Call for greater investment in FE

Robert Halfon, the Conservative minister for Apprenticeships and Skills in England, talked about our campaign in a recent speech:

‘I have been impressed by the stories that the UCU are sharing, which demonstrate the transformative role FE can have in people’s lives, and shows how it helps us to achieve social justice.

We agree. But what FE needs is action as well as words.

Please sign our letter to Robert Halfon calling for greater investment in FE and for the government to prioritise the recruitment of an an additional 15,000 teachers.

Dear Robert,

We write on behalf of teachers who work in further education.

Our areas of expertise range enormously. Among our number are people who help immigrants learn English; teach offenders in prison; provide a second chance for those who left school with few qualifications; work with apprentices; and provide a gateway to higher education.

We support the UCU’s ‘FE Transforms’ campaign which demonstrates the difference that FE can make to people’s lives and were pleased to hear you reference it in your speech to the Association of Colleges last year.

However, many parts of further education have faced severe cuts since the financial crisis, with the result that there are now more than a million fewer adult learners than in 2009. Thousands of teaching and support staff have also been made redundant, weakening the sector and robbing it of valuable expertise.

As the government embarks on a new industrial strategy and establishes new relationships with and beyond the European Union, it has never been so important to ensure a strong and accessible further education sector to underpin the nation’s skills development.

However, while politicians often talk about the importance of further education, there is insufficient investment to enable it to deliver to its full potential.

Given your recognition of the power of further education we would therefore like to ask you to support our call to build the capacity of the further education workforce through the recruitment of an additional 15,000 teaching staff in England. These staff would help create thousands more learning opportunities and could be employed in areas of critical importance to our society and economy – teaching English and Maths; ESOL; offender learning; re-skilling older workers; providing an alternative path into higher education and many other key areas besides.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

3,152 Ruby Homawala
3,151 Isabelle Rahman College of North West London (CNWL) English Functional Skills and GCSE Courses have been cut at our college which mean that students have to travel further afield to find the course that they need. This is not right. FE serves a very important function: to give students the opportunity to gain qualifications which they need to get on and make something of themselves. Please support the call to increase funding to FE.
3,150 maria luisa martinez SEN I have noticed that what is available in jobs for teachers in firther education is that there only offers on zero hours contracts. I worked in two occassions in two of thoese contracts with terrible conditions. One only gets pay by the hour one teaches, nothing pay for all the administrative work wihich it is a lot and lately I have not LSA to help me or parents officers, I even have to buy resou
3,149 Mark de Valk University of Winchester
3,148 Celia Hollingworth Bristol University UCU - retired member
3,147 Brian Burden English at Braintree College of FE (retired)
3,146 James Ewers Music, Goldsmiths, University of London
3,145 Vaia Patta
3,144 Vivien Milne English ,Hull College
3,143 Fabienne Gimenez ESOL
3,142 Luke Dearden Oldham College
3,141 Hazel Raven Doncaster College Computing
3,140 Martin Doyle Dudley College of Technology
3,139 Mev Akram North Lindsey College
3,138 Helene Neveu Kringelbach University College London (UCL)
3,137 Alice Dolan
3,136 Ian Eyres Education The Open University
3,135 Sarah Baker Careers Dudley College
3,134 Manjeet Ramgotra SOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
3,133 Hugh Cansdale ESOL tutor, South & City College Birmingham, Bordesley Green
3,132 David McCormick Computing Department Gloucestershire College Further Education in IT & Computing is a great way of engaging students and promoting the vital work based skills need for future generations that our economy requires. To carry out this vital work we need greater investment by government please consider our request so that we can provide this opportunity to all those students who wish to acquire these life skills.
3,131 Marei Schweitzer Illustration, Falmouth University
3,130 Martin Tottle Interior Design Warwickshire College I am one of those very fortunate individuals who in the 1960's benefited from the adult education system after leaving school without any formal qualifications. the day release and evening courses allowed me to develop my academic and practical skills, which in turn gave me the opportunity to become a lecturer and later a college manager. This system is essential to the future of the United Kind
3,129 Christopher Hughes Motor Vehicle studies Wolverhampton Street Dudley
3,128 amanda Nicholson Gloucestershire College, SENCO
3,127 Angela JOhnson LDD Gloucestershire College
3,126 Anna Bellamy Maths, FE
3,125 Marie Howarth English at Dudley College
3,124 Mel Pardoe Henley College Coventry
3,123 Barrie Orton Lecturer in Psychology and Research Methodology HE & FE After twenty years I am being charged to park to do my job fore no other reason than to raise revenue. My undergraduates have been assigned ground floor classrooms because they have disabilities and cannot climb the stairs - the one public lift hasn't worked for weeks. .
3,122 steve ramsdale Business Studies - RNC Hereford FE has supported and still supports vocational education training and development for over 100 years. It also supports so many people who have slipped through the net at school. It is also completed in a very cost effective way compared with the school sector.
3,121 Malgorzata Starostka ESOL
3,120 Sian Taylor Dudley College of Technology, Art and Design
3,119 Malini Balasubramaniam Public Services
3,118 Ruth Whittle University of Birmingham , Modern Languages We need more and better facilities for our students to learn about sciences, not fewer and underfunded institutions. If anything is clear about the demands of future eduction, it is literacy in the sciences, at a high and rising level.
3,117 Graeme Redfern Computer Systems Support - Dudley College
3,116 Rachel James
3,115 Arif Nadat Dudley College of Technology - GCSE Mathematics
3,114 Julia Collins Dudley College of Technology
3,113 Leanne Stoneley Functional Skills for Apprenticeships at Dudley College
3,112 Pamela Dugmore Dudley College of Technology
3,111 Tony Molyneux Dudley College of Technology, ESOL I cannot stress how strongly I feel that ESOL students need more money invested into their education, not less!
3,110 Andrew Wilson Dudley College of Technology Performing Arts The pips are squeaking.
3,109 Simon Morris Dudley College of Technology
3,108 James Mobberley Computing, Dudley College
3,107 Daniel Martin Film & Media - Dudley College
3,106 sally hebbard Dudley College of Technology ESOL
3,105 Linda James FE.Dudley College of Technology
3,104 kate creed Dudley College of Technology Access to Nursing
3,103 Mat Dudley Dudley College of Technology
3,102 David Monnox Sport - Dudley College of Technology
3,101 Collette Hill Dudley College of Technology ICT
3,100 Tabitha Tipper
3,099 Nichole Jones South & City College Birmingham supported learning
3,098 Ute Wolfel Modern Languages, University of Reading
3,097 Anna Cave South and City COllege Birmingham ESOL
3,096 Philip Scown business technology at MMU We need a better educated population, it's to the benefit of all.
3,095 Julia Young Huntingdonshire Regional College
3,094 Marie Millican ESOL Our students who are studying in English (one of their additional languages) are often highly skilled in a profession already. We help them to learn the English in order to work in their profession in the UK. Others are learning English to become part of a community and to involve themselves in their family's choices.
3,093 Penelope Timms Art and design, gloscol college New recruitment and investment would benefit all in FE. I agree with you and support you.
3,092 James Scott Secure Data Support/UKDS
3,091 Nasim Shah Teaching ESOL at Bordesley Green South and City College Birmingham I agree with you and I support you.
3,090 Patricia Gleave
3,089 Baxter Karen North Warks and Hinckley College. Youth and community Over the last couple of years I have witnessed and been part of the increase teaching contact time, less hours or hours to prepare effective lesson plans. Further the loss of colleagues through redundancies and in some cases ill health due to the high impact that comes with teaching. Due to no pay increases over the 5 years I feel my wages doe not reflect the rise inflation and consumer goods.
