie Lowther UCL
9,750 Pauline Phemister University of Edinburgh
9,749 Maria Peppa Newcastle University
9,748 Daniel Roberts Brunel University London
9,747 Sarah Warbis University of Bath
9,746 Hasret Cetinkaya LSE
9,745 Keith Williams University of Dundee
9,744 Fiona Brown University of Edinburgh
9,743 Victoria Higman University of Leicester
9,742 Teresa Baker UCL
9,741 Mandy Schofield University of Chester
9,740 Lisa Bendall university of Oxford
9,739 Isla Callander University of Aberdeen
9,738 Azadeh Mashayekhi University college London
9,737 Khamillah Rhind-Mohammed Lancaster University
9,736 Suzanne Waugh University of Huddersfield
9,735 Michael Kranert University of Southampton
9,734 David Bown University of Winchester
9,733 George Britton Norwich University of the Arts
9,732 Jose Cristobal Carvajal Lopez University of Leicester
9,731 Ryan O’Connor Birmingham city university
9,730 Oliver Phillips United Kingdom
9,729 David Gardner University of Bristol
9,728 Paul Ell Queen’s University Belfast
9,727 Pat Devine Manchester University
9,726 Julian Pittard The University of Leeds
9,725 Charlotte Allen University of Manchester
9,724 Simon Burbidge University of Bristol
9,723 Hannah Bower University of Cambridge
9,722 Patrik Huber University of York
9,721 Robert Lazenby S Yorks
9,720 annette sorensen university of strathclyde
9,719 Heather Knight Durham University
9,718 Janet Aucock University of St Andrews
9,717 Alastair Williams Keele University
9,715 Juliet Pickering Imperial College London
9,714 Hamied Haroon University of Manchester
9,713 Lorna McInulty Lancashire
9,712 Anja Gunderloch University of Edinburgh
9,711 ROGER DICKINSON State (optional)
9,710 Annie Morton University of Manchester
9,709 Alan Whitaker Lancaster
9,708 Marc Sarazin University of Edinburgh
9,707 Liam McCabe University of Edinburgh
9,706 Moizzah Asif University of South Wales
9,705 Marijn Nieuwenhuis Durham University
9,704 Paul Simpson Greater Manchester
9,703 Richard Bowler University of Sunderland
9,702 Samuel Fairlamb Royal Holloway
9,701 Stephen Peckham University of Kent
9,700 Richard Bellamy UCL
9,699 Dave Raybould Leeds
9,698 Teri Howson-Griffiths LJMU
9,697 Lisa Messina Queen's University Belfast
9,696 Paula Salgado Newcastle University
9,695 David Wright Queen Mary University of London
9,694 Neil Lowrie South Yorkshire
9,693 Neil Dooley University of Sussex
9,692 Elaine Smith University of Nottingham
9,691 Keelin McGrogan Ulster University
9,690 Rory Donnelly University of Liverpool
9,689 Mike Chandler Edinburgh
9,688 Mark Bagley University of Sussex
9,687 Janice Stranaghan LSE
9,686 Martin Hewitt University of Bristol
9,685 Chris A Andrew University of York
9,684 Laura Stanley University of Sheffield
9,683 Devon Ramey Queen’s University Belfast
9,682 Nicola Harris Cardiff University
9,681 Frank Trentmann Birkbeck, University of London
9,680 Colin Lever Durham University
9,679 Lindsey Büster North Yorkshire
9,678 Dann Parry UCA
9,677 John Samson Loughborough University
9,676 Alison Black University of Exeter
9,675 dean snipe Swansea University
9,674 Buket Kara University of Brighton
9,673 Andrew Marcinko Durham University
9,672 Bruno Leipold LSE
9,671 Anita Walsh Birkbeck, University of London
9,670 Alexander Ball University of Bath
9,669 Safia Chaudhary UCL
