Release Dr Miguel Beltrán

Dr Miguel BeltránDr Miguel Beltrán is a Colombian academic. He has published research on the Colombian conflict and is an outspoken critic of the government.

He was first arrested in May 2009 accused of ‘rebellion’ and then spent the next two years in a high-security jail awaiting trial. Following a high-profile international campaign, he was finally released in June 2011.

Since then the Colombian authorities have continued to persecute Dr Beltrán for his academic views, culminating in his arrest on 31 July 2015.

Dr Beltrán’s lawyers are currently petitioning the Colombian Supreme Court to make a decision on his appeal and to ensure that there is due process. But they need our help in persuading the Colombian authorities to act.

We are no longer collecting signatures for the letter which was was handed to the Colombian authorities on 19 November.

Thank you very much for your support.


Supreme Court of Justice
Penal Court for Annulment
Doctor Nubia Yolanda Nova Garcia

Annulment Appeal Number – 45619


Doctor Nubia Yolanda Nova Garcia,

We the undersigned, academics, researchers, teachers and educators from different education institutions across the world, are writing to express our deep concern regarding the situation of the academic Miguel Angel Beltrán.

Many of us, committed as we are to defending the right to freedom of expression of the academic community, have kept ourselves well informed about the case of Miguel Beltrán since he was first arrested in 2009, accused of rebellion and criminal conspiracy for terrorist objectives.

His arrest on 31 July 2015 in Bogota has once again forced us to react in order to ensure that this persecution is brought to an end once and for all.

With utmost respect, we ask that in your function as Secretary of the Penal Court for Annulment you take the necessary steps to issue a decision on the annulment appeal currently lodged with the Supreme Court of Justice.

We ask you also to do all you can to ensure that due process is respected at every moment.

Thank you very much for your time.