3,088 Sara M. Ali ESOL - Gloucestershire College
3,087 Louisa Davies
3,086 Jo Kennedy Gloucestershire College
3,085 John O'Connell ESOL Gloucestershire College FE is an essential part of our education system. It has given people the chance for a new career and this has enabled many to go on to have successful lives in different fields. It is a real source of social mobility and should be protected and invested in. It transformed my life as a former Access to HE student and now I work in the same college where I achieved my qualification.
3,084 Mark Hyde-Catton Hospitality & Catering FE College we need more investment to be able to give the students greater experiences and exposure to our rapidly changing industry to compete on the international stage
3,083 paul farrell Biology, University of Portsmouth Acces to FE transformed my life as a mature student, and I now contribute much more to economy as a result.
3,082 Lindsay Frankland Maths/English Huntingdon I support the initiative.
3,081 Helene Widmer Pharmacology, The Robert Gordon University
3,080 liz currie hair
3,079 LOUISE NELSON South & City College Birmingham
3,078 Kevin Sumner Humanities and Teacher Training Huntingdonshire Regional College
3,077 Paul Gould Marketing department - Huntingdonshire Regional College
3,076 Rebecca Slawinski Gloucestershire College ITT
3,075 Natasha Little
3,074 Kirsty Dean Huntingdonshire Regional College
3,073 Julie WEEKES Trade Union Studies, Huntingdonshire Regional College
3,072 Debbie Woodward A level Gloucestershire college
3,071 Tony Awino Hospitality and Catering - Gloucestershire College
3,070 Laura Nicholson Health studies - North Warwickshire and Hinckey College
3,069 Sheryllynne Haggerty History, University of Nottingham
3,068 Annemarie Bridgewater Maths, Gloucestershire College Students who have failed before have major confidence issues which are helped by smaller groups which cost more to run. Funding is essential to fully support these learners to reach their potential.
3,067 Elizabeth Price EFL University of Sheffield
3,066 Sophia Lockett ESOL Gloucestershire College
3,065 sheryl cove Skills for Life teacher
3,064 Sonia Friend Performing Arts, Gloucestershire College
3,063 Jonathon Murdock North Warks and Hinckley College - Business Studies and Functional Skills Further education needs to be given greater recognition, respect and funding because it is a lifeline for communities, providing fantastic academic and vocational opportunities.
3,062 Claire Pearl North Warks and Hinckley College, Sport
3,061 David Hartley ESOL
3,060 Michael Lacoult West Midlands
3,059 Alyn Short Engineering & Maths - FE Education 1. Inadequate funding for schools (note: why Mary Sandell recently resigned) will impact on the FE intake. 2. All of our students need to have at least a grade C in Maths and English, else re-study to obtain this grade, putting extra pressure on the FE sector. 3. This is exacerbated by all post-16 students now need to be in a form of education. These are reasons for funding improvements NOT cuts!!
3,058 Tanya Fernbank Greater Manchester
3,057 John Williamson Maths and engineering/construction, formerly South & City College Birmingham The closure of many University Technical Colleges has shown that unfortunately, there is still a lot wrong with the school system. FE still gives people a second chance - give it the funding to do more!
3,056 Chris Bird Newcastle–under–Lyme College
3,055 Wendy Edwards Access Science Henley College Coventry
3,054 June Roberts Fircroft College of Adult Education - Access to HE
3,053 Delia Williamson Social Care/Early Years Nescot College of Further and Higher Ed (Ret) Having worked in FE for more than 19years it was truly wonderful to see students progress and achieve on a personal/vocational and academic level, often far beyond their own initial expectations. The FE experience offers so much, often difficult to measure benefits that includes aspiration to lifelong learning and a commitment to build strong, respectful and successful communities.
3,052 Barbara Goss Maths at South & City College Birmingham
3,051 Rebecca Percival Digital Media. Northampton College FE has been consistently underfunded, and staff teaching hours increased. Managers wages increase disproportionately, while hourly paid, fractional and full-time staff are being asked to do more teaching hours, more paperwork and more pastoral work for less pay.
3,050 Joseph Homer ESOL SCCB Handsworth Campus FE it vital for social mobility and access to higher education, underfunding and low expectations just create social problems for our society further down the road.
3,049 Robin Entecott Public Service Studies North Warks and Hinckley College FE is dying and needs financial support to enable those with practical skills to be able to develop and add their expertise to our economy.
3,048 Neil Mason Computing and ICT The Dixie Grammar School I used to work at Warwickshire College but I left with the threat of redundancies hanging over us.
3,047 Andy Jenkins Business Warwickshire College
3,046 Craig Farrell South & City College Birmingham, Supported Learning It is obvious why we need FE.
3,045 Cheryl Robinson Lecturer in MA - UWL
3,044 Pamela Cruickshank Learning Suppprt North Warwickshire & South Leicestershire College Please, please, please listen to us. This is so important as we could help so many people to gain employment and improve their lives.
3,043 julie Huxley Functional skills & GCSE Maths North Warwickshire and South Leicester College I agree with all the points made in the letter
3,042 Rebecca Miles North Warks and Hinckley College
3,041 Seamus McGuinness Business NWHC
3,040 david reese Wirral Met College-health and care/science I have committed over 30 years of my life to working in Further education and seen the life changing opportunities it has provided for many. These students frequently were unable to make the most of their educational opportunities in the school sector for many reasons. FE colleges provide the opportunity for these talented hard working and determined individuals to succeed. Fund it!!!!!
3,039 Gary Elson Warwickshire College Group - Engineering and Teaching and Learning Improvement Access to a good Education is a real British Value !!
3,038 Una Liley Computing, Warwickshire College Group FE provides an essential part of post 16 education. So many people benefit from it. It cannot continue to be underfunded so drastically.
3,037 Stephanie Jones Motor Vehicle - South and City College Birmingham
3,036 Pete Duckworth Warwickshire College Group - IT
3,035 stepehen manning Apprenticeship manager Investment in retraining adults is vital to our future and FE provide that route . 16-18 should be a priority but unfortunately to many lack the essential life skills from school and FE offers the only route to help them develop
3,034 Dawn Treanor English Sccb College
3,033 chris phillips sport, Henley college coventry
3,032 Tom Evershed HE Manager, Warwickshire College FE is at breaking point: the same story told throughout the sector. No organisations act as community educators as effectively as FE Colleges. No organisations do employer engagement as effectively as FE Colleges. No organisations change lives in quite the same way as FE Colleges, picking up the underachievers and enabling them to succeed. We need more funding to be enabled to keep doing it all.
3,031 Ruth Coates Russian Studies, University of Bristol
3,030 Lynne Western Dyslexia support, Warwickshire College
3,029 Amie Wiberley Warwickshire College Group Inclusion Support
3,028 lisa berry Warwickshire College Group hair , beauty and production arts
3,027 Mark Edwards Business and Management, Warwickshire College
3,026 Ray McConaghy Newcastle–under–Lyme College
3,025 Louise Hickman Newman University College
3,024 Richard Hind Tutor of IT and Computing at York College Successive Governments have under-funded and neglected the FE sector, with the current Government being the worst offender. We cannot deliver high quality teaching nor attract experienced professionals from industry with the current lack of funding. I took a 30% pay cut to move from the local IT sector into teaching, this was 15 years ago, now the pay differential is even worse.
3,023 HELEN HANCOCK Assessor -- SCCB
3,022 nick price industrial relations digbeth campus without our college the students would have nowhere else to go!
