Leeds Beckett University – cuts to Health Promotion

Leeds Beckett University are planning to cut nine full time and one part time teaching and research posts in the Health Promotion subject group including the complete closure of the Centre for Men’s Health.

The Centre for Men’s Health team are recognised as world leaders in the area and have been at the forefront of many influential developments. Their work is of key relevance to public, private and not for profit organisations looking to find more effective ways of engaging men, designing better interventions and shaping services so that men are more likely to use them.

Leeds Beckett was one of the first universities to teach health promotion at masters level and has a national and international reputation, with staff past and present being the leading contributors to academic publications in the area. The Centre for Health Promotion Research is the only one in the country, with staff recognised as leaders nationally and internationally on aspects such as community engagement and prison health.

We are no longer collecting signatures for this petition.

Thank you very much for your support.


We, the undersigned call on Leeds Beckett University to reconsider this decision and support staff  to develop an alternative plan and mode of delivery which will better manage the school budgets and enable the University to retain its reputation for high-impact teaching and research in these areas.

661 Anya Cook Newcastle College
660 Jonathan Heal
659 Farat Hussain Home
658 Angela Hulme University of Leeds
657 Rachel Smallwood
656 Rachel Gunning Altrincham
655 Oliver Bayfield University or York
654 George Yarnley
653 jill Toole Medic, North Sea I work in the North Sea as a Medic promoting health advice to an almost 100% male audience. The loss of this centre will be a major loss to men and their families. The lack of knowledge and wareness that men have is astounding! In my opinion, when raising mens awareness about health conditions - we've only just started to scratch the surface.
652 cathy barrnes lmu well someone has to pay for peter and the dvcs salaries
651 Nicholas Roslund Smethwick, West Midlands
650 Bernard Stevens fy5 3eb
649 Kevin Petrosenko
648 Graeme Smith
647 Nina Doran The City of Liverpool College
646 Mark Cannon If this was a women's health centre threatened with closure the media wouldn't leave the issue alone.
645 Ian Boss NHS Oxfordshire This is essential, as in politics there is a lot of support for women, they even have their own minister for this. Men's health is lacking, with no effective joined up thinking or policy making. As a result men's health issues take a back-burner, which can only be detrimental to men's health as a whole. MEN'S HEALTH MATTERS.
644 Colin champion
643 Daniel Smith
642 Christopher Rycroft
641 ian banks Leeds Uiversity Medical School, Ulster University Achool of Nursing,, Queens University.Medical School. Recognising an investment has to be a priority for any university. The Centre for Mens Health js one of the best examples of impact not least in European and Global mens health .. Closure would throw good common sense to the winds not to mentiion waste the enormous hard work and talent within this centre.
640 Gilles Tremblay Laval University/Canada
639 Ben Kemp Lives will be lost
638 Kate Milnes Leeds Beckett University
637 Jane Symonds Finland Alumni of Leeds University
636 Rubz Macoy Belfast Statistically speaking, men have a shorter life expectancy on average than women, they are the overwhelming majority of workplace fatalities, and they are committing suicide at an alarmingly high rate. Men's issues are human issues. Please reconsider this decision.
635 Michael Snape
634 Windi Marwa Leeds Beckett University
633 Nigel Harris Lees Brook Community School Men pay for the majority of welfare, yet women receive most welfare. Since men and boys are not cared for, losing this facility means there will be nothing left to help men and boys at all.
632 Adrian Kuczewski
631 Barbara Hofmann
630 Phil Lancaster
629 Ian Cawthorne Chartered member of IOSH The centre has done some brilliant work over the years. The most recent research: looking into the state of men's health in Leeds is helping me as a lead within my workplace create strategies that will make a real difference to those who need it the most. There is much more that can be done and the Centre for Men's Health has the expertise and know how to address the key themes.
628 Tim Goodall University of Leeds It's vital that we keep this centre for research into men's health.
627 Louise Seddon Leeds Beckett student in public health
626 Kate Cox
625 Daniel Taron Buckinghamshire New University
624 luke tilley Hyde Park Source (Leeds)
623 Ian Warwick UCL Institute of Education
622 Neil Parish NHS Highland This Department appears to be leading the way in at least trying to confront the issues around Mens Health.
