Call for deadline extensions from research funding bodies

Sign the open letter below to the UK research funding bodies (UKRI, Researchfish, NIHR, AHRC, ESRC, British Academy, Royal Society, etc):

‘In light of the ongoing UCU strike action, we are writing to express concerns about your silence and the lack of flexibility regarding this year’s research funding deadlines for both existing reporting mechanisms, such as Researchfish, and new funding applications.

As you are aware, thousands of academic and academic-related staff are currently engaged in unprecedented levels of industrial action up and down the UK. Strike action is planned for five days next week, up to and including Friday 16 March.

A number of key deadlines for research funding purposes are due by mid-March. For example, the Researchfish reporting deadline is 16:00 on Thursday 15 March and many universities have earlier internal deadlines for reporting on this. A number of major research funding bodies also have application deadlines in and around the strike period.

Unless some urgent flexibility is shown in relation to your mid-March deadlines, significant damage to the UK research process may result.

In light of these extraordinary circumstances, we call on the UK research funding bodies to agree an extension to the current deadlines for both existing research funding reporting mechanisms and future grant applications.’

3,778 Darren Moon London School of Economics (LSE) Senior Learning Technologist
3,777 Julia Guarneri University of Cambridge Lecturer
3,776 Gwenhivir Wyatt-Moon University of Cambridge Postdoctoral researcher
3,775 Jackie Greatorex
3,774 Rocío Díaz Bravo University of Cambridge Affiliated Lecturer
3,773 Richard Staley University of Cambridge University lecturer
3,772 Paul Russell Churchill College Cambridge College Lecturer
3,771 Christine Slottved Kimbriel University of Cambridge/The Hamilton Kerr Institute/Whittlesford Senior Painting Conservator and Assistant to the Director
3,770 Ian Roberts University of Cambridge Professor of Linguistics
3,769 Sandra Cortijo University of Cambridge PostDoc
3,768 John Barrow University of Cambridge professor of Mathematical Sciences
3,767 Austin Smith University of Cambridge Professor
3,766 Josh Miller University of Cambridge
3,765 Gareth Pearce University of Cambridge Senior Lecturer
3,764 Daniel Allemann University of Cambridge PhD candidate
3,763 Benjamin Alcott University of Cambridge University Lecturer
3,762 Cedric Lacey Durham University Professor of Physics
3,761 Vebjørn Halvfjerdvik University of Edinburgh Student
3,760 James Marshall
3,759 Susan Kondakor University of Sheffield Database Administrator
3,758 Adam Christianson Goldsmiths, University of London Student
3,757 Paul Ayling University College London (UCL)
3,756 Candace Guite Heriot–Watt University Academic Support & Liaiaon Librarian
3,755 G Nicola London
3,754 Michelle McCarthy University of Kent Reader
3,753 Liz Ellis University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) post doc researcher
3,752 Samantha Saville Aberystwyth University Research Assistant
3,751 Sham Lal London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) Research Fellow
3,750 Glenn McConkey University of Leeds Assoc Professor
3,749 Alan Fernihough Queen's University of Belfast (QUB) Lecturer
3,748 Yvonne Ritchie Newcastle University Assistant Project Manager
3,747 Gillian Rooney University of Sheffield Programme Manager
3,746 Alison Gurney University if Manchester Professor of Pharmacology
3,745 Lorenzo Strigini City, University of London Professor
3,744 E Street Open University (OU) Evaluation & Research Assistant
3,743 Misato Sato London School of Economics (LSE) Assistant Professorial Research Fellow
3,742 Alessandro tavoni London School of Economics (LSE) Associate professor
3,741 Surinder Bangar The University of Sheffield Researcher
3,740 Sarah Moxon London London
3,739 Jason Waite University of Oxford
3,738 Velia Cardin University of East Anglia (UEA) Norwich
3,737 Andrew Childs
