London South Bank University: stop course closure and redundancies

In the midst of the global Covid-19 crisis, London South Bank University (LSBU) has announced a drastic programme of course closures following a review of its teaching portfolio by the university executive.

Seven courses* in the School Law and Social Sciences have been closed with immediate effect, with 16 teaching staff placed at risk of redundancy. There are also plans for a wholesale restructuring of undergraduate courses, mainly in the School of Arts and Creative Industries (ACI) where all existing degrees (and a number of subjects areas and specialisms) are due to be phased out from September 2022.

These plans mean teaching staff are now required to redesign or ‘re-profile’ their courses in just 4-5 weeks to launch new/re-profiled degrees for 2022/23, or face ‘decommissioning’. The threat of closure comes after an extremely difficult year for all staff with already increased workloads under the effect of the pandemic and a local IT outage.

There has been no consultation with staff about the nature and extent of the portfolio review; the decision-making process has lacked transparency, and the criteria and rationales for these plans are unclear.

The targeted disciplines have a vital role to play within the modern university at a time when decolonising the curriculum, closing the black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) student attainment gap, diversifying the arts and creative industries, and championing the UN sustainable development goals are considered more urgent. LSBU draws from a vibrant and diverse community. As a modern university with a high proportion of BAME students, it is vital that the University offers a broad and critical curriculum that empowers students to pursue a range of futures, rather than focusing on a narrow set of economically defined outcomes. The course closures and re-profiling are a direct threat to critical thinking and creativity – an attack on the arts, humanities and critical social sciences.

Please sign this petition to express your solidarity with staff at LSBU and your support for the vital role played by arts, humanities and social sciences at LSBU and in HE more generally. Please share widely within your networks.

We also encourage you to send your emails of support to LSBU’s vice-chancellor David Phoenix (, please cc demanding a reversal of the course closures, a commitment to no compulsory redundancies, to keep arts, humanities and social sciences courses at LSBU and a more democratic and transparent decision making based on meaningful consultation with staff and representative unions.

*BA History, BA History with Politics, BA Human Geography, BA Urban and Environmental Planning PT, MSc Refugee Studies, MSc Development Studies, MSc Education for Sustainability.

We call on the university to reverse plans to close courses and to commit to making no compulsory redundancies.

London South Bank University: stop course closure and redundancies

We call on the university to reverse plans to close courses and to commit to making no compulsory redundancies.

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510 Charlie Barnes Exeter, Devon, State
509 Katherine Watson Brighton
508 Anne Perret Beverley
507 Andrew McCready Sidmouth, England
506 Margot Redwood Cooksbridge, Lewes
505 Susan Williams Maidenhead, Berkshire
504 Mel Broomhead Huddersfield , Retired
503 Stephen Broomhead Mirfield , Retired
502 Nick Grigg London
501 Ray Campbell LONDON, Royal Holloway, University of London
500 Grace Berny London, London
499 B Calderhead London
498 Caitlin Adams Berkhamsted, Open University