3,021 Michael Sean O'Brien Art & Design
3,020 Sharon McGuire
3,019 Surayya KHAN ESOL - South & City College Birmingham Greater investment is needed for students to gain basic skills like English & maths so that students can gain the basics in order to progress and make a valuable contribution to society. A lot of the students who are on benefits have commented that they would prefer to get a job as opposed to being dependent on handouts.
3,018 Ellen Henke Mathematics, University of Aberdeen
3,017 zoe Jubert South and city college
3,016 Alison Straker Royal National College for the Blind, Sociology teacher
3,015 Clare Pattison Warwickshire College Group English
3,014 Jim Jim Griffths FE Engineering , Trident Park, Warwickshire College Group
3,013 Phil Higham Psychology, University of Southampton
3,012 Ian Hall HE Engineering Warwickshire College Group, Trident Park, Leamington
3,011 Mike Crew Functional Skills - English, maths and ICT
3,010 Ian Gill ICT @ HMP Stafford
3,009 Steve Brayn Art and Design - Warwickshire College, Rugby Like most public services, staff in FE do not usually join for the money, but in order to 'make a difference'. This is increasingly difficult in the face of escalating budget cuts - which affect not only individual salaries (in 'real money' terms) but crucially the necessary resources - not only in terms of equipment, but in terms of the numbers of specialist staff these students deserve.
3,008 Charlotte Ashbridge GCSE Maths
3,007 Sam Friedman London School of Economics (LSE)
3,006 Claudia Nehmzow University of Essex, Lecturer in German
3,005 Janet Bujra Peace Studies, University of Bradford Adult education should be available for all and adequately funded.
3,004 Ian Robinson open university, social sciences fe is a vital means of developing skills and access to both training and education in the young adult population. it needs to be continuously invested in so that it can respond dynamically to changing needs and opportunities, and in order to redress growing differentials in life chances.
3,003 Rob McGinley Tyne Metropolitan College
3,002 Paul Summerscales Burnley College, Trade Union Studies FE plays a vital part in educating and training 16 to 19 year olds, presenting a clear opportunity for both academic and vocational qualifications. The sector has been underfunded for well over 30 years now and this leads to ever higher workloads and ever lower pay, in real terms, so this needs recognising and action put in place to remedy this
3,001 Irvana Urdal Microbiology, Chemistry and General Science Harrogate College, Hornbeam Park, Harrogate, HG2 8QT We train students for University Places for a wide range of Medical careers. Our high level practical content is much appreciated by the universities, which is reflected in many Russel Group University offers. This I realise is expensive to do, but essential in our technological age.
3,000 Michael Cremin Computer Science
2,999 Kimberly Anstey English Language Teaching, Telford College of Arts and Technology
2,998 Naila Dracup Information Specialsit Leeds University
2,997 Paul White Healthcare Science (Audiology) University of Leeds We need students from all walks of life. Good A level grades are essential. Effective teaching brings out those grades. Proper funding and appropriately trained teachers are essential.
2,996 Brian Skinner Undergraduate and postgraduate lecturing in Civil Engineering There is a growing skills shortage in some job categories in the UK Appropriate further education has an important part to play in equipping students to contribute to filling these gaps and growing the UK economy through using skills they have learned in Further Education in their jobs. Please invest to build rather than demolish FE.
2,995 Martin Taylor Hospitality and Catering Dear Robert, I have seen so many students who have benefitted from our further education sector. In recent times the emphasis has been placed on continuing and funding in education at school and not in the further education sector. Further education seems to be the poorer cousin of education and needs the boost it deserves in funding opportunities.
2,994 Susanne Schindler Scientist at University of Bristol
2,993 Matt Turner University of Hull
2,992 Michele Abendstern The University of Manchester, Health and Social Care Research
2,991 Tracey Gormally Psychology Durham University Open University
2,990 Kevin Bowman Mathematics University of Central Lancashire
2,989 Valda Swinton MA in Counselling, Chester
2,988 Julie Westerman Fine Art, Sheffield Hallam University
2,987 Vasileios Karaiskos
2,986 Anita Dorsett Clinical Psychology, University of Leeds
2,985 Sean Robson Great Yarmouth College of FE Engineering
2,984 Andrew Griffiths Lectrurer at Derby College
2,983 Paul Atkins Printmaking, Camberwell College of Arts, London, SE5 8UF
2,982 Jeremy Tidy Vocational Studies. Swindon College
2,981 Jane Prictoe English Currently a civil servant. Not enough FETeacher vacancies locally.
2,980 Clare Bruce Art, H.M.P. Bullingdon. Retired
2,979 Sarah McCourt Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL)
2,978 Michael Tomlinson Chemistry, Weymouth College
2,977 Jane Charlton Marketing, University of Gloucestershire
2,976 Sue Parker Art and Design, Chesterfield College. Retired After teaching for 27 years I have seen how FE really transforms lives and opens up career opportunities. It needs more investment so that staff and students can realistically maintain the high standards that are achieved in this sector.
2,975 Rosemarie Nightingale Teacher Education and English - now retired I feel very strongly that FE has been seriously underfunded for years, I have taught in HE and FE and I grew up in a housefold where my father the late DR Frank Foden MBE was a pioneer in the field of education - especially FE.He used to say that FE was a forgotten sector and that governments did not understand it - and when they do find it they will wreck it. That seems to be happening.
2,974 Oumou Sall Functional Skills at Skills Training UK
2,973 uta kogelsberger
2,972 Ada Mau King's College London (KCL)
2,971 Kevin Maguire Psychology Nottingham Trent University
2,970 Robert Gildea History Faculty, University of Oxford
2,969 HELEN MARSHALL Nottingham Trent University (NTU) ANIMAL MANAGEMENT
2,968 Josh Moos
2,967 Pierre Bocquillon University of East Anglia (UEA), Politics
2,966 Patrick Shaw Philosophy, Glasgow University (retired)
2,965 Julie Dickinson
2,964 Dora Wigglesworth ESOL turor, Lancashire Adult Learning
2,963 Polly Wiltshire Animal Care, Vision West Notts College
2,962 Gail Reed retired English as a second language and art teacher
2,961 Suhail Malik Dept of Art, Goldsmiths, London
2,960 Joshua Reynolds BA MPhil Research Student, Aberystwyth University
2,959 Ralph Adam Electrical engineering As someone who benefitted a great deal form further education (I was not taught to read or write at school and left without any qualifications) I understand how important it is to maintain a healthy and easily-accessible further education sector. Please do all you can to strengthen it. It makes me very sad to see successive governments run FE down: it is cheap and provides wonderful results.
2,958 Maia Pal International relations Oxford Brookes University
2,957 Phil Lee
2,956 Benjamin Hunziker-Neville UAL London College of Communication
2,955 Sally Price English for Avademic Purposes, University of Bradford In some universities we have seen the dumbing down of standards required for first degrees, and even at Master's level, in order to maintain a steady stream of foreign students at a low level of English, to subsidise the universities themselves. In order to return to their previous high reputation, universities need to be supported properly and finanacially by the government.
2,954 Sue Pell
2,953 Anthony Silson Retired geography teacher
2,952 Valerie Kaneko Lucas Regent's University London, school of creative and liberal arts
2,951 Marc Gibson Loughborough University
2,950 Polly Pollock visual arts/city lit
2,949 Stavros Dendrinos Writtle University College
2,948 Safia Flissi I have been hearing about British Values lately. Is protecting the most vulnerable people a British value? I believe it is! So FE colleges must be better funded...
