Reinstate David Muritu

Sandwell College sacked UCU branch secretary Dave Muritu for gross misconduct after he wrote on a poster promoting the controversial Prevent programme. Muritu apologised for his actions but, although the college acknowledged that his actions didn’t bring the institution into disrepute, he was summarily dismissed. UCU believes such a heavy-handed and disproportionate response from the college had to be down to Muritu’s trade union activities.

Dave has now reached a settlement with Sandwell College. Thank you to everyone who offered their vocal support to Dave and trade unionists everywhere.


7,453 Yasmin Meah Trade union rep Unison
7,452 Tony Phillips London Fire Brigade UNISON End this outrageous victmisation of a trade unionist for the "crime" of being effective and protesting against racism!
7,451 Melanie Powell WAC unite community This is totally outrageous what’s been done to dave
7,450 Elena Simon University of Sheffield The Prevent strategy is racist. This is just a fact.
7,449 Sean Harrison Gateshead College
7,448 Jae-Llane Ditchburn University of Cumbria
7,447 David Lawrence Brighton
7,446 Martin Ogilvie Erdington
7,445 Mel Poole Erdington
7,444 Richard Bradley Sandwell
7,443 Kayla Barram University of Manchester
7,442 Norman Niblock Punitive punishment for working for a union is outrageous.
7,441 Konstanze Spohrer Liverpool Hope University
7,440 Babs Anderson Merseyside Liverpool
7,439 Sarah Black Liverpool Hope University
7,438 Gabby MacPherson Lancaster
7,437 Evgenij Belikov
7,436 Gill Goodswen Neu
7,435 Alexander Palmer London London
7,434 Jeremy Herbert Keele University
7,433 Linda Benson The City of Liverpool College
7,432 David Kinder This feels like victimisation.
7,431 Lou Robson What a heavy handed overreaction. I hope David can be reinstated.
7,430 Andrew Coburn Essex
7,429 Jayne Lee East Riding College I agree with the argument for David to be reinstated
7,428 Ian Cuthbert
7,427 Sergio Ruiz Cayuela Coventry University
7,426 R C P Wells
7,425 Timothy Millington Staffordshire
7,424 Susan Hobster Staffordshire Newcastle
7,423 Georgia Churchman UEA Norwich
7,422 jason parmar lambeth college reinstate immediately!
7,421 Beverley Messerli Lambeth College
7,420 Giovanna Colombetti university of Exeter
7,419 Francis Woods City of Liverpool College It would seem that the incident has been used to sack David for successful campaigns he has run against the management of the college. If a government scheme is deemed to vilify a section of society should we not voice our concerns?
7,418 Clare Bennett London
7,417 Rebecca Macklin University of Leeds
7,416 Louisa Stratton University of Aberdeen
7,415 Naomi Phillips Solihull College and University Centre Totally disproportionate, whatever your views on Prevent or on whether the the staff member's action was right or wrong. Trade union victimisation must stop.
7,414 Rosalind Garton University of St. Andrews
7,413 Keeva Farrelly Durham University
7,412 Bryan Rynne
7,411 Anjana Choudhuri Swansea University
7,410 Margaret Ingram City of Bristol College racial stereotypes ar not appropriate
7,409 Kirsty Priestley Leeds
7,408 Margaret Petrie Midlothian Edinburgh
7,407 Elaine Smith University of Nottingham
7,405 Ellie Clement Leeds Beckett University
7,404 Paola Botham Birmingham City University
7,403 Christine MacLeod University of Bristol
7,402 geraint evans West Yorkshire Leeds
7,401 Nicola Morrison Merseyside
7,400 Tse-Hui Teh University College London
7,399 Michael Perfect Liverpool John Moores University Shame on you Sandwell College.
7,398 Maeve Carey Belfast Prevent is a racist policy and sacking someone for opposing it is racism
7,397 Sarah S Greater London Heavy-handed indeed.
