University of Leeds statutes: no sackers’ charter

No sackers’ charter at University of Leeds

Management at the University of Leeds want to change the university’s statutes (which set the terms and conditions for academic and related staff) to worsen the protections for staff. Leeds UCU are in dispute about three changes in particular:

  • adding an undefined catch-all category for dismissing staff for ‘Some Other Substantial Reason’ (SOSR)
  • removing medically qualified chair for panels deciding ill health dismissals
  • removing independent legally qualified chair for most dismissal appeals.

Leeds UCU have negotiated long and patiently with management, including via ACAS, but management utterly refuse to withdraw any of these changes.

We are concerned that the safeguards are not sufficient to protect staff, including in situations where management say they might use SOSR, such as: ‘third party pressure’ (where this could be from corporations or government agencies who are unhappy with certain research findings), ‘breakdown in trust’ (where this could cover anyone falling into disagreement with their manager) and ‘conflict of interest’ (where this could be used against whistleblowers who alert the public or wider academic community about certain issues or concerns). Given the likelihood of such situations arising, Leeds UCU believe that this clause could seriously jeopardise academic freedom.

We, the undersigned, call on University of Leeds to withdraw proposed changes to statutes.

University of Leeds UCU statutes petition: no sackers' charter

No sackers' charter at the University of Leeds: we call on the University of Leeds management to withdraw proposed changes to statutes.

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2,265 signatures

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2,265 James Mooney University of Leeds
2,264 Vincent Morley Hughbaird college Shame on them
2,263 Gary Slater University of Leeds
2,262 Lauren Gardiner University of Leeds
2,261 Paula L M University of Leeds Leeds
2,260 Ronald Haynes University of Cambridge Duty of care should include reducing stress and avoiding intimidation via work insecurity, building up (not breaking down) trust through constructive listening and fair treatment.
2,259 John Metcalf Sheffield Hallam University
2,258 Asna AlOtaibi psu Riyadh
2,257 Sheila Moody Leeds Beckett University
2,256 Mark Adcock University of Leeds
2,255 Rachel Sulich University of Leeds
2,254 Ben Pickering University of Leeds
2,253 Kaishini Jobling University of Leeds
2,252 Maria Russo University of Cambridge
2,251 Simone Norowzian University of Oxford
2,250 Nadia Vermeulen University of Leeds
2,249 Caelum Flaathe University of Leeds Leeds
2,248 Jon Kear University of kent
2,247 Gary Woodhead Retired University staff should have greater job security not less. I am very concerned about the threat to people's livelihoods and the potential threat to academic freedom.
2,246 georgina cresswell
2,245 George Tsoulas
2,244 Ana de Medeiros King's College London (KCL)
2,243 Amalia Arvaniti
2,242 Stephen Cowley University of Cambridge
2,241 Theodora Alexopoulou University of Cambridge
2,240 Nicholas Smith
2,239 chris maguire Leeds City College Yet again attacks on our profession
2,238 Mary Laurenson University of Hull
2,237 Katharina Karcher University of Bristol
2,236 Edward Lee-Six University of Cambridge
2,235 Frances Marsh University of Cambridge
2,234 Andrew Marsham University of Cambridge
2,233 Simon Kelly University of Bradford
2,232 stephanie evans leeds uni cleaning dept and library services I fully support the striking UCU members
2,231 Noeleen Conneely
2,230 Esther Lopez-Figueroa University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,229 Alison Sealey Lancaster University
2,228 Gary Smith UoL Estates Services We need to respect and value each other more than ever in these difficult times. Regressive policies of this type do not help to form the cohesive community we need for the University to flurish
2,227 Andrew Tate SOSR leaves no protection for the staff.
2,226 Eloise Croft University of Leeds
2,225 Faye Thompson
2,224 Rachael Howden University of Leeds
2,223 Thomas O'Boyle University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,222 Steven Markham University of Sheffield
2,221 Mervyn Hyde Gloucester
2,220 Temitayo Ken-Afolabi University of Leeds
2,219 Finbarr Hayes The University of Manchester
2,218 Tim Mercer
2,217 Anya Cook Newcastle College
2,216 Daniel Nucinkis Imperial College London Have emailed Sir Alan. SOSR belongs behind the iron curtain, not in Leeds!