2,947 Debbie Jedwab Product Design, Middlesex University If you don't put more resources into educating our young people the UK will fall behind other countries. Put in more, not less
2,946 Pamela Lenton University of Sheffield , Department of Economics FE is essential for a cohesive society. It is a valuable resource for many individuals who were, for one reason or another, low achievers when tested by GCSEs at age 16. There are many successful individuals who will attest that their occupational success came after attending their local FE college. FE supports lifelong learning which we should all aspire to.
2,945 Nathalie Auge Languages city lit
2,944 John Wilcock Computer Science, Staffordshire University
2,943 Teresa Torres Languages, University of Essex
2,942 Maureen Pitt Community Education Solihull College I wholly support Robert Halton
2,941 Ghassan Sifri Redbridge College of FE
2,940 Vicky Vatcher Drama, English, Social care, recently retired from S. Glos.& Stround College I have worked in FE for many years. I have taught people with learning needs, English to bricklayers and electricians, I have taught degree level students and people wanting to become social workers. I know what needs to be done to make sure that those that fail in school can build skills they didn't get earlier on. I know what social inclusion is and FE is a main provider. Support us please.
2,939 Irini Pitsaki
2,938 Alison Forsyth Early Years Education and Care at the Ashford campus of West Kent and Ashford College In 10 years working in FE I have been through 6 restructures, largely as a result of financial pressures, and seen a department with 8 highly experienced staff and 200 students reduced to just me and a small cohort of learners. Private training providers, once few and far between, are now numerous and offer an overly expensive alternative than in most cases provides a very poor experience.
2,937 Tracy Lindsay Nursing, city, university of London
2,936 Penny Vera-Sanso International Development, Birkbeck, university of london With UK's skills shortage the country needs to expand it's FE sector.
2,935 Helen Sargeant Assessor/trainer Hospitality and Catering within Apprenticeships. Salford City College I agree with the above statements about FE and have worked in the FE sector for many years, both teaching and assessing in the workplace. The FE area of education has suffered considerably, which for the wider UK society and economy has been disastrous. New App standards are going to make this worse as more teaching will be required to enable the apprentices to achieve their goals.
2,934 Ian Champion Chef Lecturer, City of Bristol College
2,933 Marie-Clare Ellington
2,932 Shirley Cupit University College London (UCL) Medicine
2,931 Melvyn Ball Math & Electronic Engineering, Sussex Coast College, Hastings I have taught Math & Engineering at FE & HE for 35+ years and believe that the provision for delivery of these vital subject areas is currently the worst I have experienced.
2,930 Reinhard Huss International Public Health, University of Leeds Good Education is a human right and an excellent investment for society.
2,929 Elane Heffernan Student counsellor, Hackney Community College FE changes lives::where else can a young person who could not succeed in school, or sixth form college study Classical Civilisation and Maths and discover excitement and talent for processing ideas and go on to a top university? We save lives too--providing support to young people feeling suicidal, educating girls escaping CSE; working with ex offenders; helping make life feel possible. Save us!
2,928 Leonie Abrahamson Early Years Retired member
2,927 Sheila Wallace Aberdeenshire
2,926 Charles Wilson Cardiff University (Music) Working in the university sector in South-East Wales, I have seen for myself the power of FE to enable those previously denied opportunity to step up to higher education. Please let's stop kicking away the ladder by which so many of your generation gained access to education.
2,925 nigel barnacle retired FE College counsello
2,924 Dr. Paul Elsam Drama - Teesside University
2,923 Elaine Hopkins Health & Social Care, Birmingham Metropolitan College
2,922 Dr. Jeff Evans Reader in Adults' Mathematical Learning It is now more important than ever to assure a broad-based training for the citizens and workers that we need, in the further education sector. The stories we hear about how important FE has been in the lives of many responsible andproductive citizens attest to this need.
2,921 Giles Armour ESOL Colchester Institute
2,920 Shirley Davies Level Art & Design City of Bristol College (retired)
2,919 Kuldeep Singh Mathematics University of Hertforsdshire
2,918 stasha lauria Brunel University education, not profit.
2,917 steve fisher Drama and music University of South Wales
2,916 Rob Pyecroft University of East London (UEL)
2,915 Cinzia Scorzon Life Sciences, University of Westminster
2,914 Silke Arnold-de Simine Birkbeck College, University of London
2,913 Peter Brierton Motor Vehicle
2,912 Jean Morgan Literacy and support for deaf students, City Lit, London
2,911 Monica Goligher Biology Belfast Metropolitan College
2,910 Nicholas Lawrence English, University of Warwick
2,909 Nigel Duckers Media, Lambeth College
2,908 Claire Morley Stratford Upon Avon College, Dance
2,907 Valerie Schicker Business Education - Retired FE is an important vehicle in ensuring that we have a workforce equipped with the skills and knowledge required by a modern society and, as such, must be heavily invested in.
2,906 Donna Walton Study Skills at Newcastle College Access to HE
2,905 John Wright Music With year upon year of relentless funding cuts & restrictions, FE desperately needs greater investment now!!!
2,904 Anne Gill Health and Social Care University of Greenwich I am retired now but taught in FE and HE both should have equal value.
2,903 Karen Hibbett Business lecturer , New College Stamford
2,902 James Fison Learning Support Worker at Carshalton College I have seen annual erosions on staff numbers. This has continued to put more and more staff under increasing stress. This impacts on sick leave which then compounds the problem.
2,901 Herbert Fruchtl School of Chemistry, University of St Andrews
2,900 Lesley Billingsley West Cheshire College
2,899 Ingrid Christodoulou Sport I agree
2,898 Andrew Beck Art, design, Media, and Communications; Coventry University
2,897 John Helliwell Retired
2,896 stephen cook engineering / selby college
2,895 Keith Simpson Barristers Training Course, City Law School
2,894 Helen Kingstone Humanities, Leeds Trinity University
2,893 Joseph Bradley University of Striling, Sport & Social Sciences
2,892 Drew Smith Furniture design and make
2,891 Francis Woods Human Physiology City of Liverpool College The withdrawal of the bursary for training nurses must be reinstated it we are to meet the recruitment targets. This will become particularly acute once we see the effects of leaving the EU. The withdrawal of bursary has already seen a drop in applications for nursing courses. This can also been seen in recruitment of students wishing to train for the Level 3 diploma in Allied Health Professions.
2,890 Aisling O'beira Fine Art, Ulster University
2,889 Ignacio Aguiló The University of Manchester
2,888 Eleanor Coss Functional Skills - Northampton College
2,887 Alex Leung Applied Linguistics and TESOL, Northumbria University
2,886 Bisi Williams
2,885 Beatriz de la Iglesia
2,884 James Bryan Newcastle College
2,883 David Fletcher ESOL - South Thames College I have witnessed many redundancies in recent years and close colleges and I could be forced to reduce their hours and income in the year future due to a lack of money in the sector. ESOL students have been asked to reduce their hours, pay more in fees and take on board more qualifications in order to keep courses running. For some this is very difficult.
2,882 Ann Marie Condron Languages, Northumbria University
2,881 Catherine Holmes Askham Bryan College equine
2,880 Peter Bowden Carpentry, Stafford College No pay rise for 7 years, no money for resources, valuable staff being made redundant, low moral, over inspected, Maths and English taking priority over vocational studies to name just a few issues. Just not good enough.