7,396 Tricia Turner Knowsley Community College Liverpool
7,395 Tim Green UCL
7,394 Rosalind Collier Somerset Bristol
7,393 cecile remy UCL Institute of Education research conducted at UCL (eg Dr T. Younis) clearly shows how discriminated against NHS staff of muslim religion feels. So why is this comment backed by strong evidence is being used to silence David?
7,392 Steve Fisher Cardiff
7,391 John Jordan Liverpool Hope University
7,390 Lee McFarlane Other Leyland
7,389 William Lester UWL, London
7,388 Mary Howell Retired
7,387 Poppy Malone South Devon College
7,386 Rob Gawthrop
7,385 Veronica Grant University of Wolverhampton
7,384 Liz Stainforth University of Leeds
7,383 Roxanne Khan UCLAN
7,382 susan mcpherson Sheffield Hallam
7,381 Professor Black Stirling University
7,380 Meredith Miller Cardiff University
7,379 Julia Modern University of Cambridge This is an utterly disproportionate response to an act done in a moment of frustration about what is, indeed, a racist policy
7,378 Amar Behera
7,377 Stuart Price De Montfort University An outrageous injustice that needs redress
7,376 James Chiriyankandath London London
7,375 Michel Wahome Oxford Internet Institute
7,374 Philip Schwyzer Devon Exeter
7,373 Nicole Blum UCL
7,372 Allison Drew University of York
7,371 Caragh Wells Bristol/Bristol/England
7,370 Hannah Durkin Newcastle University
7,369 Alexandra Cleland Aberdeen University
7,368 Julie Herniman University of Southampton
7,367 Joanne Fallows The Open University
7,366 Geoff King Brunel University London
7,365 Danielle Johnson
7,364 Arushi Garg Sheffield
7,363 Francesca Cioni University of York
7,362 Barbara Henderson Leeds Beckett University
7,361 Rebecca Rees UCL
7,360 Bev Forsythe-Cheasley Bristol
7,359 Ragesh Khakhria National Education Union
7,358 Heather Logue University of Leeds
7,357 Rhiannon Owen Sheffield College, Sheffield, South Yorkshire An unnecessary, aggressive and inflammatory action by the employer - bullying
7,356 Delsey Machando New City Redbridge College
7,355 Shazad Amin MEND
7,354 Michael Hogan City of Liverpool College
7,353 Susanne Jones City Liverpool college
7,352 Thomas Schlichter UCL
7,351 Ruth Webb Dorset Dorchester
7,350 Anna Courcha-Guidolin city & Islington college
7,349 Amy Blenkiron Sheffield
7,348 Stephen Adegbite Peterborough Regional College (University Centre Peterborough)
7,347 Prof Jane Wheelock Newcastle University
7,346 Robin Tankard Newcastle College (NSCG) FBV and 'Prevent' are fundmentally flawed policies that will be swept away in a shorter time than David Muritu's career
7,345 Thomas Davenport Aston University Birmingham
7,344 Petra Grigat- Bradley Wolverhampton
7,343 Philip Lidiard Surrey Guildford
7,342 Philip Brown Hertfordshire WATFORD
7,341 Jo Saunders Strathclyde university nonsense overreaction to a justified comment about a pseudoscientific program
7,340 Ross McAdam UCU RETIRED London
7,339 Mumtaz Ali N/A David Muritu was my college tutor 20 years ago and I always remembered him to be polite, respectful and courteous. What he did was in support of a community that is being unfairly targeted and curbing their right, I believe to practise their faith without prejudice. David did apologise and he has still remains dismissed. Seems like other things are going on.
7,338 Tony Barnsley Sandwell General UNISON Branch
7,337 Anna Waldstein University of Kent
7,336 Helen Druiff Cambridge Regional College
7,335 Ryan Burns University of Brighton
7,334 Kate George University of Bradford
7,333 susan Sayce UEA
7,332 Nick Caddick Anglia Ruskin University
7,331 Gregory Tate University of St Andrews
7,330 Howard Giles University of Winchester
7,329 Natalie Hempel University of Exeter
7,328 Katie Dow Cambridge
7,327 Fionn Stevenson The University of Sheffield, Yorkshire This is a worrying over-reaction on behalf of the college. I support David's immediate reinstatement.