2,215 Emma Gilbert Leeds Beckett University
2,214 Sakar Salar University of Leeds
2,213 Inna Kochetkova Leeds Universities should promote academic freedom and this move from the management is in a totally opposite direction.
2,212 Christiane Luck
2,211 Tom Greasley Leeds Beckett University
2,210 Jo Richmond Leeds Beckett University
2,209 Kevin Williams Leeds Beckett University
2,208 Ruth Slater University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,207 Danila Datti University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,206 Shirley Paul University of Leeds
2,205 Luca Morini Coventry University
2,204 Akis Gkousis University of Leeds
2,203 Daskalaki Maria University of Roehampton
2,202 Aliette Lambert University of Exeter
2,201 Alexandra Dickenson Leeds Beckett University
2,200 Lauren McCarthy Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL)
2,199 Steven Brindle University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,198 Keith FAULKNER University of Sheffield Proud to support my colleagues as UCU departmental contact
2,197 Christine Faulkner
2,196 paul reid University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,195 Nick Mansfield University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,194 noushin aslam
2,193 Anna Zueva-Owens University of Bradford The changes prosed by the management of the University of Leeds is just one more step towards turning UK universities from scholarly communities in service of society into businesses in service of profit.
2,192 Maria Stuart University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,191 andrew Wiseman COLCHESTER
2,190 Tanya Palmer University of Sussex
2,189 Vaiva Norkunaite
2,188 Jill Fouweather
2,187 Zeena Feldman King's College London (KCL)
2,186 Phil Holifield University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,185 Gerry Pisacane Bradford College
2,184 Joanne Davies Rosside, Ulverston
2,183 Nick Williams University of West London
2,182 Leslie Smith Lancaster University Emeritus Professor
2,181 Karen Nicholls Sheffield Hallam University
2,180 Angela Brzeski University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) Very concerning
2,179 Andrew Hobbs University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,178 Valeriy Smolienko University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,177 David Dennison University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,176 Sebastian Wylie University of Leeds
2,175 David Ridley University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,174 Mark Morley The University of Sheffield
2,173 Neal Heard Bradford
2,172 Kevin Bowman University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,171 Carole Elliott Roehampton University
2,170 Ana Barbosa University of Bath As an ex Leeds undergraduate student I'm appalled to hear of these proposed amendments
2,169 Jack Bartley
2,168 Bill Hughes
2,167 Valentin Samuel University of Leeds
2,166 David Edwardes University Of Leeds These are some of the best university lecturers and staff in the country. Causing added stress and natural anxiety for these talented staff members is unnecessary. These staff members will be affected with their creative and essential research carried out if these changes are put in place. I think that these highly qualified individuals should be respected and not be dismissed on unjust grounds.
2,165 Linnie Blake Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
2,164 Stephen Smith University of Plymouth
2,163 David Stewart University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,162 denise hanson University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,161 Iyunoluwa Fakunle University of Leeds
2,160 Mohammad Shuaib Saleem University of Leeds I am not happy to be taught by professors and lecturers whom are scared to speak their minds due to fears of them upsetting a higher up and being dismissed.
2,159 Stephen Wilkin University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,158 julia collier
2,157 Pam Brook Bradford College
2,156 Alan Armstrong
2,155 James Hartley University of Leeds
2,154 Helen Astin Bradford College
2,153 Dani Ajmal University of Leeds
2,152 Harry Elliott
2,151 Anna Clements
2,150 Norman Fairclough Lancaster University (Emeritus)
2,149 Graeme Tobyn University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,148 Joe Ford Durham University
2,147 Ian Corrick University of Bath
2,146 Jo Brewis University of Leicester
2,145 Lucy Hall
2,144 Elaine Swan University of Sussex London
2,143 Jennifer Milton
2,142 Susan Forward HE lecturer's spouse
2,141 Samantha Wheatley Leicester College
2,140 Rebecca Parry The University of Nottingham
2,139 Alison Wilde
2,138 Susan Atkinson Leeds Beckett University
2,137 Andrea Turner
2,136 Colin Shaw
2,135 Justine Flynn University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,134 Lizzie Fletcher University of West London (UWL)
2,133 Johanne Olaisen University of Leeds
2,132 Andrea Elise Holm University of Leeds Research is progress and to help understand both past and present better. If staff etc are afraid of topics they should explore for the sake of progress, we can't be sure that optimal progress is happening and we get a more insecure academic institution. In a time where democracy is going backwards many places, universities in England should not become like Poland, Turkey or Russia.