2,879 Alan Murphy Newcastle University
2,878 Brian Day Neuroscience, UCL
2,877 Bernard O'Donoghue English, Wadham College, Oxford (retired)
2,876 Anya Cook Newcastle College This Government does not understand what Further Education is and this Government does not understand what Further Education does. Nor does it pay for a staff that is providing what in so many cases compulsory education and the social care system has already failed to do. Through a culture of achievement and developing realistic aspirations, Further Education provides opportunities for progress
2,875 Amanda Power
2,874 Alan Carr Retired - formerly Open University
2,873 Amanda Beckett English and Law, Sussex Coast College, Hastings
2,872 Olivia Hamlyn Law, Leicester Law School
2,871 Marian Lynch Textiles - Morley College Adult education transforms and enriches lives in immeasurable ways. It also provides vital social contact and support for many students. Those who work in the sector have faced years of cuts to funding. This is an exceptionally difficult climate in which to work. Why can government not see the immense value of what we do and support it fully instead of slowing destroying it?
2,870 Derreen Hirst-Hughes-Howe The glue, the ears and the eyes I support learning at present, with adult learners with learning difficulties and have supported ESOL in the past also I have many concerns with the welfare and well-being of many ESOL and vulnerable adult learners due to the lack of Learning support provided in these classes... Due to lack of funding. This is a serious concern of mine for the learners in topic and future educational opportunities
2,869 Jennifer Gray retired (ESOL)
2,868 Dawn Teare Medical statistics, University of Sheffield
2,867 Professor Emeritus Peter Styles Environmental Geophysics While I have spent all of my working life in the University Sector I have through the nature of my work had extensive interaction with people whose skills were essential to the satisfactory execution of my research. They have made things, constructed equipment, known how to 'do stuff' and they learned this through Further Education and apprenticeships. Dont lose this!!!
2,865 William Parnell Freelance film editor
2,864 jim urpeth Philosophy - University of Greenwich
2,863 Magdalena Cajic-Seigneur SEN Havering College
2,862 Kate Mollo Child Care and ESOL Both of the above subjects are vital to the wellbeing and education of our children
2,861 Robert Waterton Retired
2,860 Helen Mullen HE Automotive engineering, Blackpool Many of my students come to college with the word failure firmly attached. My role is to help transform them into the people they have always meant to be. It wasn't their fault that their parents are alcoholics, or they moved hundreds of miles to avoid abuse, or their younger sibling or parent needed a carer. If the school structure failed where else are they going to be inspired to change.
2,859 Stuart Pampellone Performing Arts
2,858 Paula McElearney University of Worcester. Lifelong Learning
2,857 Yvette Jenkinson English Myerscough College It is vital that FE competes on a level playing field. Many people in our society have FE to thank for their success in turning their lives around and being in a position to contribute to the economy of our country. FE has always offered 'second chances' to those who need this. Don't turn your back on us.
2,856 Robert Hind engineering, electronics, computer science and robotics. Retired University lecturer. I left school at 16 and followed a five year apprenticeship in electronics. My employer sent me to a technical college where I gained a degree in electronics by part-time study. After 14 years in industry, I obtained a post as a university lecturer spending over 35 years imparting the knowledge I had gained to many thousands of students. My education at FE college made this possible.
2,855 Freddy Brown Sports Science St Mary's University Investment and government intervention is necessary and effective. The politics of the free market and austerity will not provide young people, particularly the disadvantaged, with the advantages that they could be offered. Education changes lives and levels the playing field - invest!
2,854 Julie Truslow French retired It’s essential that we have fully trained/skilled workers from the UK now that using EU skilled people will be harder after we leave the EU. We must train our unemployed to become a workforce that Britain can be proud of. Continue to cut will mean less trained. More people unemployed so welfare cost will go up and we will have more skilled job vacancies not filled. Re train adults is essential.
2,853 Olga Castro Aston University, School of Languages and Social Sciences
2,852 Peter Smart Open University (OU)
2,851 Fiona Wright GCSE Maths - New College, Swindon I teach maths to youngsters from age 14 through to adults in their fifties. The majority of adults go into nursing - and our country is very short of nurses! We need people of all ages with better qualifications and skills (especially post Brexit). FE colleges fill educational gaps where people have not gained adequate qualifications in school, for many reasons. We cannot afford to cut funding.
2,850 Roger Smith Social Work, Durham University
2,849 David Philpott Heating and Ventilation My college is suffering immensely due to cuts in funding and compulsory redundancies.Low pay over work and demoralisation is leading to many highly skilled teachers deciding to return to the industries they came from in order to escape a very highly stressed and under valued occupation. This leads to a vicious circle in which remaining staff are placed under increasing pressure and more stress.
2,848 Anna Fox
2,847 Jill Heslop English New College Nottingham We teach a diverse range of inner City and County students from all sorts of backgrounds. This is a vital part of their education.
2,846 Matilda McKerrow Foundation in Art and Design Falmouth University Foundation courses are being closed all over the country and this is directly a result of a drop in FE funding. FE is an invaluable step in education for all ages and backgrounds.
2,845 Colin Goble Childhood studies university of Winchester
2,844 Kev Cook A levels Strode College
2,843 Nicola Davis ESOL Merton Adult Education I am an experienced ESOL tutor and have not only taught the English language but encouraged students to get to know the UK better through travelling around the country and taking an interest in all aspects of our culture. I have also witnessed the blossoming of some of the most unlikely firendships. Our courses do far more for social cohesion than 100 think tanks.
2,842 Melanie Sibley special educational needs/specific learning difficulties City of Bristol College As a specialist teacher many of the students we see have had setbacks in their previous education. The service we provide is greatly valued by students and colleagues alike. We provide opportunities to help students to succeed in their chosen pathways. Please help us to continue to help them.
2,841 Julie Rooney Beauty Therapy City of Liverpool College
2,840 Elizabeth Wnuk King's College London (KCL) We all need to act now to protect jobs and prevent skills shortages in the future.
2,839 Doreen Pollitt Business Liverpool Community College Now retired. Whilst working built up relationships with employers to enhance students chances of employment. Very important that they get a value of work ethics at an early age.
2,838 Valerie Pugh Skills for Work and, more specifically, Counselling Skills, both at the University of Leicester. I have also taught FE students on Care courses
2,837 Sue Saunders Vosper Political Science. Birkbeck College. Further education is not only as important as normal schooling but is becoming ever more important as re training for a changing economy is essential as well as providing those who decide not to go to university with the essential skills to access jobs now companies are operating in a globalised highly competitive economy and cannot afford to train in the way they used to do in the past.
2,836 Nigel Starr Management and business skills training - Bury College In the current economic circumstances , mangagement training will play a key part in supporting economic development .
2,835 Peter Robinson Mid Cheshire College of FE - Music FE provision is a vital part of strengthening society through providing diverse education and training routes. A wholly academic pathway is not suitable for a large chunk of society and the current trend towards de-funding FE will only result in less social cohesion and productivity.
2,834 Eleni Manolitsaki South Essex College, EFL
2,833 Jane Penty product design / Central St Martins As well as an educator I am the mother of a son whose active learning style did not suit the academic route emphasized in secondary education. As a result, he chose to study in FE. The transformation in his learning could not have been greater. But resources where too slim for thousands who most need the help to realise their potential. thousands of very capable children and young adults
2,832 Judith Airey University of Derby
2,831 Lauren Walker The University of Manchester, Mental Health Nursing As the partner of an FE teacher, I am well aware of the the fact that FE changes lives. I include in this the chance to study for pleasure and leisure to which we have seen the biggest funding cuts locally. Many thanks for listening!
