University of Leeds statutes: no sackers’ charter

No sackers’ charter at University of Leeds

Management at the University of Leeds want to change the university’s statutes (which set the terms and conditions for academic and related staff) to worsen the protections for staff. Leeds UCU are in dispute about three changes in particular:

  • adding an undefined catch-all category for dismissing staff for ‘Some Other Substantial Reason’ (SOSR)
  • removing medically qualified chair for panels deciding ill health dismissals
  • removing independent legally qualified chair for most dismissal appeals.

Leeds UCU have negotiated long and patiently with management, including via ACAS, but management utterly refuse to withdraw any of these changes.

We are concerned that the safeguards are not sufficient to protect staff, including in situations where management say they might use SOSR, such as: ‘third party pressure’ (where this could be from corporations or government agencies who are unhappy with certain research findings), ‘breakdown in trust’ (where this could cover anyone falling into disagreement with their manager) and ‘conflict of interest’ (where this could be used against whistleblowers who alert the public or wider academic community about certain issues or concerns). Given the likelihood of such situations arising, Leeds UCU believe that this clause could seriously jeopardise academic freedom.

We, the undersigned, call on University of Leeds to withdraw proposed changes to statutes.

University of Leeds UCU statutes petition: no sackers' charter

No sackers' charter at the University of Leeds: we call on the University of Leeds management to withdraw proposed changes to statutes.

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2,581 signatures

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2,581 Daniel Beddow University of Leeds
2,580 Haiko Muller University of Leeds
2,579 Lucy Hodgetts Leeds
2,578 Paul Millner University of Leeds Medically or legally qualified Chairs OR appropriately qualified senior representatives should always be present.
2,577 Jennifer Bowes University of Leeds
2,576 Gwen Vickers NCC Redbridge The proposed removal of staff safeguards is undemocratic and represents management taking the law into their own hands
2,575 Beth Willneff University of Leeds
2,574 Rachel Homer
2,573 Richard Dickson FBS
2,572 Elena Putley
2,571 Michael Zulyniak Leeds
2,570 Nick Lee warwick uni
2,569 Fred Dalmasso Loughborough University
2,568 D Parsons University of South Wales
2,567 RUTH MUNRO INTO Newcastle University
2,566 Roger Keely Retired schoolteacher, formerly Honley High School
2,565 Annie Jones Sheffield Hallam University
2,564 Vitalis Wanjala Teacher at St josephs's school. The petition considerably to status of the university is to be upheld in good faith.
2,563 Eugene Smith UCU London Region Retired Members Group
2,562 Leon Varga Leeds arts university
2,561 James Brooks Leeds University Business School
2,560 Nita Sanghera - UCU Vice President SCCB Bournville
2,559 Gordon Dobson University of Central Lancashire
2,558 Hafsah Sheikh Heckmondwike Grammar School
2,557 Arron Phillips
2,556 Ana Carolina Marsiglia UFES/BRASIL
2,555 Deepa Driver University of Reading
2,554 Wayne Ramwell University of Leeds There is a need to extend workplace protections, rather than undermine them.
2,553 Michael Grinfeld University of Stra Stiop practices unworthy of a free democratic state
2,552 Johanna Blair
2,551 Ruth Holliday University of Leeds
2,550 Kellyn Arnold University of Leeds
2,549 Richard Reeve University of Glasgow
2,548 Luke Fenton-Glynn University College London (UCL)
2,547 Andy Parkhill Queen's University, Belfast
2,546 Molly Shackleton University of Leeds
2,545 Paul Watt Birkbeck, University of London
2,544 Natasha McKeever University of Leeds
2,543 Megan Waugh University of Leeds
2,542 Alexandra Witte Leeds Beckett University
2,541 Sally Marham City, University of London
2,540 Mark Mulherin University of Leeds
2,539 marta baltruszewicz University of Leeds
2,538 Jane Rendell University College London (UCL)
2,537 Beatrice Leal University of East Anglia (UEA) I'll support the boycott of the International Medieval Congress if the clause isn't withdrawn
2,536 Zeshaan Iqbal University of Leeds
2,535 Alejandra Gori Castiglioni City, University of London
2,534 Alison Cottell University of Surrey
2,533 Ian Burke University of Leeds
2,532 jenny dunbar oundle
2,531 Murray Simpson University of Dundee Leeds' management must recognise that they are caretakers for the future of higher education. Making such fundamental attacks on institutional governance in response to problems that are neither inevitable or permanent is the wrong way to go.