9,668 Suzanne Beavin University of Bath
9,667 Marina Gomez University of Liverpool
9,666 Tim Jones University of Bath
9,665 Emma Hodges University of Bath
9,664 Luiza Bell University of Bath
9,663 Leanne Ingram University of Sheffield
9,662 Keeley Alcock Keele University
9,661 Ignacio Wilson-Rae University of York
9,660 Catherine Jones Cardiff University
9,659 John Lambert Open University
9,658 Lin Martin-Haugh UCU
9,657 Simon Moxon University of East Anglia
9,656 Fernando Russo Abegao Newcastle University
9,655 Milenko Lasnibat West ENgland
9,654 Charo Hodgkins University of Surrey
9,653 Roy Ashworth University of Bath
9,652 Lada Timotijevic University of Surrey
9,651 Peter Doyle Brunel University Pondon
9,650 Nick Gates University of Southampton
9,649 Jacquelyn Bond University of Leeds
9,648 Linda Morrison University of Edinburgh
9,647 Alexandra Collins Imperial College London
9,646 Richard Sessions University of Bristol
9,645 Grahame Thompson County (optional)
9,644 Paul Allanson Scotland
9,643 Ana Niño Manchester
9,642 Natalie Wilson Ulster University
9,641 Julian Padget University of Bath
9,640 Chloe Starr Formerly Durham University
9,639 Patty Kostkova Ucl
9,638 Juliet Duncan University of Edinburgh
9,637 Alison Atkinson-Phillips Newcastle University
9,636 Erik Hartin UAL
9,635 Pranjal Mehta University College London
9,634 Nicolas Labrosse University of Glasgow
9,633 David Brown School of Chemistry Edinburgh University
9,632 Silvia Pani University of Surrey
9,631 Robert Heimburger University of Aberdeen
9,630 Susana Lorenzo-Zamorano University of Manchester
9,629 Elke Heins University of Edinburgh
9,628 Csaba Lada University of Kent
9,627 Rachael Gregson University of Edinburgh
9,626 Michael Goodall Queen's University Belfast
9,625 Omar Laghrouche Heriot-Watt University
9,624 Mathew Penrose University of Bath
9,623 Cheng-sheng Lin Fitzwilliam Museum
9,622 Elena Simms The University of Manchester
9,621 Macarena García The University of Manchester
9,620 monica boria University of Manchester
9,619 Josh Moos Leeds Beckett
9,618 Alison Luke University of Manchester
9,617 Mikiko INOUE Cheshire
9,616 Esther Turner University of Nottingham
9,615 Connor Bowen University of Edinburgh
9,614 Alexandra Malbon University of Edinburgh
9,613 Sandra Torres Cheshire
9,612 Ikram Alchane Lancashire
9,611 Teresa Poeta England
9,610 Gemma Lake City College Plymouth
9,609 Jim Wilson University of Nottingham
9,608 Ruth Garland Goldsmith’s
9,607 Scottg Wanless University of Strathclyde
9,606 Caspar Hewett Newcastle University
9,605 Hannah Cooper University of Hull
9,604 Sarah Atkinson King's College London
9,603 Susan Blackwell ex-University of Birmingham (deferred member of USS)
9,602 Paul Salazar University of Oxford
9,601 Jon Hackett St Mary's University
9,600 Dave Stewart University of Oxford
9,599 Ian Ohr University of Oxford
9,598 Alistair Geddes University of Dundee
9,597 David Rippin University of York
9,596 Edith Paxton University of Edinburgh
9,595 Karen Iversen University of Birmingham
9,594 Darren Watts Unversity College London
9,593 Mary Corcoran Keele University
9,592 Simon Gardiner Durham University
9,591 Louise Connell University of Central Lancashire
9,590 Kenneth McFeeters Queens University Belfast
9,589 Helen Jenkins University of Nottingham
