University of Leeds statutes: no sackers’ charter

No sackers’ charter at University of Leeds

Management at the University of Leeds want to change the university’s statutes (which set the terms and conditions for academic and related staff) to worsen the protections for staff. Leeds UCU are in dispute about three changes in particular:

  • adding an undefined catch-all category for dismissing staff for ‘Some Other Substantial Reason’ (SOSR)
  • removing medically qualified chair for panels deciding ill health dismissals
  • removing independent legally qualified chair for most dismissal appeals.

Leeds UCU have negotiated long and patiently with management, including via ACAS, but management utterly refuse to withdraw any of these changes.

We are concerned that the safeguards are not sufficient to protect staff, including in situations where management say they might use SOSR, such as: ‘third party pressure’ (where this could be from corporations or government agencies who are unhappy with certain research findings), ‘breakdown in trust’ (where this could cover anyone falling into disagreement with their manager) and ‘conflict of interest’ (where this could be used against whistleblowers who alert the public or wider academic community about certain issues or concerns). Given the likelihood of such situations arising, Leeds UCU believe that this clause could seriously jeopardise academic freedom.

We, the undersigned, call on University of Leeds to withdraw proposed changes to statutes.

University of Leeds UCU statutes petition: no sackers' charter

No sackers' charter at the University of Leeds: we call on the University of Leeds management to withdraw proposed changes to statutes.

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893 signatures

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893 Maria Zygogianni Swansea University
892 Frithjof Kuepper The University of Aberdeen
891 Adrian Banks
890 Licia Cianetti Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL) Egham
889 c bonardi
888 Michael Jeffries Northumbria University
887 John Maule University of Sussex
886 Alison Suthers Teesside University
885 Elizabeth James Univ of Sussex
884 Katherine Baxter
883 eleanor cresswell The City of Liverpool College
882 Alexander Walker London
881 Crystal Haskell-Ramsay Northumbria University
880 Rachel Swann Cardiff University
879 Sarah Hodges University of Warwick
878 B. Bagchi
877 Barry Luckock University of Sussex
876 Pablo Mukherjee University of Warwick
875 Thomas Giddens
874 Pam Lowe Aston
873 Frank Sengpiel Cardiff University
872 Martin Fry University College London (UCL)
871 Alice Andrews Goldsmiths, University of London
870 Caroline Heycock University of Edinburgh
869 Julianne Regan Bath Spa University
868 Lara Atkin Ireland
867 Helen Cassaday
866 Richard Blakemore University of Reading
865 Jordina Sala Branchadell University of Exeter
864 Elisabeth Wielander Aston University
863 Gordon Asher University of the West of Scotland
862 Richard Kotter Northumbria University
861 Johanna Hoekstra University of Greenwich London
860 Graham Pierce IIM CSIC Formerly University of Aberdeen, where similarly imaginative approaches to facilitate staff sackings are in process
859 Tim Chapman
858 Christine Byron Cardiff University I'm concerned that these new terms suggest that you don't value the independence of academic staff.
857 Joanna Drugan University of East Anglia (UEA)
856 Alexandra Gruian University of Leeds
855 Laurence Totelin Cardiff University
854 Saladin Meckled-Garcia University College London (UCL) An outrageous abuse of power by managers who have lost the plot!
853 Emma Kennedy Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL) London
852 Lynn Day University of Portsmouth
851 Rose Holyoak University of Winchester
850 Hazel Freestone University of Cambridge
849 Linsey Robb Northumbria University
848 David Evans Prifysgol Caerdydd
847 Thomas Tyrrell Cardiff University
846 Nicola Harding Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
845 Anna Judson University of Cambridge
844 Martin Weinel Cardiff University
843 Leslie Noble The University of Aberdeen Leeds trying to hasten the demise of a once great institution - a university is its people, i.e. those involved in teaching and research, not its administrators!!