7,326 Joe Bangs
7,325 Patrick McGovern London School of Economics & Political Science I support the reinstatement of David Muritu.
7,324 Daniel Nucinkis Imperial College London
7,323 Donna Chambers University of Sunderland
7,322 Niall Moody Abertay University
7,321 Richmond Adjei West Midlands
7,320 Amina Alyal West Yorkshire Leeds
7,319 Jost Migenda University of Sheffield
7,318 Shaun Regan Belfast
7,317 Jaime Peschiera UAL London
7,316 Melanie Pownall-Harris Hertfordshire
7,315 Victoria Redclift Ucl
7,314 Amy Brack Leeds City College
7,313 Olusunmola Osinubi
7,312 Mark Colpus University of Greenwich Pontefract
7,311 Melanie Levick-Parkin
7,310 Anne Hurren Leeds
7,309 Kerry Jenkins Unite Solidarity Dave and you have the support of the many.
7,308 Graham Brackstone retired/WestSussex The Struggle Continues
7,307 Robert Moore (retired) Aspects of the Prevent Strategy _are_ deeply racist.
7,306 Di Lister Open UNiversity
7,305 Susan Hobbs Derby university
7,304 Chris Freeman University of Southampton
7,303 Vicki Ryf Goldsmiths
7,302 Stephen Deane Bcu
7,301 robert cattley huddersfield university
7,300 Andy Fugard Birkbeck College
7,299 Stephen McKenna University of Dundee
7,298 Sarah Parkes Newman University
7,297 Peter Bartlett ex UOP Hampshire
7,296 Murray Fraser University College London, UK
7,295 Robert Evans Oxford U
7,294 Rona Cran
7,293 Nele Jensen Kcl
7,292 Carmel Egan Open University
7,291 Helen Hills University of York YORK
7,290 Gavin Schwartz-Leeper University of Warwick
7,289 Scott Massie Liverpool Hope University
7,288 James Igoe Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
7,287 Julie Tanner Queen Mary
7,286 Dave Hemprich-Bennett University of Oxford
7,285 Ashley Woodward University of Dundee
7,284 Barry Jones UCU London
7,283 Frederik Pedersen University of Aberdeen
7,282 Sean Ledwith York College
7,281 Alison Torn Leeds Trinity University
7,280 Stella Power Socialist Educational Association MANCHESTER
7,279 Soudabeh Ananisarab Birmingham City University
7,278 Mike Wilson Totally disproportionate action by employer
7,277 Corinne Fowler East Midlands Leicester
7,276 Mahesan Niranjan University of Southampton He was wrong to write on a displayed poster, I agree. He has apologised for this trespass. Sacking is totally out of proportionate.
7,275 Rod Whitworth
7,274 John Clark retired; Unite and Labour Party member There has not been enough publicity about the criticism of Prevent, which programme has fostered Islamophobia and often failed to tackle right wing terrorism.
7,273 Tracy Wood Unison Regional officer
7,272 John Pearson Unite Greater Manchester Community branch
7,271 Carolyn Greig Swansea University Sandwell could inprove its reputation considerably by reviewing and reversing this regrettable decison
7,270 Farah Ahmed County (optional)
7,269 Gail Read west midlands
7,268 Kate Fradley North Wales
7,267 Rosalynne Birch CITB
7,266 Heidy Kempe-Bottcher retired from The Manchester College
7,265 Rose Yates support worker This action us completely out of proportion and shows poor leadership.