621 Yoel Bidó
620 John McGrory Civil Service (PCS Union member)
619 Tamsin Macdonald Touchstone
618 Susan walker Leeds Beckett University
617 Allan Challenger Oldham council
616 Pauline Ramshaw Teesside University
615 Katherine Sang Heriot–Watt University
614 Mike Kelly Institute of Public Health, University of Cambridge.
613 Roger Smith
612 Susie Atherton De Montfort University
611 Mark Horsley Teesside University There seems to be a lot of this kind of thing about at the moment. Closing one of the few men's health research units in the country seems particularly short-sighted and destructive.
610 Benedikt Lehmann York St John University
609 Georgios Antonopoulos University of Teesside
608 James Hart University of Teesside
607 Edmund Coleman-Fountain Northumbria University
606 Robert MacDonald University of Teesside I urge Leeds Beckett University to recognise the importance of this world-leading research centre and reconsider its closure and the cuts to teaching in Health Promotion.
605 Laura Ashley Leeds Beckett University
604 Paul Wray Leeds
603 Phil Heywood University of Leeds (Retired)
602 Patricia Jackson Hunslet
601 Mary Williams Cardiff
600 Nina Bull Royal Mail
599 Yvonne Quaintrell Leeds Beckett University
598 Ben Dalton Leeds Beckett University
597 grant carson Men's well being is very important!
596 Carli Jones Leeds Beckett University Why would a decision to shut down one of the only centres for men's health research in the UK, and arguably the leading centre in Europe be about to be made when we are still living in a society/culture where masculinity causes so many problems for individuals and society and when male suicide is at an all time high! This resource is so desperately needed please reconsider!!
595 Georgina Jones Leeds Beckett University
594 Lesley McGorrigan University of Leeds
593 Peter Monaghan Cambridge Regional College
592 Mark Greening NHS
591 Joseph Greening University of Leeds
590 Jean Crocker University of Teesside
589 Simon Kitchin Bolton Council
588 Phoebe Moore Middlesex University
587 Yaqub Paul Murray Royal Agricultural University Men's health is of crucial importance and has social & individual value. Leeds Beckett senior management should take ultimate responsibility for re-thinking a creative vision for generating income. Cutting academic jobs because of a lack in senior management competence to generate new income is morally reprehensible.
586 Niamh Nolan
585 Kayleigh Garthwaite Newcastle University
584 Yusuf Jaafar
583 Joseph Boughey Retired from Liverpool JMU
582 Kathryn Dutton University of Bradford
581 Darius Jackson Jackson
580 Joanne Greenhalgh University of Leeds
579 Katherine Sang Heriot–Watt University
578 Kim Allen University of Leeds
577 Dylan Green UK
576 Michael Gill Liverpool
575 dilsher sandhu sanderz
574 Cameron Bell
573 Bryan Turner Local Government
572 c hannaby
571 Valerie Turner Worthing Borough Council This is important work to the benefit of all, to cut it is a huge step backwards.
570 Annmarie Clay mental health in young men is one of the worst problems we're currently dealing with as a society. Closing facilities would be a real error.
569 Joshua Lawson Leeds Bread Co-op
568 Alan Brown Armley
567 Jacqueline Wilkinson Leeds Beckett University
566 Lewis Denver
565 Ersilia Verlinghieri University of Oxford
564 Helen Owton Open University (OU) No more cuts!
563 Rachael Mott University of Leeds
562 Alice Healey University of Leeds
561 Clare Gibbs Coleg y Cymoedd
560 Joel Millward-Hopkins University of Leeds
559 Ryan Spinney
558 Lesley Kane Open University (OU)
557 Ethan Kinsella
556 Derek McCaughey
555 Julie Osman
554 Penny Spring This is very disappointing news and it will have considerable negative implications for health and wellbeing research, policy and outcomes.
553 Jennifer Chesters University of Oxford
552 James Richards Heriot–Watt University Please accept our support from HWUCU at LBU. Just no need for such savage an unnecessary cuts. Universities are very inefficient organisations and if financial savings are needed there will be plenty of non-staff savings to be made. Lazy university with no imagination.
551 Gerry Pisacane Bradford College
550 John Gilfillan simply wrong
549 susan wade Bradford College Men's health refers to a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. As men make up half of our society, isn't it important to make sure that good health is promoted?
548 Peter Rod Um Men are the slaves of this world, men have way more issues than women
547 Helen Rook
546 Vivian Draup Bradford College Getting men to engage with their health issues is really important to all of us... No to the cuts!
545 Marilyn Standing Leeds Beckett University Faculty of Health now retired
544 catherine holden Bradford College men's health is an important and often neglected area opf study and promotion. Please reconsider cuts to this vital course at Leeds Beckett.