842 Catherine Jones The University of Aberdeen Outrageous & must be stopped
841 Francesca Roe University of Bristol BRISTOL, AVON
840 Daniel McLaughlin
839 David Kinder The City of Liverpool College
838 Joe Smith Stirling University
837 Pam Birtill University of Leeds
836 Abigail Schoneboom Northumbria University
835 jo Edge University of Cambridge
834 Alison Wray Cardiff University
833 Huw Dixon Cardiff University
832 Nicky Priaulx Cardiff University
831 Andreas Buerki Cardiff University
830 Adrian Rixon
829 David Atkins Cardiff University
828 Nick Parsons Cardiff University
827 Davide Crivelli Cardiff University
826 Jonathan Erichsen Cardiff University
825 Michael Jorgenson Cardiff University
824 Mike Wallace Cardiff University
823 Colin Clark my workplace forbids me from associating it with any political action
822 Rosie White Newcastle Upon Tyne
821 Pete Newbon Northumbria University
820 Eman Zied Northumbria University
819 Julie Taylor Northumbria University
818 Graham Mowl Northumbria University
817 Marjorie Wilson University of Teesside
816 Rob Davis Northumbria University Newcastle upon Tyne
815 Margaret Toft The City of Liverpool College
814 Gurminder Bhambra University of Sussex
813 Jason Whalley Northumbria University
812 Jenny Rimmer Liverpool
811 erica burnand
810 Nicola Carr The University of Nottingham
809 Tony Ward Northumbria University
808 Isobel Rnglish
807 Kath McKay Northumbria University
806 Ann-Marie Einhaus
805 Minnie Fraser Northumbria University
804 Hannah Humes Northumbria University
803 Robert McGill The City of Liverpool College
802 Piars Cronellison
801 Phil Ramsey Ulster University
800 Catherine Packham University of Sussex
799 Laura O'Brien Northumbria University
798 David Kendall Northumbria University
797 Carole McCartney Northumbria University
796 Thomas E Northumbria University
795 Meera Sarma Liverpool University
794 Lazlo Pearlman Northumbria University
793 vincent Barrioz Northumbria University Newcastle Upon Tyne
792 Dave McGuinness Northumbria University
791 Gabriel Moreno Esparza Northumbria University You have my respect for resisting your managers' raid on the well-deserved rights of academic staff
790 peter breakey Northumbria University
789 Kevin Elliott Northumbria University
788 Matt Durey Northumbria University
787 Iain Sutcliffe Northumbria University
786 catherine manley Northumbria University
785 Biddy casselden Northumbria University
784 Joe Street Northumbria University Stay strong Leeds!
783 paul russell Teesside university
782 Adam Hall University of Sussex
781 Mark Walters University of Sussex
780 L Forbes The City of Liverpool College
779 Tara McInerney University of Teesside
778 Sue Currell Sussex
777 Anna Laing University of Sussex
776 N Yuill University of Sussex
775 Mark Husmann Northumbria University Mustn't happen. Cannot happen. Won't happen.
774 Patta Scott-Villiers University of Sussex
773 Zoltan Dienes University of Sussex
772 Dr Robert Rosenthal University of Sussex
771 Tom Bamford-Blake University of Sussex
770 Maurice Devlin Maynooth University, Ireland
769 Kay Scott University of Teesside
768 John Pryor University of Sussex
767 Simon Williams University of Sussex
766 Nuno Ferreira University of Sussex
765 David James Worthing
764 Max Jensen University of Sussex Terrible
763 Geoff Quilley Sussex University
762 Andrea Brock University of Sussex
761 Suraj Lakhani University of Sussex
760 Alex Latham University of Sussex
759 Stefan Elbe University of Sussex
758 Gerhard Wolf Sussex University
757 Kate Howland University of Sussex
756 Rumy Hasan University of Sussex
755 Naureen Durrani University of Sussex / Falmer, Brighton
754 John Child University of Sussex
753 Colin King University of Sussex
752 Paul Gilbert University of Sussex
751 Rob Fidler University of Sussex
750 Benedict Allbrooke University of Sussex
749 Chris Chatwin University of Sussex You need to protect academic freedom, I suspect that many managers do not understand its value to society
748 Fionnuala Doran University of Teesside
747 Veronica Sanz Gonzalez University of Sussex
746 Mark Hindmarsh University of Sussex Dismissing someone for "Some other substantial reason" is ridiculous.
745 Roger Smith Durham University
744 Anna Stavrianakis University of Sussex
743 Damien Jarvis University of Sussex Hove
742 Jibin He University of Teesside
741 John Drury University of Sussex
740 Adam Hansen Northumbria University
739 Donald Simpson Teesside University
738 Jonathan Scott Northumbria University
737 Kaye Elling University of Teesside We need to keep Uk academia within UK employment law. Accountability is paramount in academic life, and that includes accountability of senior management to their own university staff.