3,736 Evgenia Ilyinskaya University of Leeds
3,735 Nisha Patel University of Edinburgh Research Support Advisor
3,734 Richard Wilkie School of Psychology, University of Leeds Professor
3,733 Natalie Hempel University of Exeter
3,732 Susan Rosser University of Edinburgh
3,731 Ed Hollis University of Edinburgh Director of research eca
3,730 Helen Mallett
3,729 Guy Schofield University of York Lecturer in Image Processing
3,728 Ladan Cockshut Durham University Postdoctoral Researcher
3,727 Claire Duddy University of Oxford Realist Reviewer
3,726 Sarah Becker Cardiff University Research Associate
3,725 Dermot Feenan Researcher
3,724 Ryan Wissett University of Liverpool
3,723 Simone Schnall University of Cambridge Reader
3,722 Giacomo Pope University of Liverpool PhD
3,721 Sebastian Jaeger University of Sussex Director of Doctoral Studies, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
3,720 Kevin Morgan The University of Manchester Professor of Politics
3,719 Ivana Drdakova
3,718 Daniel Litim U Sussex Reader in Theoretical Physics
3,717 Ben Harker Senior Lecturer in Twentieth Century Literature
3,716 Sioned Pearce
3,715 Donna Holland
3,714 Simon Rushton Cardiff University Professor
3,713 Alex Hendry Research Associate
3,712 Adam Ranson Cardiff University Cardiff
3,711 Christopher Watson Queen's University of Belfast (QUB) Deputy Head
3,710 Rebecca Meiksin London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) Research Fellow
3,709 Alfried Vogler Imperial College London
3,708 Esther Muddiman Cardiff University Research Associate
3,707 Wendy Lewis Cardiff University Research Development Officer
3,706 Stephen Morgan King's College London (KCL) Graduate Teaching Assistant (and recent AHRC PhD student)
3,705 nicky Priaulx Cardiff University Prof
3,704 Alison Avenell The University of Aberdeen Clinical Chair in Health Services Research
3,703 Emma McKinley Cardiff
3,702 Stephen Burrell Durham University Postgraduate Researcher
3,701 Khalida Ismail King's College London (KCL) Professor
3,700 Martin Weinel Cardiff University RA
3,699 Richard Talbot University of Salford Senior Lecturer in Performance
3,698 Luis Rebaza-Soraluz King's College London (KCL) Reader in Latin American Visual Arts
3,697 Chris Walsh Imperial College London PhD Student
3,696 Judy Harris University of Bristol Professor
3,695 Annette Hall University of the West of England (UWE) Supervisory position
3,694 Sam Humphreys The University of Manchester
3,693 Aurelie Le Duigou Birkbeck College, University of London Master student (second year)
3,692 Michal Klosowski Imperial College London Research Associate
3,691 Danielle Hayter University of Southampton Masters Student & PhD Researcher
3,690 Shahnaz Biggs University of Southampton Postgraduate
3,689 Jacqueline Dowd University of Glasgow Management Information & Assessment Librarian
3,688 Joe Latimer University of Salford Lecturer
3,687 Christina Lawrence South Yorkshire Sheffield
3,686 Clare Andrews Newcastle University Postdoctoral Research Associate
3,685 Nicholas Lord
3,684 Laura White
3,683 Monica Dowling University College London (UCL) Visiting Professor
3,682 Meriem El Karoui University of Edinburgh Reader
3,681 Natalie Olivadoti Open University (OU) Milton Keynes
3,680 James Newell University of Salford Professor of Politics
3,679 Lucy Jones 24/Manchester Student
3,678 Alex Pacynko
3,677 Colin McClure Imperial College London Research Associate
3,676 Penny Newell
3,675 Daniel Wight University of Glasgow Programme leader
3,674 James Fleming University of Bristol PhD Student
3,673 Frances Piper University of Salford Director
3,672 Danesh Tarapore University of Southampton Lecturer
3,671 Rosalind Garton University of St. Andrews Evening Degree Co-ordinator, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
3,670 Clare Barnes University of Edinburgh Lecturer
3,669 Veronica Sanz University of Sussex Professor of Physics
3,668 David Gibson University of Cambridge Archaeological Manager
3,667 Rachel Gibson University of Manchester Professor of Politics