2,131 Natalie Parker
2,130 Catherine Crawford University of Essex
2,129 Jo Pike Leeds Beckett University This is completely unnecessary. Please value your staff and protect them from bullying and unfair dismissal
2,128 Emily Hardway University of Leeds
2,127 Reuben Kirkham Newcastle University
2,126 Kevin Taylor Sheffield Hallam University
2,125 Patrick O'Brien University of Leeds
2,124 Amy Beeston
2,123 Christina K University of Leeds
2,122 Adam Sawyer University of Leeds
2,121 Philippe Brom University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,120 john Bowers Retired staff member
2,119 Angelica Groom University of Brighton
2,118 Terry Burgon Retired , Leeds
2,117 Claudia Fenoglio
2,116 Dennis Prangle Newcastle University
2,115 George Halikias City University London
2,114 Liz Mylod
2,113 Stephen Aves University of Exeter
2,112 John Parkin
2,111 Mary Corcoran Keele University This proposal epitomises the sweeping, authoritarian, and high handed disposition that is now claimed by right by University 'managers' . The public is now seeing what the management class is doing to Universities and the tide is turning.
2,110 David Alker University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,109 Rob Wilson Leeds
2,108 Ralph O'Connor The University of Aberdeen
2,107 Sarah Jacques Bradford College
2,106 Karen Emmott
2,105 Norma Gough Retired
2,104 Jonathan Colman University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,103 Gail Schuster
2,102 clare mawson The decision to add this clause is appalling. It has not only disrupted our lectures but has made me reconsider further study. Universities should be a place for ground breaking honest research without the risk of upsetting the establishment.
2,101 Nikki Sheen Bradford College
2,100 lorna ellis Leeds Beckett University
2,099 susan Jones University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,098 Alice Healey University of Leeds
2,097 James Gibbison University of Leeds
2,096 Lizzie Starkey
2,095 Samuel Rathjen Leeds Beckett University BUN THE NEO-LIBERALIST NEO-MARXIST POST MODERN SWAY
2,094 Sue McKenna Bradford College University Centre Stop the erosion of lecturers' rights towards the Uberisation of education
2,093 Tarquin Grossman
2,092 Jack Eden University of Leeds
2,091 Callum Young University of Leeds
2,090 Christine Lloyd Neath Port Talbot College (previous employment) These policies not fit for purpose, are a clear demonstration of mismanagement and are a disgrace to the fundamentals of any educational institution. How can any member of staff be expected to work with variables which determine they are unfit to practice by whimsical managment. It is policies like this that undermine confidence, create division and loose expertise within the profession.
2,089 Amanda Power University of Oxford
2,088 Paul Hambley UCU retired member
2,087 Clive Trusson Loughborough University
2,086 Min Wild University of Plymouth Dropping these safeguards will leave the door open to unfair practice.
2,085 Stephanie Dillon University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,084 Douglas Hammond University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,083 Jose I Lopez Florido University of Leeds Leeds Student
2,082 Peter Herissone-Kelly University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,081 Lorna McInulty University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) This is an utter disgrace and machiavellian display of mis-placed power
2,080 Elaine Hill University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,079 T Richard Hull University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) How can you expect the best from staff when you treat them like this?
2,078 Carole Hunt University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,077 Peter Lucas University of Central Lancashire
2,076 Maria Niedernhuber University of Cambridge
2,075 Waseem Yaqoob University of Cambridge
2,074 Josie Leonard
2,073 Silvia Dalla University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,072 Jan Mei Soon University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,071 Jonathan Sinclair University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,070 Anna Vaughan Kett University of Brighton
2,069 Ruby Simblett University of leeds
2,068 Jessica Dennis
2,067 Paul Taylor University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,066 Robert Poole University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) In the cause of academic independence.