2,530 Adele Beeson
2,529 Isobel Hayward University of Leeds
2,528 Monica MICHLIN Universite Paul Valery Montpellier 3 Solidarity with our colleagues.
2,527 Richard Smith Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL)
2,526 Robert Clark University of Leeds
2,525 Stephen Rimmer University of Bradford
2,524 Monish Bhatia Birkbeck College, University of London
2,523 Josephine Sirotkin University of Leeds
2,522 Joanna Leng University of Leeds why not talk!
2,521 rachel copley University of Leeds
2,520 Mike Kurjakovski University College London
2,519 Brittany-Lee Jamieson University of Leeds
2,518 Sarah Marusek University of Leeds
2,517 Mary Brewer Loughborough University
2,516 Elric Williams Leeds Trinity University Owellian
2,515 Stephen Evans University of Leeds
2,514 Stephanie Potter University of York
2,513 Charlotte Curle University of Leeds
2,512 Polly Wilding University of Leeds
2,511 James Dignan Retired
2,510 Alessandra Flore University of Leeds
2,509 bryoni collins University of Liverpool
2,508 Yiannis Gioukas University of Warwick
2,506 Nicola Pratt University of Warwick
2,505 Lyn Bainbridge Basildon
2,504 Ian Greer Cornell University
2,503 Barbara Samaluk University of Greenwich
2,502 deana taylor University of Leeds
2,501 Adam Budd University of Edinburgh Edinburgh
2,500 John Gilmore University of Warwick The proposed changes are abhorrent to any ideas of fairness.
2,499 Jill Bennett The University of Nottingham
2,498 Leon Sealey-Huggins University of Warwick
2,497 Bene Bassetti University of Warwick I would support a boycott if one was called
2,496 Richard Smith University of Warwick
2,495 Tilly Harrison University of Warwick What happens at Leeds could happen elsewhere - we are all threatened by this.
2,494 Duncan Adam University of Warwick
2,493 Kirsten Harris University of Warwick
2,492 Nick Bernards University of Warwick
2,491 Andrew Jones University of Warwick
2,490 Rosie Doyle Warwick University Coventry
2,489 June Mc Cready University of Warwick The last time I looked 1984 wasn't a handbook. Shame on you Leeds.
2,488 Alastair Smith University of Warwick University management is hugely mis balancing process efficiency and academic freedom. Consideration of what is gained and what is lost in ill thought out reforms has been woefully thin at Leeds, and also Warwick where a similar process unfolds. At Essex, lack of conformity to 3* REF requirements threatens dismissal. This is not academic freedom by any standard worth the name.
2,487 Igor Khovanov University of Warwick
2,486 Rachel Hale
2,485 Susan Holdsworth West Yorkshire Leeds
2,484 Pamela Coppola University of Brighton
2,483 poppy wong University of Leeds
2,482 Calum Carson University of Leeds
2,481 Justine Mercer University of Warwick I am signing as UCU Branch President at the University of Warwick. We are following in your footsteps, as our management are also trying to change our employment statute. We fully support your strong stance.
2,480 Wenceslas Lizé Université de Poitiers
2,479 Dani Barrington University of Leeds
2,478 Aldous Everard University of Sheffield
2,477 Mordechai Katzman University of Sheffield
2,476 Alejandro Quiroga Newcastle University
2,475 Samantha Caton University of Sheffield
2,474 Angelos Hadjikoumis
2,473 Fabrizio Casalin Newcastle University Newcastle upon Tyne
2,472 Umberto Albarella University of Sheffield
2,471 Oliver Johnson U of Sheffield
2,470 Margaret Chambers
2,469 Bryan Coleman University of Sheffield
2,468 Emma Hock University of Sheffield
2,467 Sarah Carratt University of Sheffield
2,466 john miller
2,465 Nigel Harwood
2,464 Laura Stanley University of Sheffield
2,463 Jonathan Head Keele University
2,462 Lutz Sauerteig Newcastle University
2,461 Kim Major Keele University
2,460 Gerasimos Rigopoulos Newcastle University
2,459 Ourania Dimakou SOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
2,458 Pedro Mendes Loureiro SOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
2,457 Michael Pierse Queen's University of Belfast (QUB) Very worrying. I am prepared to support a boycott if one is called, but hope the university will see sense on this.
