Trade union victimisation at University of Liverpool

UCU believes that our longstanding rep Dawn Holdman has been dismissed from her job because of her trade union activities. In a restructure involving significant numbers of staff, Dawn was the only one to be made compulsorily redundant. She is also the only active trade unionist in that school.

Dawn has worked tirelessly to assist members of staff with problems at work and now the union is asking you to stand with her. Please sign the petition and write to the vice-chancellor at to complain (suggested text here).

We condemn the victimisation of trade unionists and call on the University of Liverpool to reinstate UCU rep Dawn Holdman.

Trade union victimisation at University of Liverpool

We condemn the victimisation of trade unionists and call on University of Liverpool to reinstate UCU rep Dawn Holdman.


488 signatures

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488 Bill Hughes
487 Dr John MurphyBlackburn CollegeTrade Union organization brings a quality of life to workplaces for all those who contribute through their labour. Shame on Liverpool University for victimizing one of our reps!
486 Sheila JervisSouth Worcestershire College
485 Caroline Platt
484 Robert McGillThe City of Liverpool College
483 Richard RobinsonThe City Of Liverpool College
482 Anthony O'ConnellThe City of Liverpool CollegeSolidarity Dawn- thank you for all your hard work- we will spread the word
481 Carol CodyThe City of Liverpool CollegeSolidarity with our comrade Dawn Holdman. UCU says NO to Trade Union victimisation!
480 Robin Huw CromptonUniv of Liverpool
479 Michael MohebbiUniversity of Liverpool
478 Phillippa BennettThe University of Northampton
477 Paul CecilUniversity of Brighton
476 James RichardsHeriot–Watt UniversityDoesn't need the help of Sherlock Holmes to crack this case. I support the reinstatement of our UCU colleague.
475 John Metcalf Sheffield Hallam University
474 Charlotte MullinerOpen University (OU)
473 Derek HirdUniversity of WestminsterThere should be no place for victimisation anywhere. The University of Liverpool should reinstate Dawn Holdman immediately.
472 Catherine FritzThe University of Northampton
471 Emily WilczekUniversity of Lincoln
470 Linda MacKayUniversity of the West of Scotland
469 Ronald MendelUniversity of Northampton Solidarity witha trade unionist who has been unfairly targetted for dismissal.
468 Kathryn LumNottingham Trent University (NTU)Dawn we stand by you against this horrible injustice committed against you.
467 Sarah MosedaleContemptible treatment of a lovely former colleague and friend (was sure I had signed this ages ago but can't find my name). I know Liverpool UCU will be doing everything they can to support Dawn who worked so hard as equalities officer, we all need to support this campaign. Victimisation of UCU reps seems to be becoming fashionable again, it has to stop! Solidarity with Dawn.
466 Matthew EvansUniversity of Sussex
465 Linda CroninRoehampton UniversityVictimisation and Bullying are NEVER acceptable.
464 Adrian WhittakerCity and Islington College
463 Dr Samantha NewberyUniversity of Salford
462 Julian WellsKingston UniversityLet's defend those who work for the many, not the few
461 James MurphyUniversity of the West of England (UWE)
460 Tracey MurrayEast Riding College
459 Kevin LynchSunderland College
458 Aarti Vyas-brannickManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
457 Tobias KunaUniversity of Reading Union are an integral part of the university (any workplace) and also for the management it should be seen as a channel to effectively interact with their staff in times when there are troubles at the university.
456 Helen OsgoodWorkplace reps do a great job and should be allowed to do it without fear of victimisation.
455 Tony Woodhouse
454 David JacquesLiverpool Hope UniversitySolidarity with UCU Rep Dawn Holdman
452 Wesley HaydenMatalan/ Student at UOL
451 Margaret Connell
450 Janice Mayer
449 Maria PowerUniversity of Liverpool
448 Clare DownhamUniversity of Liverpool
447 Francisco ArizaManchester
446 Steph HowkinsNottingham Trent University (NTU)
445 Christine BowmakerUAL London
444 Lorna LloydKeele University
443 Nina DimitriadiUniversity of Brighton
442 Andrew MayburyDudley TUC
441 Peter SmithWest Kent and Ashford College
440 Mark EricksonUniversity of Brighton
439 Mark de ValkUniversity of Winchester
438 Kay TongKeele University
437 Helen HarrisonStoke on Trent
436 Martin McAreaveyUniversity of BoltonTrade Union membership and activism should be encouraged in Higher Education, not penalised. If this worker has been victimised due to her work on behalf of others (including YOU, the management of Liverpool university) then shame on You.