2,065 Roxanne Khan
2,064 Michael McKrell University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,063 Ariadne Morgan 19 Student at Leeds uni and want to stand up for workers’ rights
2,062 Brian Collier retired UCU (FE) member
2,061 Sarah Whitehouse University of Sheffield
2,060 Poppy Reilly-Stitt University of Leeds
2,059 Sarah Miller-Davenport University of Sheffield
2,058 Sandra Kazlauskaite Goldsmiths, University of London
2,057 Annie Goh Goldsmiths, University of London
2,056 James Stockdale ROSCOE
2,055 lisa Brady University of Leeds
2,054 Kristian Want University of Leeds
2,053 John Clementson University of Wolverhampton
2,052 Mathieu Rees University of Leeds
2,051 Kevin Lynch City of Sunderland College
2,050 Robert Melka
2,049 Jan Foniok Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
2,048 Lynne Jump Retired UCU rep
2,047 Cassandra Jones University of Bristol
2,046 Arun Ugra S University of Leeds
2,045 Florence Little University of Leeds
2,044 Brian Machin Leeds Beckett University
2,043 Roger Marsh University of York
2,042 Roddy Slorach Imperial College London
2,041 Keith Hughes Bangor University
2,040 Helder Garmes Universidade de São Paulo
2,039 Ian Crookston Leeds Beckett University
2,038 Karin Lesnik-Oberstein University of Reading Many universities are trying to remove statutes to weaken the positions of staff - creeping loss of academic freedom
2,037 Lynn Creighton Lakes College West Cumbria
2,036 Laura Povoledo University of the West of England (UWE)
2,035 Neil McGregor The University of Manchester
2,034 Lorraine Agu Leeds Beckett University
2,033 Maddalena Moretti Leeds
2,032 John Downey Loughborough University
2,031 Rose Sawyer University of Leeds
2,030 Carole Thornley Keele University
2,029 Oliver Manners University of Leeds
2,028 Emm Sheppard London
2,027 Christine McGrath The University of Aberdeen
2,026 Helen Elwood University of Wolverhampton
2,025 Alessandro Medici University of Leeds
2,024 Micaela Boarotto University of Leeds Dueville
2,023 Tom Tamplin Wallington
2,022 Georgia Llewellyn University of Leeds
2,021 Ahmed B University of Leeds
2,020 Briony Pearson University of Leeds
2,019 James Newell University of Salford
2,018 Alice Franzon University of Leeds
2,017 Kevin Sanders St Mary's University, Twickenham
2,016 Liz Rymer Leeds Whatever happened to basic humanity in HE management?
2,015 Joanna Blachnicka University of Leeds
2,014 Rachel Hartshorne University of Leeds
2,013 Lucy Langley-Palmer University of Bristol
2,012 Ivan Reid York St John University No place for such change
2,011 Tamla Evans University of Leeds
2,010 Helen Metcalfe Leeds
2,009 Marvin Herrera Iftodi University of Leeds
2,008 Dominic Miles-Shenton Leeds Beckett University
2,007 Eleanor Noyce University of Leeds
2,006 Kieran Lodge University of Leeds
2,005 Janice Bennett
2,004 mustafa hashim mech eng
2,003 Philippa Murray Leeds Beckett University
2,002 Amarachi O University of Leeds
2,001 Kate Price University of Leeds
2,000 Kathryn Crabtree Leeds Trinity University
1,999 William Maule
1,998 Rory Turnbull University of Leeds
1,997 Jennifer Winterburn Leeds Beckett University White English / Northern Irish / British
1,996 Ryan Hubball University of Leeds
1,995 Emilia Troup University of Leeds LEEDS
1,994 Emil Larsson Leeds Beckett University
1,993 clare durnion-mcgough Leeds Beckett University
1,992 Heidi Wright University of Leeds
1,991 Jim Gibbs University of Leeds
1,990 Victoria Lichtig University of Leeds
1,989 Madelaine Dawe University of Leeds
1,988 Molly Froggatt University of Leeds
1,987 lavinia onel
1,986 Fatou Sambe University of Leeds
1,985 Karen Carney Leeds Beckett University
1,984 stephen roe Leeds Beckett University
1,983 Peter Wilkinson University of Leeds
1,982 Alex Bromilow University of Leeds
1,981 Robert Halstead Institute of Money Adviser Former UCU member and Leeds University PhD graduate
1,980 Katrina Richardson University of Leeds
1,979 Laura Davies Leeds Beckett University
1,978 Kate Quayle Leeds Beckett University
1,977 Joanna Beanland Leeds Beckett University
1,976 Susan Sanderson University of Leeds
1,975 Daniel Callaghan
1,974 Robert Godson Leeds Beckett University
1,973 Harbans Singh Leeds Beckett University
1,972 Tracy Epton The University of Manchester
1,971 Felicity Green University of Edinburgh
1,970 geraint evans Bradford College
1,969 David Page Leeds Beckett University
1,968 Dawn Amesbury University of Leeds
1,967 Susan Chipchase University of Lincoln
1,966 Rita Halvorsen University of Leeds
1,965 Elizabeth Savage Senate House, University of London
1,964 Elizabeth Savage Senate House, University of London
1,963 Billy Saundry Leeds University Current Masters student
1,962 Hugh Bonner
1,961 Paul Garside Bradford College
1,960 Michele Underwood University of Warwick
1,959 Lauren Ryall-Stockton Leeds
1,958 Esther Marshall Leeds
1,957 Vicki Anderson International House Shame on you.