2,456 Ben Mason SOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
2,455 Gerry Carr Kent TONBRIDGE
2,454 Thomas van der Molen SOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
2,453 Christopher Yewlett Cardiff University Outrageous!
2,452 Diego Garcia Mejuto Newcastle University
2,451 Weisan Hu SOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
2,450 Deirdre O'Neill University of Huddersfield
2,449 Rachel Bright Keele University One only needs to look at the treatment of disabled people on benefits to see what a bad idea it is to have non-medical staff assess anything medical. That alone is a terrible idea, sandwiched by two other bad ideas.
2,448 Joan Harvey Newcastle University
2,447 Mark Trueman Keele University
2,446 Feyzi Ismail SOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies) London
2,445 Vasos Pavlika University College London (UCL)
2,444 James Brown SOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
2,443 John Faulkner SOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
2,442 Andrew Kennedy SOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
2,441 Robert Jackson Keele University
2,440 Gilbert Achcar SOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
2,439 Richard Alexander SOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
2,438 Hilary Partridge Open University (OU)
2,437 Robin Attfield Cardiff University
2,436 Kathryn Nash SOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
2,435 David Bannister SOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
2,434 Ashley Thompson SOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies) Leeds
2,433 Jennifer Owen Cardiff University
2,432 Jenny Preston SOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies) These prospective changes are absolutely terrifying
2,431 Meera Sabaratnam SOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
2,430 Brenna Bhandar SOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
2,429 Timothy Pringle SOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
2,428 Nadje Al-Ali SOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies) London
2,427 Alfredo Saad Filho SOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
2,426 Samuel Martin SOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
2,425 Laura Mitchell Keele University
2,424 Christopher Hood Cardiff University
2,423 Richard Stanton Cardiff University
2,422 Tilmann Altenberg Cardiff University
2,421 Lynne Allery Cardiff University
2,420 Andrew Blackmore Cardiff University
2,419 Susan Kelly Goldsmiths, University of London
2,418 Anthony Ince Cardiff University
2,417 Athanasia Dervisi Cardiff University
2,416 Andrew Kerr Cardiff University
2,415 Nicholas Kingwell University of Southampton
2,414 Hettie Malcomson University of Southampton
2,413 Roland Brandstaetter University of Birmingham
2,412 Frances Dunn University of Southampton
2,411 Seth Mehl University of Sheffield
2,410 Julie Beard Keele University
2,409 Victor Preedy King's College London (KCL)
2,408 Rita Hordosy TUOS
2,407 David Chillingworth University of Southampton
2,406 Hormoz Ebrahimnejad Humanities Perhaps the statute of the university needs to be changed but in favour of more participation of the staffs in making decisions and not in the direction of strengthening the the hands of the dictats (VC and their team).
2,405 Jess Meacham University of Sheffield
2,404 Andrew Sargent Keele University
2,403 Michael Murray Keele University
2,402 Marianne O'Doherty University of Southampton I am a Leeds Alumna x 3, a former employee, and a regular organiser of sessions and workshops at the annual International Medieval Congress. I will support a boycott if one is called and will encourage medievalist colleagues nationally and internationally to do the same..
2,401 Kay Townsend University of Southampton
2,400 Alison Sutherland Newcastle University
2,399 Matthew Ryan University of Southampton
2,398 Gillian Dow University of Southampton
2,397 Victoria Fenerty University of Southampton
2,396 Patrick Stevenson University of Southampton
2,395 John McGavin Emeritus University of Southampton I also support boycott if these clauses are not withdrawn
2,394 Stephen Morton University of Southampton I fully support the call for an academic boycott if these changes are forced through.
2,393 Rosalind Edwards University of Southampton
2,392 Μaria Sourbati University of Brighton
2,391 Nick Loughlin Newcastle University
2,390 Natalie Pinnock-Hamilton University of Huddersfield
2,389 Helen Oakes
2,388 Emma Surman Keele University
2,387 Sorin Baiasu Keele University
2,386 Laura Maringele Newcastle University
2,385 Carole watkins Keele University
2,384 Ian Bell Keele University
2,383 Alison McNab University of Huddersfield
2,382 Pam Woolner Newcastle University
2,381 Dana Rosenfeld Keele University Shame on you - academics deserve to work in a respectful and supportive work environment. We are people, after all.