543 Lawrence Stevenson
542 Tony Alderson
541 Lesley McIntosh Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.
540 Michael Kent Tincan Ltd
539 Thomasm Caulfield Hertfordshire So mens health is not important? Being only 50% of the population?
538 Anna Fleming
537 Brian Farnett Fry and Barnett
536 Max Stanley
535 Peter Cash
534 Rajan Vazirani
533 Markus Lausch
532 Jillian Howley
531 Keaton Hoelscher
530 anon mra
529 Ian Shuman Ooopooo
528 Alex Hope
527 Caroline Costongs EuroHealthNet/brussels Future health business is the business of health promotion and disease prevention. It would be a mistake to close down this Centre.
526 Spencer Wright Other
525 Habib Alamin
524 Simon Buist
523 Andy Stafford University of Leeds
522 Keith Simpson City, University of London
521 Maire Daley Liverpool Hope University
520 vince cable another example of the wastage of public funding profit before students
519 Anne Whitcombe At a time of increasing recognition of the role of preventive health and health promotion in innovation and development, both research and teaching in this field are much needed. This should underpin, not only this profession, but other disciplines also and reduction in expertise potentially damaging.
518 Darren Shaw Leeds Beckett University
517 Elizabeth Lawrence
516 Harsha Patel Clearly a bad decision. Important innovative work they are doing here. Decision-makers don't seem to have taken the opportunity to understand the real value of health promotion. Greater creativity needed in decision-making.
515 Kirsty Priestley Leeds Trinity University
514 Kajal Cook Self employed
513 William Fisher Milwaukee Spread the word that this needs to stay open. If this was the Centre for Women's Health, people would be rightfully outraged. This should be no different. Keep it open!
512 Rhiannon Lockley Halesowen College
511 Umit Yildiz Edge Hill University
510 Sue Abbott Newcastle University Oppose these redundancies.
509 Maxim Rowlands
508 Vicky Blake University of Leeds
507 Jennifer Jones UWS
506 Steven French University of Leeds
505 Paul Errington Teesside university
504 Amanda Sackur
503 Remi Joseph-Salisbury Leeds Beckett University
502 Susan Birch Leeds Beckett University
501 Cormac McCarhty formerly of Action for Blind People Sad to see yet more cuts to essential work.
500 count arthur strong Leeds Beckett University daft
499 Joe Bagdzius Hertford Regional College
498 Christopher Vogel Australia
497 Rhodri Curnow Cutting resources for male students to access help is a disgrace and wouldn't fly if the same was being done to women's health despite the fact that Male Students are at risk to receive more violence, more likely to kill themselves and just as likely to sexually assaulted as female students whilst being a minority on campus'
496 Joy Hart Hive How can you cut Health Promotion seems ridiculously short sighted
495 John Rutland Middlesbrough
494 Calum Sanderson Australia
493 darren nixon Leeds Beckett University
492 Oliver Mweemba University of Zambia, Dept of Health Promotion and Education Am an Alumni of the Centre for Men's health. Based on the knowledge and support for the centre, we have established a Health Promotion and Education Dept, which is offering courses Masculinity, Gender and Health. It will surely be a mistake to terminate such a valuable centre to the world
491 Chiara D'Anna London Metropolitan University
490 jamie oliver City, University of London never accepted an honoury award from this place in leeds saw the political aspirations this shows it all now
489 simon lee Open University (OU) has the fall in funding for the zambia course that madr a real profit for the university rather than social change contributed ? business class flights !
488 Keith Graham University of Glasgow Just look at our suicide rate and tell me this research is not needed
487 claude Hendrickson Boyz2Men BME project Leeds west Indian centre Charitable trust it would be a great did service to the men's health work that has been developing in Leeds
486 Steven McDermott University of the Arts, London
485 Aldis Ozols Sydney, Australia
484 Natasha Alvarado
483 Mark Hodgson
482 Brian Kavanagh Roehampton University
481 Leon Welch
480 Patrick Duggan Surrey A university is about more than money. Protect these roles, the work being done is important.
479 Adam Finn Sandon school
478 Ian Pepper Mental Health Charity Sector This is an important area of study/research as statistics on men's suicide and general mental health issues will attest so I am appalled at these plans.
477 Nathan Palmer
476 Marc Denim
475 Mohamad Saab University College Cork
474 Drew Domalick
473 John Leith
472 Evermore Mapungwana
471 James Ramsden
470 Jean GAFFIN retired PCT chair Men are a hard to reach group - a focus on their health makes good public health sense
469 George Arthur
468 Ray Calder
467 Steven Markham Health Promotion Group Health is a human right. This 'proposal' to abolish the Centre for Men's Health and make 10 Health Promotion Group staff redundant is being made by caetextic accountants who do not value health and wellbeing research that impacts males of all ages, their families and society.