736 Alasdair MacSween Teesside University
735 John Franklin Teesside University
734 Kathy Jackson University of Teesside
733 Jackie Grant University of Sussex
732 Luke Martell University of Sussex
731 robert macdonald University of Teesside
730 John Carter Teesside University
729 Joan Heggie Teesside University
728 Alexandra Mendes Teesside University
727 Joao Ferreira Teesside University
726 Stephen Cowden Coventry University
725 Emma Teare University of Teesside
724 Joanne Noble University of Teesside
723 Paul van Schaik Teesside University
722 Alan Batterham University of Teesside
721 Dr. Paul Elsam Teesside University
720 Dave Grover Teesside University
719 Dan Spence University of Teesside Hartlepool
718 Lorraine Smith
717 Josette Bettany-Saltikov University of Teesside
716 Georgios Antonopoulos Middlesbrough
715 Denis Martin University of Teesside
714 Emma Cunningham University of Teesside Solidarity for your strike action from Teesside
713 Joe McGinnis Teesside University
712 Paul Robinson University of Teesside
711 Rosemary Chalmers University of Teesside
710 Elizabeth be --teesside middlesbrough
709 Charlie McGuire Teesside University These are hard-fought rights and conditions, which need to be protected.
708 Charlie Tait Teesside University
707 Karen Bruin I stand with my brothers and sisters to ask the University of Leeds to withdraw the changes they have proposed to the statutes.
706 Lesley Jeffries University of Huddersfield This is a clear undermining of academic freedoms. As a graduate of Leeds it saddens me.
705 Julia Charlton Northumbria University
704 Jeremy Toner University of Leeds
703 Ben Davies University of Portsmouth
702 Joanne Tatham Royal College of Art (RCA)
701 Liz Morrish Nottingham I experienced a capricious disciplinary procedure because I spoke out about the crisis of mental health in my former university. Do not give ground to the sackers' charter.
700 Dan McIntyre University of Huddersfield
699 Susan Blackwell Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
698 Sharon Connell University of Leeds
697 Ian Macdonald University of Leeds
696 Selina Lock University of Leicester
695 C Sidwell University of Leeds
694 Rebecca Thorley University of Leeds
693 David Harvie University of Leicester
692 Jack Newman University of Leeds
691 Michael Daly ITS
690 Fiona Chapel University of Leeds
689 Alan Roe Leeds University Business School
688 Almut Beige University of Leeds
687 Darren Greenwood University of Leeds
686 Helen Miller University of Leeds
685 Sarah Brown Anglia Ruskin University
684 Jean Crocker University of Teesside
683 Mike Cushman London School of Economics (LSE)
682 Sean Wallis University College London (UCL) UCL UCU VP, UCU NEC member
681 Richard Mcewan Tower Hamlets College
680 Helene Hearn The Adult College Lancaster
679 Steven French University of Leeds
678 Rebecca Gould University of Birmingham
677 Sam Marsh University of Sheffield
676 Andy Scally University of Bradford
675 Mark O'Brien University of Liverpool
674 Michael McGowan New City College London
673 Peter Fletcher Keele University
672 Laurie Stras Professor of Music/President, UCU local branck; University of Southampton
671 Sarah Mosedale Liverpool University
670 Karen Evans University of Liverpool
669 Owen Holland Jesus College, University of Oxford
668 Richard Le Corney
667 Christian Townsend University of Sheffield Solidarity!
666 Tracy Brabin MP Batley & Spen
665 Kate Harrington
664 Jacqui Gath PPI Panel This removal of rights is disgusting. Lecturers and researchers need a stable working environment where they can flourish, and the public/patients need to know research is not pressured for poor results. This diminishes you, Leeds Uni.