7,264 Kathleen Crotty Retired members
7,263 Wajid Ali West Midlands
7,262 Dawn Taylor Cheshire Cheshire
7,261 Lynn Horsnett UNISON Places of Education should be setting examples not responding in away to disadvantage someone in very tense times who obviously feels there is racism in the organisation. After 25 years the employer should have chosen to find out the reasons behind this behaviour and support their teacher. The employers response is very severe and underserved. Please rethink set a caring reponse and reinstate
7,260 Alice Bennett Liverpool Hope University
7,259 Jamie Brown
7,258 Lawrence Leason New City College
7,257 Chris Little
7,256 Juliet Glennie London
7,255 Shauna Hope University of Bristol
7,254 Martin Fergie University of Manchester
7,253 Heike Golightly David seems a sincere and hard working individual. I respect a man who loves justice and is not afraid to speak out. This is a country where free speech still exists, and boundaries need to be negotiated. Please reinstate him.
7,252 Eliza Lass Student
7,251 Dawn McRae University of Aberdeen/ HSRU
7,250 Neil Hart City and Islington College London
7,249 Nick Lawson City & lslington Sixth Form College NEU
7,248 Vina Bragadina Ucl - London
7,247 Phillip Minns Northbrook Met Writing on a poster is a public and peaceful form of protest. Shouldn't be punished.
7,246 Khalida Huq Manchester Disgraceful
7,245 Tim Packer Durham University
7,244 Rhod Fiorini UCL
7,243 Stephen Grant City and Islington 6th Form College
7,242 Nahee Kang KCL
7,241 Bobby Evans City and Islington Sixth Form College
7,240 Adrienne Moffat London
7,239 Mike Govender City and islington sixth form college
7,238 Sajib Rashid City & Islington Sixth Form College, London
7,237 Martin Cartwright City, University of London I do not agree with the comment David wrote on the poster but the action taken by Sandwell College appears wildly disproportionate. I call for Sandwell College to reinstate David or explain their decision..
7,236 Hamja Ahsan Other London
7,235 Ruth Dar
7,234 Nazmia Jamal City & Islington Sixth Form Centre
7,233 Sebastian Friston UCL The motivations of Sandwell are shamelessly transparent. Sandwell should be ashamed of not pushing back on PREVENT, not for having a good rep!
7,232 Anne Webber City of Westminster college London
7,231 Laila Kadiwal IOE
7,230 Diana Wichelhaus Hull Training and Adult Education
7,229 Joe McGinnis Teesside University
7,228 Sarah Watson-Jones Aberystwyth University Sems like a wholly disproportionate response!
7,227 Nicholas Chavasse Exeter There is clearly no grounds for dissmissal, and the situation waranted a verbal or written warning at most. Please reinstate David Muritu immediately. The Prevent programme is deserving of dissent and criticism, and his stand and statement is an important one.
7,226 Susan Kondakor University of Sheffield
7,225 Hannah Quirk King's College London
7,224 Patricia Smith York
7,223 Patrick Cairns St Andrews
7,222 Ayesha Ahmad Manchester
7,221 Sanne Weber University of Birmingham Birmingham
7,220 Shabnam Kulsoom Uddin Manchester
7,219 Patrick Ward University of Leeds
7,218 Sonja Curtis UCL
7,217 Natalie Scown
7,216 John Munro University of Birmingham
7,215 Khadijah Saeed
7,214 Ayesha Ahmad
7,213 Benjamin Carradine
7,212 M Abdul Leicester Unfair
7,211 Hassan Mahmud The punishment is completely disproportionate which makes the proceeding suspect and potentially unsafe.
7,210 Ghislaine Mouysset
7,209 Raj Tiwary
7,208 CLARE SAMBROOK freelance journalist Sandwell College's treatment of David is bringing the institution into disrepute. Prevent is a harmful & ill-conceived project and David was right to critique it.
7,207 Sophie Humphries
7,206 Stephen Smith Brunel University It is very important that our union pushes back against brisk and brutal university managements. Forthright resistance will temper and reverse existing employer dispositions which have tended to harden under a 'managerialist' (hierarchical) culture.
7,205 C Critchley Stockport Dave spoke at Stand Up to Racism conference in Manchester. What an inspiration.
