Save Manchester Metropolitan University Cheshire campus

Manchester Metropolitan University’s board of governors has employed financial consultants Deloitte to review the academic and financial sustainability of the Cheshire campus. UCU believes that there is a viable future for MMU in Crewe based on our distinctive inter-disciplinary student offer and improved investment in the student experience.

We call on the vice-chancellor and the governing body of Manchester Metropolitan University to:

  • commit to a sustainable future for higher education provision in Crewe
  • engage with staff on the basis of financial transparency and genuine consultation on all options for the future
  • co-operate with UCU, Unison and GMB to avoid compulsory redundancies.

Save Manchester Metropolitan University Cheshire campus

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1,695 Neil Jones United Kingdom Thanks to this faculty I acheived a 2:1 BABS in the late nineties which helped my career greatly. With HS2 in the pipeline MMU should be inesting in this site, not leaving it!
1,694 Natasha Papworth England Used to be a student there in the early 90s. Such a brill time with loads of opportunities and made many friends both at the campus and in Crewe itself. It would be a real shame to see this campus go as well as the Alsager one.
1,693 christine goodwin Britain I was a student and it has been a centre for excellence in teacher training. A lovely campus. It should be saved
1,692 douglas dickson england I have read all the visionary plans for Crewe with the town centre development and HS2. I have to say I have seen it all before. If the University closes it will be a complete statement of no confidence in Crewe. For too long Crewe has been the poor relation in the north west, surely the university should be a cornerstone of the revival. There is a real need for skills in the area and a need tog
1,691 Michelle Edge United Kingdom Cheshire is a rural area, lack of transport, lack of opportunites. Keep the university.
1,690 Donna Smith Staffs
1,689 Tracey Mills United Kingdom This is only university campus that has Crime and Abuse studies as a combined course and area I am interested in studying and learning about, Crewe needs to improve its higher education opportunities I think it would be very big mistake in closing it's MMU campus it would huge loss all round, education is about learning not money, I am supporting UCU in their fight to stop this unnecessary closur
1,688 Ken Slade UK
1,687 John Carter United Kingdom I am an ex-student and also a current external examiner at MMU. I fully support UCU in their fight against these proposals.
1,686 John Shone United Kingdom I am an ex MMU student and appreciate the quality of their campuses. To leave Crewe would be a big loss for the town.
1,685 Aluson Hiscock
1,684 Nina Hammill England Crewe needs a higher education campus and it would be morally wrong to close the Crewe MMU campus. I think the proposal to close it is based on money, not on educational value. Education should not be used for profit.
1,683 Rochelle Hill United Kingdom Im a past student of the Crewe campus and I think its a terrible decision to withdraw from the site. Crewe has great transport links, its a really good option for those in the local area to travel in. Its the wrong decision to withdraw, whats going to happen to the site?
1,682 Gurminder K. Bhambra
1,681 Richard Hewett UK It's bad enough that the Alsager campus, where I studied as an undergraduate in the mid-1990s, is already gone. I can only imagine the impact that had on the local community; closing the Crewe site makes no sense. I'm now a lecturer myself; Higher Education should be about opening doors, not slamming them shut.
1,680 Rebecca Pizl
1,679 John Ó Maoilearca UK
1,678 Jason Woolley United Kingdom compulsory rendundancies need to be avoided.
1,677 Denise DeniseTannet I attended what was Crewe in the early 1980s as a Mature Student studying for a B Ed. As a Mum with two small children this gave me an opportunity to access Higher Education without moving away from home and family. It changed my life.
1,676 june apara apara England Iam signing to offer my support, as my late father came from Crewe and spoke very fondly of it. He was William Joseph Harding. Son of Joseph Harding and Elizabeth. He had a brother Jack, sister Alice, and an adopted brother Norman, He spoke of Peacock Farm sometimes,
1,675 Annemarie Piso UK This is a message of support from the UCU branch at Leeds Beckett to Man Met UCU and I am writing this as the branch secretary. Pura Ariza came to speak at our branch last week and members asked me to send a message of support.
1,674 Catherine Adams Keep fighting, Manchester Met!
1,673 Philip Burgess Scotland Best wishes in your campaign. To defend one is to defend all.
1,672 amanda french UK In solidarity with UCU colleagues who deserve better !
1,671 Mike Searby UK I am supporting this because many of us in HE are being attacked in this way by senior management who have neither competence in managing nor any sign of an ethical approach.
1,670 James Richards
1,669 Stephen Bates
1,668 Rachel Neithercut United Kingdom
1,667 Antony Garnett UK I am student landlord and co-owner of a lettings agency. Despite the obvious impact to landlords and any other business owners that provide good or services to the local student population, this is would also demonstrate a failure of the town. The Crewe vision for many years has been to become a student town - if its failing then do we just give up?! There's too much at stake to do that.
1,666 John Negus England I want to show my support for the staff and students at the MMU Cheshire campus
1,665 Levente Kriston Germany
1,664 Jude Rodwell UK
1,663 Dominik Kalweit Malta
1,662 Joyce McAndrew
1,661 Joanne Wood
1,660 Brenda Morris UK It would be sad to lose this facility - and not just because of the 400 jobs that would be lost at the campus, but also the businesses that assist in accommodating the students etc
1,659 Emily Smith United Kingdom
1,658 Stephen Condliffe UK
1,657 gail bromley england son attended for degree course and enjoyed performing arts course
1,656 Carrie Collis England I feel having a university in our town brings so many opportunities/jobs and is the future of our community. With the hs2 coming in it will make crewe any easy area to get to. I feel the uni should maybe specialise in certain courses giving it a speciality. It was obvious the crewe campus would not work as it is because students would still have to go to manchester for some lectures etc
1,655 John Hemp United Kingdom
1,654 Ann-Marie McCormack I am a staff member at another university and think that Crewe MMU is a huge asset to the HE landscape. I can't believe it is up for closure after the money and time ploughed into it. It gives a university option for many students who would find living in or travelling to larger cities daunting. It is welcoming and has an excellent support service. Think outside the box and not just about money !
1,653 john king an excellent university with so much investment going to waste if it closes
1,652 Neve Spencer Moller Wales I would like to study there next year and it is the only campus and university with the combination of choices I would like to pursue in my career. I'd be extremely upset to see it go and not be able to take the courses I would like to do. I hope it is saved!
1,651 Veronica Montoro Spain MMU Cheshire are the only ones offering a quality BSc (Hons) Exercise & Sport Science distance learning endorsed by BASES and delivering exciting material in a cutting edge way. This course is really unique in the UK. The world is only just starting to see the importance of exercise and physical activity the future is bright. Please save MMU Cheshire!
1,650 Arron Evans United Kingdom
1,649 Joshua Olu Ghana The campus is the only place for a combined honours Ba/Bsc (Hons) Philosophy/ Psychology with the exact course modules I want to study.