2,830 Stuart Baldwin Building Industry / Retired Lecturer After over 30-years teaching Building Crafts in F.E. I am now "employed" as a Volunteer at a Men's SHED [the Technical College of the Third Age] providing technical "mentoring" to fellow retirees. Looking at the transferable craft / tools skills of our members, one wonders if these skills exist in their sons and daughter to the same degree? If not it is no wonder that we need to import the
2,829 Stephen Cowden Social Work - Coventry University
2,828 Jack Winter
2,827 Jim Kinchesh Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL)
2,826 Robert Lazenby Sheffield College
2,825 Wendy Armstrong Performing Arts Sunderland College Further education changed my life. I left school as a 'nobody' but left college as 'somebody'. FE inspired me so much that I came back to the same college to teach. It is sadly not the same. Stress is off the scale. Over worked, underpaid, feel old before my time. All of my colleagues want out. It's all about money, targets and paperwork, teaching comes last.
2,824 Gaynor Ford English-Teesside University I worked as an FE lecturer for 12 years.It has always been woefully underfunded and needs significant investment to provide much needed educational provision.
2,823 Tamar Steinitz Goldsmiths, University of London, English and Comparative Literature
2,822 Sarah Darby Energy studies, University of Oxford
2,821 Eve Rosenhaft Modern Languages, University of Liverpool Those of us who teach at universities recognise that FE is an important bridge between higher education and the experience of the wider community, and we know that adult learners bring a special combination of skills, knowledge and motivation to the student mix. The route to informed citizenship, social inclusion and self-fulfilment that FE provides must remain open.
2,820 Cilla Hollman ELTC, University of Sheffield
2,819 Joan Hutt Sociology and Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development If the Government is to make a serious commitment to Education & Training to enable people to contribute to the world of work and industry, it is of essence that we invest in Further Education,
2,818 Suzanne Potts Curriculum Manager Art and Design
2,817 Clare Stanier Computing university level FE is essential to support people who for whatever reason did not perform well at school but who wish to return to learning and acquire qualifications. High quality FE provision is essential to allow learners to develop their full potential
2,816 Judith Sha'ath Art and Design (now retired) Isle of Wight College
2,815 Edward Apling Food Science - retired from Universito of Reading
2,814 Phil Irving Structural Integrity Cranfield University FE is just as important to the prosperity of the UK as the Higher Education Sector. FE has been shamefully neglected and starved of funding for many years. Please change this situation. Without funding and manpower in FE we will all suffer in the long run.
2,813 Adam Wright New College Stamford I have worked in FE for 7 years since graduating from University. In that short amount of time, I have seen the sector decline. Cutbacks result in large group sizes and a cut down in lesson contact hours, but the material stays the same or even increases. FE is important and acts as the level 3 bridge between school and university. As a result of the changes, I am seeking new work opportunities.
2,812 Sarah Turnbull West Midlands I work in FE and have noticed the severe financial cuts over the past 5 years. Less and less adults are able to enrol on c9urses due to the lack of funding. Classes are getting smaller and colleagues are losing their jobs. We need more financial support so we can continue to deliver education to post 16.
2,811 Elizabeth Perry ESL. Voluntary adult ed FE colleges should be well-funded. They provide skills and knowledge across all vocational sectors and provide second, third chance education for people throughout their lives. Fund teachers, access courses, vocational qualifications and short return to learn courses. Invest in FE!
2,810 Anne Brown University of Derby ...... Public Services FE is now in a perilous state. Consistent under-funding has led to staff shortages, poor equipment and a demoralised and overworked staff. I was made redundant last year after 32 years service ... those still working are suffering with stress as they try to cope with increased workloads. It is a mess.
2,809 Inge Hill Birmingham City University (BCU) - Business FE should focus on the provision of its core strengths
2,808 Emily Newman Lowestoft College of FE
2,807 Zahia Salhi The University of Manchester
2,806 Simon Hardy Biology University of York (retired)
2,805 Bronek Kram The City of Liverpool College
2,804 Steve Grice
2,803 Victoria Cohen Uxbridge College Creative studies
2,802 Jeanne Woodcraft Drawing. UAL
2,801 Elizabeth Walker Education PhD student, University of Hull
2,800 Therese Jones Mathematics-----inner London FE college . i am now retired i heard an industrial business owner say "If we can't employ immigrant workers, we'll have to train our own youngsters" surely we should be doing that anyway--we waste our own talent by not offering sufficient training. Let the bright academically minded youngsters go to university--but spend an equal amount, or more, on technical education--vital to our country's future
2,799 felicity ward ESOL Additional support across mainstream subjects e.g. business, health and social care, IT It is essential for FE to receive significantly greater funding. FE has provided 'second chances' successfully to thousands of learners - this should develop and continue.
2,798 Richard Deswarte
2,797 Judy Cradock ESOL
2,796 George Tsogas Birkbeck College, University of London
2,795 Bernadette Welsh English East Berkshire College Windsor I work in the A level and GCSE department of an F.E. college. I know that a lack of investment and subsequent lack of staffing and ability to attract new staff to teaching are crippling my ability to carry out my management role and provide the service our students deserve.
2,794 Nicola Stead York College ADC
2,793 Robert Deakin Computing @ PETROC Recently, it has been recognised the security of this nation is at stake if we are not able to create the required number of computing engineers. The numbers required are unlikely to be achieved through the academic route alone and that students adopting a vocational study route will also be needed amongst the defenders. Please ensure students are not denied the opportunity to serve their country
2,792 Frederick Clark Industrial chemistry and Environment - Retired University Lecturer
2,791 Dawn Cheeseman Funeral
2,790 Tara Murphy FE teacher and Learning Mentor, University for the Creative Arts
2,789 Errol Lawrence Housing Studies, College of Haringey, Enfield & Northeast London (Now retired)
2,788 Sarah Stevens
2,787 Helen Frost South Downs College
2,786 Andy Fugard University College London (UCL)
2,785 John Hemp
2,784 Jessica Womack Archivist, UCL Institute of Education
2,783 Karin Dannehl History, University of Wolverhampton
2,782 AMANDA LOMAS GCSE ENGLISH; SHIPLEY COLLEGE Part of my job is to teach adults returning to education later in life. Many have children and/or elderly parents, along with demanding jobs but are still determined to improve their chances of gaining a better position. They deserve the opportunity.
2,781 Graham Berry construction skills Feltham young offenders Institute We all need to act now to protect jobs and prevent skills shortages in the future.
2,780 Kathleen Henderson Kingston University
2,779 Jill Tattersall Uxbridge College Art and design
2,778 ELAINE KEAY hospitality nvq's Glen Parva Prison FE provides valuable opportunity for all ages to continue education throughout life. If you are a late developer and working having courses available are crucial for getting on in the work place. You are more likely to be fully committed. For young persons FE provides a choice of courses in a valuable learning environment and stages the gap before starting work.
2,777 Helen Thomas English Litertaure
2,776 Maneesh Varma Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU)
2,775 CHRISTOPHER HARTLEY Engineering Chichester
2,774 Tim Stuart-Buttle History; University of Cambridge
2,773 Adam Ozanne Economics, University of Manchester Although I work in HE, I agree with Martin Wolf who, in his recent lecture to the Campaign for the Defence of British Universities, argues that it makes no sense for such a high proportion of young people to take university degrees and that more resources need to be devoted to other parts of the tertiary education system providing important training and vocational qualifications - i.e. FE.
2,772 Vivienne Banner Heart of Worcestershire College - English I have worked in FE for 17 years and see less and less resource available for teaching. The sector needs a major overhaul, including the way in which it is managed.