2,380 Rajmil Fischman Keele University
2,379 G English Canterbury College
2,378 Joe Hancock University of Huddersfield The only plausible motivation for this policy is to secure managerial leverage for future cost savings. However, the true long term costs of eroding staff morale & job security far outweigh the relatively small (to the university) gains of this approach. This is nothing more than a power grab, and represents a widening of the gap between staff & management. This is a choice, not an inevitability.
2,377 Yossi Nehushtan Keele University I would support a boycott if/when one is called
2,376 John Solas Keele University
2,375 Julie Douglas Keele University
2,374 Richard Miller University of Huddersfield Cherry picking rights is not an option. Challenge abuses and the weakening of staff conditions.
2,373 Hitomi Tobe Keele University
2,372 Michael Klontzas University of Huddersfield
2,371 Peter Jorgensen Newcastle University If the dispute over the proposed changes to the university statutes is allowed to reach the stage of an academic boycott, then the reputational damage to the University of Leeds, one of the most important academic institutions in the UK, would be severe. I strongly encourage the university management to withdraw the changes, which are widely viewed as a threat to academic freedom.
2,370 Janet Hargreaves University of Huddersfield
2,369 Malcolm Crook Keele University There are evidently no limits that university management will recognise these days. Such proposals for further deterioration in staff terms and conditions must be opposed. Well done Leeds UCU.
2,368 Daniel Tonge Keele University
2,367 Sue Sherman Keele University
2,366 Sen Raj
2,365 Jean Hatton University of Huddersfield Huddersfield
2,364 Ilse Wührer Keele University
2,363 David Lyddon Keele University
2,362 James McAuley University of Huddersfield
2,361 Steve French Keele University
2,360 Bulent GOKAY Keele University
2,359 Tricia Dawson Keele University This is an important matter of principle and I would certainly support a boycott to back colleagues at Leeds
2,358 Mark Featherstone Keele University
2,357 Sophie Allen Keele University
2,356 Graeme Jones Keele University Staffordshire
2,355 elane heffernan UCU NEC & Hackney Equality Rep
2,354 jason payne University of Huddersfield a very slippery slope
2,353 Ria Deakin University of Huddersfield
2,352 Dr Vincent Finn University of Huddersfield
2,351 Hanneke Jones Newcastle University
2,350 Nigel King University of Huddersfield
2,349 Hugh Osborne University of Huddersfield I fully support the call for an academic boycott if these changes are forced through
2,348 David Tyfa University of Huddersfield
2,347 Suzy Cheeke Bristol University
2,346 Gemma Mannning University of Huddersfield
2,345 Hilary Chadwick University of Huddersfield It is very saddening that a place of Higher Education would want to lower standards relating to workers rights.
2,344 Owen Green University of Huddersfield
2,343 Pam Hanley University of Huddersfield
2,342 John Lever University of Huddersfield
2,341 Diane Kitchin University of Huddersfield
2,340 Paul Ward University of Huddersfield Huddersfield
2,339 Christina Tsouparopoulou University of Cambridge
2,338 Pamela Anderson
2,337 Steve Gibbs University of Huddersfield
2,336 Tom Considine University of Huddersfield
2,335 Alba Griffin Newcastle University
2,334 Claudia Baldoli Newcastle University
2,333 Fabian Schuppert Queen's University of Belfast (QUB)
2,332 David Walker Newcastle University
2,331 Samantha Maskell University of Hull
2,330 Andy Large Newcastle University
2,329 Nicola Clarke Newcastle University Solidarity with everyone fighting this at Leeds. I am a regular attendee at the annual International Medieval Congress at Leeds, but will support an academic boycott if it goes ahead. I have not yet paid my registration fee for next year's Congress, or booked on-campus accommodation, while I await the outcome of this dispute.
2,328 glyn nelson Newcastle University
2,327 Eimer Tuite Newcastle University
2,326 Graeme Mearns Newcastle University
2,325 Stephen Moonie Newcastle University
2,324 Jonathan Warren Newcastle University Solidarity with Leeds!
2,323 Maarten van Hardenbroek van Ammerstol Newcastle University
2,322 David Butler Newcastle University
2,321 Danny MacKinnon Newcastle University
2,320 Thomas Scharf Newcastle University I am concerned about the proposed change in the statutes of the University of Leeds and would consider joining an academic boycott of the institution should the changes be implemented.
2,319 Sinéad Morrissey Percy Building
2,318 Jonathan Darlington SOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies) London
2,317 Sam Evans Newcastle University The unilateral introduction of these unfair statutes not only threatens academic independence, but also undermines the role of impartial experts in decision-making. We must fight to block this!