3,666 Kate Bennett University of Liverpool
3,665 Janet Logan University of Liverpool Careers Adviser
3,664 Gennaro Parlato University of Southampton Associate Professor
3,663 David Conway University of Glasgow Professor of Dental Public Health
3,662 Rachel Thomson University of Sussex Professor of Childhood and Youth Studies
3,661 Richard Rowe University of Sheffield Professor of Psychology
3,660 Niamh Shortt University of Edinburgh Reader and Dean of Diversity and Inclusion
3,659 Filippo Varese The University of Manchester Lecturer
3,658 Felix Naughton University of East Anglia (UEA) Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology
3,657 Srinandan Dasmahapatra University of Southampton
3,656 HIlary Thomson University of Glasgow Senior Reserch Fellow
3,655 Karen Juers-Munby University of Lancaster Lecturer
3,654 Georgina Rowse University of Sheffield Senior Lecturer
3,653 Mary Cornelius
3,652 Marion Henderson University of Glasgow Senior Research Scientist
3,651 Mark Hindmarsh University of Sussex Professor of Theoretical Physics
3,650 Mark James University of St Andrews MASTS Operations Director
3,649 Kenneth MacDonald University of Edinburgh
3,648 Richard Bentall University of Sheffield Prof of Clinical Psychology
3,647 Adriana Allen The Bartlett Development Planning Unit / University College London Professor of Development Planning and Urban Sustainability
3,646 Shona Robertson Scotland Glasgow
3,645 Erica Hendy Senior Lecturer
3,644 Michael Duncan University of Dundee Research Publication Support Officer
3,643 David Wilson Imperial College London Head of Research Support, Imperial College Business School
3,642 Wezi Mwangulube Institute of Development Studies Grants Officer
3,641 Philippa Sterlini University of Dundee Research Support
3,640 m.c. schraefel u of southampton prof
3,639 Hilary Noone Newcastle University School Research Administrator
3,638 Ross Brown University of St Andrews Reader
3,637 Ezra Herman University of Edinburgh
3,636 Andrea Pisauro Select county Glasgow
3,635 Colin Nicolson University of Stirling
3,634 Deepak Kumaresan
3,633 Jo Hope University of South Wales Research Fellow
3,632 Emilie Wilson Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex Communications Officer
3,631 Alexandra Lang The University of Nottingham Research Fellow
3,630 Dan Brown Fluor/London Talent Manager
3,629 Ali Msabawy R
3,628 Sarah Baxendale University of Sheffield Research Fellow
3,627 Rose Lindsey University of Southampton Senior Research Fellow
3,625 Samuel Hayes University of Liverpool Lecturer
3,624 Majella O'Keeffe Lecturer
3,623 Paul Caplat Queen's University of Belfast (QUB) Lecturer
3,622 Athen Ma Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL)
3,621 John Walker Cheshire Manchester
3,620 Jessica Ochalek University of York Research Fellow
3,619 Philip Leftwich Pirbright Postdoc
3,618 Charlotte Kemp University of Edinburgh Teaching Fellow
3,617 Cristina Banks-Leite Imperial College London Lecturer
3,616 Richard Gill Imperial College Senior Lecturer
3,615 Ludovic Coupaye london London
3,614 Alexandra Jenkins University of Liverpool Student
3,613 Matt Howard King's College London (KCL) Senior Lecturer
3,612 Robert Ewers
3,611 Debra J Skene University of Surrey Professor
3,610 Frances Singer University of Leeds PhD Student
3,609 Sarah Anderson University of Glasgow PhD student / Graduate Teaching Assistant
3,608 Roscoe Blevins University of Sheffield Research Technician
3,607 Andrew Leitch Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL) Professor of plant genetics
3,606 Martin Brazeau Imperial College London Senior Lecturer
3,605 Mark Freestone Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL) Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry
3,604 Elisa Greco University of Leeds Research Associate
3,603 Andrew Knight Imperial College London Senior Lecturer
3,602 Samraat Pawar Berkshire Senior Lecturer
3,601 Do Coyle Midlothian, Scotland, UK Edinburgh
3,600 Mark Emmerson Queen's University of Belfast (QUB) Professor of Biodiversity