435 Chris SpenceNewcastle under Lyme
434 Geraldine lee-TreweekManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)A cynical move by management, please reconsider and reinstate this valued colleague.
433 Mike IronsideKeele University (retired)
432 Donna Gilbert Unison and Nottinghamshire PoliceReinstate Dawn
431 Dave Lawrence
430 Kay Urwin
429 Graham Fields
428 Steve FrenchKeele UniversityThis seems a shameful way for a university to behave. Reinstate Dawn Holdman and engage with the UCU.
427 Robin BellKeele University
426 Caroline MerrittKeele UniversitySuspicious decision making: so a TU rep who now finds herself to be the only one to be made redundant? - Do the right thing Liverpool and have a re-think. By reinstating Dawn will show that you do value your professional services staff, and also shows how you understand the importance of the role that UCU TU reps do play at your institution. It is never too late to do the right thing Liverpool.
425 Sue HallidayUniversity of Hertfordshire If you attack any UCU member for fulfilling their duties, you attack us all. And we will respond.
424 Lorraine AguLeeds Beckett University
423 Howard FeatherOpen University
422 Chris ClementsBridgend CollegeDear Vice-chancellor, We are writing to ask you to reconsider the recent redundancy of Dawn Holdman, UCU equalities officer and administrator in the school of medicine. Dawn, a mother of four, was made redundant just before Christmas 2016 after 28 years of loyal service to the University of Liverpool. Dawn was the only member of staff made compulsorily redundant after a restructure in the school o
421 Ryan Campbell
420 Neal TerryNewcastle College
419 John GiddinsLeeds
418 Simon HailwoodUniversity of Liverpool
417 Charnai BennettUniversity of Liverpool
416 Bernadette DriscollCollege of North West London (CNWL)We must keep up the pressure and peruade the management at LU that they will have a more productive workforce if they support unions.
415 colette lilley
414 Rachel ClementsUniversity of Liverpool
413 Shaun GibbsLiverpool
412 Stephen CarltonUniversity of Liverpool
411 Emma HoeyUniversity of Liverpool
410 James YeomanThe University of Sheffield
409 Philip O'BrienUniversity of Liverpool
408 Bok Chong Alvin TayUniversity of Liverpool
407 Kieran TarpeyUniversity of Liverpool
406 Rebecca Crewdson
405 Rachel HeahUniversity of Liverpool
404 Ed DaviesLiverpool
403 Eve RosenhaftUniversity of Liverpool
402 Jordi SánchezUniversity of LiverpoolI fully support Dawn against being ase of victimising union reps
401 Filomena SaltaoUniversity of Liverpool
400 Michael LongworthUniversity of Liverpool
399 Jonathan Lewis
398 Anke BohmUniversity of Liverpool
397 David GastonUniversity of Liverpool- Student Administration
396 Anne-Marie ClarkeStudent Administration
395 Lucy BradingUniversity of Liverpool
394 Liam WrigleyLiverpool
393 Carole GarratUniversity of Liverpool
392 Adrian SawyerMilton Keynes
391 Teigan AlexanderOxford Brookes University
390 Ellie JenkinsUniversity of Liverpool
389 Julie WeekesHuntingdonshire Regional CollegeAn injury to one is an injury to all. We especially need to defend union activists
388 Anna LangleyDepartment of Engineering, University of Cambridge
387 Husni MashoorUniversity of Liverpool Good luck Dawn.
386 Elliot PageUniversity of Liverpool
385 Megan CrillyUniversity of Liverpool
384 Donald TurnerUniversity of Liverpool
383 Vigo JulianUniversity of Liverpool
382 Adrian BentleyBentley Ideas Ltd
381 chris maguireLeeds City CollegeAs the only union rep and finds herself redundant - makes you think doesn't it?
380 Jo WoodUniversity of Liverpool
379 Daniel Turner Mid Kent College
378 Sasha S
377 Maxine MartinUniversity of Liverpool A decent hardworking professional member of staff and an excellent trade union activist Do the right thing and reinstate dawn
376 Andy BroganUoL
375 Darren JonesLiverpool
374 Nat QueenUniversity of Birmingham
373 sara romeroFalmouth Marine SchoolThere is no room for victimisation in the workplace! Reinstate Dawn now!!!