466 Jordan McCullough
465 nick ryder Brighton
464 Timothy Larson United States of America (USA)
463 Rachel Fidler London
462 Peter Hemming Cardiff University
461 Martin McDonnell
460 Rory Bell Tyne and Wear
459 Benjamin Ibbetson North Yorkshire Men's health and wellbeing is sadly almost universally ignored by society at large. This is despite men dying earlier, dying more often in the workplace and commiting suicide more often. Don't be a part of the society that ignores men's issues. The work that was being done at the university was essential. I want to stay proud that my former university.
458 damien page South Essex College as vice chancellor in waiting can i be quite clear that thia is not part of our university strategy - this has not been discussed with our governors and is a whim to meet budget at end of year
457 Tyler A undisclosed Shoutout to r/MensRights
456 Alec Tinker
455 micky mouse Kensington and Chelsea College (KCC) who is lori beckett and how do leeds beckett employ such people to make a connection with grenfall is a disgrace and demands an apology what on earth is gping on up there in leeds ?
454 undisclosed undisclosed undisclosed this is yet another slimy pete cut
453 Ruth Cross Leeds Beckett University
452 Adetoke Akande Alumni Leeds Beckett University/ Msc Health Promotion
451 Undisclosed Undisclosed The work and learning carried out by the Centre for Men's Health has contributed significantly to aspects of my work to date. It contributes to existing relationships with local authorities, 3rd sector organisations and academic networks internationally. Id be sad to see this Centre close down and believe the university should be supporting mens health not doing the opposite.
450 Sarah Hawley The MSc in Health Promotion was the best teaching experience due to these amazing lecturers. In my opinion their passion, experience, hard work and commitment to an excellent student experience made the course and I am very sad to hear about this situation. At an event today I heard how well respected and vital the Health Promotion subject area is thanks to the staff behind it.
449 Sarah Alden University of Sheffield
448 Chris Orton Health Sector development lead
447 Xander Warrender Don't ignore men's health issues. This is discriminatory unless you're making equal cuts to women's health funding.
446 Tracy Ramsey Liverpool Hope University
445 Lisa Esmonde Sheffield 4 Good Health Clinic
444 Marc Taylor
443 Fabio Danesin Violence has no sex
442 Matthew Darlow Alumnus, Leeds Beckett University
441 Craig Gent University of Warwick
440 Kevin Stoodley North East Young Dads & Lads Project Really sad to hear that Leeds Beckett University are planning these cuts. The Health Promotion subject group have been an invaluable source of specialist support, knowledge and expertise to our charity overtime. A lifeline for projects and services who want to offer the highest quality services that meet the needs of young dads.
439 Lesli Godfrey Leeds Beckett University Redundancy is such a short-sighted approach to tackling budget cuts in the school when this team has such International acclaim and the potential to attract income from research and consultancy across the globe. There must be another path that could be taken.
438 Renee Thompson Northamptonshire
437 Lori Beckett Carnegie School of Education These proposed staff cuts in Health promotion are myopic, ironically given the wider social & political significance given recent atrocities, including the Grenfell Tower block fire disaster in London, but also given local experiences of health and educational inequalities. Instead, the university should be working to coordinate across-School partnerships to develop initiatives locally & beyond.
436 Dave Woolley Leeds beckett University/school of BE&E/Northern Terrace LBU should reconsider its' strategy on this issue especially given that there is in excess of £120M planned expenditure on new building works.
435 Liam Kelly National Centre for Men's Health, Institute of Technology Carlow
434 Josh Bostock
433 Mark Williams Leeds Beckett University/City Campus
432 Leslie Bender Illinois Do NOT close this centre.
431 Lorraine Agu LBU
430 Lisa Dervan University of Bristol
429 Paul Dawson NHS
428 Melanie Watts Leeds Beckett University
427 Pieter de Meer London
426 Cheryl Hurst New York
425 Mary Harrison Leeds Beckett University
424 John Gregson Leeds Beckett University
423 William Baldwin
422 Stephen Wagg Leeds Beckett University Please withdraw these plans.
421 Ebrahim Shaghouei Leeds Beckett University
420 Paul Sharples Leeds Beckett University
419 Sally Foster Leeds Beckett University
418 Rebecca Berrigan
417 Ros Chiosso Leeds Beckett University To impose compulsory redundancies would be such a retrograde step and would cross a line that has never been breached in this institution's history - (at least not in the 25 years I have worked here). There are always alternatives and I would urge the University to explore these.