2,316 Neelam Srivastava Newcastle University
2,315 Tom Smulders Newcastle University
2,314 Tessa Holland Newcastle University
2,313 Mark Whittingham Newcastle University Please listen to the academic community and do not impose these changes on our colleagues at Leeds University.
2,312 Lucy Pearson Newcastle University
2,311 David Golding Newcastle University It is all too easy to lose much of what we value in academic life as a result of a sequence of apparently minor changes, particularly when the language employed is so elastic, as in this case.
2,310 David Leat Newcastle University Staff are the most important asset in HE - Leeds University would be well advised to listen to them
2,309 James Babb University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
2,308 peter Kellett Newcastle University workers rights and academic rights go hand in hand. The universities should be model institutions.
2,307 jem Stach Newcastle University
2,306 Paul Vallance Newcastle University
2,305 Matt Benwell Newcastle University
2,304 Keith Izod
2,303 Nick Miller
2,302 Jennifer Orr Newcastle University
2,301 Joel Dunn King's College London (KCL)
2,300 Matthew Bashton Newcastle University Newcastle upon Tyne
2,299 Jessica Jung Newcastle University
2,298 Professor Alexander Thiele
2,297 Craig Jones Newcastle University
2,296 david barlow Newcastle University
2,295 Paul Becker Newcastle University
2,294 Martin Farr Newcastle University Newly-appointed external examiner for the Leeds BA History, will support a boycott if one is called.
2,293 Mark Stevenson Newcastle University
2,292 terry ratcliffe newcastle university
2,291 Sally Spendiff Newcastle University
2,290 Andreas Werner Newcastle University
2,289 Nick Jakubovics Newcastle University
2,288 Domhnall Jennings Newcastle University
2,287 Susan Chilton Newcastle University
2,286 Colin Murray Newcastle University
2,285 Olivia Turner Newcastle University
2,284 Dr Caleb Johnston Newcastle University
2,283 Andy Grant King's College London (KCL) I am prepared to support a boycott of the University of Leeds if one is called
2,282 Heidi Lempp King's College London (KCL) London
2,281 Kay Tong Keele University
2,280 Ian Jones Neo-liberal managerialism executing its controlling tentacles against those that challenge the status-quo that we must quash at every point.
2,279 kevin meloy Faculty of Engineering
2,278 Li Chen
2,277 Claire Watts University of Leeds
2,276 John Marsham University of Leeds
2,275 Kellyn Arnold University of Leeds
2,274 jame Gibbisson University of Leeds
2,273 Jamie Gibbisson University of Leeds
2,272 Stephen Duckworth University of Cambridge
2,271 Philip Connell University of Cambridge
2,270 Nick Allen University of Leeds
2,269 Christina Penna University of Leeds
2,268 Mark Drinkhill University of Leeds
2,267 Sonja Marzi University of Leeds
2,266 Bao Nguyen University of Leeds
2,265 James Mooney University of Leeds
2,264 Vincent Morley Hughbaird college Shame on them
2,263 Gary Slater University of Leeds
2,262 Lauren Gardiner University of Leeds
2,261 Paula L M University of Leeds Leeds
2,260 Ronald Haynes University of Cambridge Duty of care should include reducing stress and avoiding intimidation via work insecurity, building up (not breaking down) trust through constructive listening and fair treatment.
2,259 John Metcalf Sheffield Hallam University
2,258 Asna AlOtaibi psu Riyadh
2,257 Sheila Moody Leeds Beckett University
2,256 Mark Adcock University of Leeds
2,255 Rachel Sulich University of Leeds
2,254 Ben Pickering University of Leeds
2,253 Kaishini Jobling University of Leeds
2,252 Maria Russo University of Cambridge
2,251 Simone Norowzian University of Oxford
2,250 Nadia Vermeulen University of Leeds
2,249 Caelum Flaathe University of Leeds Leeds
2,248 Jon Kear University of kent
2,247 Gary Woodhead Retired University staff should have greater job security not less. I am very concerned about the threat to people's livelihoods and the potential threat to academic freedom.