372 Steffan DaviesUniversity of Bristol
371 Peter GirlingUniversity of Cambridge
370 David SkinnerAnglia Ruskin University (ARU)
369 Kate LeesUniversity of Wolverhampton
368 Malcolm LyonUniversity of Manchester (retired)
367 Claire PrendergastSheffield
366 john margetts1966-90 German Dept., Liverpool University
365 S WoodUniversity of Birmingham
364 Caroline SheltonRuskin College
363 sam pallettMilton Keynes College Prison Education
362 Owen Maroney University of Oxford
361 Jeff OliverThe University of Aberdeen
360 Mandy SchofieldUniversity of Chester
359 Jonathan Colman University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
358 Katherine Baxter
357 Joe LevyUniversity of Roehampton
356 Gregor GallUniversity of Bradford
355 Eugene SmithUCU London Region Retired Members GroupAnother UCU rep sacked. This action brings shame on the university and the sector.
354 Anna BaildonUniversity of Bath
353 Phillip FraneyUniversity of Liverpool
352 Andy MorseUniversity of Liverpool
351 Jane DennisUniversity of Bristol
350 Annemarie PisoLeeds Beckett University
349 Valentina BarreraUniversity of Liverpool
348 Tricia MackinUniversity of Liverpool
347 Nicola PrattUniversity of Warwick
346 Giulio IovineUniversity of Naples 'Federico II'
345 Marco PeraleUniversity of Liverpool
344 Heike ArnoldsUniversity of Liverpool
343 ann molloyUniversity of Liverpool
342 Naz NanjiUniversity of Liverpool
341 Emma SegarUniversity of Liverpool
340 Sue NaylorUniversity of Liverpool
339 Marco PaoliUniversity of Liverpool
338 Vicki PickeringLiverpool
337 Iona HineUniversity of Sheffield
336 Pablo Ciocchini University of Liverpool
335 Roger PhillipsUniversity of Sussex
334 Caroline ToesMilton Keynes CollegeKeep your head up Dawn, I have had the same rubbish at my other job at the council, selected for redundancy for spurious reasons but we all know it is because the new head does not like unions!!
333 Mark LeaderSheffield Hallam UniversityThe full weight of the union should be put behind any victimised rep. This is what weak leadership results in. Good luck Dawn.
332 Catherine AdamsNottingham Trent University (NTU)We must support each other. Today you, tomorrow me..
331 Sascha Stollhans
330 Sarah Mitchell The University of Manchester
329 Matthew BuryLondon
328 Denise TurnerUniversity of Sussex
327 Philip BurgessRetired from Dundee UniversityBest wishes in your campaign. To defend one is to defend all.
326 sharon lambleyUniversity of Sussex in solidarity
325 Ian WellsNew College Nottingham (retired)
324 Michael SalmonUniversity of Southampton
323 Neil GrindleyJisc (London office)
322 Susan HuntUniversity of SunderlandWe stand in solidarity with union reps and are calling on the university to do the right thing and reinstate Dawn Holdman. UCU Sunderland University branch
321 Katharine BarramThe University of Manchester
320 Norman HaganUniversity of UlsterYet another blatant attempt to try and break / demoralise and victimise those who work so hard to protect others rights – “and when they came for me there was no one left to speak out”.
319 Deborah ReesLondon Metropolitan University
318 diane stevensUniversity of Sunderland
317 M FarmerLondon
316 Jon DykeBridgwater & Taunton College
315 Chris Jones
314 Martin BackhouseManchester Adult Education Service
313 alan christopherCity of Sunderland College
312 Mike RobertsKingston University
311 PETER COLLINSSt Mary's Univ. College Belfast
310 Chris ChatwinUniversity of Sussex Fairness, honesty and equality enriches us all - including Liverpool University
309 Emma HamshareKingston University
308 Janet Bennett alumni Univ of Lpool, LTUC,UNITEAm very disgusted at the unfair treatment that your University is dishing out to Dawn, UCU REp
307 Pekka PitkanenUniversity of Gloucestershire
306 Sita BaliStaffordshire Universitysolidarity.
305 Julie RyanManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)A university should honour those who speak up for others. 'Then they came for the trade unionists ...', (Niemoller).
304 Lucy CromptonManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
303 Peter HaighBury CollegeThere is a need for care and compassion when dealing with members of any workforce and individual circumstances should be a major factor when decisions like these are being contemplated. Staff should be regarded ever as 'inconvenient'.