3,599 Clare Shelton University of East Anglia (UEA)
3,598 Fiona Mathews University of Sussex
3,597 Aravinda Guntupalli The Open University Senior Lecturer in Public Health
3,596 Patty Kostkova University College London (UCL) Senior Lecturer
3,595 orla o'donnell N3 2PF Departmental Manager
3,594 Nicola Green Newcastle University Research Associate
3,593 Kythé Beaumont Open University (OU) Senior Lecturer
3,592 Gabriel Yvon-Durocher University of Exteter Professor of Ecology
3,591 Michele Aaron University of Warwick Birmingham
3,590 Marie-Claire Danner Roehampton University PhD candidate
3,589 Shorok Mombrikotb Imperial College London PDRA
3,588 Michelle Jackson Imperial College London Research Associate
3,587 Cristina Gacek City, University of London Associate Dean for Education
3,586 Nick Eyre University of Oxford Professor of Energy and Climate Policy
3,585 Emily Ryder University of Glasgow
3,584 Felice Wyndham University of Oxford Research Fellow
3,583 Joseph Tobias Imperial College London Senior Lecturer
3,582 Pablo Murcia University of Glasgow Senior Lecturer
3,581 Lee Brown University of Leeds Prof. Of Aquatic Science
3,580 GEYLANI CAN University of Cambridge RESEARCH ASSOCIATE
3,579 Lilian de Menezes Cass Business School, City, University of London Prof Decision Sciences
3,578 Bruno Gallo Imperial College London
3,577 Siobhan Dumbreck University of St Andrews PhD student
3,576 Eoin O'Gorman Imperial College London NERC Fellow
3,575 Guy Woodward Imperial College London Professor of Ecology
3,574 Janaína de Faria PhD candidate at KCL/ Lecturer at UFVJM London
3,573 Erinma Ochu University of Salford Lecturer, Science Communication and Future Media
3,572 Colin Cotter Imperial College London Reader
3,571 Gillian Roberts The University of Nottingham Associate Professor
3,570 Allan Watson Loughborough University Lecturer
3,569 Anne Rogers University of Southampton Director CLAHRC Wessex NIHR
3,568 Samantha Fletcher
3,567 Jane Rendell University College London (UCL)
3,566 Spela Drnovsek Zorko University of Warwick Postdoctoral Fellow
3,565 Mark Graham University of Oxford Professor of Internet Geography
3,564 John Cuffe The University of Manchester Pilot Hall Manager
3,563 Lauren Sandford University of Liverpool
3,562 Martina Salvante University of Warwick
3,561 Beate Muller Newcastle University Reader in Modern German Studies
3,560 Alison Rust University of Bristol Reader
3,559 Pierre Fuller The University of Manchester Lecturer
3,558 Silke Roth University of Southampton Associate Professor
3,557 Simon King University of Edinburgh Professor of Speech Processing, and Director of the Centre for Speech Technology Research
3,556 Thomas McAuley
3,555 Katriina Whitaker
3,554 Jan Deckers Newcastle University Senior Lecturer in Health Care Ethics
3,553 Sethina Watson University of York Senior Lecturer
3,552 Alison Wright UK LONDON
3,551 Julie MacLeavy University of Bristol
3,550 C.H. Bryant University of Salford Lecturer
3,549 Miranda Armstrong University of Bath BATH
3,548 Harriet Lloyd Cardiff University University teacher
3,547 Sushila Chowdhry University of Edinburgh Research Assistant
3,546 Gosia Goclowska University of Bath Lecturer
3,545 Lucy Ryder University of Chester Honorary researcher
3,544 Huw Pryce Bangor University
3,543 Jefim Vogel University of Leeds PhD student
3,542 Donna Brown Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL) LONDON
3,541 John Carroll University of Sussex Professor
3,540 Yannick Wurm Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL) Senior Lecturer
3,539 Annalu Waller University of Dundee Professor
3,538 Heather Tilley Birkbeck College, University of London Research fellow
3,537 Andrew Gray Durham University archivist
3,536 Giorgio Tagliaferro University of Warwick Associate Professor
3,535 Liz Richardson The University of Manchester Reader in Politics
3,534 Jennifer Hesketh NHS Medical Secretary
3,533 Caren Frosch University of Leicester Lecturer
3,532 Catherine Durose University of Birmingham Reader
3,531 Mick Ekers University of Essex Student