497 Ines Mendes Egham, Surrey
496 Shruti Turner London, Imperial College London
495 Abena Dadey London, London
494 Samantha Kerner Watford, Hertfordshire
493 Phoebe Gill Birmingham , University of Birmingham
492 Tom Redwood London, Uk
491 Joel Gibson Clitheroe
490 Jane Skelding London
489 Helen Glew London, University of Westminster
488 Hayley Collins Stroud
487 Ella Berny London, Amnesty International UK
486 Harriet Redwood London
485 Jed Allcock London
484 PATRICIA ROUTH Leicester, Leicestershire
483 Kat broomhead London, London
482 Nile Amos Brighton, England
481 Owen Lingwood Brighton, Brighton
480 Kate Taylor Brighton
479 Luke Collins Coventry
478 Russell Prior Coventry, Coventry University
477 Josh Coxon Kelly London, Fat Macy’s
476 Leo Morgan London
475 Margaret Knight Beverley , HU17
474 Hannah Nolan London, London
473 Finlay Taylor London, Self-employed
472 Calum Knight Liverpool, England
471 Greg Dykes London
470 Hannah Humphreys London, Liberty wines
469 Richard Knight Oldham
468 Kathryn Knight Oldham
467 Matilde Betti Canuti London
466 Harriet Sharp London, London
465 Frankie Sheppard BIRMINGHAM, West Midlands
464 Amanda Taylor London
463 Hazel Gould Brighton, East Sussex
462 Kate Meagher London, London School of Economics
461 A Warner London
460 Eilidh Cage Stirling, University of Stirling
459 Hannah Cross London, University of Westminster
458 Barry Hetherington London, Waterloo
457 Emma Lundin Malmö, Malmö university, Sweden
456 Robert Haynes London, England
455 Derek Clarke London
454 Hanna Ketola London, King’s College London
453 Alison Phipps Brighton, Sussex University
452 Malcolm James London, University of Sussex
451 Patrick McGovern London, London School of Economics & Political Science
450 Nicola Ward Manchester, Gtr Manchester
449 Richard Gibson MACCLESFIELD , Architect
448 robert golden Bridport, Robert Golden Pictures Ltd
447 Shandana Khan Brighton
446 Hywel Squires Cardiff , Swansea university
445 Pablo de Orellana London, King's College London
444 Aggie Hirst London, King's College London
443 Naomi Head Glasgow , University of Glasgow
442 Andrew Smith London, University of Chichester
441 David Brenner London, University of Sussex
440 Kelly Mercer Douglas
439 Ellis Saxey London, London School of Economics and Political Science
438 Sarah Childs London , RHUL
437 Clare Tebbutt Dublin, Trinity College Dublin
436 Ivica Petrikova WOKING, State
435 Elinor Taylor London, University of Westminster
434 Michael Lambert Lancaster, Lancaster University
433 Georgina Brewis London , University College London
432 Christina Delistathi London, University of Westminster
431 Risham Chohan London, London South Bank University
430 Vikram Visana Manchester
429 Peter Skrandies London, LSE, London School of Economics
428 Hannah Partis-Jennings Woking, Loughborough University
427 Oliver Walton Bath, University of Bath
426 Emil Archambault Durham, University of Durham
425 Francesco Belcastro Glasgow/Derby, University of Derby
424 Matthew Hurley Sheffield
423 Sadiya Akram Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University
422 Chris Moffat London , Queen Mary University of London
421 Helen Fadipe Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire
420 Christopher Fryer London, LSE
419 Philip Schwyzer Exeter , University of Exeter
418 Natasha Saunders St Andrews, University of St Andrews
417 Danielle Jones Buckhurst Hill IG9 6EZ, London Borough of Redbridge
416 Jeni Mitchell London, King's College London
415 Billy Haworth Manchester, University of Manchester
414 Shakuntala Banaji London , LSE
413 Julia Corwin London, LSE
412 sarah jones London, County (optional)
