A charter for professional respect in further education

We call on the AoC and colleges to sign up to our five-point charter for professional respect in further education.

1.  Workload:

  • an agreed national policy on the delivery of guided learning hours
  • the resourcing of more administration staff
  • nationally agreed class size recommendations for 16-18 and 19 +
  • a set of agreed workload and wellbeing protocols such as working from home agreements
  • a set of agreed boundaries for contacting staff by email or phone.

2.  Pay:

  • a 10% increase in pay. This is a first step to restore more than the 35% cut in real pay for FE staff over a decade. After two significant increases in base rate funding and inflation running above 7% this claim is reasonable
  • a commitment to close gender and ethnic pay gaps
  • to reduce the use of precarious employment.

3.  Valuing the professional judgement of practitioners:

  • colleges to establish forums where practitioners and trade union representatives are consulted about ongoing professional development support to avoid imposed target driven training
  • place the departmental team at the centre of staff development in each area to allow collegiate practices to determine the support needs of the practitioner
  • colleges to recognise the positive role that Union Learning Representatives play, their statutory rights and to provide facility time to support their role.

4.  A meaningful national bargaining framework:

  • colleges to agree a national bargaining framework that levels up the sector and is binding. An equal sector is a more productive one.

5.  Trade unions treated as partners:

  • recognised trade unions to have representation on bodies/committees throughout colleges including, governing bodies, curriculum and health and safety committees.

A charter for professional respect in further education

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