5,125 Sarah Leigh MKC United Kingdom Freedom of speech
5,124 JanPieter Hoogma Heriot-Watt Unversity United Kingdom Each country that silences its opposition, makes itself more and more stupid. That is dangerous in a world context.
5,123 Alison Wright Darlington College UK To protect a fellow academic from persecution
5,122 Barbara Marsh City Literary Institute UK
5,121 Jean Murdock Québec Canada
5,120 Stef Smith
5,119 Tina McKevitt The University of Sheffield United Kingdom Freedom of speech, upholding justice and respecting the rule of law are crucial in order for any society to function fairly and democratically.
5,118 Aidan Lavery Buckinghamshire United Kingdom I believe that Dr Miguel Beltran has done nothing wrong and so his release should be immediate. Please listen to those who have signed this petition and act fairly and justly by releasing Dr Beltran. Please look again at whatever evidence has been presented against Dr Beltran and consider carefully his writing and his work which makes a valuable contribution to Colombian society.
5,117 Thomas Schömann GEW-RLP Germany
5,116 Robin Goodfellow Hull College United Kingdom There is no legitimate reason to hold Dr Beltran and he should be released immediately.
5,115 Anne Mackintosh Oxford United Kingdom Responding to mailing by Sally Hunt, UCU General Secretary. As she says, many of us take for granted the right to criticise our government but Dr Beltran has been deprived of his liberty for doing so.
5,114 Bettina Lemmon McMurray, Pennsylvania USE Freedom of speech should be a right given to everyone.
5,113 Daniel Tisch The University of Auckland New Zealand He should be released because free speech is a universal right.
5,112 Vanessa Glenn The University of Queensland Australia
5,111 CLARA MARIA universidad nacional de colombia Colombia
5,110 Martin Bove LANCASHIRE United Kingdom THIS IS A HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE !
5,109 Jane Champion University of Kent UK for the right to speak out against political oppression
5,108 Ileana Naish-guzmán London England
5,107 Amy Smith Großbritannien (UK) United Kingdom
5,106 Barbara Barnes UC Berkeley / California United States
5,105 Robert Minchin Arecibo Observatory, PR United States It is necessary for a free and prosperous society for academics and others to be allowed to speak freely.
5,104 Martha Nubia Bello
5,103 Agnes McMahon Bristol United Kingdom
5,102 Francoise Sullivan United Kingdom Right to Freedom of Expression
5,101 Paul Tognarelli Nottinghamshire United Kingdom
5,100 Sam Sutton UWL United Kingdom Freedom of speech is essential to a fair society.
5,099 S Stewart Ulster University United Kingdom
5,098 Philip Verrill University of Portsmouth United Kingdom I am signing because freedom of expression is the bedrock of knowledge and enquiry. Without it we are all diminished as human beings. If we silence those who disagree with us, who is to stop others silencing us?
5,097 Cara Tivey Royal National College for the Blind United Kingdom To support an academic who is being silenced and unfairly persecuted by the Colombian government.
5,096 Paul Brown University of Warwick UK
5,095 Anthony Cohn University of Leeds United Kingdom
5,094 Diana Beere The University of Queensland Australia In support of justice and academic freedom
5,093 carole ferrier NTEU Australia academic solidarity
5,092 Gloria Dall'Alba The University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia Speaking out in an informed way is an important role of universities. Individuals do not deserve persecution for doing their job well.
5,091 Nina Doran City of Liverpool College UK Freedom of speech and critical thinking is essential as an academic and an active citizenship
5,090 M Hickey Tower Hamlets College Britain Dr Beltran deserves his right to speak and write whatever he wishes, including criticism of his and other governments. Let him exercise this freely.
5,089 John Drury University of Sussex I am concerned that freedom of expression is under attack.
5,088 Michail Stamatakis University College London UK I believe in freedom of expression.
5,087 Ismael Rafols Ingenio (CSIV-UPV), València Spain
5,086 Mirjam Heinen University College Dublin Ireland Freedom of speech
5,085 Suzanne Savage United Kingdom
5,084 Miranda Midgley Chichester University United Kingdom
5,083 Estela Welldon London United Kingdom
5,082 Stephanie Webber South Thames College Britain
5,081 Richard Cervantes Eastleigh College UK Freedom of expression has to exist in any open and democratic society
5,080 Martha Pinzon University of Nottingham England I would like to ask the Goverment of Colombia and specially the President Dr Manuel Santos to ensure the realease of Dr Beltran. He is innocent and Colombia should think of Human Rights for individuals. We are in the XXI Century and people should be allowed freedom of expression. Colombia needs people like Dr Beltran and intellectual who has done nothing wrong.
5,079 Geoff Parker University of Liverpool UK
5,078 Rebecca Allen University College London UK
5,077 Liz Njuguna-Wyatt United Kingdom
5,076 James Delaney Lambeth College UK
5,075 Tristram Wyatt Oxford University, Oxford UK The freedom of academics to comment is vital for healthy civic society.
5,074 Maria Parro Croydon United Kingdom
5,073 Martin Pover University for the Creative Arts United Kingdom I had the pleasure of meeting relatives of Dr Beltran in Bogota in 2010 when I delivered small gifts from UCU that would help him during his imprisonment. I was dismayed to hear that he had once again been imprisoned on trumped-up charges of 'rebellion'.
5,072 Tony Lai Cardiff University UK
5,071 Maureen Edwards Eastleigh United Kingdom Intelligent criticism should be listened to not incarcerated.
5,070 Paul Sandy University of Exeter (retired) UK The freedom to question all sides of an argument, and to express alternative views, increases understanding. Suppressing such activities inhibits understanding. Please accept the annulment appeal currently lodged with the Supreme Court of Justice and release Dr Beltran forthwith.
5,069 Peter Douglas Swansea University United Kingdom
5,068 Mario Novelli
5,067 Chris Perry Felpham Community College UK Freedom to study and publish findings must not be on an approved basis. Free the man and learn from his work.
5,066 Clive Eley Retired England
5,065 Gawain Little Oxfordshire Association, National Union of Teachers United Kingdom
5,064 Ellen Malos University of Bristol UK
5,063 Roma Barnes Open University (retired associate lecturer) United Kingdom He is innocent and deserves your support. Thank you
5,062 Ian Ellis Dundee University UK Persecution of a trusted Academic for views that are not what his government think is not right. Most normal people would find this sort of behavior wrong!