1,648 Katie Smith United Kingdom
1,647 Jack Cruz United Kingdom
1,646 Darren Singh Dagenham I went to the open day for Sports & Exercise Science and I really enjoyed seeing all the equipment that the university had to offer, and I really want to study at the university and I don't want it to close down.
1,645 Ashley Lindop As a graduate of MMU Cheshire (with a First-Class Degree), I can not speak highly enough of both the level of education I received (particularly by Dr Ken Parsons) and the ease-of-access offered by having a campus in Crewe. The location, accessibility and level of education at MMU Cheshire meant I was able to go from being a non-academic person to a First-Class Graduate.
1,644 Chanpreet Singh Essex
1,643 Phil Lyon UK As a former External Examiner to this campus, I am surprised and disappointed that MMU think that withdrawal from Crewe is the appropriate response to the staff commitment. There are tremendous benefits that this 'out-reach' campus provides for local students.
1,642 Sarah Mills-Harrison United Kingdom Best university for my daughter... excellent tutors and a comfortable size of campus
1,641 Jenny Harrison England I attended this university and its fantastic I felt like a person as opposed to just a number. Excellent tutors and facilities
1,640 Rebecca Gilbert The arts are too important to keep being lost like this.
1,639 Kyle Gardiner Scotland Manchester has been voted in numerous polls over the last 15-20 years as the second most culturally significant city in Britain. Removing this campus denies access to education for people who wish to enter the arts through performance, as my friend wishes to do, and therefore significantly depreciates Manchester's status as a city of culture. This campus is very, very important.
1,638 Amber McCallum My friend wishes to apply for this course
1,637 Sophie Elliott Scotland I have applied for a place on MMU's Drama Led Community Practices which is a course I have fallen in love with but is held at the Cheshire Campus. There are no opportunities in Scotland to study Community Drama at BA level, and MMU offering this was a closer alternative. Otherwise I'd have to relocate to London or Wales to study my passion. Please don't take this course from us!
1,636 Jessica Seedwell United Kingdom I am a student at the Cheshire campus, if the campus closes I will be unable to further my studies in Abuse which is a one of a kind course. My whole future is now uncertain. The university should stay and continue to provide the education and support it offers.
1,635 Aminah Saleem United Kingdom Its one of my university options and I really want to do psychology with education studies there and it's unfair to suddenly take that all away when people have applied
1,634 Jan Underwood United Kingdom Because Deloitte seem to be representing other universities (e.g. Bangor University, Wales) and making suggestions for cuts in unis and their departments that they know very little about. Please also sign Bangor University's petition at Thanks. In solidarity Jan
1,633 Daren Hall
1,632 Christina Clarke United Kingdom
1,631 Stephen Eichhorn UK Crewe needs a higher education campus proving quality education.
1,630 Cecily Blyther United Kingdom All power to the negotiations; may the governors and Deloitte's involve the staff and listen to them.
1,629 Roy Batt England Crewe needs a centre for Higher Education. It is the kind of town that badly needs status and a source of employment for its people. We must decentralise and stop such towns from being 'nothing places.'
1,628 Markus Eichhorn UK The campus at Crewe provides an important educational service to the community.
1,627 Dave Neary United Kingdom MMU Cheshire is an important part of both MMU and the local economy in Crewe and wider Cheshire. The closure of the Alsager campus was perhaps understandable but the provision of higher education in a town such as Crewe is vitally important and every effort needs to be made to sustain it.
1,626 Mark Leader
1,625 Michael Lea England As a former postgraduate student I had a very good experience at Crew Campus.
1,624 Rebecca Lea England My experience at Crewe Campus as an undergraduate, with the warm, personal approach, guided me towards lecturing in Higher Education. Thank you to all at Crewe from Rebecca D. Lea (nee Walker).
1,623 Anthony Collins
1,622 Rosemary Jane UK
1,621 Pete Gubbins UK For lots of good reasons it's important to keep a university presence in the area. I hope the people that have made this quick and dirty plan rethink their "ideas".
1,620 Fred Lindop U.K.
1,619 Joanne Cliffe UK
1,618 Simon Bayley Cheshire
1,617 ken howells
1,616 Hilary Thomas
1,615 Paul Seager United Kingdom This is a viable campus running good courses - a way must be found to keep it open.
1,614 Julie Cooper UK My niece attends and to have to travel to Manchester is just not an option
1,613 Alan Harding UK I was External Examiner at MMU from 2008-2012, with successful courses operating on the Crewe site
1,612 Catherine Laws United Kingdom
1,611 Nicole London
1,610 Emilie Tunstall United Kingdom Such a great campus and the contemporary art facilities are fantastic, it would be such a shame and waste of money to see them abandoned just like the Alsager campus. Also, has a massive impact and strong connections with the local community, you're not just taking this campus away from the students but from schools, colleges and businesses that work with the university.
1,609 David Rigg England
1,608 Pavel Büchler UK Much of the ongoing restructure of MMU is having a damaging impact on the creative arts education. Crew offers a distinctive provision for Contemporary Arts in a distinctive setting.
1,607 Kim Parry Wales Ideal for students who want a smaller campus. Unfair on students already their very unsettling. Businesses in the area wiĺ suffer.
1,606 Geoff Bunn UK
1,605 Emma Koivunen United Kingdom
1,604 Rajesh Patel United Kingdom Crewe staff provide a valuable service to the region. The possible closure will make it less likely for local residents to gain access to quality higher education
1,603 Lesley Walton United Kingdom Ex student, a great campus.
1,602 Peter Blundell UK I'm an MMU student at Crewe campus. This campus has supported me through my undergraduate and PhD degrees. It would be a shame to lose it. Staff are able to give good support to students that larger campuses such as Manchester cannot provide.
1,601 Patricia Roach United Kingdom Because I do not agree with closing this Campus, especially after spending so much money on new student accommodation!
1,600 Geoff Etherton United Kingdom MMU in Crewe is vital to the towns economy. Any decision to close is premature as HS2 will bring much investment and employment to the town. This will create jobs for students potentially studying in Crewe and then looking for local employment after graduation. There is no other uni campus within 20 miles and as many students stay at home when studying at MMU this would mean removing this choice
1,599 Mandy Mitchell USA The investment in education cannot be measured by a balance sheet. An educated and engaged citizenry has a multiplier effect.
1,598 Epiphany Hampson Did my undergraduate at MMU Cheshire and it was the best 3 years! Keep it open for others to make memories there
1,597 Emma Richardson Wales I have done my degree, my PGCE and now my masters at MMU Cheshire. It is a brilliant campus with amazing people and staff. Closing it would limit opportunities for many who are closer to Crewe than Manchester there is no way I would have been able to my MA had I got to go all the way to Manchester. At Crewe you are a face, a name, a person, not a number, one among many in a big city.
1,596 Jaime Sim United Kingdom
1,595 Julie Taylor United Kingdom My son had a fantastic education and experience there.