416 Andrea Gorra Leeds Beckett University
415 Tim Briggs Leeds Beckett People before profit?
414 Suzanne Corazzi Leeds Beckett University
413 Sajida Manzoor LBU
412 Conrad Russell Leeds Beckett University
411 simon warren Leeds Beckett University The Social Mobility Group of Universities UK7 makes comment about the role of many Universities as ‘anchor institutions within their local community, working with local and regional partners to promote economic, social and cultural regeneration.’ I think there are fantastic examples across the university where we engage socially, culturally and economically. We should promote all this work.
410 gill phillips Leeds Beckett University
409 Alan Combs
408 Ollie Jones West Yorkshire
407 Kathryn Curran Leeds Beckett University
406 Keith Dando Leeds Beckett University
405 Janine Lee Leeds Beckett University
404 Tom Goodwin Leeds Beckett University
403 Lynne Hibberd Cultural Studies
402 Amy Brightmore Leeds Beckett University
401 David Kesselheim
400 Glyn Thompson North East Lincs Council
399 Alexandra Blum
398 Mark Gamsu Leeds Beckett University
397 Mark Barter
396 Olivia Garvey University of Leeds
395 David Mays Leeds Beckett University
394 Eleanor Davies
393 Simon Coss Journalist
392 Ted W
391 Stella Johnson West Yorkshire R&D
390 James Brown SOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
389 Jim Pollard Freelance health writer I have written hundreds of thousands of words on men's health over the years in books, articles and online and there's definitely nowhere else that comes close to the Leeds Beckett centre for men's health. The university has an international reputation for men's health. When times are tough, closing down arguably your biggest asset is surely not the way to go.
388 Linda Sayle Member of Unite Union
387 Lawrence Bernard Mental health (and especially men's mental health) is sorely underfunded and under-researched as it is. The proposed cuts and closure of the Centre for Men's Health may save a few quid, but what's valuable cannot be measured by money alone.
386 Simon Rowlands Leeds Beckett University
385 Jack Saunders University of Warwick
384 Torin Lewer
383 Adam Kara Carpenter
382 Rajveer Raghuwanshi n/a
381 Judet-Safi Mevertis-Karim
380 Sara Sause Sydney
379 Ben Champ Gloucestershire At a time where men are being largely ignored where so many women's services are being expanded, it remains crucial to maintain the few services we have for men. Men deserve support too, and its about time we gave it to them. Male suicide is at an all time high and if services like this one are not provided, this will surely continue to get worse.
378 Blake Beesley
377 James Newton
376 Shannon Coles
375 Nicky Hudson
374 Neil Barnett Leeds Beckett University
373 Marika Rose University of Winchester
372 Liiam Kernan Mengage Ltd
371 Lorna Jones
370 Nicholas Ramsey
369 Alison Potts
368 Trevor Miles
367 Adrian Johnson
366 Colin Penning
365 LINDA GIBSON Nottingham Trent University (NTU) At a time when the global health community is talking about the need for all countries to develop action plans to achieve the SDGs and a renewed focus on achieving UHC health promotion is needed more than ever. Leeds Beckett has always been a leader in health promotion education and practice. It is a time to invest not divest. Reconsider please
364 Jonathan Pownall
363 Raphael Clark Barca-Leeds As someone who works in deprived areas of Leeds I see such a need for this kind of support, education and research to continue. Please reconsider.
362 Amanda Galsworthy
361 David Mcguire
360 Glenn Williams Leeds Beckett University It is tragic to witness the proposed disbanding of the Men's Health team and the prospect of redundancies among the Health Promotion team. It is also sad to see someone playing around with this petition by posing as senior figures in the University (e.g. Andrew Slade (would he HONESTLY use the phrase 'RAE'??), and Cathy Barnes (not Uni of Leeds)). This is not a laughing matter at all! Why do th
359 Zarria Phillips Bristol Area Unite Community
358 Joan M Coan Keighley. West Yorks.
357 Sharon North West yorkshire Police We need more support services not less . We need to stop the cuts and end this incessant regressive mentality and long term human cost to far too many . Sharon
356 Liam McLoughlin Closing the centre would be a severe setback to the undervalued area of addressing men's health issues.
355 Andy Cullen S91JQ
354 Francesca Day I graduated from the MSc Public Health-Health Promotion course in 2014 and it was the best decision that I've ever made. I don't believe that I would have been able to progress my career without it and it would be awful if others weren't able to access the same high quality education that I enjoyed.