3,530 katia attuyer University College London (UCL) research associate
3,529 Ildiko Csengei
3,528 Ian Crosson New City College- Tower Hamlets campus GCSE Eng and Functional skills/ learning support tutr
3,527 Emi Mise University of Leicester Lecturer in Economics
3,526 Nicola Pagani University of Liverpool Senior Lecturer
3,525 Sarah Olive University of York
3,524 Benjamin Lawson Newcastle University Student
3,523 Charlotte Mulliner Open University (OU)
3,522 Victoria Lavis University of Bradford Senior Lecturer
3,521 Alex Shankland Institute of Development Studies Senior Fellow
3,520 Denise McDonough University of Oxford Software Licensing Manager
3,519 Nicholas Bardsley university of Reading
3,518 Rosemary McGee Institute of Development Studies Senior Fellow
3,517 Richard Holmes University of Bradford Research Development Manager
3,516 Sola Kasim
3,515 Robert Bradley Imperial College London Post-Doctoral Research Associate
3,514 Edmund Cussen University of Strathclyde Senior Lecturer
3,513 Ivan Reid University of Bradford Visiting Professor
3,512 Emma Rushton University of Leeds Lecturer
3,511 Marcia Gibson University of Glasgow Research associate
3,510 Elizabeth Martindale Birkbeck College, University of London London
3,509 Peter Atkinson University of Leeds PhD student (full-time ESRC funded)
3,508 Daniel Durrant University College London (UCL) Lecturer in Infrastructure Planning
3,507 Neil Lazarus University of Warwick Professor, English and Comparative Literary Studies
3,506 Wolfram Moebius University of Exeter Research Fellow
3,505 Sian Beynon-Jones University of York Lecturer
3,504 Mererid Puw Davies UCL Senior Lecturer
3,503 Matthias Trost Newcastle University Professor of Proteomics
3,502 John Brazier
3,501 Maria-Novella Mercuri University College London (UCL) Teacjhing Fellow
3,500 Jill Robbie University of Glasgow Lecturer in Private Law
3,499 Hugh Roberts University of Exeter Professor of French
3,498 Gerry Richardson University of York Professor of health economics
3,497 Juup Stelma The University of Manchester Lecturer
3,496 Rosalind Hussey University of Glasgow Research associate
3,495 jeremy kendal Durham University Associate Prof.
3,494 Lorna Lloyd Keele University Senior Research Fellow
3,493 William Lim University of Glasgow External Relations Intern
3,492 Morro Touray University of Surrey Research Fellow
3,491 Merran Toerien University of York Senior Lecturer
3,490 Ian MacLaren University of Glasgow Reader
3,489 Hendrik Schaefer University of Warwick Associate Professor/Reader
3,488 Masha Shaw The University of Aberdeen Reseacrher Development Adviser
3,487 Anthony King Nottingham University Hospital Consultant and Honorary Professor
3,486 Jocelyn Elmes London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) Research Fellow
3,485 Natalia Serpetti UHI (Scottish Association for Marine Science) PDRA
3,484 Catherine Pope University of Southampton Professor of Medical Sociology
3,483 Tom Mullen University of Glasgow GLASGOW
3,482 John Parker Durham University Professor
3,481 Finlo Cottier UHI (Scottish Association for Marine Science) Researcher
3,480 Daanish Mustafa King's College London (KCL) Reader
3,479 Claudia Martin 23 PhD student
3,478 Michele Siggel-King University of Liverpool Senior Researcher
3,477 Lisa McDaid University of Glasgow Professor of social sciences and health
3,476 Sharon McNeill UHI (Scottish Association for Marine Science) Support Scientist
3,475 Jennifer Gabrys Goldsmiths, University of London Professor
3,474 Gill Plain University of St Andrews Professor of English
3,473 Gordon Fernie The University of Aberdeen Trial Manager
3,472 Estelle Dumont UHI (Scottish Association for Marine Science) Support Scientist
3,471 Stephane De Brito University of Birmingham Senior Lecturer
3,470 Sally Rouse UHI (Scottish Association for Marine Science) Post-doctoral research associate
3,469 Lorenzo Pellis The University of Manchester Sir Henry Dale Fellow
3,468 Denise Risch SAMS Post-Doctoral Research Associate