411 Diletta De Cristofaro Nottingham, Northumbria University
410 Ginny Battson Hereford, Manchester Writing School
409 Reuben Loffman Folkestone, Kent
408 Waseem Yaqoob London, Queen Mary University of London
407 Ben Radley Bristol, University of Bath
406 Oliver Turner Edinburgh, Choose County
405 Alfred Thumser Guildford, University of Surrey
404 Henrique Furtado Bristol, City of Bristol
403 Jessica West Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
402 Darren Moon London, London School of Economics and Political Science
401 Michael Leary-Owhin London, Independent Consultant & Researcher
400 Jennifer Thomson Bristol, University of Bath
399 Roisin Read Manchester, University of Manchester
398 William Farrell LEICESTER, U.K.
397 Madeleine Le Bourdon London, University of Bath
396 Louise Pears Leeds, University of Leeds
395 Andreas Papamichail London, Queen Mary University of London
394 Rhys Crilley GLASGOW, Please Select (only U.S. / Can / Aus)
393 Katharine Wright Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne And Wear
392 Ludivine Broch London, University of Westminster
391 Juliette EROUKHMANOFF Paris, Paris
390 Patrick Gibson London, Patrick Gibson Studio
389 Melanie Richter-Montpetit London, University of Sussex
388 Josh Walmsley London, King's College London
387 Emma Butcher London , Edge Hill University
386 Jeppe Mulich London, City, University of London
385 Lena Strid Malmö, Lund university
384 Ciaran Gillespie Guildford, Surrey
383 Clara Eroukhmanoff London, LSBU
382 Quinn Teague-Colfer Toronto, University of Toronto
381 William Wyeth Dunbar
380 Oresta Muckute Leicester , University of Leicester
379 Wendy Jones LONDON, London
378 Asha Rogers London, University of Birmingham
377 Mike Slaven Lincoln, University of Lincoln
376 Richard Blakemore Reading, University of Reading
375 Hannah SYLVESTER LINCOLN, Lincolnshire
374 Cally Barlow Oakdale, Swansea
373 Tiffany Fairey London, King's College London
372 Richard Jones Upton Archiepiscopi , University of Leicester
371 Lara Band LONDON, london
370 Marianne O'Doherty Southampton, University of Southampton
369 Lynn Vickery Ilford, Visiting Fellow LSBU
368 Laurie Stras Southampton, University of Huddersfield
367 Simon Mair PUDSEY, University of Bradford
366 Janet Mosley Manchester , Manchester
365 Claudia Civai London , London South Bank University
364 Lua Stifani London, Hammersmith
363 Andrea Chaos Berkhamstead
362 Lorna Hutchings Maidenheas, Kings College London
361 Eoghan Moloney Winchester , University of Winchester
360 Alex Nightingale London, King's College London
359 Abigail Baker Newcastle
358 Jess Cotton London , Cardiff University
357 Angela Muir Cardiff, UCU Leicester
356 Angelina Osborne LONDON, Bromley
355 JAMES NOBLE London
354 Kate Faccia London, London
353 Pamela Canning Reading , Little Heath School
352 James Norrie London, University of Birmingham
351 Michael Messenger Bristol, Bristol
350 Imogen Free London, King's college london
349 Rob Waters London, United Kingdom
348 Harry Simpson Winchester, WINCHESTER
347 Emilija Mikutyte London
346 Dan Lyndon-Cohen London, London
345 Eilidh Innes London
344 Robert Gibb Glasgow, University of Glasgow
343 Paul Cooke Hebden Bridge, - Select One -
342 Rayann Bryan london, Stephen Lawrence Research Centre
341 sally mumby-croft London, UAL
340 Kate Quinn London, UCL
339 Claudia Aradau London, King's College London
338 Margot Finn London, UCL
337 Catherine Fletcher MANCHESTER, Manchester Metropolitan University
336 Paul Diggett Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University
335 Abbi Shaw London, UCL
334 Rachel Kerr London, King's College London