5,061 Greg Leversuch University of Southampton United Kingdom
5,060 Fiona Kelly United Kingdom
5,059 Elisabeth Blagrove University of Warwick UK Intellectual Freedom of Expression is a cornerstone of both our rights and duties as academics and can be held as a marker of human rights within any culture. Threatening this threatens us all; criticism of those in power is not Rebellion. It is Democracy.
5,058 David Robinson KCL United Kingdom
5,056 Amanda Sackur United Kingdom
5,055 Franco Viles Universidad Politécnica de barcelona Spain
5,054 Robert Albery stafford college United Kingdom In support of the right to free speech
5,053 Nickey Brown Sheffield Hallam University UK
5,052 Wolfgang Mix Berlin Germany
5,051 Ciarán Benson University College Dublin Ireland Diminishing academic freedom is a route to cultural atrophy, and imprisoning those who question and dissent peacefully is ultimately a sign of weakness and not of strength.
5,050 Penelope Wilson Cambridge United Kingdom Academic freedom is a fundamental value for all societies, and a key element of the reputation of any nation
5,049 Robert Feeney Home UK Justice, justice, justice!
5,048 Geoffrey Turner Sheffield United Kingdom Ever heard of the right to free speech?
5,047 Alexandria Innes University of East Anglia United Kingdom
5,046 Charlie Dean York College Britain
5,045 Diethard Kuhne Hochschule Bochum Germany
5,044 Michael Yianneskis UCL United Kingdom Because freedom of expression is a fundamental right for everyone, especially for journalists and academics.
5,043 Elizabeth hacker Kent United Kingdom
5,042 Andrew Bonnell University of Queensland Australia I support academic freedom.
5,041 Peter Griggs James Cook University Australia Academics should not be imprisoned for criticising governments and powerful elites. Freedom of speech is a characteristic of a democratic and civilised society.
5,040 Pam McCallum Univ. of Calgary Canada Academic freedom is a fundamental value for all university communities.
5,039 David Fallon University of Sunderland United Kingdom I support academic freedom.
5,038 Jon Roberts Reading UK Hay que libertad de ideas y expresion, aunque no le gusta el contenido. Es un senal de desarollo. atentemente
5,037 Maria Lipartiti Bari Italy Perchè la giustizia deve essere un diritto di tutti
5,036 Douglas McCulloch University of Ulster U.K. Justice and free speech go hand in hand
5,035 Sonja Staack Education and Science' Workers Union - GEW Germany
5,034 Richard Hearne
5,033 Melanie Reichert
5,032 Catherine Dahlström Sverige Storbritannien For freedom of expression in general and academic freedom in particular
5,031 Paul Sinfield
5,030 Edmund Toal United Kingdom
5,029 Gwyneth Roberts Retired academic (Bangor University) United Kingdom Importance of academic freedom
5,028 Angela Bourke UCD Ireland Because freedom of expression is a human right, and because academic work can have no integrity without the freedom to publish its findings in full.
5,027 Dervila Cooke Dublin City University Ireland No-one should be imprisoned for criticizing a government.
5,026 Ruth Lister Loughborough University United Kingdom
5,025 Catherine Belsey Swansea University UK All over the world the authorities are closing in on academic freedom. The best way for them to counter what they disagree with is to make the case against it, not silence their critics by force.
5,024 filannino michele bari italy Freedom
5,023 Fergal O'Meara University College Dublin Ireland
5,022 Aimee Ward University of South Wales United Kingdom
5,021 David Downes London School of Economics England It is vital to uphold the right to freedom of speech.
5,020 Sarah Widany
5,019 Heidemarie Degethoff GEW Berlin Deutschland Freedom of speech ist one of the important rights in democratic states!
5,018 judith harel haifa university Israel
5,017 Marion Vergues McGill University Canada We all need to support freedom of speech of the academic community worldwide.
5,016 Alison Campbell Sheffield Hallam University United Kingdom Because we should support our academic colleagues and their right to freedom of expression without persecution
5,015 Adam Price University of Aberdeen United Kingdom Freedom of speech is a fundamental right and is central to the proper functioning of academic research. It is under attach across the globe, and it should be defended.
5,014 Katherine Watson Oxford United Kingdom A modern democratic country undermines both of those values if it fails to accord its citizens due process and fairness under the law.
5,013 Vittorio Pesce Delfino DIGAMMA SCRL Italy all in the document
5,012 sara romero Cornwall College England I passionately believe in freedom of speech - it is the hallmark of a just, civilized society.
5,011 Tony Fitzmaurice UCD, Dublin. Ireland This is a Human Rights issue.
5,010 Anne-Marie Martindale University of Liverpool England it is important to be able to speak out and to use your education to challenge powerful elites, for the good of others
5,009 Folker Schmidt Mitglied der GEW Berlin Germany Ich bin prinzipiell gegen das Eingreifen des Staates in die Ergebnisse von Wissenschaft
5,008 Daniel Wight University of Glasgow Scotland, UK Freedom to analyse, write and publish is fundamental to participatory citizenship and good governance within a country. I very much hope that Columbia can benefit from citizens' active involvement in civic society and good governance, which means that academics like Dr Beltran should be free to express their views.
5,007 Richard Stevens University of Oxford United Kingdom Because the freedom of academics to research and publish is fundamental to modern civilised life.
5,006 Mary Davis Royal Holloway, University of London United Kingdom This is a human rights violation and as such affects us all.
5,005 Douglas Woodall Nottingham University (retired) England, UK It is outrageous to persecute someone for criticizing the government.
5,004 Marc Bosward University of Derby UK
5,003 Phil Topham University of the West of England United Kingdom Everyone should have a fair and transparent trial with a right to a proper legal defense team; and a right of appeal to a properly constituted appeal court.
5,002 Laura Norci
5,001 John Brooke University of Manchester United Kingdom It is very important that academics have the freedom to investigate and research, particularly in areas of controversy and conflict. Most human social progress has been driven by individuals who do investigate such areas and who produce challenging analysis that leads to a better, more equal and fairer society.
5,000 Felix Balado Colombia, do the right thing and move on.
4,999 Michael Heale Lancaster University U.K.
4,998 Phyllis Murphy University College Dublin Ireland To express my deep concern at Miguel's situation and add my voice to the call for defence of freedom of academic expression in relation to human rights.