302 bryan scottLiverpool John Moores University (LJMU)
301 Steven BarnesBury College
300 Janet FarrarBury College
299 Clive SimpsonManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
298 Neil Mackenzie
297 Rajesh PatelManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)Trade unionists should be freely allowed to protect members' interests and should not be victimised.
296 Julie WilkinsonManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)Very concerned that any rep should be dismissed apparently for her trade union activity. As branch secretary, I have asked all members at MMU to sign this petition and show solidarity with Dawn. We need to stand together. We too are facing potential compulsory redundancies where managers believe they can choose who goes and who stays. It's invidious and unjust.
295 Jez HopperMMUIf you attack any UCU member for fulfilling their duties, you attack us all. And we will respond.
294 Chris PorterManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
293 Phil EdwardsManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
292 Linnie BlakeManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
291 Peter WhiteManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
290 Elena Boschi
289 Graham WroeSheffield College
288 mark dunkerleyBradford College
287 Paul DavenportUniversity of Wolverhampton
286 Ian SainsburyReading
285 Huw DaviesUniversity of Wales
284 Denice KellyBlackpool and Fylde College
283 Mark SummerfieldBirmingham
282 Paul MadleyJiscSometimes correlation does = causation. Unacceptable.
281 Y J ErdenSt Mary's University, Twickenham
280 Chris GibbsB&FC
279 Hartmut LogemannUniversity of Bath
278 Tony WhelanLondon School of Economics (LSE)
277 Mary WilkinsBirmingham
276 Kostas Zervas
275 Deborah PottsKing's College London (KCL)This is terrible news and I hope Dawn's job can be saved
274 Anita ClokieManchester retired
273 Prof Dick ClementsUniversity of Bristol
272 Nikolaos DiamantisThe University of Nottingham
271 Susan BlackwellVrije Universiteit Amsterdam
270 Kevin SumnerHuntingdonshire Regional College
269 Monica GoligherBelfast Metropolitan College
268 Collette Woodhouse Blackpool and the Fylde CollegeOutrageous! Union reps should be able to help their members without fear of recriminations. This is the sort of thing that discourages people volunteering to be reps, and workers to be members.
267 Tiernan GraberBlackpool and Fylde CollegeA a branch we oppose all victimisation of reps and offer our full support and stand by Dawn and her family we need to protest at the campus.
266 Martin WardDe Montfort University (DMU)
265 Tessa WrightQueen Mary University of LondonThis seems a shameful way for a university - a public institution - to conduct its industrial relations. Reinstate Dawn and engage with the UCU.
264 Tony CrowleyUniversity of Leeds Shame on you Liverpool University.
263 Sean DunneThe University of Manchester
262 Maxine LoobyOldham College
261 Stuart HansonDe Montfort University (DMU)Please University of Liverpool, try to uphold the standards of decency and justice. We work in universities and not "business".
260 Elizabeth LawrenceUCU Immediate Past PresidentIf there is only one compulsory redundancy and the individual made redundant is a union activist, this is a very worrying sign. Surely an employer of the size of the University of Liverpool can find an alternative to compulsory redundancy.
259 Nigel StallardKing's College London (KCL)
258 Rosemary MitchellLeeds Trinity University
257 David GrayWeymouth CollegeThis is a disgraceful action that the University should immediately reverse. Shame on you.
256 Gordon FernieThe University of Aberdeen As a former member of staff at the University of Liverpool and UCU member I am disappointed to learn of Dawn Holdman's dismissal. Victimisation of trade union members does nothing to support the reputation of any workplace, let alone a seat of learning, and especially not one that places emphasis on the importance of the "ennoblement of life".
255 Colin NolanCentral College Nottingham (CCN)
254 Philip Sayce University of the West of England (UWE)Support and solidarity for Dawn. Reinstate an effective member for your staff and an ally to your institution. Unions improve institutions.
253 Charlotte Stevens
252 Alexandra PimorLiverpool John Moores University (LJMU)
251 Tony BrownUniversity College London (UCL)This is a more common approach to trade union rep victimisation than trumped-up disciplinary charges. Both approaches need to be vigorously resisted - with industrial action if necessary.
250 Rob CrowtherLeeds
249 Tracy WalshRuskin College
248 Kay HerbertLoughborough College
247 Anthony O'HanlonLiverpool
246 Michael HollinsheadUniversity of Liverpool Dear Vice-chancellor, We are writing to ask you to reconsider the recent redundancy of Dawn Holdman, UCU equalities officer and administrator in the school of medicine.