663 Andy Young
662 Ellen Redshaw University of Leeds
661 Kathryn Backhouse
660 Michael Wilde Bradford College Redundant/Retired In 2009 Bradford College lied that underfunding was the cause for my redundancy. Funding figures, extracted (by me) from the Learning Skills Council exposed this lie. Leeds Employment Tribunal, the Appeal Tribunal and ultimately Ombudsman all ignored this compelling evidence. Moral of this story:- To implement change it is crucial to remove the corrupt old reactionary Right Wing (Blue) Labour eli
659 Patrick Hall
658 John Kind University of Leeds Alumni
657 Steve Kind West Yorkshire UNITE COMMUNITY
656 Hilary Benn MP MP for Leeds Central
655 Aidan Westwood University of Leeds
654 John McGrory Civil Service Leeds
653 Johnathan Leng N Yorkshire Harrogate
652 Dave Kershaw
651 Michael Davies retired, Leeds
650 Ian Strickland
649 Michelle Rogerson University of Huddersfield
648 Suzanne Gannon
647 Christine Holdstock
646 Ashley Kay
645 Fiona Rennie
644 Martin Lenz University of Groningen
643 Gavin Keir supply teacher Signed because they're adding "an undefined catch-all category for dismissing staff for ‘Some Other Substantial Reason’ (SOSR)". Who the **** do they think they're trying to kid?
642 Halla Keir
641 Johnathan Leng Harrogate College
640 Alex Sobel House of Commons I am the Member of Parliament of Leeds North West and a graduate and former staff member of the University
639 Roberto Kulpa University of Plymouth
638 Jack Kushner University of Leeds Alumni
637 Isabel Cotton University of Leeds
636 Sharon Sulman
635 Jane Pitcher University of Strathclyde
634 Mike Johnstone University of Gloucestershire
633 Holly Edmundson John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford
632 dante bortagaray
631 Deborah Hilal
630 Matthew Pritchard University of Leeds
629 Nancy Taaffe NUT It's just awful what's happening.
628 Mary-Ellen Large University of Hull I am not trying to win. I’m not doing this because I want to beat someone, because I hate someone or because I want to blame someone. God knows it is not because it is easy. It’s not even because it works, because it hardly ever does. I do what I do because it is right, because it is decent and above all, it’s kind. It’s just that, it’s just kind.
627 Felicity Holland University of the Arts Helsinki
626 Mike Licudi
625 John Macdonald Cardiff University
624 Ruth Conlock Unison
623 Adam Boothman
622 Joe Bilsborough University of Copenhagen
621 Sophie Thomas
620 Jules Daniels Manchester
619 Deryck Piper Leeds Alumni - recently retired Interesting comments from Malcom Heath (570 below). Even if Leeds University honestly believe they are just bringing the statutes into the 21st Century - the combination of changes (removal of independent legally qualified chair and no medically qualifed chair on ill-health panels) would make most employees a bit paranoid.
618 vera rodriguez Red Umbrella Fund
617 Xavier Cohen University of Oxford
616 Andrew Greenhalgh-Cook The University of Nottingham
615 Hande Gungor
614 Jesse Harris
613 Laurie Cannell Greater Manchester
612 ben clay
611 Chris Fassnidge King's College London (KCL)
610 Nicholas Beuret University of Lancaster
609 Kate Grant
608 Caoimhe Mader McGuinness Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL)
607 Siobhan McGrath Durham University
606 Effy Westenra Goldsmiths, University of London
605 annette wright
604 Sandy Rushton
603 Georgia Volioti University of Surrey
602 Sue Miller Leeds Beckett University
601 Deborah Stack Royal College of Art (RCA)
600 Thomas Hastings Leeds University
599 cora singer hobbs
598 Gwyneth Lonergan University of Sheffield
597 Margaret Williams Member of UCU
596 Andrew Hayes Leeds
595 Joe Hancock University of Huddersfield
594 Hannah Martinson Hughes University of Leeds
593 Vicky Randall University of Gloucestershire
592 Rebecca Macklin University of Leeds
591 Gillian Harrison University of Leeds
590 dale Holmes University of Huddersfield
589 Judy Thorne The University of Manchester
588 Sally Stone Bath College
587 Gareth williams
586 Martin Salmon Royal College of Art (RCA)
585 Kate Paul London
584 Yaiza María Hernández Velázquez UAL Central St Martins
583 Andrew Osborne Royal College of Art (RCA)
582 Edward McCabe Liverpool
581 Asa Roast University of Leeds
580 Karl Witty Leeds Beckett University
579 Pam Brown University of phoenix
578 Fiona Petrie NHS
577 Ann Calvert
576 Gloria Dawson Freelance; former MA student at Leeds University
575 Kashmir Kaur University of Leeds
574 Kathryn Dutton University of Bradford
573 Livvy Murdoch University of Leeds alumni
572 Hannah Boast University of Birmingham
571 Aljona Zorina University of Leeds
570 Malcolm Heath University of Leeds Removing medically qualified/independent legally qualified chairs will undermine confidence in the procedure's fairness and objectivity. That loss of confidence will be exacerbated by the concurrent introduction into the statutes of SOSR: a category with such obvious potential for abuse requires measures to enhance the guarantees of fairness and objectivity, not reduce them.