2,771 Oliver MAURER Learning Difficulties Trafford College Retired
2,770 Ceri Dunn English for Academic Purposes; University of Southampton
2,769 Anne Paton ESOL at Highbury College, Portsmouth I meet my former students everywhere. They run businesses (e.g. tailoring, restaurant, hairdressing, window-cleaning) or work in schools, public transport or the care sector. Our college enabled them to acquire the language and vocational skills that they now use to support their families and serve our community. Please fund the sector properly so we can go on helping them to get started.
2,768 PETER REES University of Winchester EDUCATION Please listen carefully to the evidence presented by the UCU for greater investment in further education with its distinct benefits for U.K. society.
2,767 Mary Moore Students with Learning Disabilities - not currently working. FE plays a key role in providing a pathway to Adulthood for young people with a range of learning disabilities. Some go on to work, while others follow an independent living pathway. High quality learner centred FE provision is crucial to enable all to reach their full potential.
2,766 Peter Corner Ramage Leadership & Management Development, Hertfordshire Business School Britain suffers from a major productivity gap compared with many G7 countries. Germany has a twin-track investment in Technical Education / Apprentices and Academic Education. It has the strongest manufacturing economy in Europe. Isn't it time Britain developed a more balanced and productive economy - through what is surely a cost-effective investment in increasing expenditure on education!
2,765 Steve Boyce Prison education manager FE supports the life chances of some of the most vulnerable and failed members of society.
2,764 Colwyn Jones Sociology - retired
2,763 Steve Harris Computer programming Coventry FE I worked in FE for over 30 years and trained some 600 students many went on to HE and many into the workforce, I never asked for any reward nor did I receive any not even a thank you letter from the college but I and others set them them for life
2,762 susan burkinshaw Sheffield College Further Education is essential for adult learners wanting to make important changes to their lives and, in line with meeting the demands of career pathways.
2,761 Barbara Sanderson Computing - Retired Having spent the last 20 years of my life working at all academic levels in FE I know how important this sector is for many students of all ages. I feel the sector has been neglected for too long and we reap the results of this as a society. It is important to support those who are less well off with experienced and enthusiastic staff.
2,760 Ross Forman English and Comparative Literary Studies, University of Warwick
2,759 Miranda Kingsley Acting - Chichester University The future lies with our young. The more educated they are, the better it is for all of us. The young have been forced to bear far too much of the consequences of the banking crisis of 2009, and are demoralised and frightened for their futures in terms of jobs and housing, as well as feeling the burden of the massive debt they now incur from going to university.
2,758 Leon Aarons School of Pharmacy, The University of Manchester
2,757 Akilah Linton City of Westminster College
2,756 Gillian Hughes City of Sunderland College
2,755 Ismail Erturk The University of Manchester
2,754 Ross Boyle Chemistry, University of Hull FE, and increasingly HE, provide second chances for many who did not take the traditional route of secondary school to university. If this is not supported our country will miss out on a potential pool of highly skilled workers, which we will desperately need in the post Brexit era.
2,753 peter halkyard mathematics physics the manchester college
2,752 Diana Stein Archaeology, Birbeck College, University of London I have had 23 years of experience in FE, teaching students of all ages, backgrounds and levels of education about the archaeology. In light of current events around the globe, the need to understand history when dealing with the present has never been more urgent. Many, who would like to expand their horizons and learn about their collective past, are prohibited from do so by the rising fees.
2,751 David Cheeseman Fine Art
2,750 Elaine Ellen Widening Access, Open university I am a former Access Tutor in FE so I know the value of providing second chance education to mature students who missed out on opportunities in earlier life. FE provision needs investment and commitment to prevent so much talent, often latent, going to waste. We need a well-educated workforce and citizenship.
2,749 Robin Hurst Oaklands College St Albans - A'Level maths and Science Coordinator More funding is definitely required for A'levels at Further Education College. To balance the books colleges are closing some A'Level courses and reducing teaching hour per subject.
2,748 Irene O'Driscoll English. Retired
2,747 paul kennedy learning support - westminster kingsway college support and improve FE!
2,746 Jasi Bridgman Birmingham Adult Education Service
2,745 George Butcher Business Studies South Gloucestershire & Stroud College
2,744 kim gay Hairdressing Chase High For too long FE and vocational quals have suffered "time to change"
2,743 Marc Gibson IT Loughborough University
2,742 Tim Francis University of Bath
2,741 Marko Pajevic Film and German studies, QMUL
2,740 Joey Sharp ESOL FASHION Hackney Community College
2,739 Jackie Browning Teaching Fellow, University of Bath
2,738 Robert Hardy Fabrication Engineering, Computer studies. The fomer Gateshead Technical College. Now retired. I worked for 25 years in Further Education and know from personal contact with some of my former students as to how valuable their technical education was to them.
2,737 Frances Grahl PhD candidate, SOAS I worked in FE for 7 years. Its work is invaluable both in and of itself, and as a ladder into HE for a wider range of people. It needs this support.
2,736 Denis Cattell International Development
2,735 Carolyn Checkley ex TUC tutor at Newcastle College (retired for a while but still interested) The role of FE is more important than ever in the current workplace environment and ethos - jobs are precarious and FE is called on to re-train in many areas. There is no equivalent service in education.
2,734 Brian Sutcliffe Quantum Chemistry FOR ME IT IS PRISON EDUCATION THAT IS SO IMPORTANT.
2,733 Tom Richardson Retired UCU member My life has been measurably diminished in quality and interest since the exorbitant charges for Adult education courses in Colleges of FE were introduced. Re-reinstatement of those educational opportunities at a reasonable fee will enhance the cultural life of the entire country IMO.
2,732 Pat Mee Retired ESOL teacher
2,731 Paula Watson Sport and Exercise Science, Liverpool John Moores University
2,730 Lynn Fotheringham The University of Nottingham , Classics
2,729 Nichola Perry English GCSE and Functional Skills at Solihull College
2,728 Kit Heyam School of English, University of Leeds
2,727 Christy Adair Performance and Cultural Studies, Leeds Beckett University Futher education transforms lives. It offers many people ,who would otherwise not have access to education or skills training, opportunities to develop their career prospects and gain confidence to lead productive lives.
2,726 Bobbie Osborn Brunel University
2,725 Steve McRobb retired lecturer in IT
2,724 Jenny Prideaux Teacher & Trainer Training (college, vocational and community provision) After over 30 years working in Further and Adult Education I know that good, accessible, comprehensive further education provision offers much needed life changing chances - especially to those who were failed by previous schooling. It truly is false economy to cut back on this local provision especially in these uncertain political and economic times.
2,723 Hannah Quirk Law, University of Manchester
2,722 Joanna de Groot historian, University of York As one of the people who teach those who have followed alternative paths into higher education, and been a governor in an FE college, I want to affirm the importance and value of those who teach in further education, enabling students to progress to achievement and employment. Investment in further education teachers is an investment in our society's future as well as that of the students.
2,721 Julia Jones University of East Anglia (UEA)
2,720 Christian Mossman Modern Languages, University of Exeter
2,719 Dr Bill Stephenson Mathematics UCL (retired) I write as a former governor of an FE College and Portfolio Holder and for a time Leader of Harrow Council. Harrow has one of the lowest percentage of NEETS entirely due to the excellent work of our schools and FE colleges. The FE colleges do fantastic work with adults with SEN and physical disabilities and with our very diverse communities allowing people new to the country to integrate.
2,718 Elizabeth Knowles Literacy Tutor Hull Training and Adult Education I specialise in LLDD. We give learners with learning difficulties confidence in everyday situations. We teach them life skills. The benefits for these learners is huge but it is getting more and more difficult to get funding and appropriate qualifications for them to move forward. Much of the teaching we give is re-enforcing skills already learnt. Without this continuation the skills are soon los
2,717 Eleni Tracada Senior Lecturer in Built Environment, University of Derby, College of Engineering and Technology I taught in an FE College (2001-2007) and I know how important HE programmes in FE Colleges could be for students from various backgrounds and with limited family budgets, especially if they come from families with low income and/or no jobs. I feel very proud for my FE ex-students who managed to achieve a lot in life, including successful careers alongside good quality of family life.