9,588 Nick Hubble Brunel University London
9,587 Madison Shankle University of St Andrews
9,586 Narumon Clark Keele University
9,585 Debbie Parker Kinch The Open University
9,584 Paul Hooks Brunel University London
9,583 Tim Wakeley University of Bath
9,582 Mark Dobson University of Reading
9,581 Hal Gladfelder University of Manchester
9,580 Robert Kingham Imperial College London
9,579 Giovanni Facchini University of Nottingham
9,578 Christopher Clarke University of Bath
9,577 Hayley Gewer UCL
9,576 Amanda Phillips New college durham
9,575 Joyce Mamode Queen Mary, University of London
9,574 Audrey Guinchard University of Essex
9,573 Kris Horner University of Sheffield
9,572 Yohai Hakak Brunel University
9,571 Clayton Goodgame LSE
9,570 Nalini Vittal university college london
9,569 Elizabeth McKay Edinburgh napier university
9,568 Roslyn Potter University of Glasgow
9,567 Urmilla Stoughton ex-Associate Tutor, Univresity of Sussex
9,566 Alessio Guglielmi University of Bath
9,565 Amogh Dhar Sharma University of Oxford
9,564 Tina Managhan Oxfordshire
9,563 Hannah Lemon Edinburgh University
9,562 Robin Darton Kent
9,561 Rita Balestrini University of Reading
9,560 Maria Xiouri University of Lincoln
9,559 Edmund Wareham University of Oxford
9,558 M Aitken Loughborough University
9,557 R O Cardiff university
9,556 Victoria Best Swansea University
9,555 W. Trimble University of Bath
9,554 Jatinder Singh University of Cambridge
9,553 Jan Zablocki CWU
9,552 Zena Agha Newcastle
9,551 Ravi Das UCL
9,550 Carina Hart University of Nottingham
9,549 Theresa Gannon University of Kent
9,548 Laurence Fletcher Open University
9,547 Anne-Catherine Mechler University of Bath
9,546 Louise LePage North Yorkshire
9,545 mark perry Brunel University
9,544 Marjorie Gibbon University of Bath
9,543 David Swain University of Bath
9,542 Ines Orfao Crespo University of Edinburgh
9,541 Muriel Dahan Cambs
9,540 Anna Jones University of York
9,539 Giulio Alfano Brunel University
9,538 Sonja Zurian University of Bath
9,537 MARTIN RADFORD Somerset
9,536 Jennifer Thomson University of Bath
9,535 Laura Barrett Loughborough University
9,534 Pietro Pezzani University of Liverpool
9,533 Sarah Halligan University of Bath
9,532 Anna Dawson City, University of London
9,531 Michelle St Clair University of Bath
9,530 Rebecca Joyce Aston University
9,529 Matej Blazek Newcastle University
9,528 Simone Turchetti University of Manchester
9,527 Guy McCusker University of Bath
9,526 Dave Thatcher University of Bath
9,525 Leah McCue University of Bath
9,524 Peter Postl University of Bath
9,523 Simona Iammarino select...
9,522 Ulf Schoop University of Edinburgh
9,521 Emily Norton University of Kent
9,520 Antonios Kaniadakis London
9,519 Catherine Ure University of Edinburgh
9,518 Martin Parsons University of Bath
9,517 Matthew Lloyd University of Bath
9,516 Alexandr Lucas University of Sheffield
9,515 Danisha Mudalige City, University of London
9,514 Susan Brand University of York
9,513 Emilia Urbanek Swansea University
9,512 Sarah-Jane Page Aston University
9,511 Shaun Stephenson-McGall University of Bath
9,510 Diana Teggi University of Bath
9,509 Koorosh McCormack University of Edinburgh
9,508 Justin Hodds University of Bath
9,507 Iain Watson Edinburgh, Scotland.