569 Thomas Hackett
568 Wendy Calvert University of Leeds
567 Carolyn Czoski Murray University of Leeds There are enough known reasons to sack someone without bringing in some vague 'other substantial reason' clause. Removing the medically qualified panel member for loss of employment due to ill health is another major step back in employee rights.
566 Tom Bird Leeds Beckett University
565 Hilary Chadwick The University of Huddersfield Very unfair and unreasonable terms for dismissal. More worrying that this is from a place of 'Higher' education where we ought be upholding the highest and fairest standards that we can.
564 DONNA PANKHURST University of Bradford
563 Bridie Moore Universtity of Huddersfield These safeguards are in place to ensure the fairness of dismissal/disciplinary hearings for individual members of staff, especially where health and legal matters are a consideration. I cannot think of any other reason that the University of Leeds would wish to remove these safeguards other than to dismiss individual workers with impunity. This must be challenged.
562 Sheena Miller The University of Huddersfield
561 Dimitra Kotouza Middlesex University
560 Elaine Webster
559 G Raine Leeds Beckett University
558 Patrick Fleming
557 Jarek Bryk University of Huddersfield
556 Richard Chamberlain University of Northampton
555 Mary Mutton This is completely unacceptable. It introduces a culture of fear and should be resisted at all costs
554 Michael Seymour University of Bradford (retired)
553 Yvonne Novakovic
552 Kat McKay
551 Lindsey Dodd University of Huddersfield
550 Janet Bujra University of Bradford This kind of battle is going on around the country. We must stand together.
549 Nicole Raymond
548 Hilary Pape University of Bradford
547 Matthew Merefield University of Bradford Leeds management: You can't be serious! I'd actually like you to resign for proposing these measures. Go and work in the private sector, somewhere where neoliberal bullying is supposed to be normal, or - here's an idea ... emigrate to work in a North American University.
546 David Rudrum University of Huddersfield
545 Holly Bowman University of Leeds graduate
544 Sarah George University of Bradford
543 Julia Chabasiewicz
542 jack yerkess University of Leeds graduate
541 Pamela Tidswell University of Bradford (retired)
540 Alison Cullingford University of Bradford
539 Dominic Oliver Nottingham Trent University (NTU)
538 Sarah Lindley University of Leeds
537 Robin Lister University of Bradford
536 Arthur Carter University of Bradford
535 Philip Gilligan Cumbria
534 Kimberley Schofield Leeds
533 Andrew Smith Bradford Uni
532 Munro Price University of Bradford
531 Emma Ward University of Leeds
530 Chris Cody University of Bradford
529 Steve Lui University of Huddersfield No to --- some other substantial reason (SOSR). Solidarity.
528 Stephen Boynes University of Bradford
527 Jennifer Waby University of Bradford
526 Eleanor Cook University of Leeds
525 James Hanning Bradford University
524 Beverley Norris University of Bradford
523 Katie Hall University of Bradford
522 Gregor Gall University of Bradford
521 m y alam University of Bradford
520 David Potts University of Bradford
519 Thomas Swift University of Bradford
518 Graham Lingard University of Bradford
517 Chris Kelly University of Bradford
516 Sophia Thomas TransLeeds I firmly believe this will unfairly impact LGBTQ+ and especially trans employee's who already struggle to find secure employment.