3,467 Patta Scott-Villiers University of Sussex Research Fellow
3,466 Daniel McCulloch Open University (OU) Lecturer in Criminology and Social Policy
3,465 Bertie Russell University of Sheffield Research Associate
3,464 Beth Perry University of Sheffield Professorial Fellow
3,463 Alaric Hall University of Leeds Senior lecturer
3,462 Colin Reilly University of Stirling Teaching Assistant
3,461 Victoria Durrer Queen's University of Belfast (QUB) Lecturer in Arts Management and Cultural Policy
3,460 Vickie Cooper Open University (OU) Lecturer
3,459 Mwenza Blell University of Cambridge Lecturer
3,458 Bill Davies University of Salford Professor
3,457 Angus Paton University of Glasgow Doctoral Student
3,456 Lars Otto Naess Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex Research Fellow
3,455 Lyla Mehta Institute of Development Studies Professor
3,454 Bana Shriky University of Bradford PhD student
3,453 Joe Painter Durham University Professor of Geography
3,452 Joh Thompson Institute of Development Studies Senior Research Fellow
3,451 Karen Spencer University of St Andrews Reader
3,450 james andrews IDS Comms
3,449 Monika Gostic University of St Andrews Research Technician / PhD student
3,448 Sam Lambshead University of Bristol Bristol
3,447 Siavash Khazaipoul University of St Andrews Research Fellow
3,446 Emma Palmer University of Leicester Reader
3,445 Sarah Gorst University of Liverpool Research Associate
3,444 Miguel Loureiro Institute of Development Studies (IDS), University of Sussex Research Fellow
3,443 Keith Hallam University of Bristol Research Fellow / Commercial Manager (IAC)
3,442 Tina Nelis Institute of Development Studies Learning Coordinator
3,441 Erica Nelson Institute of Development Studies Researcher
3,440 don paterson University of St Andrews Professor, School of English
3,439 Danny Burns Institute of development studies Brighton
3,438 Rebeca Diaz Vazquez University of St Andrews Postdoctoral fellow
3,437 Carol McCormick University of Glasgow Research scientist
3,436 David Henderson University of Glasgow PhD Student
3,435 Alistair Scott East Sussex Hove
3,434 Philip Mader Institute of Development Studies, Brighton Research Fellow
3,433 Reima Ana Maglajlic University of Sussex Senior Lecturer in Social Work
3,432 Sarah King Institute of Development Studies Communications Coordinator
3,431 Jeremy Lind Institute of Development Studies Research Fellow
3,430 Michael Malay University of Bristol Lecturer
3,429 Ruza Ivanovic University of Leeds NERC Independent Research Fellow
3,428 Kay Phelps University of Leicester Research Fellow
3,427 Caragh Wells University of Bristol Senior Lecturer
3,426 Andrew Murphy University of St Andrews Professor of English
3,425 Simone Knox University of Reading Lecturer
3,424 Robert Daley Heriot-Watt University
3,423 Mairead Kirby Newcastle University Text mining specialist
3,422 Rebecca Roberts University of Sheffield Head of Faculty Research Support - Arts and Humanities
3,421 Frankie McCarthy University of Glasgow Senior Lecturer
3,420 Sandra Walker University of Southampton Senior Teaching Fellow
3,419 Neil Rhodes University of St Andrews Professor
3,418 Gemma Williamson Imperial College London Postgraduate Education Administrator
3,417 Adina Dudau University of Glasgow Senior lecturer
3,416 Kathryn Angus University of Stirling Research Officer
3,415 Brett Melling University of East Anglia (UEA)
3,414 Pauline Dibben University of Sheffield Professor of Employment Relations
3,413 Kasper Brandt Swansea University
3,412 R Patel University of Bristol Senior Research Associate
3,411 Miguel Martinez Lucio The University of Manchester Professor
3,410 Pablo Dalby University of East Anglia (UEA) Lecturer in Academic Practice
3,409 Francesca Sartorio Cardiff University Lecturer
3,408 Tim Riley University of Bristol Librarian
3,407 Christiane Helling University of St Andrews Reader
3,406 Nicole Valtorta Newcastle University Research Associate
3,405 Jane Cavani University of Glasgow Lecturer
3,404 Emma Newcombe University of Oxford Head of External Relations, COMPAS