4,997 Stephen Brigdale Southampton SOlent University UK To support academic freedom and to aid mutual cooperation between governments and its knowledge base.
4,996 Rubens F. Benevides UFG/FCS/Goiânia/Go Brazil
4,995 James Rufus Imperial Collge United Kingdom
4,994 nicholas willsmer University of Bath United Kingdom
4,993 Garry Burns University of Manchester UK
4,992 M Attree Manchester UK
4,991 Jayne Woodward University of Sheffield UK right to freedom of expression of the academic community benefits all
4,990 Jim Donaghey Queen's University UK Free speech!
4,989 Stuart Priest University of York UK I wish to support free speech and the end of persecution
4,988 Susan Weaver United Kingdom
4,987 Alessandra Asteriti Leuphana University Germany
4,986 Murray Goulden University of Nottingham
4,985 Tom Gormley University College Dublin Ireland It is very important for the functioning of a healthy society that academics have the freedom to report their research and express their opinions, even if what they find and/or think is not favourable to the current government.
4,984 David Murray Civil and Public Service Unioin Ireland
4,983 Ulrike A. C. Müller University of Kassel Germany
4,982 Cathy Leeney University College Dublin Ireland This man is unjustly imprisoned.
4,981 Jeremy Page University of Sussex UK
4,980 June Campbell London
4,979 rhiannon Williams bangor university United Kingdom solidarity and compassion
4,978 jose varchevker British Institute of P[sychoanalysis United Kigdom I am against dictatorship and corruption
4,977 Ana Schor University of Dundee UK
4,976 Simon OKeefe University of York United Kingdom
4,975 raymond atkin university of Hull United Kingdom
4,974 Mara Kalnins Corpus Christi College, Cambridge UK I am in complete agreement with the points raised in the petition for the immediate release of Dr Miguel Beltran.
4,973 Sylvia Swierkowski GEW Brandenburg, State committee of students Germany To rest somebody for journalistic work and his commitment for peace is cruel an stupid and a sign, that we urgently need people like him!
4,972 Enda Murphy
4,971 Fiona Hughes
4,970 Beverley Norris University of Bradford England To support the campaign to release Dr Beltran and to stop him being persecuted for his beliefs.
4,969 Suzanne Edwards Swansea University UK No honest Government has anything to fear from free speech
4,968 Ain El Hayat Zaher Independent researcher Germany Freedom of expression belongs to a vivid society and imprison people that critize the actual policies should never be an instrument!
4,967 tine scheffelmeier Gemany
4,966 Terry O'Donnell Leeds Beckett University UK
4,965 Gordon Drummond Gordon Drummond United Kingdom As a believer in academic truth and freedom
4,964 Michael Frey GEW Germany
4,963 Sandra Vogt University of Applied Sciences Germany
4,962 Jonathan Harlow University of the West of England United Kingdom People should not be punished or imprisoned for holding or expressing views the government does not like
4,960 PATRIZIA MARZO bari Italia
4,959 Pasqua Paparella Bari Italy He is innocent and a good citizen.
4,958 Cal Muckley .UCD Ireland concern of injustice towards a colleague
4,957 Luzia Vorspel Ruhr-Universität Bochum Germany
4,956 linda Guzzetti Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) Germany
4,955 Stefanie Mallon University of Oldenburg Germany I am concerned about the right to freedom of expression and the implementation of a due process for Dr Miguel Beltrán.
4,954 Gillian Wishart Robert Gordon University United Kingdom I believe in an individual's right to expression, and the right for academics to have freedom of expression.
4,953 David Burke University of Cambridge United Kingdom If there is to be justice, progress and human rights in Colombia then there must be an end to arbitrary arrest. This is fundamental to the well-being of all classes in Colombia.
4,952 claude leboeuf mcgill university Canada
4,951 Joanna Morrison University College London UK It appears that Dr Beltran has been wrongly imprisoned and harassed by the Colombian authorities.
4,950 Christine Doolittle NY United States
4,949 Paul Birrell United Kingdom
4,948 Alan Macfarlane Cambridge University England I believe that he is likely to be innocent of any crimes and should be released.
4,947 Jane Partner UK
4,946 Freddy A.D. Ponce elsecar United Kingdom For Solidarity and for right to disagree.
4,945 Susanna Phillippo United Kingdom
4,944 Bettina Migge UCD Ireland In support of freedom of expression
4,943 Mary Breatnach University of Edinburgh UNited Kingdom Anything that helps counter the injustice suffered by such courageous people must be done.
4,942 Eric Haywood University College Dublin Ireland Punishing someone for being courageous and having ideas? Whoever thought of anything more barbaric?
4,941 Mary Fleming Dundee UK No person should have the right to suppress the views of another. The Columbian Government should have the courage and conviction of there own views to persuade a following.
4,940 Lyda Stella Rodríguez Paz Colombia
4,939 Dominique Paul
4,938 June Abbott New York United States
4,937 Jenny Laws UK
4,936 Catherine Gilliew Glasgow UK
4,935 S Penna LANCS United Kingdom The arrest of Dr Beltran confuses normal academic critique with subvercive intention. This ignorance needs to be remedied.
4,934 Roy Batt Retired from RVC/Uni.London England Dr.Beltran should have freedom to speak diplomatically and not be demeaned by imprionment.
4,933 Brendan Walsh McGill University Canada Please release Dr. Miguel Beltrán and all him the basic democratic right to speak his mind politically. Only fearful , weak regimes would do otherwise.
4,932 Helen Kay UK Free people must protest when others are imprisoned for speaking out.
4,931 Sean Munro Cambridge UK No honest Government has anything to fear from free speech
4,930 BACHA Mustapha USTHB Algeria
4,929 Tim Greaves Imperial College London United Kingdom In support of the freedom of expression within the academic community in all countries.
4,928 Tracey Clarke Uk
4,927 Viqui Rosenberg British Psychoanalytic Association UK
4,926 James Brennan United Kingdom
4,925 David Marwick Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh (Retired) United Kingdom
4,924 Darren Garside United Kingdom Solidarity
4,923 Richard Sessions University of Bristol United Kingdom Freedom of Speech should be a fundamental human right. Academics in particular have a duty to speak the truth as they see it.
4,922 Eamonn Jordan University College Dublin Ireland This is an injustice.
4,921 Kevin O'Grady Norwich City Council United Kingdom To be arrested once was an injustice. To be arrested a second time is nothing more than harassment because of his academic background.
4,920 Berni Bell Retired (UWE) lecturer UK
4,919 Theresa Urbainczyk University College Dublin Ireland