2,716 John Cunnigham Retired (HE) FE is so vital to the well-being and future of our society. Time for some action Mr. Halfon! John Cunningham (retired Senior Lecturer)
2,715 Karen Thorpe IT St Helens College
2,714 Rickard Jane University of Leeds, English
2,713 Denis Gregory Labour relations and labour economics Providing easy and continuous access to wide ranging further education provision is the hallmark of a civilized society. Given that knowledge and learning skills are vital components for both economic and social viability, the case for growth in FE provision is compelling.
2,712 Alys Scott-Hawkins Animation - Arts University Bournemouth
2,711 sebastian balfour Government LSE
2,710 Sue D Tunnicliffe higher ed science Having taught in FE I know how importnat is this sector and am sad and disappointed that our elected representatives do not understand this vital sector and seem to support austerity wihtout explaining why we are in such difficulties
2,709 Victoria Young Anglia Ruskin University (ARU)
2,708 Dr C.H. Bryant Computer Science, University of Salford
2,707 Peter van der Graaf Public Health, Teesside University
2,706 Tim Kovacs Computer Science Investing in education is investing in people.
2,705 Karla Guedes University of Southampton
2,704 Ruth Ditch Warwickshire College Group
2,703 Marjorie Mayo Community education and development
2,702 Pauline McCann History. Open University I worked for nearly 40 years in FE and saw how it could transform lives, frequently giving mature adults who had missed out on education a "second chance". We need to empower our whole population to be able to make their contribution to our society.
2,701 chris. Beesley A level chemistry further education We have not had any increase in pay for nearly seven years. You have spent 1.3 billion pounds on adverts to recruit teaches it would have been better spending this money on retaining teachers. all members of parliament have had a 10% increase in wages it is not morally acceptable for you to tell me that I do not deserve an increase in wages when you have accepted a wage increase.
2,700 Linda Shockey Linguistics - U Reading The future of this country depends on education, and the current standard is seriously under threat.
2,699 Susan Kitchingham Psychology (Open University) Health and social care (Sixth Form College Farnborough)
2,698 Sarah Colvin German, Cambridge
2,697 Richard Lorriman art. retired.
2,696 Katherine Helps English language Open University
2,695 Pamela Tidswell West Yorkshire Employers ask for skills sets that are unavailable because training facilities are not available. More employers should also be willing to encourage workforce development.
2,694 Robert Evans history, Oxford
2,693 Alex Lancaster University of Liverpool
2,692 C. Anthony Lewis University of Plymouth Lecturer in Chemistry
2,691 Trevor Prescott Retired F.E. lecturer
2,690 Simon Warne Colchester Institute
2,689 ann cowie ESOL / teacher training Newham College We have seen huge cuts in the FE budget over the past few years, reducing opportunities for people of all ages to better themselves and get some qualifications.staff conditions of service have deteriorated to the point where teachers are unable to afford living in London and are suffering from increasing levels of stress.
2,688 Richard Kelly Teacher Training. University of Warwick
2,687 Joan Bailey English Bolton College We must in invest in FE Colleges.
2,686 Lia Kvavilashvili Psychology, University of Hertfordshire
2,685 Qi Newman
2,684 Sarah Meer Literature; University of Cambridge My experience is of excellent students (often mature students) who came to Higher Education via FE college. FE colleges are particularly good at enabling students for whom the school route doesn't work so well to explore their full potential.
2,683 Patta Scott-Villiers international development, University of Sussex Higher education is one of our most productive sectors, - it increases capabilities within our own labour force and generates value from a worldwide service. Hitting higher education with excessive cuts lowers quality and diminishes our reputation as a world-class provider.
2,682 Steven Blakemore English
2,681 george stickney Art and Design Working Men's College
2,680 Ian Bell American literature, Keele University
2,679 Carole Talbot HE Lecturer Management FE seems to have gone down the road of exporter - my experience is that it is bums on seats and thats all that matters, no doubt driven by funding. They are taking young people in need of further training onto courses designed for international students with degrees the result is half a year wasted on a course that is not suitable.
2,678 Kelly Elshafey Business and management- MMU, Cheshire Education is the best investment in the future generations.
2,677 Derek Tyman Fine Art, Falmouth University Education not profit
2,676 laura ghany Careers & Employability, University of the Arts London
2,675 Roger Hopgood Photography Salaries in FE are well below that of the school or university sectors. I have 20 years teaching experience and 30 years industrial experience. I have a PhD in my specialist subject yet my salary is capped at 28,700 - well below what I would be earing inanother sector. I teach FE and HE and the provision I am a part of has been conistently praised by External Examiners and consistently achieves hi
2,674 Jayne Gee Early Years Lecturer at Birmingham Metropolitan College , Birmingham I believe firmly that education transforms lives. Further education has been monumental in shaping not only my life but that of my children. Without the intiative of 'widening participation' I would not be teaching today. I have witnessed on many occasions learners develop skills that have enabled them to change their lives for the better. Everyone, regardless of their start in life, personal we
2,673 John B Williams FE teacher Liverpool for 30+ years You and previous governments are destroying second chance education for thousands of women, young people and those who did not succeed in secondary education first time round.
2,672 Geoff Woolley Music Production, Northbrook College, Sussex
2,671 Holly Vass
2,670 Nick Mead Teacher Education Oxford Brookes University
2,669 Stephanie Williams Bath College, ESL
2,668 Liz Allen Senior Lecturer, Biosciences and Chemistry, Sheffield Hallam University
2,667 Selby Cynthia
2,666 Sibel Taylor Teaching/Lecturing
2,665 JIM MORGAN St Helens College, Art band Design FE does improve peoples lives by providing another opportunity for both school leavers and adult returners. Investment in staff and staff pay are urgently required to maintain and then improve the quality and potential for all.
2,664 Ruth McGrath Teesside University FE changed my life. I left School at 16 with 3 0 levels. I studied over several years via FE, I had such strong support and encouragement from my tutor when studying my Psychology GCSE that I went directly onto study with the Open University gaining a BA (Hons) and an MA, then to my local HE provider where I studied a further 2 masters and currently doctoral studies. FE changed my life!
2,663 Stella Capes
2,662 john tootle west lancs college The erosion of terms and conditions for people working in FE has led to a carousel of temporary workers flitting through colleges the length of the UK. It is ruining the experience and impairing the quality of learning & teaching for both teachers & students alike.
2,661 Simon Welsh Student Education Service, University of Leeds FE changes lives and provides real value for money.
2,660 Michael Daly A good education system is good for the people, country and economy,
2,659 Chris Morgan Sevenoaks Adult education centre
2,658 mehdi husaini Physics Teesside University UCU Further Education requires more funding because demand is increasing
2,657 Kavita Phakey Science I feel that Science is under resourced in FE
2,656 Noumi Nooruddeen Computing and Media at Windsor Having worked at both HE and FE, I have come to release that FE is more valuable in uplifting the under-privileged and adults. It is high time that the authorities put more funding into the sector, so that people like me can make more differences tot he society.
2,655 Marilyn Taylor lip reading teacher city lit Adult learning FE transforms lives and enhances mental and physical health
2,654 Ros Garrick Retired
2,653 Catherine Latimer English Offender Learning This is vital