1,956 Ruth Lewis University of Glasgow
1,955 Aimie Purser The University of Nottingham
1,954 Jamie Elliott-Hall University of Leeds
1,953 Jack Auty University of Leeds
1,952 Anna Blackwell
1,951 Holly Withero University of Leeds
1,950 Laura Cashman
1,949 Andrea Sanna Student
1,948 James Jarvis Leeds Beckett University
1,947 Monica Azzolini University of Edinburgh Virtuous universities do not only raise through the League Tables. They also lead in good practice. Leeds' position represents a great disincentive towards recruitment and retention.
1,946 Alison Cameron
1,945 Michael Collins University of Kent Tonbridge
1,944 Nicola Green Newcastle University This has no place in institutions committed to academic freedom and higher education as a social good.
1,943 Jasmine Moodie University of Leeds
1,942 JIEQIONG WANG University of Leeds
1,941 margaret yorke retired in Pickering
1,940 Chenxi Jiang University of Leeds
1,939 Caroline Edwards Birkbeck College, University of London
1,938 Megan Bishop University of Leeds
1,937 Phoebe Watkins University of Leeds
1,936 Aimee Grant Cardiff University
1,935 Teodor Todorov University of Leeds
1,934 Jay Abbott
1,933 Jill Morrice NHS Disgusting how they think they can do this. Stand together, stay strong!!!!!!
1,932 alan thomas Leeds Beckett University
1,931 Nadia Batool
1,930 Madeline-sophie Abbas University of Manchester
1,929 Rutta Ozols-Riding ex staffcare for leeds social services pretty crass situation.
1,928 Emma Dolben
1,927 James Booth University of York
1,926 Daniel Whiting University of Southampton
1,925 paul dye Self-employed
1,924 Anna Smith Retail
1,923 Sara Bragg Uni Brighton
1,922 Jack Smith QA
1,921 Adam Smith University of Leeds What kind of university tyranny is this. Staff have a right to know why they have been made redundant. No dictatorship please
1,920 magda cepeda University of Leeds
1,919 Sian Riley
1,918 Talia Gilbert Leeds Beckett University
1,917 Polly Nash UAL London College of Communication London
1,916 Joe Spencer Leeds Beckett University
1,915 Richard Harrison University of Leeds (retired)
1,914 Eloise Tomlinson University of Leeds
1,913 Corin Moorhead Headingley
1,912 rob burton Leeds Beckett University
1,911 Lucy Rogers University of Leeds
1,910 Natalie Holdsworth
1,909 FRAN Bostyn Leeds Beckett University
1,908 Ginny Wilkinson retired member of UNISON I have valued university education a different periods of my life. Education is and should be an essential part of freedom of thought .
1,907 Rosie Baran Leeds Beckett University
1,906 Mark English University of Chester
1,905 Dave Langcaster Hull College
1,904 Joseph Bartey University of Leeds
1,903 Alessio Mattana University of Leeds
1,902 Roland Cross Leeds Beckett University The inclusions of these protections for staff are utterly reasonable and can only benefit both staff and the University by ensuring important legal decisions are made for good reason, and by competent individuals. To make the suggested changes would represent both an illogical decision and bad management practice.