353 Elizabeth Wilks N Wales Short sighted decision will lead to poorer health outcomes further diwn the line.
352 Mark Brooks The ManKind Initiative As a charity that supports male victims of domestic abuse who suffer from both physical and mental health problems, we need this vital centre to remain open.
351 Sean Gallagher Farley Community College The closure of a centre doing such vital and rare research into an incredibly important topic would be catastrophic.
350 David Jacques Merseyside In Solidarity
349 Xanthe Whittaker University of Leeds
348 Jan Bernard EVDA.ORG.UK
347 Nick Musselle Glyndŵr University
346 Paul Spencer
345 Camilla Royle King's College London (KCL)
344 Andy Mitchell London Metropolitan University An absolutely disgraceful way to treat this groundbreaking team. This dept works closely with the unemployed, homeless, single parents and other marginalised groups in Leeds and beyond.
343 Libby Tinworth Health for all
342 Caroline Law De Montfort University (DMU)
341 Terry Kevans Gloucestershire
340 Oliver Swingler Man with 7 medical conditions
339 Mary Sayer Unite the Union, Salford As co-ordinator of Unite's project 'Unite in Schools' - I feel strongly about any move (particularly in the current political climate) to compromise successful and much needed work in the community amongst marginalised sections of society.
338 Adam Dyster
337 Harry Stopes University College London (UCL)
336 natalie davies zest health for life
335 shaun pender Unite Community
334 Brett Sparkes Unite UCU member
333 Pat Daly
332 Kerry McMahon
331 Sai Englert SOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
330 Sheila Coleman Unite community
329 Ben Towse University College London (UCL)
328 Rachel Krische-Duenas Leeds Beckett University
327 Kelly Tomlinson Unite Community Coordinator Please Beckett University reconsider this decision, support your staff and enable the University to retain its reputation for high-impact teaching and research in these areas.
326 Albert Hewitt Belfast Unite the Union
325 Stephen Cowden Coventry University This seems to me an utterly irrational course closure. Surely at a time when there is such well documented evidence of health inequalities and the social impact these have, we should not be closing professional training in this area.
324 Suzanne White
323 Tim Jeeves University of Lancaster
322 Emma Goldsmith Rugby League It would be an incredible shame to see the closure of the Centre for Men's Health. This centre have supported the Sport of Rugby League immensely in the past, across multiple project, not just the current commission. It would be a huge loss to the University to cut this department, we instead would propose a different model of delivery (including a business development function).
321 Agnes Henson Leeds Beckett University
320 David Pearce Leeds Beckett University
319 Laura Davies Leeds Beckett University
318 Ben Leonard
317 Louisa Malone Birmingham
316 Altgeld Thomas Landesvereinigung für Gesundheit & Akademie für Sozialmedizin Niedersachsen e.V., Hannover Dont shut down the absolute hotspot of mens health research. The editorial stuff of the maennergesundheitsportal.de in Germany is learning a lot from this centre.
315 Scarlett Drury Leeds Beckett University
314 Patrick Ingham Leeds Beckett University
313 Catherine Tucker Leeds Beckett University
312 Harry Woolner Leeds North Social Prescribing It would be terrible if the centre gets closed. Men's health and wellbeing work is grossly underfunded and under researched. And yet the destructive nature of men's issues are central to many of the problems occurring in our communities. We need more centres of this ilk, not less!
311 Sian Cartwright Carers Leeds
310 Ann Pemberton Home-Start Leeds very disappointing news.
309 Simon Howes Autumn Live Ltd The research from the CfMH gets used in every talk I give on men's mental health and suicides prevention. The quality and practicality of application means it literally changes and saves lives. Do not close this department, it would be a short-sighted, reputation-damaging decision that you will end up regretting. Instead, make the kind of choices that will give you kudos and respect.