7,204 Jennifer Warren London College of Fashion This victimisation is a disgrace - David should be reinstated immediately
7,203 Anne-Marie Le Gall Anglesey, Wales
7,202 Elaine Ellen Retired Open University
7,201 Patricia McGrath NI
7,200 Damian Gallagher Ulster Reinstate David now!!
7,199 Carlos Grijalva Eternod University College London
7,198 Elisabeth Wielander Aston University
7,197 Sarah Davies University of Salford A hugely disproportionate response. David is morally right. Evidence indeed shows that Prevent is a racist strategy which is also ineffective in detecting radicalisation.
7,196 Martyn Fortune Rhondda Cynon Taf Cwmdare
7,195 Irina Vladimirova Mobile Planetarium, South Yorkshire
7,194 Evgeny Shinder University of Sheffield
7,193 Lawrence Warner King's College London
7,192 Wenny Teo The Courtauld Institute of art
7,191 Beatrice Smyth Queen's University Belfast Belfast
7,189 Lisa Donlan University of Manchester
7,188 Carola Addington West London College
7,187 Stephen Roulston Ulster University
7,186 Neil Thomas University of Birmingham
7,185 Henning Grosse Ruse-Khan University of Cambridge
7,184 Maarten van Hardenbroek Newcastle University
7,183 Savvas Voutyras Bournemouth University
7,182 Charles Cowan King’s College London
7,181 judith bryan University of Roehampton
7,180 sheeba joshy
7,179 Steven Hayles University of Leicester
7,178 Aoileann Ni Mhurchú The university of Manchester
7,177 Steve Kirk University of Sheffield
7,176 Emma Hall colegsirgar
7,175 Brian Spencer University of Brighton
7,174 Darren Awang Coventry university Rugby
7,173 Federica Frabetti University of Roehampton
7,172 Aness Webster University of Nottingham
7,171 Stephen Leggett
7,170 Ruth Squire Sheffield Hallam University
7,169 Gavin Alexander University of Cambridge
7,168 Catharine Russell University of Portsmouth
7,167 Michael J Higgins retired from Waltham Forest College Clearly, the dismissal seems disproportionate and unjustified.
7,166 Jane Wright University of Bristol What an extremely disproportionate and aggressive decision. Reinstate Dave Muritu now!
7,165 ryan ottridge university of birmingham
7,164 Sal Habboub
7,163 Jo Lampard UCL
7,162 Laura Waite Liverpool Hope University Outrageous!
7,161 viv jones UCL
7,160 Philip Marshall Bishop Auckland College Another example of looking to rush to use nefariously what might be seen as a rash but sincere protest - condemn, don't discuss, FE 2019
7,159 Vicky Palmer NTU
7,158 Amy Downing University of Leeds
7,157 Anne Kavanagh University of Essex Colchester
7,156 Mark Fenton-O'Creevy Open University
7,155 Rob Anderson University of Exeter
7,154 Andreas Wernecke
7,153 Sean Ferrier Manchester Metropolitan
7,152 Ian Terry
7,151 Stephen Bero University of Surrey
7,150 Nicholas Hewlett University of Warwick The college's response is clearly disproportionate and grossly unjust
7,149 Steven Picksley University of Bradford Bradford
7,148 Paul Wilson Belfast
7,147 Melanie Brunner Univesity of Leeds
7,146 Catriona Heaton Aston University
7,145 Esther Tyldesley University of Edinburgh
7,144 Johanna Davies Swansea A very disproportionate response in my view.
7,143 Mick Kavanagh University of Essex
7,142 Harun Khan Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust
7,141 Keith Faulkner University of Sheffield Peaceful protest must not be punished.
7,140 Anthony M Byrne Shipley College
7,139 Caroline Clarke
7,138 Ashley Chhibber University of Nottingham Even if the Prevent programme were not racist as David claims - and I firmly believe it is - this is clearly a disproportionate punishment and abuse of power from Sandwell College.