1,594 Adam Taylor United Kingdom I had the best 3 years of my life at this University. Everyone knows everyone with it being a smaller university. Its like one big family. I also worked in Crewe town centre during my 3 years of studying here, as did many students, and I know for a fact that the closure will absolutly finish the town once and for all. Lets not let MMUC close without a fight!
1,593 Gavin Jones Former student and graduate....many happy memories!!
1,592 Victoria Evans England My daughter has ASD so would of only be going to the local University, if the MMU closes I don't think she will end up going, so this messes up her future
1,591 Nicola Michael England I'd love to carry on my education, however being a mother of two, it's not practical for me to travel to big cities to go to university. I need somewhere local to complete my education. I went to MMU Crewe for my undergraduate degree, the staff are great and I would love to be able to complete my masters there too.
1,590 Ed Scott England I studied at Mmu Cheshire from 2006-2008 made great friends and loved the uni
1,589 Matthew Rigby Netherlands This university MUST NOT close!
1,588 Shw Arn United Kingdom This is the place I feel most at home and like I can florish
1,587 Zoe Stevenson United Kingdom
1,586 Sophie Crabtree United Kingdom I went to this university from 2010-2014 and commuted from home. It was perfect, the staff were amazing and the campus was just the right size to not feel overwhelmed. It would be such a shame to see it all go to waste.
1,585 Jill Miskelly United Kingdom At this campus, we are a family.
1,584 Kyara Melaan United Kingdom
1,583 Austin Klutz United Kingdom Know a few people studying at Cheshire Campus and feel hard for the staff who will be suffer redundancy if the campus gets closed.
1,582 Gabrielle Benna England I believe that shutting down this campus would be doing a great disservice to the current students that have chosen to spend twenty-seven grand because they thought they would get the most out of their studies here at Manchester Met. The campus has greatly improved over the years, with numbers growing. Not only that, it would put a lot of hard working individuals out of jobs.
1,581 Josh Geeson Lincolnshire
1,580 Ben Hartfield United Kingdom
1,579 Steve Sutherland England
1,578 Adrian Mitchell United Kingdom Disappointing. As Higher Education becomes such an expensive opportunity these days, the potential closure of this site, is very sad to hear. As so many have said - this offers the potential to study locally. Closure of this site will mean, denying local people the opportunity of study, where they otherwise, could not afford to travel, to other institutions. Additionally, not everyone wants to att
1,577 Heidi Henders United Kingdom
1,576 Heather Salt United Kingdom Because I attend the university!!
1,575 Daniel Knight United Kingdom
1,574 Liam Finan United Kingdom Student at MMUC, and I have had the best three years of my life here.
1,573 Liam Harrison
1,572 Matt Little United States
1,571 Courtney Smitj England Lots of students attend this university campus and enjoy it. To tear it down you're tearing down a large part of their history.
1,570 Mathew Mellor This campus is a fantastic place to study and such a lovely area to spend time in.
1,569 Katie Hilton
1,568 Panagiotis Mavrommatis Greece
1,567 Rebecca Lawthom UK
1,566 Joanna Ziarkowska
1,565 Rebecca Nisbet England I support the Crewe campus and the staff and students who call it home, and don't think it should be shut down just to save money.
1,564 Pamela Flaherty England Great local place to study. I am an ex student and know students there.
1,563 Megan Holloway United Kingdom
1,562 Mark Roach Australia
1,561 Lee Cartwright MMU Crewe Campus is vitally important to all students there and should absolutely be kept. It does not make any sense to take away the building when many people in the local area and beyond have chosen to go there, thus sustaining Crewe's high standard of educational facilities.
1,560 Natalie Ashton United Kingdom Brilliant university, provides the university experience for students who don't want to live in a big city
1,559 Courtney Everall U.K.
1,558 Louise Jones United Kingdom
1,557 Joe Woodhouse
1,556 Matthew Crane United Kingdom
1,555 Anna Walmsley
1,554 Anna Blackburn Uk
1,553 Charlotte Copeland As alumni of the university I would be sad to see it go!
1,552 Kathryn Maries United Kingdom
1,551 Hannah Thulborn Cheshire
1,550 Courtnie Rawson Yorkshire I come to uni at Cheshire campus and it is an ideal place for students to learn!
1,549 Emily Summerbell Durham Friend attends uni there ❤️
1,548 Georgia Pounds-Grieveson
1,547 Olivia Tharby United Kingdom My brother studies at the university and believes his lecturers don't deserve to be made redundant.
1,546 Jimmy Taylor Cheshire
1,545 Amber Rea
1,544 Melanie Tharby Middlesex
1,543 Gill Hubbard Scotland Education is a right and should be locally available
1,542 Lesley tharby
1,541 Annalisa Petrucci United States Friends of mine who attends the school loves the homey campus and is afraid her lecturers may lose their jobs
1,540 Linda Sage United Kingdom MMUC is a wonderful cosy environment to learn. It does not suit everyone to study in a big city university. Crewe campus has a lovely personal feel to it and so handy with the railway station on its doorstep. As a mature student in my second year, it is perfect. Thoughts must also go to the disruption of the lives of the wonderful tutors, and the wider community of Crewe.
1,539 Joseph Ward United Kingdom The Cheshire Campus has provided me with an amazing and revelatory experience over the last two years, giving me a real purpose and helping me deal with mental health issues. Please don't prevent others from having the same experience
1,538 Ruby Killin Wales
1,537 Mark Holcroft UK Overspent on those fancy buildings in Manchester eh? If it's all about the student experience, and you have a campus that those studying their love, and you can't make it work.... Give up
1,536 Lewis Givvons-Collinge England This campus is very important to many people. It isn't in a huge campus, and Crewe isn't a big city. And for someone like me who struggles with anxiety, a smaller campus, in a smaller city is essential for me as it helps me deal with it on a daily basis. I also study Creative Writing, and what stunts creativity more than anything? A concrete jungle. Stuff becomes samey and stale.
1,535 Naomi pemberton England Like the distance from home Like the small campus
1,534 Dan Gibbon United Kingdom
1,533 Caragh Brannan United Kingdom My bestfriend goes here and she loves it! Smaller campuses should stay! They make family orientated students feel more at home and safe!
1,532 Georgia Evans
1,531 Taylor-amy Rex Lovely campus! Would be a shame to close it down. Made a lot of memories at the campus.
1,530 Elloy Jerry Ongom United Kingdom The reason why i am signing this petition is because my sister goes to that campus and if it closed down i am worried that she will not be able to finish her couse
1,529 Joseph O'Donnell England My girlfriend is a member of the campus and is very passionate about its need to remain open.
1,528 Georgia Sewell England I feel that the Cheshire campus is a perfect balance for students for social life and academic studies.
1,527 Alex Bell It's a lovely campus- so much money and effort would be wasted if this campus would close. Lots of lovely memories made here!
1,526 Joshua Halm United Kingdom I love this campus and feel it would be a diservice to education to abandon it. It's a small campus but it's perfect for us and we love it here.