245 Sabrina ElasriBolton College, Graduate of The University of LiverpoolAs a Liverpool graduate and now a UCU member, I find it extremely disappointing that my former university has done this. Liverpool as a city has one of the most illustrious trade union histories in the UK and, for the university to act in such a way, is hypocritical and blatantly dismissive of the community that nurtured it.
244 Diane Park
243 Ruth GeeINTO ManchesterGood luck Dawn
242 Margaret McCaugheyINTO Manchester
241 Janet NewshamGMHC
240 richard truslowINTO ManchesterThis seems totally off hand. It does at least require some investigation from UCU with the Institution.
239 Graham DringGreater Manchester Asbestos Victims Support GroupStrange how often union reps seem to be the only, or main, victims of compulsory redundancies.
238 John BamfordGreater Manchester Hazards CentreThe usual level of appalling behaviour by a institution of higher education these days. This institution should be closed down until those who manage and control it learn how to behave properly towards fellow human beings. It's not just cream that floats to the top.
237 Catherine DeeringRetired
236 mehdi husainiTeesside University
235 Peter CooksonINTO ManchesterI thought the days of victimising Trade Unionists had gone a long time ago, but apparently not at Liverpool University. It's a pity that a group of such highly educated people are stuck in first gear in the 1970's.
234 John HollowayINTO ManchesterVictimisation of union activists is appalling.
233 Pauline BarrieRoehampton UniversityAs the Chair of my own UCU Branch I utterly condemn Liverpool's management for making a long standing rep., Dawn Holdman, redundant. I have no doubt that she has lost her job because of her trade union activities. The Union reps. throughout the sector are being constantly undermined by aggressive management and constant breaches of employment law, equality and acts of bullying & harassment.
232 Lynne LacockYork St John University
231 Shauna HopeBristol University
230 Tony SimmondsThe University of Nottingham
229 Robb JohnsonBrighton & Hove NUT
228 Bryn GriffithsRetiredNo one should ever be victimised for trade union activity. For a University to do it, almost beyond belief.
227 Mark ShotterConfetti ICT
226 Sam EvansCardiff University
225 Wendy PrestonCalderdale ACE
224 Amanda BrownDorset county councilSolidarity
223 Hilary MullenBuckinghamshire New University
222 Susan HuntUniversity of Sunderland
221 Ian TaylorCity and Islington College
220 Justin WynneSussex Coast College HastingsBehind you
219 Carolina AlvarezGloucestershire
218 Martin WardDe Montfort University (DMU)Dawn has been unfairly treated and should be reinstated.
217 Tim Davies
216 Jorma LoukoUniversity of Nottingham
215 John DaviesRetired I am a member of convocation at Liverpool any help needed email
214 Daniela Blumlein University of West London (UWL)Please reinstate Dawn Holdman
213 Ian BlandUniversity of Reading
212 Mark RowantreeGlasgowSurely a university should be a place of enlightenment and not victimisation?
211 Jenn Gollings
210 Rachel Broady
209 Rachel HendersonUniversity of East Anglia (UEA)
208 Tim LezardDisgraceful treatment of a loyal worker! Reinstate Dawn now!
207 Sunray HeapCardiff & Vale College
206 Edward GranterThe University of Manchester
205 Iain McKayLoughborough UniversityAn injury to one is an injury to all!
204 Pam ClarkeUniversity of Liverpool
203 Michael MairUniversity of Liverpool Dawn has been unfairly treated and should be reinstated. At a time when universities should be working with trade unions, this again demonstrates the need for a profound rethink of industrial relations.