4,918 Chantal Beaudry Université du Québec à Montréal Québec (Canada) Pour la liberté d'opinion et d'expression. Pour la libre circulation de l'information. Pour le débat et les lieux de parole. Pour le respect d,autrui. Pour l'importance des intellectuels critiques et engagés.
4,917 Simon Bradford Brunel University London UK The importance of human rights and academic freedom
4,916 Roland Erne University College Dublin Ireland
4,915 Peter Smith
4,914 Marisa Salas Freelance Lecturer United Kingdom
4,913 david garnett UAL UK
4,912 Ioannis Kourakis Queen's University Belfast UK
4,911 Eugene Avrutin University of York, UK UK
4,910 Richard Brazier University of Exeter UK Freedom of speech is a right for all.
4,909 Rita Mascia UK United Kingdom
4,908 Ivan Jordanov University of Portsmouth United Kingdom
4,907 Giovanna Colombetti University of Exeter UK Because freedom of speech and information are fundamental rights
4,906 Capozzi Rosa Maria BA Italia
4,905 Naomi Eilan Warwick University UK
4,904 Ebbi Shaghouei West Yorkshire United Kingdom
4,903 Poirson Philippe Geneva Switzerland Freedom speech for all
4,902 Annie Shaw UWE Bristol United Kingdom I believe in the democratic right to express one's opinion and allow a variety of views. I believe Colombia professes to be a kind of democracy.
4,901 Brian Doherty Keele University United Kingdom
4,900 Peter Gill University of Liverpool United Kingdom The freedom to peacefully criticise governments is a core value of democratic countries such as Colombia
4,899 Christine Gledhill Media Centre, University of Sunderland UK Freedom of thinking and exchange of critical ideas and debate are essential for democracy, justice and the future of this conflicted world, fast heading to self-destruction.
4,898 Carlos Sapochnbik United Kingdom
4,897 Christopher Rowley University of Cumbria (retired) United Kingdom
4,896 William Outhwaite Newcastle United Kingdom
4,895 Thomas Isensee GEW Berlin Germany As a member of the German Teachers Union GEW and retired teacher I volunteered in the area of international union relations, especially with Colombia. So I am acquainted with the Colombian political situation in general and the situation of Dr. Beltrán especially.
4,894 Sebastian Oltean
4,893 David Ian Stott University of Glasgow, Scotland, U.K. Freedom of expression without fear of persecution is essential to civilisation and resolution of conflicts.
4,892 Andrew Robinson freelance United Kingdom Stop arresting academics for their research!
4,891 Jurg Bahler University College London UK
4,890 Jean La Fontaine retired United Kingdom Two reasons: 1. it is necessary for the health of any country to have academics who are free to explore their own beliefs without incurring government reprisal 2. there appear to be no significant reasons for this academic's arrest.
4,889 Pat Devine University of Manchester UK
4,888 Paul Michael Garrett NUI Galway Ireland
4,887 Paula Young United Kingdom
4,886 John Harding University of Sheffield UK
4,885 Karen Adler University of Nottingham Britain
4,884 Terry Ng-Knight UCL UK
4,883 R Winstone Teesside University United Kingdom
4,882 Mark Hobart Oxon United Kingdom
4,881 John Broome University of Oxford UK In defence of academic freedom
4,880 Joanna Redden University of Calgary Canada
4,879 Elizabeth Hill East Sussex United Kingdom
4,878 Louise Gaynor UCL interaction Centre UK
4,877 Kate March Cornwall United Kingdom Freedom of expression is a very necessary right in a civilised country
4,876 Andy Sunters London UK I am concerned about free speech!
4,875 Greta-Mary Hair Edinburgh University Scotland / UK
4,874 David Archibald University of Glasgow Scotland
4,873 Stan Zachary WEST YORKSHIRE United Kingdom
4,872 Jonathan Nassim Birkbeck College UK
4,871 Douglas Hicks n/a Jamaica People must have freedom of speech!
4,870 Bryony Randall University of Glasgow United Kingdom
4,869 John ffitch University of Bath (retired) England, UK Basic freedom of speech
4,868 Joanna Rosenthall
4,867 John Lazarus Newcastle University UK To defend freedom of speech.
4,866 Carolyn Lyle Reading UK He is a good man who has tried to help others.
4,865 Rob Copeland UCU United Kingdom
4,864 barry venning OU uk
4,863 Seán L'Estrange University College Dublin Ireland
4,862 Dan Arthur Kent United Kingdom
4,861 Stephen Hunt University of the West of England UK
4,860 Joanna de Groot University of York United Kingdom I support human rights including the right to freedom of expresion
4,859 Lynda Tait University of Birmingham UK I care about freedom of expression and concerned about injustice.
4,858 Steve Oakes University of Liverpool England Human rights!
4,857 Andrew Hone University of Kent United Kingdom I believe that a citizen should be allowed to criticize their government in public without being imprisoned.
4,856 Ilian Iliev Sussex United Kingdom
4,855 Roisin McEvoy Ulster University In support of academic freedom everywhere.
4,854 Edward Lazell GSM London (Greenwich School of Management) UK
4,853 Frederick Toates United Kingdom I feel sympathy.
4,852 Rob Keeley King's College, London UK I believe in freedom of speech as the most basic of human rights.
4,851 Paul Chilton Lancaster University UK Because all counties should respect the right to freedom of thought and expression. The freedom to think, including to criticise, is a fundamental humanright.
4,850 Malcolm Cowburn Sheffield Hallam University England
4,849 Matthew Screech Manchester Metropolitan University United Kingdom I believe in human rights for Colombians
4,848 Tamar Katriel Israel
4,847 Robert Moore University of Liverpool UK No person should be punished for his or her beliefs. No one should be detained without due process. Dr Beltran is being held in breach of international law and should be released immediately.
4,846 michele lazenby Sheffield Hallam university England The freedom to debate and express ideas is essential to education and any progressive culture
4,845 Pamela Freeman University of Exeter United Kingdom It is a basic human rights to have freedom of expression and freedom from fear .
4,844 John Izod University of Stirling UK However inconvenient for the state, the right of freedom of speech is, I believe, an essential element in the development and maturing of any society.
4,843 Paul Hyder N/A United Kingdom
4,842 Jayne Richards Rose Bruford College United Kingdom I support this cause.
4,841 James McKeown CO.ANTRIM United Kingdom Free speech and the right to challenge oppressive regimes are fundamental human rights.
4,840 Lesley Orr University of Edinburgh Scotland To protest the persecution of Dr Beltran by the Colombian authorities and the threat, not only to his academic and personal freedom as a citizen of Colombia, but more generally to the human right and responsibility of critique, holding those who exercise power and authority to account. The petition is also an important demonstration of of solidarity and support.