308 Paul Barker Space2 Leeds
307 Hannah May Connect Housing
306 Alex Toothill Royal Mencap Society
305 Joanne Trigwell Leeds Beckett University
304 Dom Charkin Zest Health for Life
303 Donna Johnson Leeds Beckett University
302 Caragh Brosnan University of Newcastle, Australia
301 Craig McKenna
300 Clare McConnell NHS Digital
299 Sarah Kelsey Leeds Beckett University Shocked by this news.
298 Michael Cross University of Bradford
297 Mark Carrigan
296 Jayne Godward Leeds Beckett University Alternatives to redundancy need to be explored to allow these experienced and valuable staff to continue contributing to the University
295 Lucy Graham
294 Helen Doig Unite
293 Alison Traynor Bangor University
292 Martin Pennington
291 Georgia Jenkins University of Leeds
290 Mohammed Azam LS8 5JG
289 Doreen Keegan
288 Graham Martin
287 Frances Darby
286 Jordan Turner Edinburgh Unite Community
285 Leonie Sharp UNISON
284 Clare Duggan Leeds
283 Jessica Turner De Montfort University (DMU)
282 Nina Putnis NHS
281 Kevin Deighton
280 Karl Powell
279 Emily Wheeler University of Leeds
278 Rob Wilson Leeds City Council
277 Hillary Wadsworth
276 Bill Walton
275 Liam Bishop Leeds University
274 Tony Whelan London School of Economics (LSE)
273 Emma Martin Merseyside
272 Angela Rawden Leeds
271 Erica Moored
270 Chris Armstrong University of Leeds
269 Deirdre O'Neill University of Huddersfield This is a disgraceful decision and a symptom of the appalling way universities are being run in line with a neoliberal agenda
268 Angela Beese Psychologist/Psychotherapist Otley West Yorkshire It is essential to find ways of encouraging men of all ages to engage with health services and in particular mental-health services in order to prevent suffering and tragedy both for themselves, their families and society in general. This is a neglected group and this Research Centre has been producing some terrific work.
267 Clive Klinger Leeds
266 Mirja Heinen University college dubli
265 Alex Sobel Member of Parliament The work of the Centre for Men's Health provides valuable work on engaging men on health issues which traditionally men tend to ignore or downplay. The Centre supports the third sector and will leave many organisations without support if it closes. I undertsand the heavy cuts placed on Univerities by Government and the funding regime but this decision should be revisited
264 Barlow Matthew Leeds Beckett University
263 Tracy Shildrick University of Leeds
262 Elaine White Bradford College
261 Joanne Arro Hull City Council
260 Malcolm Lyon Retired (University of Manchester)
259 Christine Smith UCU Branch Plymouth Marjon University
258 Michael Jenkins
257 Andreas Mayer
256 michael grimes west yorkshire
255 Helen Ingle Leeds Beckett University
254 Brandon Fox Labour Party Leeds Central constituency
253 Alex Donohoe WIT
252 Treasa McVeigh last workplace: School of Nursing & Human Sciences, Dublin City University, Ireland. Health Promotion is IMPORTANT! Making cuts to this is shortsighted and will cost more money in the end. Prevention is better (& cheaper) than cure. Chronic conditions / multiple morbidities likely to bankrupt the NHS in the coming decades if issue not addressed.
251 Lisa Hugill
250 Sand Fellner
249 Ruth Stern School of Public Health, University of Western Cape, South Africa Staff of the Health Promotion Dept were instrumental developing and supporting our Health Promotion Module and teaching programme. This level of support is essential for newer universities and it is horrendous to think that this wonderful resource is being cut
248 Lindsay Richardson
247 Alina Conngreve London
246 Katie Pickering Leeds Beckett University
245 Julie Fagan Sacred heart catholic college
244 Debbie Kinsella Sandymoor School
243 Helen Steel Leeds Beckett University
242 Martin Gebbett Leeds
241 Louise Cousins alumni Leeds Beckett
240 Costas Tsakirides Leeds Beckett University It is unbelievably tough for professionals who give their life and soul for their job, their students and their research to have to live with this fear/threat of redudancy over their heads. I hope the University will reconsider.
239 Bren Neale University of Leeds
238 Judy Thorne The University of Manchester
237 Hannah Corne
236 Amy Sweet Used to attend Leeds Beckett
235 Stephen Burrows University of Leeds
234 Holly Caldow Manchester
233 Tracy Herd Independent health improvement Specialists
232 Julie Armstrong Unite the Union Short sighted
231 Antony Silson Teacher
230 Matt Keighley
229 William Jarrett Unite the Union This is diabolical
228 Sarah Davies
227 Andrrw Toogood Didsbury
226 Erika Laredo Leeds Beckett University This decision is the price of the marketisation of HE. The decion must be reversed and we need a national debate about the current direction of the role of Universities in public life.
225 Marven Scott Ex Beckett Student
224 Humaira Akter Warwick
223 Caroline Isle Unite Community Leeds & Wakefield 
222 Karl Baker-Green Sheffield Hallam University Corporate Myopia
221 Tim Straughan NHS England The Centre for Men's Health is has done an enormous amount of fantastic work over the last decade to raise the profile of men's health and has developed a world class reputation for reaseach and publications. It is one of the few expert centres in the world devoted to men's health and it is short sited to close this unit at a time when we should be investing in prevention and public health.