1,525 Ian Abrahams United Kingdom I am studying at the crewe campus and it is an amazing campus with excellent teaching. Moving it to Manchester would definitely value my experience
1,524 Sophie Reddy UK
1,523 Tom Tharby England I'm a second year student here and I feel it's such a unique place to learn. It's the perfect balance of quiet when you need to do work and lively when you're in need of a night out. The campus life is unique as it's a mixture of the arts and sports, it feels like a family too
1,522 David Neville England
1,521 Danielle Parkinson England I am a mature student, studying Crime and Abuse studies at Crewe campus. I have an Austic son and a 2 year old daugter. I have Dyslexia and Benifit from intimate learning environments. The campus is amazing and a feeling of belonging and everyone knows everyone which is encouraging and essential for my development. I am keen to progress and continue onto do my post grad at this campus
1,520 Angela Neild England Cheshire MMU is perfect for those students like me who have found going to university a daunting challenge. Smaller more personalised Universities are essential to accommodate those students needing a more personalised aspect to their learning.
1,519 Emily Billings Staffordshire It's a great uni, gives you one on one contact with lecture
1,518 Jess Woollam United Kingdom
1,517 Charlyn Aleng United Kingdom
1,516 Rosaunte Solomon United Kingdom I am a university student on the campus and strongly believe it should be saved! The student/lecture relationship, the teaching is unlike anywhere else, it is a unique campus which benefits students in other ways that a city campus is unable to do
1,515 Anna Sutton-Jones United Kingdom This campus is the most amazing setting to enable learning and flourishment. It's paramount that courses teaching such important degrees such as Abuse Studies should be kept in Cheshire, in this heavenly retreat. We are not clouded by the culture within city centres by studying in Crewe.
1,514 Leanne Davies England
1,513 Sue Spurr the work the MMU are doing to support its students in to develop a career path is highly valuable. Many students are local and removing this opportunity will deprive many young people from a chance to develop a better career path.
1,512 Helen Cooke United Kingdom The loss of higher education opportunities brought about by closure of MMU Cheshire campus would be a huge loss for Crewe and the surrounding area, especially at a time when Crewe should see significant investment, e.g. from HS2. Local opportunities for undergraduate study and CPD are key to building expertise necessary for business growth, and attracting people to the town.
1,511 Anna Johnson United Kingdom In a student who enjoyed studying at this campus
1,510 Gemma Morris Cheshire
1,509 Aleksandra Matysiak Poland Studying here will always be one of the best experiences in my life! Great atmosphere, facilities and research being carried out by the teachers. I'd recommend everybody to study here.
1,508 Amy Powell I loved my experience at MMU Crewe between 2007-2011. The staff are amazing!
1,507 susan ennis
1,506 Bojan Milosevic Serbia Great campus, excellent educators, beautiful town, ideal place for student life
1,505 Bojan Milosevic Serbia
1,504 Rita Quisillo Italy I know that is a lovely place
1,503 Miran Muhic Slovenia I wish you every success in maintaining campus. Zelim veliko uspeha pri ohranitvi kampusa.
1,502 Celia Torres-Valverde United Kingdom Everyone should have opportunity to access university not matter which background they come to xxx
1,501 Nikola Vetnic Serbia I visited the campus in Crewe in March 2016 and absolutely loved the place. The nature is vibrant and green, the houses it surrounds are red in contrast and the atmosphere there is that of a serene scholarly place. Its tranquility should not be disturbed and any violent action should be avoided if at all possible.
1,500 Aleksandar Vasic Serbia Lovely place, excellent people. I would like to come again, and see all of students and staff members.
1,499 Jovanka Ulic Serbia Being a partner in the project means trust, colleagues and students from MMU in Crewe deserve every support.
1,498 Sladjana Milenkovic Serbia Crew MMU is friendly and proffesors are good.
1,497 Melanie Jones U.K.
1,496 Alma Hofverberg
1,495 Dian Wilding
1,494 Sandra Davies Cheshire
1,493 Joe Sewell
1,492 Geraldine Leydon England Staff jobs, increased population due to HS2, student choice
1,491 Georgia Bryan
1,490 Jasmina Radoicic Serbia
1,489 Lyndsay Harrison
1,488 Sarah Walton United Kingdom
1,487 Jennifer Coward
1,486 Nina Constantopoulos
1,485 K Russell uk The university has room for an rural 'smaller' city based campus - and a clear strategy should be developed that use the cmapus resourse, staff and student offering to its fullest potential. Furthermore with Crewe being the subject and in the news of some major investment - the town is growing in both national and international prominace - this can be capitalized on by MMU
1,484 Samantha Mandizha United Kingdom I did 3 years of Ba in abuse studies commuted from Stoke on tent to crew campus . I was preganant with my second child and I never stopped . I do not regret . Best three years so much knowledge the experience was amazing
1,483 Selma Seta Bosnia and Herzegovina
1,482 Jenny Leese UK A recent document on UK growth stated that in towns with no HE provision, inequality of opportunity was more polarised. Crewe & surrounds is the centre of new opportunities from increasing town development & HS2, MMU leaving wud be both shortsighted & a betrayal. The Manchester powerhouse dream is dead in the water but Crewe & South Cheshire is on the up - MMU support us as we grow!
1,481 Milos Vasiljevic Serbia Because I believe in the idea of campus!
1,480 Rachel Rimmer UK The Cheshire campus brings so much to the local community, offering something entirely different to a city centre campus. Not only that, but it provides a unique student experience for individuals who don't necessarily want to be located in a city for a variety of reasons. One size does not fit all.
1,479 Yasser Rasool U.K. Bcuz I want to go uni at Mmu crewe n it's close to my house thanks u very muchxx
1,478 Asmaa Akhtar Uk Universities are our children's future
1,477 Kenneth Welman United Kingdom We need to keep our universities open to encourage our children to continue studying
1,476 Michael Bannister
1,475 Sam Beckett United Kingdom
1,474 Chloe Cain United Kingdom
1,473 Mollie Sparkes United Kingdom
1,472 Cara Wallace Cheshire I study here & it's such a beautiful campus!!!
1,471 David McCabe UK
1,470 C Critchley United Kingdom More, hopefully enabling education, characterised by the development of 'critical faculties'. You only have to experience the shambles we're in now to know the importance of this praxis.
1,469 Danial Sohail
1,468 Robert Cumming Cheshire I am a student in the university and love it in Crewe.
1,467 D Meredith UK It would be a huge loss to the town, both economically and culturally.
1,466 michael sabti United Kingdom
1,465 Praburaj Venkatraman UK To support the case and staff employed at MMU Cheshire campus.
1,464 Jessy May Halpin England
1,463 Sue Pendergas U.K. It is important for local young people to have somewhere aspirational in the town. It's also important to the town as a whole to have students for the local economy and infrastructure
1,462 Anna Cassell England I attended this university and graduated this year
1,461 Annie Malkin United Kingdom MMUC is a great community campus! Its smaller than the main for those not sure on living in a city.