4,839 Bernard Harris University of Strathclyde UK
4,838 derek o'brien Oxfordshire United Kingdom Because I believe in academic freedom and human rights.
4,837 Christopher Norris Cardiff University United Kingdom
4,836 Nigel van Zwanenberg Durham UK Any attack on academic freedom is an attack on knowledge
4,835 Aaron Bundock Imperial College London / CERN UK Basic human right to freedom of expression
4,834 David Moss Manchester UK
4,833 James Purslow Bath College United Kingdom Because I believe that this is an injustice and that his freedom of speech has been revoked.
4,832 Andrew Walls University of Southampton United Kingdom to help him be released
4,831 Liam Rodger The Open University United Kingdom
4,830 Louise Male University of Birmingham UK
4,829 Guido Rings Anglia Ruskin University United Kingdom If the Colombian government would like to be perceived as a democratic government, then it wants to defend the freedom of expression.
4,828 Keith Reader N/A United Kingdom
4,827 Irene D'Amico
4,826 Gregorio Kohon The British Psychoanalytical Society UK
4,825 Laurence Kenney University of Salford
4,824 Anthony Manning University of Warwick United Kingdom
4,823 Alastair Hunter UJniversity of Glasgow United Kingdom I deplore the way that Dr Beltran has been singled out for repressive treatment for no other reason than his willingness to speak out in the context of government censorship.
4,822 Tina Cartwright University of Westminster United Kingdom
4,821 Andrea Dolfini Newcastle University United Kingdom
4,820 Christopher Brooke University of Cambridge United Kingdom
4,819 Anna Comas-Quinn The Open University United Kingdom
4,818 Dominique Bulliard Collège de Maisonneuve Canada
4,817 Evan Sutton American Federation of Teachers USA
4,816 Manfred Brinkmann German Education Union (GEW) Germany The German Education Union (GEW) represents 280.000 teachers, academics and education workers and we support human and trade union rights worldwide. Freedome of expression and academic freedom are fundamental rights, and Miguel Beltran must be released.
4,815 Anneli Cooper University of Glasgow United Kingdom
4,814 Martin Poulin Collège St.Lawrence Canada Liberté d'expression!
4,813 Liz MacDougall Abertay University United Kingdom
4,812 Andrew Faulkner South Yorkshire United Kingdom
4,811 Martin Paisley Staffordshire University UK Freedome to express views without fear of persecution is a fundamental right, and Dr Beltran deserves our support.
4,810 Anne Junor UNSW Australia
4,809 Fran Disbury
4,808 Carolyn Morris Carms. United Kingdom Right to free speech must exist in a democracy.
4,807 Jeannie Rea National Tertiary Education Union Australia To support Dr Beltran's rights to freedom of expression and academic freedom.
4,806 Lorraine Couture College de Valleyfield Québec, Canada Freedom of academic speech is a universal right which ensures the development on any country; please preserve this tool for economic and social development.
4,805 Ken McAlpine Melbourne Australia Solidarity. Academic Freedom
4,804 Alexander Brown University of Wollongong Australia Academic freedom must be protected.
4,803 Irmgard Bauer James Cook University Australia
4,802 Linda Gale Melbourne Australia
4,801 alison carrol UK UK
4,800 Iain Moffatt University of London UK
4,799 Xavier Lambert Université de Toulouse Jean Jaurès France
4,798 Steve Fyfle QUÉBEC Canada Freedom is not negociable...
4,797 Maria Teresa Schettino Université de Haute-Alsace France
4,796 Ullmo sylvia Université de Tours France
4,795 Sue Iamamoto QMUL United Kingdom
4,794 Sherry Hughes Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts United Kingdom I do not believe, this academic has committed any crime. Free speech is an inalienable human right.
4,793 Yanina Hinrichsen LSE United Kingdom
4,791 Patrice, Puma, Freytag Université Laval Canada Pour la libération immédiate et sans condition du Dr Miguel Beltrán. Pour la liberté d'expression et académique sans laquelle il ne peut y avoir de démocratie. Patrice, Puma, Freytag P.h.D.
4,790 Robin Vose Canadian Association of University Teachers Canada
4,789 Rosa O'Neill University of SHeffield United Kingdom
4,788 Roland PFEFFERKORN France France in defense of the right to freedom of expression of the academic community, including the case of Miguel Beltrán
4,787 Marc Delepouve Université Lille1 France
4,786 Maria Gomez-Bedoya University of East Anglia United Kingdom
4,785 Mark Schier Swinburne University of Technology Australia I believe very strongly in academic freedom of speech and pursuit of knowledge.
4,784 Sinead Ring University of Kent England Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are core human rights.
4,783 Angus Whyte University of Edinburgh United Kingdom
4,782 John O'Brien University of Sydney Australia I support the right of academics to speak out on matters of public importance without persecution
4,781 Kerrie Saville Academic freedom and freedom of speech are critical to democracy.
4,780 Rosita Henry James Cook University Australia I hold dearly the principle of academic freedom to speak out about injustices in the world, wherever they might be.
4,779 Lee Berger Queensland Australia We need freedom of speech to enable the world to be a fairer and safer place.
4,778 Jan Wegner James Cook University Australia Academic freedom is vital to the strength and capacity for innovation in academic culture, and important for self-criticism in national culture.
4,777 Christian Reepmeyer James Cook University Australia
4,776 Narayan Gopalkrishnan James Cook University Australia I believe in the right of academics to have the freedom of expression that is central to democracy.
4,775 Catherine Rytmeister Macquarie University Australia Academics must be free to research, teach and contribute to public debate.
4,774 John Sinclair Australian Catholic University Australia I support academic freedom and believe Dr Miguel Beltrán is entitled to due process
4,773 Anne Price Murdoch University Australia Defence of academic freedom
4,772 Tom G. Griffiths University of Newcastle Australia Intellectual freedom within universities, and the wider communities, is an essential human right.
4,771 Michael McNally National Tertiary Education Union Australia Freedom of speech is a cornerstone of democracy and academic freedom.
4,770 Jonathan Strauss James Cook University Australia
4,769 Carolyn Cope Queensland University of Technology Australia
4,768 Grahame McCulloch National Tertiary Education Union Australia
4,767 Amanda Hopkinson City University, London UK In support of Dr Miguel Beltran, and in favour of a fair and transparent judicial process in his regard.
4,766 Mark Gabbert University of Manitoba Canada