1,901 Sunny Chukwu Leeds Beckett University Please let University of Leeds do the right thing
1,900 Tom Hastings University of Leeds
1,899 Sylvia Barber Leeds Beckett University
1,898 Richard Marriner Leeds Beckett University
1,897 Zea Lancaster Leeds Beckett University
1,896 Jo Grady University of Sheffield Leeds should cherish academic freedom, not jeopardise with fear of dismissal.
1,895 Linda Blears Leeds Beckett University
1,894 Ellie-Kate Fallon
1,893 Naomi Colhoun Leeds Beckett University
1,892 Lu Zhu University of Leeds
1,891 Simon Crossley Leeds Beckett University
1,890 Mary Kabote Leeds Beckett University
1,889 Alex Riley University of Leeds
1,888 Bella Broekman-Tilbury University of Leeds
1,887 Russell Bailey Leeds Beckett University
1,886 Corey Simmons Leeds Beckett University
1,885 Rachel Henderson University of East Anglia (UEA)
1,884 Andy Hemingway Leeds Beckett University
1,883 Linda Hepworth Leeds Beckett University Without these things in place I would suspect that the University is compromising it's own position should it be taken to a tribunal.
1,882 Gabriella Cruz-Cahn University of Leeds
1,881 Joanna Delgado Rueda Leeds Beckett University
1,880 Claudia Hobson-Smith Leeds Beckett University
1,879 Christopher Iredale Leeds Beckett University
1,878 Susan Robinson Leeds Beckett University
1,877 Khaled Butt
1,876 David Wainman Leeds Beckett university
1,875 chris pugh Leeds Beckett University
1,874 Rachel Healey Leeds Beckett University Workers' rights and protections are hard won and must be respected.
1,873 Roger Davis Leeds Beckett University
1,872 Helen Jones Leeds Beckett University
1,871 matthew allen Leeds Beckett University
1,870 Gwen Herring University of Leeds
1,869 Anthony Conneely West Yorkshire
1,868 Tom Lennox Leeds Beckett University Leeds
1,867 Imad Madadha University of Leeds
1,866 Kevin Orr University of Huddersfield
1,865 Essameldeen Ali University of Leeds Stop business domination of educational institutions.
1,864 F Alibhai University of Edinburgh
1,863 Isabelle Bicknell University of Leeds
1,862 Elizabeth Elwood University of Leeds
1,861 Amber Johnson Leeds Beckett University
1,860 Ceinwyn Hogarth Nottingham
1,859 Philip Burgess University of Leeds How can I trust the integrity of my tutors if they can't trust the integrity of the institution?
1,858 Wenchen Liu University of Leeds
1,857 Hannah Dixon Warrington
1,856 Fengjie Liu
1,855 Bethany Dean-Coote University of Leeds
1,854 Gemma Bradley University of Leeds
1,853 Lorna Lloyd Keele University SOSR to dismiss staff has no place in a University and that Leeds University has managed very well without it.
1,852 Theodore Ellinas Leeds City College Leeds
1,851 Miranda Iossifidis UAL London College of Communication
1,850 Mark Edwards University of Huddersfield
1,849 Holly Evans University of Leeds
1,848 Antonio Martinez-Arboleda University of Leeds We need to preserve and reinforce academic freedoms. The very foundations of our society are under threat by fake news and alternative unaccountable media and political powers. The best way to defend Universities' role in a free society is to protect the freedom of expression of its staff. The change in the Statutes gives the upper hand to pressure groups who oppose research-based view points.
1,847 Julie Thornton University of Bradford
1,846 Nasir Rajah University of Leeds
1,845 James Clifford LEDA
1,844 xiangyu Kong University of Leeds
1,843 Tamara Schmelz University of Leeds In order to ensure high standards in teaching, staff needs to feel secure and not threatened by misleading rules, so that they offer to students the best they can, including a diverse view on matters even if they are not in line with ones superior.