1,460 Karen Slater United Kingdom The area needs a university for the sake of our local, bright youth. Give them a future!
1,459 CATHY BAKEWELL Uk Local provision is part of Mmu's Mission Statement. Closing Crewe contradicts this goal.
1,458 Paige Madden England
1,457 Phil Walden
1,456 Laura Harrison England I'm in first year at MMUC and it's such a great campus. It's small, it's a community and a really tight one at that. Closing the campus would be the disbanding of a close community who take a lot of value from the Cheshire campus. The uni also brings a lot to Crewe, opportunities for the local community such as Artschool which engages the local young people in worthwhile and positive activitie
1,455 Donna Carman United Kingdom It is a fabulous campus,in a nice area.It has great facilities & it would be criminal to close it.
1,454 Emma Swindells United Kingdom
1,453 Carl Howe Canada Graduate of MMUC in 2014, now in Canada. One of the only university campus' left in the UK with a community feel.
1,452 Jack Patchett United Kingdom I was a student at this campus from 2012-2015 and had an amazing time. the community element of this campus is what makes it dos special, along with he fantastic music and drama spaces which we used frequently.
1,451 Kirsty Parker United Kingdom Manchester Metropolitan University graduate
1,450 Deiniol Murphy I've been studying at Crewe Campus for over a year now, and I don't regret a minute of it. It chose it over the main campus because of its staff, community and atmosphere, all of which I found better. This proved to be the right choice, because the help I received has made my time there so far a great experience, one that I wish to keep going, both for myself and others.
1,449 Geraldine Mccusker England
1,448 Fiona Mckinna Education is the key to a better future.
1,447 Ryan Coleman
1,446 Josie Walker England, United Kingdom I've just started at MMU Cheshire, and it's been amazing so far! I've met so many friendly people, and it'll be a real shame if they destroyed the campus. I'm originally from London, so I'm constantly exposed to the "city-life" - it's refreshing to be studying in a rural, quiet town.
1,445 Danielle Smith I went uni here and I had the best time, yes Crewe needs some renovation but this campus is beautiful and inspiring
1,444 Hampus Fors Sweden I went to MMU Cheshire as an exchange student and had a great time there. I hope that the people I met will get to keep their university.
1,443 Justine Mason I'm a current student at the MMU Cheshire campus
1,442 Cory Duffill United Kingdom
1,441 Jade Drew United Kingdom
1,440 Georgia Legallienne This is a brilliant campus and I know two people studying here who would not wish to have gone anywhere else!
1,439 Natalie Szeifert United Kingdom I am a student at MMU Cheshire and this campus has been my home for the past 2 years; I'd like for future students to experience just how lovely this place and it's people are. Don't rob them of that chance.
1,438 Molly Lee Lincolnshire I studied here for 3 years and I loved every single minute. Moving away from home us such a daunting feeling but i soon felt at home there. Everyone knew everyone and we became one big family.
1,437 Beth Pepper England This is a great campus with a positive community where I plan to build my career and future and would love for others to do the same. Its quiet and free-ing allowing us to work and be creative at whatever hour or location we choose. Manchester would not give us this freedom
1,436 Harvey Monro I was a student at the campus for three years and it was easily the best of my life. The difference between Cheshire and Manchester is the incredibluy strong community. There was so much support for every student. It would be a travesty to shut down such a dedicated campus.
1,435 Kaisey Chadburn United Kingdom
1,434 Rosie Hazlehurst United Kingdom As a former student who studied at MMU Cheshire I could not praise this campus more. The most friendly, and welcoming atmosphere a real community campus!
1,433 Dan Davies England
1,432 Samuel Lyons United Kingdom I was a student of Contemporary Theatre and Performance at MMUC for three years and, having visited other universities and talking to other students about their experiences, I have never encountered a stronger community spirit than at MMUC. It would be a great loss for MMU to lose this campus and deny future students the supportive environment that I experienced here.
1,431 kaylee whitehurst
1,430 Rebecca Irlam United Kingdom I'm at student at MMUC and I love my university!!
1,429 Matt Rollison United Kingdom Proud to say I went to MMU Cheshire. I know many university students who barely know people in their own lectures, let alone across the campus. Such a good community. Crewe itself could lose out financially due to the amount of students across the 3 and sometimes 4 or 5 years that they spend there. So many things changed there for the better throughout my time studying, why stop now? #MMUC
1,428 Laura Griffiths United Kingdom I go to the university and having a smaller campus has massive benefits of more time to study and more 1:1 time with teachers
1,427 Louisa Vincent To create the friendly and family like atmosphere like the Crewe campus is impossible. Since it is small you get to know the people and everything that is happening. Specifically to my course, CTP, the idea of needing to stay in rehearsing til 1am then walk back home in a city is frightening. The location of Crewe campus is perfect for this as it is practically on your doorstep
1,426 George Codling United Kingdom Attend the campus
1,425 Karis Seymour
1,424 Elle Dunne United Kingdom
1,423 Jordan Richards England This place taught me so many life lessons and I had some of the best times in my life there.
1,422 Kim Bristow United Kingdom My granddaughter sttends
1,421 Libby Wallace United Kingdom
1,420 Jack Ellis Japan
1,419 Rosalind Hampson Had the best 3 years of my life at this university - please don't close it!
1,418 Courtney Bristow England Because it's such a good uni, the small campus always gives it such community spirit and I think Crewe would financially take a big hit if the uni was to go.
1,417 Renee McCrone United Kingdom I'm a student at MMUC
1,416 Chloe Carman United Kingdom Saving my uni campus! Excellent facilities! Would be a shame to lose it!
1,415 Tessa Durkin United Kingdom I am an alumni of MMU Cheshire and it was a fabulous university choice for me. It gives the university experience without overwhelming you as it is so compact and has such a family feel. I also felt that the smaller class sizes and 1-1 sessions were really helpful and gave me the support that I needed. Also, some of the sports teams are 2nd to none and the facilities for sports are great!
1,414 Niall Gray United Kingdom
1,413 Laura Davis United Kingdom MMU Cheshire is the heart of Crewe!
1,412 Ruth Croft United Kingdom My daughter has been studying at Crewe for 3 years and i believe it offers a safe environment for students to live and learn.
1,411 Dominic Aspinall United Kingdom Attended university
1,410 Daniel Irwin United Kingdom I studied university there and it was the best three years of my life
1,409 sharon danks England Hope its saved for future students.
1,408 Abi McGeady
1,407 Mary Gardner United Kingdom
1,406 Harry Higgins
1,405 Hannah Whiston United Kingdom I attended this campus, and found the support from the lecturers and the community spirit between students to be absolutely vital to my success. This campus is overlooked purely due to its size, and because it is not based in a cosmopolitan setting, neither of which are important in terms of University life. It would be a disgrace if this campus were to close!