515 Eleanor Healing
514 Finn Dobson University of Leeds These changes to the statutes are utterly in opposition to the values that the University claims to champion - equality, diversity, opportunities for all. The changes open up chances for bias and discrimination, particularly against those who are vulnerable and poorly represented in academia, such as disabled, LGBTQIA, and people of colour. I urge the University to reconsider these changes.
513 Jeff Hearn University of Huddersfield I write this as a graduate of Leeds from 1974, and appalled by the proposed changes, Jeff Hearn, Professor, PhD h.c. Lund
512 Mahmoud Alajaty
511 Ellie Clement University of Bradford
510 Grainne McMahon University of Huddersfield
509 nigel parton University of Huddersfield
508 Steve Jenkins University of Bradford The brutal nature of current relationships between University grandees and its workforce appears to be willful and contagious.
507 Andy Scally University of Bradford Universities seem hell-bent on tearing up, and substantially weakening, staff protections and rights in long-standing agreements on terms and conditions of employment. We must stop this slide.
506 Pat Cullum University of Huddersfield
505 Nadia Ali University of Huddersfield
504 Juliet MacDonald University of Huddersfield
503 Jim O'Driscoll University of Huddersfield
502 Howard Jackson Huddersfield University
501 Caterina Benincasa-Sharman University of Huddersfield
500 Jane Bradbury University of Huddersfield
499 Ruth Brooks University of Huddersfield
498 Tracy Lannon The University of Huddersfield We are institutionally undervalued and overworked, we must not allow the erosion of workers rights
497 Kris Christmann University of Huddersfield
496 Glynn Jones University of Huddersfield
495 Malcolm Pollard University of Huddersfield
494 James Underwood University of Huddersfield
493 Judith Kidder University of Huddersfield
492 Charles Hippisley-Cox Huddersfield University As we struggle here at Huddersfield to try and become a Russell Group university, there are already some parallels with regard to the bullying at Leeds.
491 Angela Darvill University of Huddersfield
490 Ian Glover University of Huddersfield
489 Richard McCulloch University of Huddersfield
488 Vicki Smith University of Huddersfield
487 Lisa Du-Lieu University of Huddersfield
486 Andrea Denton University of Huddersfield
485 Gary Allen University of Huddersfield
484 robert cattley
483 JACKIE Lane UNIVERSITY OF HUDDERSFIELD A similar ploy was attempted here in relation to success or otherwise of PhDs, but management backed down, although we are monitoring the situation.
482 Chris Webb Bradford College
481 Mansell Griffiths Cardiff University
480 Rachel Coombe Cardiff University
479 David Wilson Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
478 Deborah Kerfoot Keele University
477 Richard Nicholls Huddersfield University
476 Andrew Keen University of Bath
475 Prof Deborah Foster Cardiff University
474 Tiago Alves Cardiff University What is the need to introduce SORS when most contracts are open ended? Is this a way of imposing zero-hour conditions?
473 paul Rhynehart Wyke Sixth Form College
472 Zoe Irving University of York
471 Kevin Farnsworth University of York
470 Lata Narayanaswamy University of Leeds
469 David Glass Cardiff University
468 Alison Williams Cardiff University If these protections for staff are removed, it will make it easier to for bullying and unfair dismissal. Any University that professes to have a high ethical standing in the academic world, should not lower its standards in this way.
467 Caroline Lloyd Cardiff University
466 Elsie Phillips Cardiff University I am appalled at this behaviour
465 Khelifa Mazouz
464 Michael Alder-Woolf Cardiff University The proposed changes to the statutes are quite frankly ludicrous and must be totally resisted.
463 Grace Handy University of Leeds
462 Thomas Balmforth Leeds
461 Hannah Spruce Leeds
460 Barry Powell Blackburn College
459 Sean Doyle University College London (UCL)
458 Robert Sansam University of Leeds (retired)
457 Jessica Hammett University of Leeds
456 Steven Sourbron LICAMM
455 Georgina Denton University of Leeds
454 Julie Hopkins University of Leeds
453 pammi sinha University of Leeds
452 Gianna Papadodimitraki University of Leeds
451 Richard Marchese Robinson University of Leeds I am deeply concerned about the potential implications of these changes.