1,842 Jill Laspa University of Leeds
1,841 Keir Milburn University of Leicester
1,840 Tom Gregson
1,839 Xin Qi Leeds business school
1,838 Nadia Merdasi Caceres University of Leeds
1,837 Annabel Kurij University of Leeds
1,836 niall massingham University of Leeds
1,835 Miguel Curiaquita University of Leeds
1,834 Niamh Murphy University of Leeds
1,833 Rebecca Brown University of Leeds
1,832 Julia Summers
1,831 Daoud Al-Janabi University of Leeds
1,830 Sam Hill University of Leeds
1,829 Benedict Docherty University of Sheffield
1,828 Lauren McCarthy University of Leeds
1,827 Anna Wirth University of Leeds
1,826 Keith Ruiter The University of Aberdeen
1,825 Hannah Budden University of Leeds The Leeds university staff are amazing, they should be treated with respect and feel secure in their jobs!
1,824 Shi Tang 21/student
1,823 Helen Sleigh 25/student
1,822 Catherine Croome University of Leeds
1,821 george lloyd University of Leeds
1,820 ilva gjermeni Leeds
1,819 John Ross Uni of Bradford This is bullshit. HE instutions should be setting standards that others adpure to, rather than cheap ass, lowest common denominator, tricks.
1,818 Nicholas Redding Derbyshire Leeds
1,817 Ben Houston Newcastle University
1,816 Andrew Herm
1,815 Daria Krivonos
1,814 Kesie Root University of Leeds
1,813 Dawn Llewellyn University of Chester
1,812 Rolle Alho University of Helsinki
1,811 Emily Hart University of Liverpool Solidarity to Leeds UCU!! Your fight is our fight!
1,810 Thomas Moreno-Cooper University of Leeds I am a student at the University of Leeds and these changes seem IMHO to go against common sense. I pay 9250£ for my education and I would expect the University to protect its valuable academics and staff, not make it easier to get rid of them for ‘Some Other Substantial Reason’!
1,809 Maureen Pinder University of Bradford
1,808 Katie Jackson University of Leeds
1,807 Zoe Pike University of Leeds
1,806 Matthew Bashton Newcastle University Newcastle upon Tyne
1,805 Benjamin Webster University of Leeds
1,804 Tessa Vuister University of Leeds
1,803 Lorna Mistry 19
1,802 Deborah Orpin University of Wolverhampton
1,801 Vivian Ememanka University of Leeds
1,800 Portia Hunt University of Leeds
1,799 Emily Jowett Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,798 Alexander Stone University of Leeds
1,797 Oluwasegun Kayode University of Leeds
1,796 Lucy Parr University of Leeds
1,795 Victoria Boyden University of Leeds
1,794 Thariq Fahry University of Leeds
1,793 Arron Gl Birmingham
1,792 Philippa Humphreys University of Leeds If the proposed changes are made, I will strongly feel that the University of Leeds has the wrong priorities and that I have been mislead in thinking that as an institution it prioritises research and academic freedom above all else.
1,791 Nat Raha University of Edinburgh
1,790 Jemma Nash University of Leeds
1,789 Joseph Ucv Leeds Beckett University
1,788 Amy Nicholls University of Leeds
1,787 Matthew Charles University of Westminster
1,786 Anna Nicholls University of Leeds Research is vital to the improvement of services and our society. Therefore, research should reflect the actual findings which we cannot be confident will happen if people fear for their job and hence their security. This is not acceptable and will ultimately reflect badly on universities themselves.
1,785 isabel de Cala
1,784 Katie Mahon University of Leeds
1,783 Zoeh Coates University of Leeds
1,782 Daniel Crockford
1,781 Fiona Walker University of Leeds
1,780 Chuluo Shang University of Leeds Protect academic freedom 
and independent scholarship
1,779 Elizabeth Morgan
1,778 Shenene Jess University of Leeds
1,777 Nicholas Beuret Colchester
1,776 katie Richardson
1,775 Lynne Hayes Gower College Swansea
1,774 Jakub Szymczakowski University of Leeds
1,773 James Manley University of Leeds Job security is necessary to be able for staff to work to the best of their ability, this clause undermines their capabilities
1,772 Alina T Leeds Uni
1,771 Bridget Ann King retired Barcelona
1,770 Helen Smith Leeds Beckett University
1,769 Chloe Tetmajeris
1,768 Cassie Earl University of Bristol
1,767 Courtney Johnson University of Leeds
1,766 Sarah Bastow University of Huddersfield