1,404 Joseph Shillinglaw United Kingdom I am signing this petition as the Cheshire Campus is the main campus that I would like to study at and I have considered it since year 12 and I am now in year 13. It is my first choice of university and it would be a shame to go to a different university after seeing that my campus has closed down and not being able to do the course I would like to do.
1,403 Samuel Longden United Kingdom I studied at MMUC and those years were some of the best in my life. The campus should not be closed. It should be nurtured and seen as equal to Manchester. Myself and other students enjoyed our time there as should so many others in the future. Going to uni in a big city didn't appeal to me and MMUC was just perfect.
1,402 Jessica Hind U.K. I graduate from mmu Cheshire and I love the university and it is a fantastic place it should not be shut down!!
1,401 Clive Simpson UK
1,400 Graeme Burrell UK Graduate of Crewe + Alsager College of Higher Education
1,399 Peter Jones UK I studied Community Mental Health Nursing at Manchester Poly in 1987-88 and have contact with faculty there MSc. in person centered care.
1,398 Shannon Collins United Kingdom
1,397 Michael Prentice UK I graduated from Alsager college in 1980 and was sad to see an excellent educational facility sold off for housing. Surely there is still a demand for quality higher education in the Cheshire to keep the Crewe site open. Once its gone, its gone forever. I'd be very surprised if the consultants come up with anything other than close the site and sell the land, look, I've just saved you a fortune
1,396 Lucina Hall UK
1,395 Marie Lebacq My son did foundation year at Crewe, which has launched him on his way to study for his degree. I know colleagues who provide a really student focussed service both academically and in pastoral support. It is positive for a town like Crewe , which has high levels of deprivation to have Higher Education provision that is locally based.
1,394 Julie Ryan United Kingdom I believe that MMU should continue to provide Higher Education opportunity in Crewe and that all staff should be genuinely consulted about their future employment. I stand with all my Crewe colleagues and oppose compulsory redundancies. I urge the Governors to honour staff and student commitment to our university.
1,393 Rae Dawson England I am a student studying a very valuable degree at this university and it's campus, having a university based in Crewe gives students the balance of being able to study without too many distractions, but also just enough social things to do which balances out student life. I also believe that Crewe benefits from my degree, as it involves lots of community work..
1,392 Lucy Mort United Kingdom
1,391 Paul Colman United Kingdom I'd like to offer my support for MMU staying in Crewe, not only for sentimental reasons, but the opportunities the University has to support the growth and expansion of this area.
1,390 David Fox United Kingdom Alumni to Crewe and Alsager. MMU have decimated the Alsager Campus in the face of a national teacher training crisis. To continue with this course of action by closing the Crewe campus will be pure folly.
1,389 Deborah Kingston United Kingdom I was an undergraduate at MMU based at Crewe and Alsager campus.
1,388 Lucy Naylor Uk it would be a total waste of resources and effort built along with facilities to let it all just needs managing properly!!!!
1,387 Claire Noble United Kingdom
1,386 Rosalyn Newton United Kingdom This campus is a vibrant part of our community, it's loss would mean the loss of a continuing tradition of sports education in the heart of Cheshire.
1,385 Hannah Wallenfels Germany
1,384 Katie Barnes United Kingdom Years of valuable education, for students who may not access HE otherwise, will be brought to an end.
1,383 James Duggan
1,382 Leila Eccles United Kingdom I am planning to work into the research department at Crewe and it is a campus that has generated a lot of well established research and researchers. I wouldn't want this to be compromised.
1,381 Michelle Croston
1,380 Gareth BEAVAN UK A patriot who wants an educated people
1,379 amanda cliffe
1,378 julie hayes
1,377 Lynsey Hester England I wouldn't have wanted to have gone to any other university. My university experience couldn't have been any better so please don't close it down and let others have the same experience. This uni is unique.
1,376 Linda Turner England Without mmu Cheshire I would have never returned to further education. They run A Abuse study degree the only one in the UK.
1,375 Rosie O'Leary United Kingdom This a a great campus, which I attended myself. It offers excellent quality education and should stay.
1,374 KATE THOMSON United Kingdom I've been an external examiner at MMU Cheshire and was impressed by the interdisciplinary learning on offer, and the engagement of students. The campus serves an area of need for widening participation.
1,373 Laura Okparaocha England Save MMU cheshire campus!! Great campus offering popular courses that are in demand
1,372 Samantha Foster United Kingdom I went to MMU and it allowed me to attend university as I couldn't attend anywhere else due to commuting long distances and personal commitments.
1,371 Betty Smith
1,370 kieran Thresh UK Because the music production facilities at MMU are fantastic and it would be a shame to not have the opportunity for future students to use them.
1,369 Wahida Khandker
1,368 david hirst United Kingdom It is an important campus with some incredible departments, which offers a unique and high level learning experience. To lose these departments, staff and opportunities would be awful for future and current MMU students.
1,367 Olivia Johnston United Kingdom I go to this university, ity has helped me in many ways and even though Crewe is a crap town with barely anything happening this university is going to give me a degree in abuse studies(which is the only place that even offers the amazing course!) dont give up on mmuc, it could be great, invest more into, also get foundation year back!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1,366 Lise Bøgild-Jakobsen Denmark I have visited Cheshire campus in Crewe and I have met both students and staff. I like the famliy-like environment, the care and attention given to students and the dedicated staff. It is my hope that we (Dania Academy in Denmark) will be able to continue sending students to Cheshire campus at MMU Crewe.
1,365 Vicky Plows Australia
1,364 Alison Fernandes
1,363 Julien Heuzel Belgium The Crewe campus offers a great quality of studying with good infrastructure.
1,362 Jean-François Vuylsteke Belgium In order to support our long-term international cooperation projects between EPHEC and MMU, and all the staff and lecturers involved.
1,361 Jonathan Vickery UK
1,360 Marilyn Hackney United Kingdom
1,359 Alex Nunns United Kingdom
1,358 Christy Nunns United Kingdom
1,357 Marie Argo United Kingdom
1,356 Bob Anderson England I have attended very many seminars and conferences organised by the Philosophy group at MMU's Cheshire Campus. They have been invariably interesting and well run and have drawn scholars from across the world. This group is a major asset to MMU and deserves to be safeguarded not disbanded.
1,355 Steve Lawson United Kingdom To support fellow lecturers.
1,354 Silke Bochow Germany MMU Cheshire has always been a great partner university which has provided excellent education to our students.
1,353 Alberto Vanzo
1,352 Emma cooper Why would you get rid of one of the best things to ever happen to Crewe? I graduated from here in 2014 and can't really understand why anyone would think not having the university around is a good idea?
1,351 Nevena Filipovic
1,350 Alex Fryer I couldn't have wished for a better campus
1,349 Judith Suissa United Kingdom
1,348 Andrew West United Kingdom I support the staff and the unions against what is yet another attack on our HE in the name of marketisation and austerity. Two sides of the same coin.