220 Caroline McGrory NHS Lothian
219 Vicky Laird
218 Marita Hennessy NUI Galway
217 Lawrence Mroz University of British Columbia, School of Nursing, Vancouver, Canada My post-doctoral fellowship with Steve Robertson at the Centre for Men's Health was important in shaping my work in men's health research and directing my career. Hard to imagine why Leeds Beckett would dismantle one of the few men's health centres in the world!
216 Julie Ellis
215 Ben Davies University of Portsmouth
214 Laura Ettenfield
213 Diane Scott
212 John Hadwin Retired; formerly Guildford College of F and HE.
211 Theocharis Ispoglou
210 Steve Atkinson Leeds Beckett University myopic
209 Dr Patricia Owen Institute Of Health Promotion And Education Http://Ihpe.Org.Uk/ For many years Leeds Beckett University has had a major impact on health promotion at national and international levels. Many public health leaders have been trained by this institution. We need more centres such as this not less to help find evidence and ways to reduce health inequalities and promote health. priorities.
208 Mercedes Martin Nevado
207 Eddie Caldow University of Salford Research into men's health is a vital area. Time and money should be invested in this area, not taken away.
206 Men's Health Network USA
205 Alison Lamont Roehampton University
204 Jonathan Long
203 Steven Cope University of Kent Men need health care. Closing this centre reinforces the idea that men are not concerned about 'soft' issues like health.
202 Don McCreary Toronto, Canada The Centre for Men's Health conducts game-changing research into understanding men's greater health morbidity and mortality risks. They engage in training and outreach. Their services are the best available and their loss would have a significantly negative impact on men's health in the U.K., Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere.
201 Amy Mathieson The University of Manchester
200 Eddie Little Retired
199 James Hannam
198 Dominic Miles-Shenton Leeds Beckett University
197 Rob Newton NHS England Health Promotion department is a tremendous asset to the university and the city. They would be sorely missed for many partnerships in addition to profits.
196 Nigel Mountney University of Leeds
195 Shane O'Donnell National Centre for Men's Health, I.T. Carlow
194 Katherine Baxter
193 Sophie Smith
192 Sophie Kinsella
191 G Raine Leeds Beckett University
190 Colin Fowler Men's Health Forum in Ireland
189 Nick Ashton University of Manchester
188 Pamela Fisher Leeds Beckett University
187 Matthew Evans University of Sussex
186 David Farmer Leeds Beckett University
185 Peter Baker Global Action on Men's Health The Centre for Men’s Health is unique in the UK. There is no other academic body with its remit, skills, expertise and experience. In fact, it is one of only a handful of similar organisations around the world and is pre-eminent among them. The Centre has an excellent track record in terms not only of academic research but also of project evaluation and policy and practice development.
184 Mark Taylor Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU)
183 Emily Hart Lancaster University
182 Julian Goodare University of Edinburgh
181 Kaley Kramer York St John University
180 Adele Morrin Leeds Beckett University
179 Hugh Meyer Leeds Beckett University/City Campus/Rosebowl
178 Jim Speirs Emis Health
177 Chris Downs University of Chichester
176 Dr John Lloyd Vice President IHPE
175 David Carless
174 Anne-Marie Bagnall Leeds Beckett University
173 Sarah Gillborn Leeds Beckett University
172 Glen Jankowski Leeds Beckett University These cuts are a threat to all academic staff.
171 Steven Appleton Brabners
170 Gourav Banerjee Leeds Beckett U
169 Ann Sunderland Leeds Beckett University
168 Laura Sheard Bradford Teaching Hospitals
167 Mark Monaghan
166 Adam Lowe Adam Lowe, MSc. - PhD Researcher and Part-time Lecturer - School of Social Sciences - Leeds Beckett University The Centre for Men’s Health is an international leader, producing research with real world impact. Terminating this department for short term financial gains would have hugely negative implications, both for the university’s impact but also moral. A tragedy for academia and society, especially those underrepresented groups which the CfMH bring to the fore. A cynical and unambitious strategy.
165 Helen Russell
164 Alex Nunn University of Derby Some excellent research work went on in this unit, with positive academic and social impacts. If Health Promotion, including Centre for Men's Health, is now deemed to be unviable financially then surely this is (a) the responsibility of the University management, and (b) it would benefit from time to adjust to a new financial model.
163 Charlotte Jeavons University of Greenwich
162 Mark Davis