7,137 Benjamin Costello University of Birmingham
7,136 Catherine Lawrence Bridgwater and Taunton College
7,135 Nicole Devarenne University of Dundee Solidarity with David Muritu
7,134 Mark Ellingsen University of Bristol
7,133 Dorothy Amos National Education Union Hastings
7,132 Ian Beeby Cambridge Standing up to to racism should be rewarded not attacked. But is anypone really surprised considering our present racizast government
7,131 Sarah Riley Aberystwyth
7,130 Shaherazad Umbreen Birmingham Standing up for peace should not be a sacakable offence. Thank you for what you did David. You are brave. You are kind. You are right.
7,129 Juli H
7,128 Alex Caldwell Barking & Dagenham College Whatever one’s thoughts on Prevent, sacking is a ridiculously disproportionate response.
7,127 Karen Patel Birmingham City University
7,126 Hannah Wilkinson Keele University Prevent legislation and the practices it seeks to enforce must be challenged at every opportunity. I stand in solidarity with David, who has done nothing more than speak truth - amid a context of denial and hostile exclusion.
7,125 Petar Momcilovic Worcester Sandwell college management out of order
7,124 Chris Rowell London South Bank University Good luck Dave!
7,123 Ben Lockley The Wordsley School Dave is very nice and caring and he shouldn’t lose his job for looking out for others.
7,122 Bertie Russell New Forest UNISON
7,121 John Peters West Midlands Retired Member (Honorary Life Member) It happened to me
7,120 louis shillam codsall community high school just do it
7,119 Floyd Codlin Birkbeck Student Union Anti-Racist/Anti-Fascist Officer (Personal Capacity) What David wrote was a statement of fact that anyone whose had to deal with the Prevent program could have born out and said
7,118 Gwenhivir Wyatt-Moon University of Cambridge
7,117 Jane Jobling I think David Muritu should be reinstated
7,116 Robert Mouat St George's Hospital
7,115 Neil Conlock Lancashire
7,114 Richard Bannister Birmingham
7,113 Ceinwen Hilton
7,112 Henry Edeko The John Roan. London Shame on Sandwell College Leadership. Since when have writing on a poster become a sackable offence. It just shows their poverty of thought and leadership. Reinstate Dave now.
7,111 Tim Floyd
7,110 Nadia Hafedh LSE London
7,109 Patricia Cooke Sandwell College
7,108 Sarah Brady
7,107 Nikesh Solanki University of Manchester
7,106 Celia Hutchison
7,105 Frank Brady
7,104 Azim Hajee Self employed Proud to support this first class trade unionist!
7,103 Ian Day London
7,102 Diane Langford University of Kent I support Dave because I know the Prevent programme is racist and must be opposed.
7,101 Manchester SUTR Stand Up To Racism Greater Manchester Full support and solidarity from all of us
7,100 Angela Shortt RMT Retired My complete solidarity with David Muritu. No need to apologise for calling out PREVENT as racist - a spying programme dressed up as a respectable part of school life, it has to go. Alarming to see a TU rep victimised in order to quosh his part in the progress of salary and T&Cs, so nasty.Respect to the UCU for backing David - all unions must join this fight.
7,099 Jill Daniels University of East London
7,098 Christina Downes Retired. Bradford.
7,097 Karen Wilson Unite member
7,096 Craig McEwan University of Exeter
7,095 Robert Davies Cardiff This is so unjust, reinstate Dave
7,094 Julia Guarneri University of Cambridge This is clear retaliation against a union representative; David Muritu has done nothing that merits this dismissal.
7,093 Jordy Lea City University
7,091 Gary Shatford Unite/swp 100% behind daves actions
7,090 Simon Strange Birmingham
7,089 Abigail Gulliver University of Birmingham
7,088 Phil Brady
7,087 Nigel Green Hyde Park, Central London Reinstate David now! Defend trade union rights and freedom of speech for for union reps. Anyway, the Prevent strategy is next to useless and a good excuse to spy on people.