9,506 Anne Kavanagh University of Essex
9,505 Annette Hayton University of Bath
9,504 Peter Scarfe University of Reading
9,503 Sally Trevor Brunel University London
9,502 Melle Zijlstra University of Bath
9,501 Alan Barnes Aston University (retired)
9,500 Jayne Hacker University of Bath
9,499 Antonio García Domínguez Aston University
9,498 Andrew Eagleton University of Bath
9,497 Jonathan Davies University of Bath
9,496 James Fern University of Bath
9,495 Laura Massa University of Bath
9,494 James Branston University of Bath
9,493 Erika Kispeter University of Warwick
9,492 Andrew Orton Durham University
9,491 Julian Murton University of Sussex
9,490 Caroline Detchen City, University of London
9,489 Joanne Hinds University of Bath
9,488 Troy Sagrillo Swansea University
9,487 Tracy Taylor England
9,486 Daniel Pitt University of Nottingham
9,485 Janet Cookson Keele University
9,484 Andy Sutherland Aston University
9,483 Patrizia Di Bello Birkbeck
9,482 peter wilkin Brunel University
9,481 Xanne Janssen University of Strathclyde
9,480 Jane Martin University of Birmingham
9,479 Elina Meliou Aston University
9,478 Adam Budd University of Edinburgh
9,477 Seth Farsides Sheila McKechnie Foundation
9,476 Christopher Baker Swansea University
9,475 Fiona Kelcher Aston University
9,474 Daniel Granada Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
9,473 Lou Herman QMUL
9,472 Ryan O'Connor University of Edinburgh
9,471 Joanna Bridger Brunel University London
9,470 Matt Beilby University of Edinburgh
9,469 Matthew Grubb King's College London
9,468 Alan Mcalpine Swansea university
9,467 Sandrine Thuret King’s College London
9,466 Helen Franks Salford
9,465 Chris Stinton University of Warwick
9,464 David Dowdle University of Salford
9,463 D Levy University of Edinburgh
9,462 James Hutton University of Edinburgh
9,461 Johnna Montgomerie King's College London
9,460 Michael Given University of Glasgow
9,459 Patrick Honeybone University of Edinburgh
9,458 Noëlle Streeton University of Oslo
9,457 Richard Hayes LSHTM
9,456 Riccardo Jaede London School of Economics (LSE)
9,455 Eleanor Hodgson University of Exeter
9,454 Stephen Fossey UCL
9,453 Vicki Squire University of Warwick
9,452 Lavinia Brydon University of Kent
9,451 Mark Hindmarsh University of Sussex
9,450 Paul Kyberd Brunel University
9,449 Ruaidhri Donnelly Brunel University London
9,448 Patricia Donaghy Brunel
9,447 Jost Migenda King’s College London
9,446 Ivan Girina Brunel University London
9,445 Melanie McCarry University of Strathclyde
9,444 Eduardo Gomez-Castaneda UCL
9,443 Laura Hills Brunel University
9,442 Liana Turner University of Birmingham
9,441 Yongmin Li Brunel University
9,440 Gareth Dale Brunel University
9,439 Bronagh Dunleavy Ulster University
9,438 Eef Hogervorst Loughborough University
9,437 Russell Clark Keele University
9,436 Richard Malham University of St Andrews
9,435 David Steinsaltz University of Oxford
9,434 Helen Beardsley University of Stirling
9,433 Jo-Anne Baird Oxford University
9,432 Darerca Owen University of Cambridge
9,431 Scott Dalgarno Heriot-Watt University
9,430 Amelie Green University of Leeds
9,429 Isabelle La Barbera Swansea University
9,428 Katherine Yates Select
9,427 Anne-Cécile Déclais University of Dundee
9,426 Colin Macdougall University of Warwick
9,425 Chloe Alexander University of Birmingham
9,424 Lily Okalani Kahn UCL
9,423 Dan van der Horst University of Edinburgh
9,422 Ella Mershon Newcastle University
9,421 Lonneke Vervelde University of Edinburgh
9,420 Marion Dain Retired
9,419 Laura Chapman North Yorkshire
9,418 Oliver Phillips University of Leeds
9,417 George Tackley Cardiff University
9,416 Isobel Stark University of Southampton
9,415 Neil Goldwasser LONDON
9,414 Colin Hughes DOWN
9,413 Birgit Breidenbach University of East Anglia
9,412 Philip Carter University of Bristol
9,411 Lena Wanggren University of Edinburgh
9,410 Amy Jane Barnes The Open University
9,409 Amelia Brookes Uni of Nottingham
9,408 Julie Baldwin Universaity of Nottingham
9,407 Sinead Collins University of Edinburgh
9,406 Andrew Lennon West Midlands
9,405 Jennifer Benselin University of Nottingham
9,404 Trevor Dance Middx.