3,403 Cecil Sagoe London Edmonton
3,402 Daniel Hartley Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL) Postdoctoral Research Fellow
3,401 Sarah Currier University of Glasgow Senior Project Manager
3,400 John Dennis University of Exeter Research Assistant
3,399 Kat Husbands University of Glasgow Digital Content Officer
3,398 Elia Valentini University of Essex Lecturer
3,397 Kate Perris London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) Assistant Librarian
3,396 Erin Johnson-Williams Durham University Assistant Professor of Music
3,395 John McClure University of Glasgow Lecturer
3,394 E S University of Southampton Lecturer
3,393 Alex Clarke University of Bristol Research Engagement Librarian
3,392 Colin Gray University of Sheffield Facility manager
3,391 Susannah Neill Bangor University Web Officer
3,390 Elizabeth Breeze London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) Tutor
3,389 Catherine Walsh Cardiff University Lecturer
3,388 Havi Carel University of Bristol Professor of Philosophy
3,387 Alice Toniolo University of St Andrews Lecturer
3,386 Veronique Pin-Fat The University of Manchester Senior Lecturer in International Relations
3,385 Hilary Pape University of Bradford HUDDERSFIELD
3,384 Ruth Adams King's College London (KCL) Senior Lecturer in Cultural & Creative Industries
3,383 Crispin Bates University of Edinburgh Professor of Modern and Contemporary South Asian History
3,382 Louisa Stratton The University of Aberdeen Erasmus Institutional Coordinator
3,381 Anna Hutchinson Durham University
3,380 Matthew Mostert University of Southampton PGR
3,379 Serena Viti University College London (UCL) Professor of Astrophysics, Head of the Astrophysics Group
3,378 Yasemin Aktas University College London (UCL) Lecturer
3,377 Hannah Uglow Kent Canterbury
3,376 Jennifer Lewis University of Sheffield Research Associate/Medical statistician
3,375 Rachael Durrant University of Sussex Research Fellow
3,374 Catherine Aicken University College London (UCL) Research Associate (hon)
3,373 Jochen Schenk University of Glasgow Lecturer in Medieval Transcultural History
3,372 DANIEL MACKAY University of Glasgow
3,371 Frank Monaghan Open University (OU) London
3,370 David Harris-Birtill University of St Andrews Lecturer
3,369 Mark Wyer Aberystwyth University PDRA
3,368 Susanna Harris University of Glasgow Lecturer in Archaeology
3,367 Peter Martin University College London (UCL) Lecturer
3,366 Brendan Temple The Open University Leading User Support Officer
3,365 Grazyna Whalley University of Sheffield IT Training Manager
3,364 Konrad Lohse University of Edinburgh NERC Independent Research Fellow
3,363 Adam Vernone University of Reading Graduation Administrator
3,362 Timothy Jones University of Stirling Lecturer
3,361 Faye Hammill University of Glasgow Professor of English
3,360 Iro Filippaki University of Glasgow Writing Adviser
3,359 Bronagh Masterson
3,358 Mary Williams University of Wales Dictionary Editor
3,357 Lilian Moncrieff University of Glasgow Lecturer
3,356 Sarah Elliston University of Glasgow Senior lecturer
3,355 Joana Barros Birkbeck College, University of London Lecturer
3,354 Rowena Stewart University of Edinburgh Academic Support Librarian
3,353 Francisco Diego University College London (UCL) Senior Teaching Fellow
3,352 Steven Palmer University of Exeter Lecturer in Physical Geography
3,351 Stephanie Laidlaw University of Liverpool Research Contracts Officer
3,350 Tim Butcher The Open University Senior Lecturer
3,349 Gill Tipping Open University (OU) Associate Lecturer
3,348 Christina Volkmann University of Essex Lecturer
3,347 Marion Malcolm The University of Aberdeen Business Improvement
3,346 John Roberts University of Leicester Research software engineer
3,345 Paddy McQueen Queen's University of Belfast (QUB) Lecturer in Political Theory
3,344 Edward Juler Newcastle University Lecturer in Art History
3,343 Patience Schell The University of Aberdeen Chair in Hispanic Studies
3,342 Ana Jorge The University of Aberdeen Teaching Fellow