2,246 georgina cresswell
2,245 George Tsoulas
2,244 Ana de Medeiros King's College London (KCL)
2,243 Amalia Arvaniti
2,242 Stephen Cowley University of Cambridge
2,241 Theodora Alexopoulou University of Cambridge
2,240 Nicholas Smith
2,239 chris maguire Leeds City College Yet again attacks on our profession
2,238 Mary Laurenson University of Hull
2,237 Katharina Karcher University of Bristol
2,236 Edward Lee-Six University of Cambridge
2,235 Frances Marsh University of Cambridge
2,234 Andrew Marsham University of Cambridge
2,233 Simon Kelly University of Bradford
2,232 stephanie evans leeds uni cleaning dept and library services I fully support the striking UCU members
2,231 Noeleen Conneely
2,230 Esther Lopez-Figueroa University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,229 Alison Sealey Lancaster University
2,228 Gary Smith UoL Estates Services We need to respect and value each other more than ever in these difficult times. Regressive policies of this type do not help to form the cohesive community we need for the University to flurish
2,227 Andrew Tate SOSR leaves no protection for the staff.
2,226 Eloise Croft University of Leeds
2,225 Faye Thompson
2,224 Rachael Howden University of Leeds
2,223 Thomas O'Boyle University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,222 Steven Markham University of Sheffield
2,221 Mervyn Hyde Gloucester
2,220 Temitayo Ken-Afolabi University of Leeds
2,219 Finbarr Hayes The University of Manchester
2,218 Tim Mercer
2,217 Anya Cook Newcastle College
2,216 Daniel Nucinkis Imperial College London Have emailed Sir Alan. SOSR belongs behind the iron curtain, not in Leeds!
2,215 Emma Gilbert Leeds Beckett University
2,214 Sakar Salar University of Leeds
2,213 Inna Kochetkova Leeds Universities should promote academic freedom and this move from the management is in a totally opposite direction.
2,212 Christiane Luck
2,211 Tom Greasley Leeds Beckett University
2,210 Jo Richmond Leeds Beckett University
2,209 Kevin Williams Leeds Beckett University
2,208 Ruth Slater University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,207 Danila Datti University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,206 Shirley Paul University of Leeds
2,205 Luca Morini Coventry University
2,204 Akis Gkousis University of Leeds
2,203 Daskalaki Maria University of Roehampton
2,202 Aliette Lambert University of Exeter
2,201 Alexandra Dickenson Leeds Beckett University
2,200 Lauren McCarthy Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL)
2,199 Steven Brindle University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,198 Keith FAULKNER University of Sheffield Proud to support my colleagues as UCU departmental contact
2,197 Christine Faulkner
2,196 paul reid University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,195 Nick Mansfield University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,194 noushin aslam
2,193 Anna Zueva-Owens University of Bradford The changes prosed by the management of the University of Leeds is just one more step towards turning UK universities from scholarly communities in service of society into businesses in service of profit.
2,192 Maria Stuart University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,191 andrew Wiseman COLCHESTER
2,190 Tanya Palmer University of Sussex
2,189 Vaiva Norkunaite
2,188 Jill Fouweather
2,187 Zeena Feldman King's College London (KCL)
2,186 Phil Holifield University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,185 Gerry Pisacane Bradford College
2,184 Joanne Davies Rosside, Ulverston
2,183 Nick Williams University of West London
2,182 Leslie Smith Lancaster University Emeritus Professor
2,181 Karen Nicholls Sheffield Hallam University
2,180 Angela Brzeski University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) Very concerning
2,179 Andrew Hobbs University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,178 Valeriy Smolienko University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,177 David Dennison University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,176 Sebastian Wylie University of Leeds
2,175 David Ridley University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,174 Mark Morley The University of Sheffield
2,173 Neal Heard Bradford
2,172 Kevin Bowman University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,171 Carole Elliott Roehampton University
2,170 Ana Barbosa University of Bath As an ex Leeds undergraduate student I'm appalled to hear of these proposed amendments
2,169 Jack Bartley
2,168 Bill Hughes
2,167 Valentin Samuel University of Leeds
2,166 David Edwardes University Of Leeds These are some of the best university lecturers and staff in the country. Causing added stress and natural anxiety for these talented staff members is unnecessary. These staff members will be affected with their creative and essential research carried out if these changes are put in place. I think that these highly qualified individuals should be respected and not be dismissed on unjust grounds.
2,165 Linnie Blake Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
2,164 Stephen Smith University of Plymouth
2,163 David Stewart University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,162 denise hanson University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,161 Iyunoluwa Fakunle University of Leeds
2,160 Mohammad Shuaib Saleem University of Leeds I am not happy to be taught by professors and lecturers whom are scared to speak their minds due to fears of them upsetting a higher up and being dismissed.