202 Clara UrsittiGlasgow School of Art
201 Simon DysonDe Montfort University (DMU)
200 Carol ReaUniversity of Lincoln
199 Laura Brough
198 Lesley StevensNorthampton College
197 Andrew Ellis
196 Sheila CullenUniversity of Brighton
195 james Hupton
194 Karen MullarkeyKirklees CollegeBlatant discrimination. We're behind you Dawn.
193 Pete Dixon
192 Marilyn PolanEast Berks College
191 Annie JonesThe University of Manchester
190 Ray BushUniversity of Leeds Solidarity
189 Paul GreenrguThe brave stance you have taken is an inspiration to all Union members
188 Jackie GreatorexCambridge
187 Rob SteenEastbourne
186 Alistair BullochNewcastleVictimisation must not be tolerated.
185 Bill WhyteEdinburgh
184 Alan SmithBuxton
183 Richard BathgateSunderland
182 Kathryn DuttonBradford
181 Adam JonesManchester
180 Jack Kirtley Stockton No to union victimisation.
179 Adam peacockSouth shields
178 Maxine RowdenEast Boldon
177 Jon BryanNewcastle upon Tyne
176 Edward GarnerSalford
175 Lesley CradduckLiverpool
174 Pat Hornby AtkinsonSouthport
173 Ian Corrick
172 Rosemary JanePortsmouth
171 Stephen RiceYork
170 Ciara KieransLiverpool
169 Ben Davies
168 John DruryBrighton
167 Abelardo Clariana-PigaSouthampton
166 Nils MarkussonSouthampton
165 Jo CorkeBristolAfter surviving years of Newby as VC you'd hope for an easier time, but it seems trade union activists can get picked on for doing their job whoever is in charge.
164 Sue AbbottNewcastle
163 Keith TrickeyLiverpool
162 Peter WeightmanLiverpool
161 Dr Chris H. BryantSalford
160 Marina VishmidtLondonUCU Rep, Goldsmiths
159 Pat LynasBelfast
158 Monica GoligherBelfast
157 Gill PriceCardiff
156 Chris Lloyd MillsNottingham
155 Tom JonesSt Andrews
154 Eddie LittleManchester
153 Randy BanksLondon
152 Rebecca CollinsChester
151 Norman Jope
150 Nick ParsonsCardiff
149 David CalderwoodGlasgow
148 Richard CarabineLondon
147 Colin NolanNottingham
146 Stephen O'Sullivan
145 Philip LangleyHull
144 Maxwell BarnishAberdeen
143 John MargettsD - 80797 MünchenAs the former local assistant secretary of the Liverpool branch of the then AUT some forty years ago, I would like to protest most strongly here against what seems to be a case of vicitmisation. Confrontational behaviour on the part of employers should not be condoned.
142 Mark RutterWinchesterTrade union membership should not be penalised in a democratic and open society.
141 Howard MossSwansea
140 Alberto TestaLondondisgraceful
139 Godfrey Jennings
138 Vincent Morley LiverpoolDisgraceful behaviour by so called academics? Shame on you
137 Andy MathersBristol
136 Christopher Harvey
135 Jeff WaistellMK
134 Lesley ThomsonLiverpool
133 Phil SmithLondonSeems employment practices at the University have not moved on from the Victorian times when it was founded.
132 Matthew LaweLancaster
131 Andy Sawyer
130 Martin GoughLiverpoolThe University is carrying out a re-structuring of what has been its Academic Secretary's Office and the explicit promise has been that there will be no redundancies resulting from the re-organisation itself, so that cannot be the reason.... or quite a lot of us might suddenly be asked to follow out of the door.
129 Jeni Driscoll
128 Nick GreenManchester
127 Simon SnowdenLiverpool
126 Sue O'ConnellLeighMany years ago I worked with Dawn. I am shocked by the way she has been treated and fear it reveals much about the worrying trends in employment rights in the universities in general and the University of Liverpool in particular.