1,347 Geoff Williams UK these decisions should be based on academic need and not merely costs
1,346 Irina Ekareva Russia I visited Manchester Metropolitan University Cheshire Campus to participate in the International Academic Week and was impressed by the Campus, its facilities, modern equipment, the high level of education and professional staff.
1,345 Finola Jennings Clark Saint Lucia I attended when it was still Crewe & Alsager College - I believe these campuses provide important options within these communities. I support review and understand the need to be fiscally responsible, but urge that the bigger consideration of the contribution to society and the longer-term economic benefits also be equally considered
1,344 Rachel Frowen Member of the university
1,343 Alice Arbon Member of the university
1,342 Howard Simmons United Kingdom Higher education must be available to all. The proposed action would limit opportunities.
1,341 Linda Barrett England Essential for the community's long term prosperity.
1,340 Katija Vojvodic Croatia
1,339 Wendy Beckwith United States A dear friend is on the faculty at the Crewe campus.
1,338 Laura Currie
1,337 Sophie Quinn United Kingdom I attend this campus for my degree. It is my first year and to be transferred now would be disastrous! I love this campus and I've made so many friends, it shouldn't have to close down. The fact that it is so small makes it easier for students who are studying on the campus to get a better bond with lecturers during tutorials, lectures, workshops and seminars. It shouldn't be seen as a negative
1,336 Isabelle Frochot FRANCE Because I did my Phd at the MMU Cheshire campus with the most competent and greatest support I could wish for.
1,335 Paul Edwards United Kingdom
1,334 Joe Freiesleben United Kingdom It is important that Higher Education provision does not retreat to major cities. It would be a shame to reverse progress that has been made in this respect, and to squander the investment of time, money and effort that has already been made.
1,333 Glenis Hall England
1,332 cllr brian silvester University is crucial to the economy of Crewe and is important educational facility.
1,331 Heidi Edwards United Kingdom
1,330 Fenner Tanswell UK Higher education should not be treated as merely a business to be run for profit. The closure of this campus would do a great deal of harm to the local area and reduce the many opportunities that HE offers.
1,329 Suhail Malik UK
1,328 Stig Walsh United Kingdom This is a beautiful campus. It also offers a number of courses and facilities that are pretty unusual within the UK. Once gone, something special with have been lost from MMU.
1,327 Cal Desmond-Pearson U\k We need to be expanding facilities not closing them. Spend less money on chancellors, vice-chancellors and other superfluous entities!
1,326 Prof Dr Joachim Link Germany We´ve been running a lively cooperation with Cheshire campus of MMU for a couple of years now. Several of our students were very glad with the high quality of the education they received during their exchange period. I´ve visited the campus several times and was always impressed both by the inspiring atmosphere on the campus and the professionality of my colleagues. Please keep Cheshire campus.
1,325 Chris Grocott
1,324 Brendon Nicholls United Kingdom
1,323 Nick Efford UK
1,322 Steven French United Kingdom
1,321 Jo Ingold United Kingdom
1,320 Joanne Lee
1,319 Alison Sealey
1,318 Philip Moriarty United Kingdom
1,317 Anne Cronin
1,316 Bethany Simmonds
1,315 Charlie Louth
1,314 Francesca Rayner Portugal I believe the campus has excellent facilities for arts students which it would be a shame to lose
1,313 Kim Stenning Cheshire
1,312 Sarah Davies United Kingdom
1,311 Barry Smart UK
1,310 William Outhwaite UK
1,309 Peter McGunnigle United Kingdom As an alumnus of MMU and a Senior Lecturer / UCU member the reduction in campuses concerndms
1,308 MARTINE DUBANS France As a teacher of English in the Higher Education French system, I wish to support my colleagues of MMU Crewe. They are dedicated and creative teachers who have always provided high quality experience to my former students.
1,307 Kevin McSorley
1,306 Joseph Burridge
1,305 Claudia Lapping
1,304 Richie Nimmo UK
1,303 Jane Aaron United Kingdom
1,302 Maggie ONeill UK
1,301 Pauline Corder Uk The students, staff and area need you. Don't sell out.
1,300 Valerie Coultas United Kingdom We need more schools of education to educate future teaches- not less
1,299 Edgar van Noort the Netherlands The campus and the staff of MMU Cheshire gives unique experiences for our students.
1,298 Nayia Kamenou United Kingdom
1,297 Miroslaw Miernik Poland Although a small campus, the MMU Cheshire offers great possibilities for many students, and it boasts great facilities.
1,296 Chris Jones United Kingdom
1,295 Simon Bradford Hungary
1,294 Luke Martell
1,293 Andreas Zaunseder United Kingdom It is a shame to every country interested in educating people to let (management) consultant decide about the future of education and educational institutions. Schools and universities should be fully supported by the state. They should be governed by the body that constitutes them without the use of line and performance management.
1,292 Thérèse Leemanyan England I had the best years studying at MMU in Crewe and Had a successful career after. It would be sad to see a flourishing institution close, especially now that Crewe is developing ...What would be the future of the youngsters for further education if they won't even be able to access it on their own doorsteps???
1,291 keith Reader
1,290 Liz Chandler UK
1,289 Richard Hall United Kingdom
1,288 Michael Smith UK As a visiting lecturer at the university, I am particularly impressed by the faculty staff's emphasis on imparting the values of ethics and integrigy to students on the business courses. This should be maintained.
1,287 Mikael Løngaard Nielsen Denmark Through more than a decade we have had an excellent collaboration with MMUC as to placement and top ups. The MMUC offers a calm and protected environment with great appeal to our students to who sees a giant university as the MMU to overwehelming. Please let this institution keep on its good work, please!!!
1,286 Linda Mitchell United Kingdom
1,285 Jedde de Vries UK
1,284 Jean-Michel GREGOIRE Belgium It is such a shame and disgrace that education tends to be regarded (or rather disregarded) like public services, banks & post offices, with every fewer local branches serving local communities. Small scale is a guarantee for quality. I visited the Crewe campus a number of times and our exchange students have consistently testified to the high standards of tuition and humanized coaching. Bravo !
1,283 Aurelian SOFICA Romania I participated at the International Academic Week 2015 organized by Manchester Metropolitan University Cheshire and it was one of the nicest experience I had. I wish them... all the best! Aurelian
1,282 Yvonne McCormick
1,281 Robert Northcott United Kingdom
1,280 Lyn Whittingham United Kingdom
1,279 Magda Phillips England The Cheshire campus has a distinctive and distinguished role to offer in the broad canopy of provision of MMU. Financially speaking, its buoyancy cannot be judged yet as it has only been freestanding of the costs of guarding the Alsager campus for a short while. The expertise of tutors in its different faculties should not be wasted.