2,159 Stephen Wilkin University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,158 julia collier
2,157 Pam Brook Bradford College
2,156 Alan Armstrong
2,155 James Hartley University of Leeds
2,154 Helen Astin Bradford College
2,153 Dani Ajmal University of Leeds
2,152 Harry Elliott
2,151 Anna Clements
2,150 Norman Fairclough Lancaster University (Emeritus)
2,149 Graeme Tobyn University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,148 Joe Ford Durham University
2,147 Ian Corrick University of Bath
2,146 Jo Brewis University of Leicester
2,145 Lucy Hall
2,144 Elaine Swan University of Sussex London
2,143 Jennifer Milton
2,142 Susan Forward HE lecturer's spouse
2,141 Samantha Wheatley Leicester College
2,140 Rebecca Parry The University of Nottingham
2,139 Alison Wilde
2,138 Susan Atkinson Leeds Beckett University
2,137 Andrea Turner
2,136 Colin Shaw
2,135 Justine Flynn University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,134 Lizzie Fletcher University of West London (UWL)
2,133 Johanne Olaisen University of Leeds
2,132 Andrea Elise Holm University of Leeds Research is progress and to help understand both past and present better. If staff etc are afraid of topics they should explore for the sake of progress, we can't be sure that optimal progress is happening and we get a more insecure academic institution. In a time where democracy is going backwards many places, universities in England should not become like Poland, Turkey or Russia.
2,131 Natalie Parker
2,130 Catherine Crawford University of Essex
2,129 Jo Pike Leeds Beckett University This is completely unnecessary. Please value your staff and protect them from bullying and unfair dismissal
2,128 Emily Hardway University of Leeds
2,127 Reuben Kirkham Newcastle University
2,126 Kevin Taylor Sheffield Hallam University
2,125 Patrick O'Brien University of Leeds
2,124 Amy Beeston
2,123 Christina K University of Leeds
2,122 Adam Sawyer University of Leeds
2,121 Philippe Brom University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,120 john Bowers Retired staff member
2,119 Angelica Groom University of Brighton
2,118 Terry Burgon Retired , Leeds
2,117 Claudia Fenoglio
2,116 Dennis Prangle Newcastle University
2,115 George Halikias City University London
2,114 Liz Mylod
2,113 Stephen Aves University of Exeter
2,112 John Parkin
2,111 Mary Corcoran Keele University This proposal epitomises the sweeping, authoritarian, and high handed disposition that is now claimed by right by University 'managers' . The public is now seeing what the management class is doing to Universities and the tide is turning.
2,110 David Alker University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,109 Rob Wilson Leeds
2,108 Ralph O'Connor The University of Aberdeen
2,107 Sarah Jacques Bradford College
2,106 Karen Emmott
2,105 Norma Gough Retired
2,104 Jonathan Colman University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,103 Gail Schuster
2,102 clare mawson The decision to add this clause is appalling. It has not only disrupted our lectures but has made me reconsider further study. Universities should be a place for ground breaking honest research without the risk of upsetting the establishment.
2,101 Nikki Sheen Bradford College
2,100 lorna ellis Leeds Beckett University
2,099 susan Jones University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,098 Alice Healey University of Leeds
2,097 James Gibbison University of Leeds
2,096 Lizzie Starkey
2,095 Samuel Rathjen Leeds Beckett University BUN THE NEO-LIBERALIST NEO-MARXIST POST MODERN SWAY
2,094 Sue McKenna Bradford College University Centre Stop the erosion of lecturers' rights towards the Uberisation of education
2,093 Tarquin Grossman
2,092 Jack Eden University of Leeds
2,091 Callum Young University of Leeds
2,090 Christine Lloyd Neath Port Talbot College (previous employment) These policies not fit for purpose, are a clear demonstration of mismanagement and are a disgrace to the fundamentals of any educational institution. How can any member of staff be expected to work with variables which determine they are unfit to practice by whimsical managment. It is policies like this that undermine confidence, create division and loose expertise within the profession.
2,089 Amanda Power University of Oxford
2,088 Paul Hambley UCU retired member
2,087 Clive Trusson Loughborough University
2,086 Min Wild University of Plymouth Dropping these safeguards will leave the door open to unfair practice.
2,085 Stephanie Dillon University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,084 Douglas Hammond University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,083 Jose I Lopez Florido University of Leeds Leeds Student
2,082 Peter Herissone-Kelly University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)