333 Eloise Marais London, Camden
332 Kevin Fisher London, London
331 Tracey Davanna Wadhurst, University
330 Jonathan Colman Burnley, University of Central Lancashire
329 Joe Mulhern Durham, Durham University
328 Jessica Moody Bristol, University of Bristol
327 Symran Saggar London, QMUL
326 Danielle Fennell Ryde, Isle Of Wight
325 Laura Channing Cambridge, University of Cambridge
324 Sarah May Cardiff, Glamorgan
323 Charlotte Riley London, University of Southampton
322 Tina Ellen Lee Bridport Dorset, Opera Circus performing arts organisation
321 Sherryl Wilson Bristol, University of the West of England, Bristol
320 Ivor Sokolic London, LONDON
319 Eloise Grey Aberdeen, University of Aberdeen
318 Zoe Norridge London, King's College London
317 Stephan Engelkamp London, King's College London
316 Frank Foley London, London
315 Alister Wedderburn Glasgow, University of Glasgow
314 Shaminder Takhar London, London South Bank University
313 James Richards Kirkcaldy, Heriot-Watt
312 Tamzin Morphy Reading, Self-employed History graduate
311 Eleni Stamou Oxford, Aston University
310 Ellie Munro Birmingham, University of Birmingham
309 Andrew Thacker Northampton, Nottingham Trent University
308 Beatrice Ivey Leeds, University of Sheffield
307 Sophie Cranston Loughborough, Loughborough University
306 Paul Gilroy LONDON, UCL
305 Hitendra Solanki London, County (optional)
304 Sumita Mukherjee Bristol, University of Bristol
303 Ruth Hawthorn Sheffield, University of Lincoln
302 Chris O'Rourke Lincoln, University of Lincoln
301 James Brown Lincoln, Lincolnshire
300 Katharine Lacey Brighton , University of Sussex
299 Helen Young London, LSBU
298 Sarah Hellawell Newcastle, University of Sunderland
297 Alan Russell London, LSBU
296 Sebastian Mylly London, United Kingdom
295 Maggie Gray London, Kingston University
294 Esmorie Miller London, London South Bank University
293 Caleb Sivyer Bristol, University of the West of England
292 Neil Basing London, London South Bank University
291 Viv Jones London , UCL
290 Lesley Hall London, UCL/Wellcome
289 Kathleen McIlvenna Derby, University of Derby
288 Benjamin Bland London, Queen Mary, University of London
287 Professor Matt Houlbrook Birmingham, Head of Department of History, University of Birmingham
286 Louise O'Connor London , Royal Holloway
285 Andrea Gibbons Manchester, University of Salford
284 Simon Rees Brighton
283 Rory Coulter London, UCL
282 Lars Otto Naess Brighton, Institute of Development Studies
281 Lyla Mehta Brighton , Institute of Development Studies
280 Marina Apgar Brighton, Institute of Development Studies
279 Jackie Grant Brighton, University of Sussex
278 Nimi Hoffmann Brighton, University of Sussex
277 Esra Ozturk London, Southbank
276 Michael Szpakowski Harlow , Harlow
275 Ayar Ata London, United Kingdom
274 Nehaal Bajwa Brighton, University of Sussex
273 Phil Scordis Reading, Pharmaceutical Industry
272 Reem Ingleby Wargrave, Reading
271 Mark Bould Bristol, UWE Bristol
270 Kathrina Glitre Bristol, UWE Bristol
269 Mariah Cannon Brighton, Institute of Development Studies
268 Dominic Glover Brighton, Institute of Development Studies
267 Stephen Crichton Glasow
266 Gareth Millward Birmingham, University of Warwick
265 Glenn Strachan Aberystwyth
264 Victoria Kitchener Wokingham, Freelance
263 Jason Dittmer London, UCL
262 Angela GRUNSELL Hereford, Herefordshire
261 Dr David Gibbon York, 8 , Algarth Road
260 Paul Vare Cheltenham, University of Gloucestershire
259 Alex Vitale Brooklyn, New York
258 Jaya Gajparia London, LSBU
257 Emilia Weber London , UCL
256 Steve Bowkett London, London South Bank University