1,278 Corinne Finnan UK The area of Crewe and Nantwich provides an excellent student experience and there has been considerable investment in improving facilities for students. This would be wasted if the campus were closed. The college provides employment for the people of the town of Crewe and surrounding area, and a student presence adds to the cultural vibrancy of the area.
1,277 Pernille Vendelbo Denmark I've studied and participated in a internship at MMU Cheshire, and I lover every bit of it. It is such a special place to me, and it deserves to become that to many more in the future.
1,276 Kay McEvoy United Kingdom
1,275 Sam Clark United Kingdom
1,274 Doreen Thompson-Addo They have been instrumental at working on educational access and outreach within the South Cheshire community for decades.
1,273 Wes Wrigley
1,272 Joel Smith United Kingdom
1,271 Anna Alexandrova United Kingdom
1,270 Ian Eastwood United Kingdom
1,269 Teresa Storey United Kingdom
1,268 Norman Jope United Kingdom
1,267 Eileen John UK
1,266 Terence Irwin England
1,265 Andrew Fisher
1,264 Alison Hall UK
1,263 Jonathan Ginzburg France
1,262 Prabhu Venkataraman USA The importance of an institution of higher education in serving middle class, lower middle class, and poor communities cannot be overstated. Please stay open to serve the residents of Cheshire.
1,261 Alex Sarch U.K.
1,260 Alex Miller New Zealand
1,259 Neil Sinclair United Kingdom
1,258 Min Seong Kim
1,257 rebeca perez mexico
1,256 Will Davies United Kingdom
1,255 Ray Thorley England Because I think MMU are making a huge mistake. Their time is so wrong. Crew is going to be a major success story, With the advent of HS2 the economy and confidence in the town will rise. More companies and therefore more jobs will be attracted to Crewe. Invetment will increase and families will be attracted to the area. Therefore, more young paople will live in the area than ever. Now is the time
1,254 John Gardner United Kingdom Signing because ... if you look after real education, training for work will look after itself.
1,253 Ben Dixon United States This community campus appears to be of great benefit to many. Its closing would be another lost battle in the fight for higher education. This is something those of us in the United States are also confronting. All academics, everywhere, can stand in solidarity for the greatest accessibility for higher education. This is what I'm doing with my signature.
1,252 Joel Backström Finland A researcher in philosophy at University of Helsinki, I have collaborated with Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Cheshire, Phil Hutchinson, on many projects over the years, and participated in an excellent Philosophy and Psychotherapy Workshop, organised by Phil and colleagues at MMU 4.3.2015. Their breadth of interest and depth of vision is rare in academia today, and should be fully supported.
1,251 Brian Leiter United States
1,250 David Backer
1,249 Rebecca Bamford USA I'm from Cheshire originally, and knowing the area, I think it's vital to the region to retain and improve HEI access for Cheshire residents.
1,248 Cory Wright United States
1,247 Helen Franks UK This is an important campus serving south Cheshire. It has a proud tradition of interprofessional learning. It is important to maintain such campus for the benefit of the many. UCU Salford Branch support your struggle
1,246 Sherryl Wilson England
1,245 Phil Bielby
1,244 Jeffrey McCurry USA
1,243 Teresa Kouri
1,242 Mark Jago UK Access to HEIs is hard across much of Cheshire; Closing the campus will make it hard for many local students to access a university education. The proposed action will narrow, rather than widen, student participation, contrary to the university's stated aims.
1,241 Lucy Croucher
1,240 Christopher Woodard United Kingdom
1,239 gillian pate accessible higher education
1,238 Cathy Lewin UK
1,237 Christian Schemmel
1,236 Robert Booth United Kingdom
1,235 Sebastian Orlander United Kingdom
1,234 Umut Erel UK
1,233 Jack Winter UK
1,232 Jon Berry United Kingdom
1,231 Benjamin Matheson
1,230 Halima Akbar United Kingdom I like the staff at Man met cheshire. Very helpful and I wish their jobs are safe
1,229 Zofia Dziewanowska-Stefanczyk United Kingdom As a former student of MMU Cheshire, I strongly support the petition to save the campus. Its interdisciplinary nature places it ahead of the academic game and boosts MMU's competitiveness.
1,228 Michael-John Turp
1,227 Michael Lewis
1,226 Andrew Brower Latz
1,225 giuliana tiripelli
1,224 Dimitria Gatzia Philosophy departments are integral to the progress of our society. The role of the university is not to make students better employees but rather better humans. This requires the ability to critically think about complex issues; that is precisely what philosophy offers.
1,223 Kaveh Boveiri Canada
1,222 Michael Carr United Kingdom
1,221 Kay Ikin Cheshire I attended MMU Cheshire as an undergraduate and post graduate. Having a campus in the heart of Cheshire allowed me to attend university close to home and avoid large accommodation fees. Also many people who live in the surrounding area did the same. It is ideal walking distance from Crewe train station.
1,220 Marina Vishmidt United Kingdom
1,219 Denis McManus
1,218 Raphael Salkie England Closing the campus would be bad for the region and bad for MMU.
1,217 David McCallam
1,216 Paddy McQueen Ireland
1,215 Mark Sinclair There's need to be full financial transparency in order to make a reasoned decision on the future of the Crewe campus.
1,214 geoff sutton As a former MMU employee at Alsager I am sad to see that Crewe campus is now threatened with the same fate.
1,213 David Fallon UK
1,212 Rachel Hunter Ireland Crewe is a good campus, good teaching staff, out of the way of the city. Save Crewe
1,211 Viktor Ilievski Macedonia
1,210 Sue Ashford Australia
1,209 Eve Rothwell UK Amazing university. Great lecturers. Fantastic academic/ personal support!
1,208 Charlotte Newey United Kingdom To support fellow philosophy dept
1,207 Hannah Turner Staffs A great campus, with the most supportive and dedicated team of lecturers. MMU Cheshire offers a genuine alternative to the size and anonymity of most institutions, and HE needs more of this, not less.
1,206 Ruth Irwin Scotland One of the first thing Hitler did when he came into power was try to abolish the universities . Closing down universities, and especially inhibiting access to the poor is a very scurrilous political move.
1,205 Mathilde Rogez France
1,204 Patrick Ainley England Crewe and Alsager College that became part of MMU has a proud tradition that should be maintained of independent study facilitating local people to enter teaching and other careers. This threat to it is typical of what is happening in English further and higher education today.
1,203 HM Altorf UK
1,202 Andrea Rehberg UK The decimation of higher education in the UK must be stopped
1,201 Robert Jubb
1,200 Patrick Connolly United Kingdom
1,199 Alan Armstrong
1,198 Gerard Meagher Ireland I work in the education sector and am only too aware of how quality community education is being eroded in the western hemisphere.
1,197 Barney Riggs UK
1,196 Andrea Christofidou United Kingdom We cannot allow managerially driven policies to weaken the autonomy of our Universities and to undermine the respect and exercise of academic freedom, single-mindedly destroying our Universities and consequently the commitment to education of any country worth its salt.