4,765 Carolin Rekar Munro Royal Roads University Canada
4,764 Mike Jennings Irish Federation of University Teachers Ireland A society which oppresses academics is not only persecuting individuals, it is depriving its children of wisdom, knowledge and guidance. For Colombia's sake release Miguel Angel Beltran!
4,763 Annie Theriault College Maisonneuve Montrel
4,762 JANE FREELAND retired United Kingdom I have worked in Latin American Studies all my life, and I think I learned about solidarity first from Latin America. So this is the least I can do to protect fellow academics against dictatorial regimes
4,761 Maurizio Catuli University of Hertfordshire UK Solidarity
4,760 José Luiz Couto College de l'Outaouais Canada Every one in the academic world have the right to express their opinion without pressions or contraints of any kink, excepting the the principle of the cooperative research of the true.
4,759 Alistair Bulloch Tyne and Wear United Kingdom
4,758 Nina Admo Collège de Maisonneuve Canada
4,757 Daniel Connolly
4,756 Tony Staunton Plymouth University England Human and civil rights are universal and must be upheld in every country. The membership and organisation of a trade union is a fundamental human right - we own our labour, our intellect and our values, and must not be forced into silence.
4,755 Mwenza Blell University of Bristol United Kingdom
4,754 Héloïse Masse Collège de Maisonneuve Canada Solidarité et incapacité de tolérer les injustices
4,753 Richard Hall De Montfort University United Kingdom
4,752 William Platt University of Bristol United Kingdom
4,751 Anik Boudreau Collège de Maisonneuve Canada
4,750 Trine-Lise Offergaard Oslo & Akershus University College Norway Free speech and free academic discussion are essentials in a democratic society
4,749 Gordon Aindow University of Cumbria United Kingdom A citizen and certainly an academic should have the right to question the decisions and direction of their own country, without fear of intimidation or imprisonment.
4,748 Sandie Cusack University of Bristol United Kingdom In this country we take for granted the right the criticise our government and it scandalises me that there are still countries in the world where individuals do not have a democratic right to this freedom.
4,747 Tony Whelan London School of Economics UK
4,746 Gwyneth Pitt Kingston University United Kingdom
4,745 Elizabeth Stellas Coleg Menai United Kingdom Free speech is a fundamental human right. Those who seek to silence their critics are afraid of this powerful tool; however, trying to silence these voices only makes them stronger.
4,744 Kirsten Harris University of Bristol United Kingdom
4,743 gabriele zagel-millmore university of leeds uk
4,742 Mary Dearden UWE, Bristol United Kingdom Denying freedom of expression does not send a positive message about the Colombian government. Please overturn this violation of human rights.
4,741 Gregory Dow Queen Mary University of London United Kingdom Governments should not be afraid of free speech and academic discussion- academics should be free to learn, teach and research in any field. A government that is afraid of knowledge is a weak government
4,740 Roseanne McNamee University of Manchester UK
4,739 Nuria Ortiz Vera University of East Anglia United Kingdom
4,738 Elizabeth Woodcock Bangor University United Kingdom without open debate of our governments' policies the most vulnerable in our society cannot be protected from adverse impacts. Regardless of the political tone academics should be able to contribute to the debate based on evidence.
4,737 Peter Welch University of Kent United Kingdom We are free, in the UK, to say that our government does bad things and needs to change or be changed (through electoral defeat). This should be true everywhere. This does not seem to be true in Columbia - please show that this is an incorrect statement ...
4,736 Margaret Watson University of Oxford UK
4,735 Maeve Kelly Scottish Association for Marine Science United Kingdom
4,733 Michelle Collins Lancaster University United Kingdom
4,732 Susan Hollis Southampton United Kingdom
4,731 Jennifer Norris City of Bristol College United Kingdom
4,730 Roxy Harris King's College London UK Argument, debate, disagreeement and contestation are at the heart of democracy
4,729 Dragana Mladenovic University of Southampton UK
4,728 Christos Salis Not Applicable United Kingdom
4,727 Anne Purdy University of St Mark and St John Plymouth UK I value being able to share perspectives on current issues enabling young people to develop their views and to have an open debate
4,726 Victoria Hudson Birmingham United Kingdom
4,725 Eve Sheppard
4,724 Kerry Harman Birkbeck UK
4,723 MICHAEL SOMERTON EAST RIDING OF YORKSHIRE United Kingdom Freedom of expression is vital in society. Only authoritarian regimes deny it.
4,722 Catherine Jones Manchester Metropolitan University United Kingdom
4,721 Therese Butler University College London United Kingdon
4,720 Neil Carey Manchester UK I support the freedom of expression by all, and especially by academics, so as to create a balanced operation of democracy.
4,719 Rosalind Jago Cornwall College United Kingdom Everyone should have the right to their own beliefs.
4,718 Michael Mathieson Essex Adult Community College United Kingdom Because Dr Beltran is a prisoner of conscience. Columbia will never be a successful nation until it allows freedom of speech.
4,717 Roger Bradley Open University United Kingdom The best friend of any democracy is not the one who remains silent, but the one who speaks the truth to those in power.
4,716 Inma Alvarez The Open University United Kingdom Freedom of speech.
4,715 Martin Levy Newcastle upon Tyne UK
4,714 Fenella Porter Ruskin College United Kingdom
4,713 Carlos de Pablos-Ortega University of East Anglia United Kingdom It's outrageous that in the 21st Century this type of injustice is committed and that someone is not able to express his views about issues freely.
4,712 Judith Sha'ath Retired from Isle of Wight College United Kingdom To ask that Dr Beltrán should suffer no further as a result of expressing his opinions. He is embracing the aim of freedom of speech under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a charter that all countries could aspire to.
4,711 David Bell LONDON United Kingdom I was alerted to Dr Beltran's plight through my union the UCU and as the right to criticise governments here in the West is slowly eroded it is important to maintain solidarity with those around the world who are suffering for justice.
4,710 Charlene Halle Auckland University New Zealand
4,709 Sarah Keller Téluq/Quebec City Canada I am a teacher and believe in free speech.
4,708 Perry Shearwood Concordia University Canada Please respect the rights of freedom of expression by academics.