255 Ronni Hazeldene London , London
254 Pushpa Arabindoo London, UCL
253 Tanya Roberts Norwich, London South Bank University
252 Ryan Burns Brighton, University of Brighton
251 Lisa Purse READING, Berkshire
250 Andrew Williams Cardiff, Glamorgan
249 Rosemary McGee Brighton, East Sussex
248 Tariq Jazeel London , UCL
247 Steve Bentel London, Queen Mary University of London
246 Ben Page London, UCL
245 Tom Western London, UCL
244 Roz Price Brighton, Institute of Development Studies
243 Michael McGrath-Brookes London, England
242 Lidia Cabral Brighton , IDS, University of Sussex
241 Amy Horton LONDON, UCL
240 Sara Vilar Lobdon, MLC - King's College London
239 Santiago Ripoll Brighton, Institute of Development Studies
238 Annabelle Wilkins London, London
237 Roger Clements Southampton
236 Joana Samson London, LSBU
235 Henry Redwood London, LSBU
234 Andrew Harris London, UCL
233 Iris Luppa Hare Hatch, LSBU
232 Sarah Peck Sheffield
231 john koo london, LSBU
230 Gauthier Marchais London, IDS
229 Dan Giffin DEAL, Kent
228 Susan Lally Dover, Deal
227 Eddie Davies Leeds, University Of Leeds
226 Melissa Fegan Chester, University of Chester
225 Richard Clements Dover, Deal
224 Stephen Thompson Brighton, IDS
223 Jon Davies Forest Row, Forest schools educator
222 Sarah Aitchison Berkhamsted, ENG
221 Dan McIntyre Huddersfield , University of Huddersfield
220 Lesley Jeffries Leeds, University of Huddersfield
219 Matt Davies Chester, University of Chester
218 Imogen Bellwood-Howard Brighton, IDS, Uni of Sussex
217 Phillip Tipton St. Helens, University of Salford
216 Sue Caddy Sudbury, ACL Colchester
215 Patricia Dark London
214 Drew Ortiz Kingston, New York
213 Janey Clements Broxbourne
212 Gwyn Owen CARDIFF, LSBU
211 Tirion Havard London, LSBU
210 Gary Ellis London, LSBU
209 Jack Jarvis London, Greenwich Uni
208 Daniel Schillereff London, King's College London
207 Josh Smallman London, London Southbank University
206 Lilas Cave London, London South Bank University
205 Jo Brewis Nottingham, The Open University
204 Emma Fraser Lancaster and SF, Lancaster University and UC Berkeley
203 Paula Ong St albans, Herts
202 Liam Howell London, LSBU
201 Steven Ong London, UK
200 Lillie Grant-Howell London, University of Greenwich
199 Emily Grant-Howell London, University of Greenwich
198 Beatrice Grant-Howell London, LSBU
197 Rachel Foxley Salisbury, Wiltshire
196 Bill Bowring Colchester, Birkbeck College
195 Barbara Weed Leamington Spa
194 Anna Gupta London, Royal Holloway University of London
193 Brian Davies London, LSBU
192 Ghizlane Lafdi Evesham , Aston University
191 James Barron London, London South Bank University Student
190 Baris Cayli Messina Duffield, University of Derby
189 Stephen Fay Aston University, Select
188 Robert Hush London, LSBU
187 Carly Crichton WARE, Herts
186 Elisa Carrus London, LSBU
185 Sue Campbell Birmingham, Aston University
184 Stan Butt London, Newham
183 Qiaochao Zhang Birmingham, Aston university
182 Sonja Marzi London, LSE
181 Alfie Hillier London , london south bank university
180 Kat Mendlson Combe St Nicholas
179 Maria Rusca Uppsala, Uppsala University
178 Steven Brown Nottingham , Nottingham Trent University
177 Kristine Horner Sheffield, University of Sheffield
176 Kelly Criscuolo-DeButts Frederick, Maryland
175 S W London
174 Samantha Shave , University of Lincoln
173 Alex Hastie Coventry, Coventry University
172 Damian Milton Ashford, University of Kent
171 Jon Phillips Cambridge, University of Cambridge
170 Licia Cianetti London, Royal Holloway, UoL
169 Ben Hammond Norwich, University of Northampton
168 emilio distretti London, University of Basel (CH)