125 Ellie PontinLiverpool
124 Aoife Daly
123 Carmen MangionLondon
122 Eleni MichalopoulouNeston
121 Lesley McGorriganBradford
120 Andy HeathLiverpool
119 Marina Rabadan-GomezLiverpool
118 Ian SmithLiverpool
117 Stéfanie KhouryLiverpool
116 GAVIN LAINGLiverpool
115 Alan BrownLiverpool
114 Celia Jimmieson Durham
113 Phil JimmiesonLiverpool
112 Catherine GibsonLiverpool
111 Kate BennettLiverpool
110 Anna FoxLiverpool
109 Martin SaundersManchester
108 Carlo Morelli Dundee
107 Rosa UrbanoLiverpool
106 Astvaldur AstvaldssonLiverpool
105 Adrian CavinderLiverpool
104 Will McGowan
103 Martin VolkLiverpool
102 Bertie DockerillLiverpool
101 Marco BertaminiLiverpool
100 Peter GoddardLiverpool
99 Paul Callaghan
98 Lynn HancockLiverpool
97 Rebecca Davnall
96 Stephen JonesFlintHow come Dawn Holdman has had the sack? Don't you like our union?
95 Thomas TeubnerLiverpool
94 Karen ScottLiverpool
93 Tom PriceLiverpool
92 Paul JonesLiverpool
91 Cyril CaminadeIf redundancy is only related to Dawn's Trade Union activities this is horrendous
90 Lingzhi GuLiverpool
89 Ken WillisLiverpool
88 David StewartLiverpool
87 Steve ChristmasManchester
86 Patrick ColleranLiverpool
85 Rhiannon Corcoran
84 Chris Silker
83 David Waterhouse
82 Darren FoxLiverpool
81 Godfried CroenenLiverpool
80 Ros RiceLiverpoolCompassion not victimisation, PLEASE University of Liverpool. It's deplorable that we are even having to consider signing such a petition.
79 Phil HarrisonLiverpool
78 Charlotte RoganLiverpool
77 Robert MooreLiverpool
76 Paul HarrisonLiverpool
75 Stephanie LaidlawLiverpool
74 Lucy FrithLiverpool
73 Nicola PaganiLiverpool
72 Chris HopeLiverpool
71 Lasse Rempe-GillenLiverpool
70 Nuno FerreiraBrighton
69 Christopher WestLiverpool
68 Juan Arana CobosLiverpoolAn injury to one is an injury to all! Solidarity with Dawn Holdman.
67 Ian Bamber
66 Stefanie DoeblerLiverpoolAn outrageous victimisation of a fellow staff and union member. Dawn should be reinstated immediately!
65 Matthew SpencerLiverpool
64 Veronika Koeper-SaulLiverpool
63 Jessie CooperLiverpool
62 Lesley IwanejkoLiverpool
61 Maria PowerLiverpool
60 Rosalba BiasiniLiverpool
59 Karin TustingLancaster
58 Alison ChapmanPlymouthRe-consider the appointment of Dawn now and demonstrate your support for hard-working UCU reps who only enhance the lives of staff at universities and colleges across the country.
57 Karen EvansLiverpool
56 Lewis BingleSunderland
55 Alison SealeyLancaster
54 Mary TraynorLancaster
53 Clare KinsellaLiverpool
52 Julia GillenLancaster
51 Donal WattWorthing
50 Colin KingBrighton
49 Chris HooleySt AndrewsHealthy and vigorous trade unions are vital to the effective and fair operation of universities. If this is victimisation, it's deplorable.
48 Carole McCartneyNewcastle Upon Tyne
47 matt perrynewcastle
46 Professor Malcolm PoveyLeedsIn unity lies strength
45 Pamela StevensBuckley
44 Patrick MontagueLancaster
43 Nancy Noble-Milner Hebden Bridge
42 Eleanor BoydWishaw
41 Alan SouthernLiverpool
40 Jo McNeillLiverpoolAs President of the University of Liverpool branch and Dawn's rep throughout this entire debacle, I can honestly say that we believe Dawn's Trade Union activism is the only reason for this sham redundancy. I ask all UCU members to support Dawn, an injury to one is an injury to all.
39 Andrew SayerLancaster
38 Chris HolroydLancaster
37 John MarianiLancaster
36 MiKe CooganLancasterOutrageous
35 James Brand
34 Hilary Thomas
33 Hardy Schwamm
32 Juergen BrachtAberdeen
31 Jude TowersLancaster
30 Shuruq NaguibLancaster
29 Christopher WestLiverpool
28 Matt TimperleyLancaster
27 Rachel RimmershawCarnforth
26 Andy YuilleLancaster
25 Tim McNelis
24 Charlie OwenLondon
23 Gavin BremnerLancaster
22 Sara WassonLancaster
21 Kanchan Mukherjee
20 Agata FijalkowskiLancaster
19 Dina LewLancaster
18 Kirsty PriestleyLeeds
17 Lucy HansonLiverpool
16 Cristian SerdeanLeicester
15 Mark CampbellLondonYou have my total solidarity. Trade union victimisation should be fully and militantly challenged by all trade unionists.
14 Jacob PhelpsLancaster
13 Annalaura AlifuocoLiverpool
12 Clare GibbsNewport
11 Emily HartLancaster
10 Karenza MooreManchester
9 David HardmanLondon
8 Julie HearnLancaster
7 Julia CharltonWhitley Bay
6 Mike CushmanLondon
5 Irina Biktasheva
4 Richard BentallLiverpool
3 Paul KennyLiverpool
2 Peta BulmerLiverpoolThis is outrageous!
1 Mark O'Brien Liverpool