4,707 Barry Williams Hackney Community College, London United Kingdom In support of human rights and freedom of speech.
4,706 Rachel Thomson Brighton Uk Solidarity and freedom of speech/ thought
4,705 Linda Denis UQAM Canada
4,704 Carol Frenette Cégep de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue Canada Parce que la justice et la liberté d'expression sont des droits fondamentaux essentiels au développement d'un pays
4,703 bob dinn
4,702 Eric Athlan Outside USA Canada The right to political dissent is fundamental.
4,701 Charles Elford Whitstable, Kent United Kingdom Arresting and imprisoning opponents to the government is clearly wrong on all levels.
4,700 Alan Barker New College Nottingham United Kingdom
4,699 Tina Richards Huntingdonshire Regional College United Kingdom Dr Beltran should be able to publish his research without fear of persecution - freedom of speech is a basic human right.
4,698 Andrew Masters University of Manchester UK Imprisonment is just the wrong response to criticism.
4,697 Marina Carr Pearson United Kingdom Expressing an opinion is not an incitement: any government that tries to prevent people having opinions - even those they don't like - fails its people by showing that they are afraid of argument.
4,696 Mcinnis Valerie Epaq Canada
4,695 john mason middlesex United Kingdom it is a just cause
4,694 Martin Hooper Burton on Trent UK Freedom of speech is an important requirement for holding governments to account.
4,693 Vikki Boliver Durham University UK
4,692 Sara Tai University of Manchester UK To defend the right to freedom of expression
4,691 Ssarah Teacher London UK
4,690 Francisco Ariza Manchester United Kingdom I write in support of Dr Beltrán and academic freedom.
4,689 Les Cross --- United Kingdom Any action by the authorities needs to be proportional and appropriate. Persecution and arrest for holding a dissenting critical opinion is not proportional or appropriate. If the authorities are so secure in their intellectual and moral stance they should be able to argue their case rather than trying to intimidate their critics into silence.
4,688 Ben Knighton Oxfordshire United Kingdom
4,687 Francisco Martinez Mora University of Leicester United Kingdom To support democratic values, human rights and freedom of speech. To contribute making Colombia a better place.
4,686 Cristina Alonso Punter Norfolk United Kingdom
4,685 Jill Renwick Tower Hamlets College United Kingdom
4,684 margaret burke United Kingdom
4,683 Pete Duncan UCL SSEES, London United Kingdom Freedom of academic research must be protected.
4,682 Marion Reeves Winspur No one should lose their liberty for speaking the truth.
4,681 Jane Hindley Essex United Kingdom I have followed the Colombian conflict for many years and am deeply concerned about the safety and rights of trade unionists, journalists and intellectuals.
4,680 Julien Villeneuve Collège de Maisonneuve Canada
4,679 Natasha Stark England
4,678 rivest linda collège champaagneur Canada
4,677 Başak Ertür Birkbeck, University of London United Kingdom
4,676 Jan Georgeson Plymouth university Uk It is important that in every country people have the right to raise criticisms of those in authority.
4,675 Robert Moreland Grantham College United Kingdom
4,674 Rachel Condry University of Oxford United Kingdom
4,673 Jo Corke Bristol England Because I am a believer in freedom of speech. Like Dr Beltram I am an academic; unlike him, in Britain I can speak freely.
4,672 Daniel Martin Dudley United Kingdom
4,671 Catherine Danks Manchester Metropolitan University United Kingdom Freedom of expression is vital to us all.
4,670 Jonathan Forster University of Southampton UK
4,669 Carol Cody State United Kingdom
4,668 Véronique Gaboury-Bonhomme Cégep de l'Outaouais Canada Pour la liberté d'expression!
4,667 Marie-Pier Savoie Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles Canada
4,666 David Thornton Retired Wales Solidarity
4,665 Marie-Claude Brisson Cégep du Vieux-Montréal Canada
4,664 Bronislava Lee Australia
4,663 Billy Brick West Mids United Kingdom In solidarity with a persecuted fellow trade unionist.
4,662 David Paine Kirklees College United Kingdom
4,661 Peter Hedges Aston University United Kingdom Solidarity with Dr Beltran and strong belief in freedom of speech
4,660 Amy Chamier UCL UK Dr Miguel Beltrán is a brave man and an innocent one.
4,659 Helen Ghodbane South Thames College England The charges against Doctor Beltran seem to be excessive and unfair and continuing such action against him gives a very poor reflection of the Colombian government. This is not good for Colombia or academic freedom.
4,658 Sarah McCleave Queen's University Belfast United Kingdom
4,657 Hazel Marsh University of East Anglia United Kingdom
4,656 Ghyslaine Lévesque Québec Canada
4,655 Natasha Roy McGill University Canada
4,654 Rachel Proudfoot University of Leeds United Kingdom
4,653 John Hemp Oxford United Kingdom In the interest of justice
4,652 Emma Keogh Glasgow School of Art Scotland In solidarity and in support of freedom of speech
4,651 Robert Kirkwood UCU East Midlands Retired Members United Kingdom
4,650 Jon Cobb Bournemouth University United Kingdom
4,649 Marie-Ève Gaboury-Bonhomme ENAP Canada Pour protéger la liberté d'expression des universitaires
4,648 Lorna Lloyd Keele University UK
4,647 David Collett United Kingdom
4,646 Kieran Sharkey University of Liverpool UK Freedom of thought and expression must be supported.
4,645 Margaret O'Hara University of Birmingham United Kingdom I believe in freedom of thought.
4,644 Linda Kellman Retired from Barking & Dagenham College Romford United Kingdom I believe that injustices should be spoken against and especially persecution of any kind.
4,643 Yvonne Galea University of Nottingham United Kingdom Want to demonstrate solidarity with Dr Beltran!
4,642 Angela Bramman-Lewis Coleg Gwent Wales
4,641 Mathew Guest Durham University United Kingdom
4,640 Marie Bouvier Uqam Canada
4,639 Joanne Massey Manchester Metropolitan University UK Because liberty and freedom of speech matters
4,638 Charis Flavell Norfolk United Kingdom Freedom of expression is a basic human right and an essential element of education.
4,637 Athina Meli Greece
4,636 Dermot Lynott Lancashire United Kingdom
4,635 Eugene Nulman United Kingdom
4,634 Nicola Stylianou Open University United Kingdom
4,633 Cathy Schofield
4,632 John Duthie Retired UK
4,631 Ian Crookston Leeds Beckett University United Kingdom
4,630 Michael Conterio United Kingdom
4,629 andy moss University Campus Suffolk United Kingdom Academics (not to mention citizens) the world over need to have the freedom to express their opinions without fear of persecution of victimisation.
4,628 Morten Ronning Bergen University College Norway
4,627 Stephen Jordan Essex United Kingdom In support of Dr Beltran
4,626 Susan Hogan Manchester University UK