7,086 Lucretia Packgam Retired lecturer Sacking is a disproportionate response to the actions of Dave Mauritians in regard to an offensive college policy
7,085 Andy Stafford University of Leeds
7,084 Andrew Millington University of Edinburgh
7,083 Raymond Long SWP UAF +SUTR
7,082 Michael Crawford University of Bristol
7,081 Melanie Jenner NEU
7,080 Richard Pitham-Cole Suffolk New College
7,079 Carol Fuller Suffolk New College
7,078 Ian Cook University of Exeter
7,077 Delcan Downes GMB Union
7,076 Kate Tobin University of Wolverhampton
7,075 John Archer University of Central Lancashire I'd never heard of Sandwell College, but in a negative way. It would seem that the management are bringing the college's name into disrepute by their actions.
7,074 Mark Weinstein Nottingham Trent University
7,073 Patricia Vallely Belfast Metropolitan College
7,072 Sharon Leslie GMB
7,071 Carl Fox University of Leeds
7,070 Deborah Clarke NHS Other factors than those given obviously in play. Shame on you Sandwell College.
7,069 Katy Day Leeds Beckett University
7,068 Claire Rattray University of Glasgow
7,067 Joel Kosminsky Greater London This is an extreme response for an expression of challenge to a policy which risks damaging both students and their tutors
7,066 Hester Fairclough
7,065 Neil Kirkham Gonville and Caius College Library, Cambridge
7,064 Martin Wills Warwick
7,063 Sonia Cabrera
7,062 Tania Manyuira Sandwell College We should all get behind this protest as David has been targeted for his influence in the Union and as an activist in the community more so than the graffiti which he already apologised for. The College's way of handling this issue was over the top and management should come out and be honest on the real issue why they singled David out!
7,061 Adam Branch University of Cambridge
7,060 Ben Davis South east
7,059 Angela Coley South & City College, Birmingham
7,058 Nathan Erskine University of Cumbria
7,057 Andrew Nickson University of Birmingham Birmingham
7,056 Joe Sutliff Sanders Cambridge
7,055 Jo Allen School Lichfield
7,054 Zakariya Cochrane
7,053 claudia campbell Care through the millenium
7,052 Duncan Morrison Lewisham NEU
7,051 Eleanor Roberts University of Roehampton London
7,050 Eleni Michalopoulou The University of Liverpool
7,049 Nick Shjough Birmingham Adult Social Care Prevent is a right wing, racist policy.
7,048 Paul Tarrago UAL
7,047 Stephen Dee Uclan
7,046 Phil Yeats University of Westminster
7,045 anne robinson
7,044 Jennet Thomas University of the Arts London, Wimbledon College of arts completely outrageous! It is in fact this action of dismissing the Union rep that brings the College into disrepute- acting like a totalitaian state, it's shameful.
7,043 Rae Noronha
7,042 Adrian Pritchard Coventry
7,041 Hugh Dunkerley University of Chichester Brighton
7,040 Susan Jewell Retired resident of Sandwell
7,038 Catherine Christian W Mids Birmingham
7,037 Audrey Aurus
7,036 Linnéa Markgren Birmingham This is disproportionate. A warning should suffice, and I find it hard to imagine other factors did not come into play.
7,035 Lara Coffey Warwickshire Birmingham
7,034 Kathryn Marsh Kings Heath How utterly ridiculous that he should be dismissed. It sounds like the whole thing has been blown completely out of proportion and that the college authorities were just just looking for a way to get rid of him.
7,033 Helen Kinnaird Birmingham
7,032 Steve Hanson Greater Manchester Manchester
7,031 Elizabeth Gould London This reeks of someone being sacked because they’re an effective union rep; just using a feeble excuse
7,030 Sahara Ismail
7,029 Ele Lamb Tower Hamlets teacher
7,028 Tom Oberst
7,027 Fiona Donald The Manchester College
7,026 Charlotte Mulliner The Open University
7,025 Maria Mason King's College London
7,024 Fay Block London
7,023 Jessica Kelly UCA
7,022 Charles Moonstone
7,021 Tanja van Mourik University of St Andrews
7,020 Touseef Mir UEA The mistake can be forgiven, expulsion as a punishment is a bit harsh.
