Oppose redundancies at University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham is proposing to make 11.5 academic staff redundant. The proposals will inevitably lead to compulsory redundancies for academic staff in an institution that is relatively affluent.  The University consistently generates an annual surplus in excess of £20m but aims to see this increased to £30m. Alongside the proposed redundancies, the University is seeking to finance an ambitious £580 million capital investment programme through a combination of internal and external funding.

We, the undersigned, call on the University of Nottingham to withdraw their redundancy proposals.

• Academic staff should be treated with greater respect and the University has enough money to avoid the imposition of compulsory redundancies.
• The proposals are part of a wider drive to cut staff costs across the University.
• The cutting of staff costs should not be an aim for a university which regards itself as world class.
• The proposals will do significant harm to the student experience of learning.

This petition has been organised by the University and College Union, the trade union representing academic and professional staff in universities. It is open for all to sign. For the latest information please see here: http://uonucu.org/.

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Oppose redundancies at University of Nottingham

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2,755 signatures

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2,755 Thomas Alexander Ross Camelo
2,754 Natalia Radziwillowicz Because the whole purpose of a university is to offer the best in teaching. And you -cannot- do that without the teaching staff. Without them, a university would be an empty building, and if fees are as high as they are the very -least- a student should be able to expect is having dedicated, hard-working teachers.
2,753 Damian Irisarri
2,752 Sylvia Ash I am a mother of a lecturer who has lost their job at Nottingham. I am signing as I can not understand how this helps the university, students and lecturers. The actions seem so short sighted. If this is going to happen in every university, what is the point of students going through all the years of working hard , expense and dedication. To then end up on the dole . Where do they go from here?
2,751 Celeste-Marie Bernier
2,750 Richard Le Corney
2,749 Alex Miller
2,748 Kamay Li Because the benefits do not justify this action
2,747 Natalia Szczepanska
2,746 Elke Pawlowski It is outrageous how staff at universities are treated.
2,745 Stephen Bamforth I worked for 41 years in the French Department at Nottingham - it is tragic to see a department which had such a great reputation nationally and internationally so undervalued, not to say betrayed; but more serious still, what of the future of modern languages in general, and the opportunities for the students of the future?
2,744 Roger Genders Reductions in tutors will undoubtedly affect the quality of support to students and the standards sold to students and parents at the outset of the course
2,743 George Parr 15 years ago NU did the same to me, and 50-or-so more NU academic staff at the same time. The NU management were wrong then and are yet again wrong now. Are just slow learners? This is yet another clumsy application by NU Management of their crude bully boy procedures. They are still nationally renowned for this. And that is partly why NU still moves down in popularity ranking.
2,742 Lindsay Bywood
2,741 Stephen O'Sullivan
2,740 Julie Daujat Just at the beginning of my career and I'm already familiar with this situation as it happened in my previous University, Aberdeen, and now Nottingham! And where does all the surplus goes? And since when education is about making money at all! I found that shameful to cite redundancies when departments are already understaffed, and existing staff overloaded. So yes I oppose redundancies!
2,739 Giulia Manica Languages are the result and at the same time the sine qua non for cultural diversity, dialogue and exchange, which is necessary within any democratic society. language teaching is fundamentally important!
2,738 Rachel Whitehouse
2,737 Suzy East I studied languages at Nottingham 2005-2009 and it was such an amazing experience. My teachers and lecturers were inspiring and did such a wonderful job. I would hate for that to end!
2,736 Isabella Jackson
2,735 shirley vandersluis Our country has never needed linguists more. This is a short sighted and immensely disappointing move by The University of Nottingham of which I am a former languages graduate.
2,734 Stamatia Mukherjee save the languages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2,733 Stuart Bell
2,732 Suzanne Gee As a student of Nottingham university I feel the withdrawal of great staff with excellent knowledge will damage the learning of the students and will ultimately reflect on the overall university standards and may discourage students from attending
2,731 Mike Leam To prevent compulsory redundancies
2,730 Fryni Drizou
2,729 Maria Urbina
2,728 Jacob Banks Signing as highly respected intellectuals and academics do not deserve to lose their jobs purely because the people at the top have decided that they want even more surplus. Universities should be about education, not a money making machine. An excess of £20 million is already far too much! This money should be put towards keeping the staff, and perhaps even paying them more for their commitment.
2,727 Alasdair Doyle
2,726 Ronika Bhudia
2,725 Anith Raveendran Two of my close friends are part of the chinese business school and will be affected by the decisions of UoN, what's not to say this won't spread to other sectors of the University? Its frankly unacceptable
2,724 Hima Chauhan
2,723 Aisha Patel
2,722 Nikita Patel
2,721 Lorren Brennan Oppose closing of the Chinese school
2,720 Rishika Bhudia
2,719 Olivia Sonola-Jones
2,718 James Flanders
2,717 Regina Frank The long term loss to the university landscape would be greater than the short term savings such cuts could make.
2,716 David Berry
2,715 Heather Noon The projected closure of the School of Contemporary Chinese Studies is a disaster. The announcement has been made during the end of year exam period and and there is no way these proposals can be properly implemented by September 2016. Many students chose Nottingham because it actively promoted this School and they have been badly let down.