450 Andy Nowacki University of Leeds
449 Paul White University of Leeds
448 Carol Wilson University of Leeds Management have never given any plausible reason for the proposed change. They continue to insist that it has nothing to do with making it easier to sack staff - and we continue to disbelieve them!
447 Jenny Barrett University of Leeds
446 Nour Alhusein University of Bath
445 Emily Clark University of Leeds Throughout this whole process, SOSR has not been made clear or defined nor any reasons given as to why/where it may be used outside of the parameters already present. Shady and suspicious
444 Dovile Jarmaliunaite University of Leeds
443 Angelos Koutsourakis University of Leeds
442 William Breeze University of Leeds
441 Jennifer Rose University of Leeds
440 Mark Summerfield University of Birmingham
439 Marc Gibson Loughbourhg University
438 Jacqueline Wilkinson Leeds Beckett University
437 Mark Turner Keele University
436 Georgina Collins University of Cumbria
435 Georgia Walton University of Leeds
434 georgia stone Nottingham Trent University (NTU)
433 Jonathan Beacham University of Lancaster
432 Stephen Caunce ex Umiveristy of Leeds lecturer These changes are incomprehensible except as the means to cow staff by making dismissal easier to start and harder to resist. This is not something any university should wish for, much less a leading institution such as Leeds. Shame on all those who have supported the changes.
431 sophie lane University of Leeds
430 Imran Arif Leeds Beckett University
429 David Calderwood University of Strathclyde
428 Susan Podraza Birmingham
427 Ben Davies University of Portsmouth
426 Stephen Hughes Oxford
425 Erika Raffle-Currie
424 Keith Trickey Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) [retired] An obviously retrograde step for an academic institution to propose.
423 James Davenport University of Bath As one of the few pre-Thatcher tenured professors, I have seen how even the much more modest changes in the "model statutes" have impacted my colleagues, and these seem like a recipe fro a cowed compliant workforce, rather than independently-thinking academics.
422 Charles Hinchliffe Leeds Univesity This would be a step back for the University. I am tempted to bring this to the Student Union to promote this issue on campus and get it more exposure.
421 Ben Tickle
420 Miriam Bird University of Bedfordshire
419 Jennifer Blundell
418 Carrie van der Zee University of Leeds
417 Marion Storey Retired teacher
416 Emily Timms
415 David Shepherd Leeds Beckett University
414 Adam Robinson Leeds Academics should not be expected to censor the content they teach for fear of losing their jobs, and students must hear the full truth on any given situation. It's very important to stand up for the right to freedom of speech, especially in such longstanding institutions.
413 Luke Aylward
412 Claire Palmer-Jones Leeds University
411 Tony Brown University College London (UCL) Branch Secretary
410 Lene Rubinstein
409 John Metcalf Sheffield Hallam University
408 Joshua Alston University of Leeds
407 Tom Crook Oxford Brookes University
406 M J Stop whinging and spend some time doing your actual jobs for a change!!! Be grateful you earn money and have careers!
405 UCU South West Retired members branch South West In support of staff working at Leeds.
404 Patricia Burgess Edge Hill University
403 Akira O'Connor University of St Andrews
402 Adam Ozanne The University of Manchester It's clear that that senior leadership of the university view safeguards designed to protect jobs and academic freedom and ensure any dismissals that do take place are legal and fair as nothing more than impediments to arbitrary hiring and firing of staff, otherwise why would they want to remove them.
401 sam gelsthorpe
400 Jeremy Schwartzentruber Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
399 Birgitta Claus The University of Manchester
398 Jeff Evans Emeritus Reader, Middlesex University These proposed changes are not worthy of an institution with the name "university".
397 Mushtaq Arain central Beds College
396 Jenny Dunn University of Lincoln (also visiting research fellow at Leeds)
395 Fay Dowker Imperial College Academic freedom is necessary for research to be independent and reliable. It is shocking that a university should have the power to sack its academics due to "third party pressure". A university should *protect* the acadmic freedom of its researchers, for the common good.
394 Kanchan Mukherjee