7,019 Peter Golding MPhil BA CertEd [formerly]City College, Plymouth Good luck with this campaign
7,018 Sally Carter Manchester Please reinstate this man
7,017 Nicholas Sofroniou University of Warwick The punishment is excessive, an apology has been made, Dave Muritu should now be reinstated.
7,016 Claire Hastie Birmingham This dismissal is entirely unfair
7,015 Miriam Kent UEA Earlham Road
7,014 Penny Spikins Univ of york
7,013 Samantha Davis West Yorkshire Wakefield
7,011 Sally Hardwick Nottingham College
7,009 Michael Chopping College of West Anglai
7,008 Jude Williams University of Birmingham I fully support David’s reinstation. This has been an unfair over-reaction by the College which should be over-turned.
7,007 Simon Schoenbuchner University of Cambridge
7,006 Aravinda Guntupalli
7,005 Peri Bradley Bournemouth University
7,004 marina collard Trinity Laban Conservatoire for Music and Dance
7,003 Louise Obara De Montfort University
7,002 Sarah Kilpatrick Tyne and Wear NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE
7,001 Karen Reynolds None Halifax
7,000 Patrice Haynes Liverpool Hope University A disproportionate response to the action in question. It puts the college in a very poor light.
6,999 Nikki Ellen Sheffield
6,998 Karen Chance Midlands
6,997 Derek Hird Patently disproportionate act by the College. David Muritu should be reinstated immediately.
6,996 Huw Pryce
6,995 Richmond Adjei New City College00
6,994 Treasa De Loughry University of Exeter
6,993 Kenneth Band
6,992 Katerina Vrablikova University of Bath
6,991 Ruth Adams King's College London
6,990 Jonas Rademacker University of Bristol
6,989 david green
6,988 Robin Rice University of Edinburgh
6,987 Ken MacKinnon Open University, Applied Linguistics Gross misconduct - comment on a poster? Come off it, Mr Principal who do you think you are - free speech!
6,986 E V Brack University of Sheffield
6,985 james wood Fife UK
6,984 Tom Hoctor University of Bedfordshire, Luton
6,983 Rodrigo Vega
6,982 Matthew Gobey manchester Metropolitan University
6,981 Deborah Jackson University of Edinburgh
6,980 Michael Tucker West Midlands This action by the management is bringing Sandwell College into disrepute by its inn tempered over reaction to this incident.
6,979 Candice Morey
6,978 Timothy Wilson University of Dundee
6,977 Sharon Kivland Sheffield Hallam University
6,976 Anna Laing University of Sussex
6,975 David Woods Nottingham Trent University
6,974 Mark Jackson Barnet and Southgate College
6,973 Ryan Sperry
6,972 Martin Simpson University of the West of England, Bristol
6,971 Sarah Jones Dundee
6,970 Chris Lesser Coleg LLandrillo. Rhos on Sea. Colwyn Bay
6,969 Yasmine Sabri Aston University
6,968 John Carr University of Cambridge
6,967 Martin Dupras Bath Spa University
6,966 Pat Devine Manchester University
6,965 Neil Davey University of Bristol
6,964 Nick Andon King's College London
6,963 Linda Morrice University of Sussex
6,962 Jason Scott-Warren University of Cambridge
6,961 Dario Spano Warwick
6,960 Olga Mitterfellner University of the Arts London Please re-instate David Muritu! Free speech is a British value.
6,959 Mick Jardine Hampshire Winchester
6,958 Kenneth Moffat University of Strathclyde While I agree that David Muritu's action was not appropriate, he has apologised and firing him is grossly disproportionate.
6,957 Mark Toogood University of Central Lancashire
6,956 Carol David Daniel City, University of London
6,955 Barry Calder Retired
6,954 Matthew Minnitt Teesside University