167 Brendan Ciarán Browne Belfast, Ireland, Trinity College Dublin
166 Ivica Petrikova Egham, Royal Holloway University of London
165 Fabienne Benoist London, London South bank University
164 Jason Lim Brighton, University of Brighton
163 Jen Dickinson Winchester, Hampshire
162 Martin Franklin London
161 Philip Hubbard Southampton, Hants
160 Eleanor Wilkinson Southampton, Hampshire
159 Will Jones London, -
158 Seth Gustafson London , UCL
157 Roberto Roccu London, King's College London
156 Mohammad Kalantari Egham, England
155 Ellen Watts London, LSE
154 Adam Lerner London, Royal Holloway, University of London
153 Margaret Hollins Epsom, Surrey , LSBU Associate Professor - retired
152 Jane Franklin London, writer
151 Alexandra Stein London, London South Bank University
150 Pam Lock Bristol, BRISTOL
149 André Bittar London, King’s College London
148 Martin Dewey-Findell Nottingham, University of Nottingham
147 Ozan Kamiloglu London, LSBU
146 Btihaj Ajana London, King’s College London
145 Thomas Cowan London, UCL
144 Tatiana Thieme London, UCL
143 Rachel Barrett London, King's College London
142 Maureen Allison Glasgow
141 Yoav Galai London, Royal Holloway, University of London
140 Laura Harrison Bristol, UWE, Bristol
139 Fabien Cante London, UCL
138 Omid Bagherli Woking
137 Mark Griffiths Newcastle, Northumberland
136 Alvina Hoffmann London, King's College London
135 Tony Clements London
134 Martin Johnson London, Former LSBU MA PPP student, former education TU leader
133 Sol Gamsu Newcastle upon Tyne, Durham University
132 Daniela Lai London, Royal Holloway, University of London
131 Ceri Oeppen Brighton, University of Sussex
130 D Park London
129 Elian Weizman London, London South Bank University
128 Yufei Song Manchester, University of Manchester
127 Kate Mitchell Glasgow, Scotland
126 Zara Dinnen London, QMUL
125 Sophie Elsmore London, LSBU
124 Archie Davies London, University of Sheffield
123 Carlos Azevedo Milton Keynes , The Open University
122 Cordelia Freeman Exeter, University of Exeter
121 Nancy Lambert Southampton
120 Chris Brierley Leighton Buzzard, University College London
119 Rose Lindsey Southampton, University of Southampton
118 Joe Penny London, Queen Mary University of London
117 Tom Hulme Belfast, Queen's University Belfast
116 Sarah C. London, UCL Student
115 Rachel Cooper Southampton
114 Neil Adams Wigan, Lancashire
113 Luke Dickens London , King's College London
112 Andrew Brooks London, King's college London
111 Ruth MacLeod London, London
110 Majed Akhter London, King's College London
109 Catriona Gold London, University College London
108 Matthew Richmond London, London School of Economics
107 Christine Barnes London , King's College London
106 Ruth Craggs London, King’s College London
105 Katharine Bradley Rochester, University of Kent
104 Camilla Royle London, King's College London
103 Gwyneth Lonergan Huddersfield, Lancaster University
102 James Kneale London, UCL
101 Susannah Deane Bath, University of Bristol
100 Rebecca Collins -
99 Anjelica Finnegan Southampton, Hampshire
98 Anique Liiv London, RCGP
97 Ryan Clements Broxbourne, Herts
96 Alistair Broomhead London, London
95 Tracey Hill Bath, Bath Spa University
94 Chris Rowell London, UAL
93 Matthew Dennis Borehamwood , Borehamwood
92 Sam Johnson-Schlee London, LSBU, - Select One -
91 Joe Gorecki Portsmouth, University of Bristol
90 Sarah Pyke London, Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London
89 Rebecca Johnson Colchester, Essex
