University of Leicester: Staffing Crisis in Human Geography

The Human Geography group at the University of Leicester would like to thank everyone who showed their support for our recent open letter to the University’s Leadership Team about the long-term under-staffing of our group. Within days of issuing this letter, and after years of inaction, the University of Leicester has moved to replace some of the staff positions that have been lost within the Human Geography group.

We are grateful for your support and solidarity. We have been touched and heartened by the many messages which demonstrated how highly our teaching and research is regarded by our students, their parents, alumni of the department, and our fellow academics, internationally. Over 630 people signed the statement in just a few days.

We are pleased to report that the university has now agreed to fund a three-year Teaching Fellow in Human Geography (who should be in post for Semester 1), two permanent academic positions (who should be in post for Semester 2), with the possibility of a third permanent post being released later in the year (if student recruitment is buoyant this summer). This investment in new staff will help us to deliver our existing teaching commitments to a high quality, and begin to expand our capacity to develop new teaching initiatives, and new research projects.

Thank you for defending education and the workers who deliver it. Please be on the lookout for job announcements soon and join our critical and creative team!