9,403 Sian Williams University of Sheffield
9,402 KBL Hazell Loughborough
9,401 Colin Gorman The University of Manchester
9,400 Peter Conlan UCL
9,399 Nicola Lacey LSE
9,398 Jacob Howe City, University of London
9,397 Rebecca Florisson Queen Mary University of London
9,396 Astrid Van den Bossche King's College London
9,395 Amanda Ramsay University of Bristol
9,394 julie reeves Leeds University
9,393 Suzanne Ingle University of Bristol
9,392 Peter Bennett University of Bristol
9,391 Falko Drijfhout Keele University
9,390 Martin Neil UK
9,389 Miguel Ramos University of Birmingham
9,388 Stewart Brownrigg University of Kent
9,387 Augusta McMahon University of Cambridge
9,386 Eve Lacroix City, University of London
9,385 Elaine Chalus Somerset
9,384 Aongus McCarthy Heriot-Watt University
9,383 Alessandro Seguino University of Edinburgh
9,382 Zlatko Zlatev University of Southampton
9,381 Gerard Reilly Heriot-Watt University
9,380 Aidan Westwood University of Leeds
9,379 Carol Sparling-Gordon Fife
9,378 Kelina Gotman King's College London
9,377 Kate Brown University of York
9,376 Ana Payo University of Aberdeen
9,375 Kathryn Drumm City, University of London
9,374 Aoife Madden Glasgow
9,373 Margarita Louca University of the Arts London
9,372 Lavanya Sankaran King's College London
9,371 Sue Tarrant University of Kent
9,370 Andrea Geurin Loughborough University
9,369 Jane Hodgkinson Cranfield University
9,368 Colin Morrison Loughborough University
9,367 Brian Murray London
9,366 Andrew Watson Newcastle University
9,365 Elizabeth Hughes Edinburgh Napier University
9,364 Maria Economou University of Glasgow
9,363 Alex Spiers LSE
9,362 James Rutherford City, University of London
9,361 Darryn Mitussis Queen Mary University of London
9,360 Mark Hawley University of Sheffield
9,359 Gary Helliwell The University of Sheffield
9,358 Helen Gray Durham University
9,357 Anthony Garratt University of Warwick
9,356 Max Newberry Swansea University
9,355 Virginie Perotin University of Leeds
9,354 Munira Essat University of Sheffield
9,353 Marie Hanlon Loughborough University
9,352 Russell Davenport Newcastle University
9,351 Rhys Morris Avon
9,350 Bill Alder Open University
9,349 Erica Swain Cardiff University
9,348 Bettina Becker The Open University
9,347 Zakia Carpenter-Hall Royal Holloway
9,346 Mara Nogueira Birkbeck
9,345 R Evans University of Leeds
9,344 Rachael Roberts University of Sheffield
9,343 Dewi Jaimangal-Jones Cardiff Metropolitan University
9,342 Rebecca Bowers London School of Economics and Political Science
9,341 Elio Kanaan UoE
9,340 Lorenzo Chiesa Newcastle University
9,339 Angela Platt-Higgins University of Liverpool
9,338 Helen Wood Staffs
9,337 Simon Welsh University of Leeds
9,336 Caroline Gibson Lancaster University
9,335 Xaroula Kerasidou Lancaster University
9,334 Elsbeth Neil University of East Anglia
9,333 Carolyn Burdett Birkbeck, University of London
9,332 Krisztian Posch UCL
9,331 Patricia Lopez Newcastle University
9,330 Amber Annett Hampshire
9,329 Jake Yeates Queen Alexandra College
9,328 Charlotte Bentley Newcastle University
9,327 Anna Laing University of Sussex
9,326 Zafar Bashir University of Bristol
9,325 Marie Pierrette Allum retired
9,324 Percy Allum retired
9,323 Katie Powell South Yorkshire