88 Federica Rossi London, London South Bank University
87 Michael Pritchard Birmingham, Aston University
86 Marie Fitzgerald Kent , Lsbu
85 Dr C.H. Bryant Salford, UCU NW HE Sector secretary.
84 Sami Pinarbasi Manchester, LSBU, History
83 Bee Hughes Liverpool, LJMU
82 paul kennedy London, Westminster Kingsway College
81 Marina Vishmidt London, Goldsmiths, University of London
80 Angela Hulme Leeds, University of Leeds
79 Nick Parsons CARDIFF, Retired
78 Richard Pederick Derbyshire, The Open University
77 Richard Pederick Manchester, The Open University
75 Lynn Hancock LIVERPOOL, University of Liverpool
74 Charlotte Beyer Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
73 Stuart Oliver London, St Mary's University, Twickenham
72 Daniel Gordon Ormskirk, Edge Hill University
71 Robert MacDonald SOUTH SHIELDS, Tyne and Wear
70 Suthaharan Nadarajah London, SOAS
69 Chris Downs Sussex, The Open University
68 Chinedu Chukwudinma LONDON, LSBU
67 Sezen Kizilgul Kartal London, City and Islington College
66 Elisabeth Leake Leeds, University of Leeds
65 Emerson Maione Rio De Janeiro, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
64 Steve Gill Lichfield
63 Rahul Rao London, England
62 Melanie Lombard Sheffield, South Yorks
61 Michael Reinsborough London, SOAS
60 Stefan Manz Birmingham, Aston University, Birmingham
59 Jann Matlock London, University College London (UCL)
58 Katie Donington London, London South Bank University
57 David Huyssen York, University of York
56 Dan Thomson Birmingham
55 Elystan Griffiths Birmingham, Birmingham
54 Catriona Drew London, Please select a region, state or province.
53 Sandy Nicoll London, UNISON Branch Secretary, SOAS University of London
52 Mark Laffey London, SOAS
51 Emmanuelle Labeau Birmingham, West Midlands
50 Julia Doyle Cambridge, Universit of Cambridge
49 Emaan Dar London, LSBU alumna
48 Inessa Hadjivayanis london, SOAS
47 Alan Patterson Sheffield , SHU
46 Lutz Oette London, SOAS, University of London
45 Sue Conway Nottingham, Nottingham College
44 Stefania Travagnin London, SOAS
43 Shreya Sinha Cambridge, University of Cambridge
42 Elena Cancelas Birmingham, Aston University
41 Lars Laamann London, SOAS, University of London
40 Paolo Novak London, Soas
39 Sue Garton Birmingham, Aston University
38 Matthew Gordon London, SOAS
37 Lynn Welchman Oxford, Oxfordshire
36 Jens Lerche London, SOAS, University of London
35 Phil Clark London, SOAS
34 Justin Watkins London, Soas
33 Jonathan Goodhand London, SOAS
32 alessandra mezzadri london , soas
31 Christine Whyte Glasgow, University of Glasgow
30 Gilbert Achcar London, SOAS, University of London
29 Richard Huzzey Durham, Durham University
28 Rebecca Lewis London, SOAS University of London
27 Abelardo Clariana-Piga Southampton, Retired lecturer
26 Jo Tomkinson London, SOAS University of London
25 Jan Toporowski London, SOAS University of London
24 Celine Benoit Birmingham , HE
23 Charlotte Clements London, London South Bank University
22 Laura Hammond London, SOAS University of London
21 Simon Dye London, London
20 Katy Pilcher Birmingham, Aston university
19 Nathalie MRGUDOVIC Birmingham , Aston University
18 Joseph Yannielli Birmingham, Aston University
17 Abigail Boucher Birmingham, County (optional)
16 Claudia Gremler Birmingham , Aston University
15 Aurelia Robert Birmingham, West Midlands
14 David Orrego-Carmona Birmingham, Aston University
13 Daniel McAuley Birmingham, Aston University
12 Lisa Lawrence Leamington Spa
11 Jon Bryan Newcastle upon Tyne, Northern