3,341 Lucy Royal-Dawson Ulster University research Associate
3,340 Sue Kilminster University of Leeds Principal Research fellow
3,339 Anneli Cooper University of Glasgow Research Associate
3,338 Natalia Tsoumpra University of Glasgow Lecturer
3,337 Martin MacGregor University of Glasgow Senior Lecturer in Scottish History
3,336 David Applebaum University of Sheffield
3,335 Sally Zacharias University of glasgow Teaching Fellow
3,334 Graham Turner Heriot–Watt University
3,333 Clare-Louise Towse University of Bradford Leeds
3,332 SUE EASTON University of Leicester Research Associate
3,331 Jon Symonds University of Bristol Lecturer in Social Work with Children and Families
3,330 Anvar Shukurov Newcastle University Peofessor of Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics
3,329 Elaine Smith The University of Nottingham EAP Tutor
3,328 Jean Buckland Retired London
3,327 Bridget Moynihan University of Edinburgh PhD Student/Tutor
3,326 catherine walton The University of Manchester Senior Lecturer
3,325 Susannah Sadler University of Exeter research fellow
3,324 Christina Penna University of Leeds
3,323 Anna Mavrogianni University College London (UCL) Senior Lecturer
3,322 Nutapong Somjit University of Leeds Lecturer
3,321 Jacqueline Mulville Cardiff University Reader in Bioarchaeology
3,320 Alison Macfarlane City, University of London Professor of Perinatal Health
3,319 Marina De Vos University of Bath Senior Lecturer
3,318 Richard Jacques University of Sheffield Lecturer
3,317 Joanna Leng University of Leeds EPSRC funded RSE fellow
3,316 Jasmeen Kanwal St Andrews University Postdoctoral Research Fellow
3,315 Kate Maclean Birkbeck College, University of London Senior Lecturer
3,314 Marco Iuliano University of Liverpool Senior Lecturer
3,313 Arlene Ditchfield SAMS Senior research associate
3,312 Martin Jones University of York Senior Lecturer
3,311 Alastair Smith University of Warwick Senior Teaching Fellow
3,310 Justine Mercer University of Warwick Associate Professor
3,309 Mark Murphy University of Glasgow Reader in Education and Public Policy
3,308 Samantha Durrant University of Liverpool Post Doctoral Research Associate
3,307 Ian Hesketh University of Edinburgh Learning Technologist
3,306 Christopher Rogers
3,305 Ruth Daly University of Leeds
3,304 Claire Gachon UHI (Scottish Association for Marine Science) Principal Investigator (Senior Lecturer) in Molecular Phycology
3,303 Oluremi Olatunbosun University of Birmingham Senior Lecturer
3,302 Paul McKenna University of Lancaster Project Manager
3,301 Audrey Small University of Sheffield lecturer
3,300 Sally Morrissey Bristol ACE
3,299 Georg Lietz Newcastle University Professor for International Nutrition
3,298 Jenny Hatchard University of Bath Research Fellow
3,297 Nathan Gomes University of Kent Professor of Optical Fibre Communications
3,296 Ricarda Schmidt University of Exeter Professor of German
3,295 Rhiannon Lane Cardiff University CARDIFF
3,294 Thea Pitman University of Leeds Senior Lecturer in Latin American Studies
3,293 Leora Hadas The University of Nottingham Nottingham
3,292 Pete Duncan University College London (UCL) School of Slavonic and East European Studies Senior Lecturer
3,291 Ruth Mitchell University of Bristol Reasearch Associat
3,290 Tristan Snowsill University of Exeter
3,289 Linda Goddard University of St Andrews Senior Lecturer in Art History
3,288 Bettina Bildhauer University of St Andrews Professor
3,287 Victoria Yorke-Edwards University College London (UCL) Data Scientist
3,286 Neil Oldham The University of Nottingham Professor of Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry
3,285 John Lees University of Leicester Prof
3,284 Chloe Guest Newcastle University Research Technician
3,283 Arben Kita University of Southampton Lecturer
3,282 Leon Lever
3,281 Rob Anderson University of Exeter Associate Professor of Health Economics and Evaluation
3,280 Karoline Cook Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL)
3,279 Merel Veldhuizen University of Southampton PhD Student