2,714 Barclay Bram The contemporary Chinese studies programme is an asset and a selling point for Nottingham... This is ridiculous
2,713 Anna Davidson
2,712 Charlotte Spindler
2,711 Qi She
2,710 Tianna Vara Oppose closing of the Chinese school
2,709 Clementine Hilaire
2,708 Joe Ashley University: a body devoted to learning and education and not a business devoted to profit
2,707 Line Nyhagen
2,706 Mimi Noon
2,705 Emily Harmer
2,704 Dominic Wring Ex-student
2,703 Angela Dy The Chinese studies school is a great asset and USP of the UoN.
2,702 Peter Templeton Proud to support colleagues at Nottingham, and hope that the university abandon this folly. As the petition states above, this is hardly the act of any university with even a hint of pretension to world-class status.
2,701 George Weaver The core business of a university - research and teaching - depend on ideas created by people. Staff are the most important resource in a university. Nottingham should not be trying to reduce academic staff numbers. I send my best wishes to those concerned.
2,700 Andrew Vivian
2,699 Alena Pfoser
2,698 Sam Riches Having twice narrowly avoided redundancy in my own institution I have some sense of what colleagues at Nottingham are going through. We must respect and value our educators and students, not close down areas of provision on little more than a whim.
2,697 Christina Adnett
2,696 Saloni Maru
2,695 Charlie Killeen
2,694 Louise Wright Capitalising on people's educations is not only morally wrong, it also ruins the education itself! Eventually there'll be no capital left. Make the right decision, keep Nottingham's reputation intact. Getting rid of staff to turn a profit is an unsound business decision: what company requiring skilled workers wants to alienate them? The upkeep of the university's reputation lies with the staff
2,693 José Barajas Supporting people so they don't lose their jobs
2,692 Christopher Martin Knagg For Martina!
2,691 Sean Quay
2,690 Alannah Jefferies
2,689 Shenelka Ratwatte
2,688 Elise Ohajah
2,687 Jack Mitchell
2,686 Issy O'Riordan
2,685 Natasha Mosley
2,684 Ana Campbell
2,683 Roden Derveni
2,682 Jo Lumley
2,681 Wali Aslam
2,680 Mark Anderson
2,679 Karen Minta Closing the school of contemporary chinese studies down is nonsense. The school is one of the biggest assets to the university and to get rid of it where cuts could be made elsewhere is ludicrous.
2,678 Roisin Reilly Closing of Chinese school
2,677 Ilona Stretch
2,676 Elfed Samuel I feel the amount of money received by the highest ranking officials is ludicrous, pay your staff and employ good people
2,675 Miranda Portwood Because the redundancies will affect my daughters studies
2,674 Kamara Archer A friend attends this university, and has stressed how negatively these unnecessary cuts will have on their learning , course, and subject.
2,673 Thomas Cran Stupid how they have money for shiny new facilities but not to maintain staffing, and people at the top earning way too much
2,672 Henry Every I went to Nottingham as it was regarded as the best university for contemporary Chinese and languages in general.
2,671 Rhianne Short
2,670 Clare Winbolt Signing to support Olivia Thompson!
2,669 Gabriela Modan for an University is very important the quality of it's staff, and is important to be treated with respect.
2,668 Joel Pullin Because a university should be a place of learning, not a business.
2,667 Joshua Godber Shutting down the UK leading contemporary Chinese school. Oblivious.
2,666 Paige Roden
2,665 Alex Marriott-mills Member of the school, please don't close it!
2,664 Alexandra Foile
2,663 Sam Bigwood . Students and staff feel shocked and disappointed that the the SCCS is closing. As students, we pay £9000 a year to go to university. I chose to study Chinese at Nottingham, because it stood out from the rest, with it's own Chinese studies school, which has, among other things, a study space, guest seminars, a great Confucius institute. Now that will be all be gone.
2,662 Niamh Perry
2,661 Shayma Bakht As a student at Nottingham, I do not want to see my university reduced like this. Nor do I want to see particular departments close.
2,660 Sufyan Trumboo
2,659 Benjamin Brabyn
2,658 Charlie Leavychar
2,657 Emily Morton
2,656 Alicia Thompson
2,655 imene guemar I find it highly insulting to the intelligence of the students that study at this university that we are kept unaware about the university's huuuuge reserve. Nobody should be made rebundant. This University can definitely afford to pay ALL of its staff and a lot more than they are getting paid right now.
2,654 Edward Gilford
2,653 Chelsea Keeley
2,652 Randalll Staunton
2,651 Tommy Ruler
2,650 Phoebe Worley
2,649 Holly Richardson
2,648 Rehana Gohil
2,647 Adam Uberoi I am a student of the Chinese school. The university is proposing to close this whole department which will put me at a significant disadvantage for the future in my degree
2,646 David Dolding
2,645 Matthias Nouvet
2,644 harry thompson Hope that this helps as I know that the course is worth saving.
2,643 Ciara Askin A wide range of options should always be available. An affluent uni should do its best to provide this.
2,642 naud valerie
2,641 fergal feeney
2,640 Amy Winbolt
2,639 Charlotte Stone
2,638 Lauren Davis Major asset to UON
2,637 David Roberts My sister will be affected by these redundancies
2,636 Sandra González -Green This proposal will have a detrimental effect on the student's learning . There is not need for cutting on staff. If we want a first class education for the young generations we need the first class lectures/educators that you are planning to make redundant.
2,635 Marie Barrett As we know someone who is on course and is going to have to change for her 3 rd year
2,634 Charlotte Bezant
2,633 Dale Claridge
2,632 Leah Smith
2,631 Shannon Barrett
2,630 sarah williams My son will directly suffer and may not be able to take modules he especially wants to take and chose Notts because those modules were part of the course.
2,629 Mathew Gonzalez-Green
2,628 Jeenali Shah
2,627 Lauren Pepper
2,626 Rachael Cowell
2,625 Ed Scott
2,624 Christina B Friends of mine within the Theology department continually express their sadness and distress regarding the redundancies.
2,623 Danni Thurley
2,622 Zakiya Genders Every lecturer has a different speciality, and to make some redundant would be unfair for the students who have an interest in that speciality and benefit from the lecturer's expertise. Every lecturer's expertise and enthusiasm make the University the place that it is. In fact, the diverse quantity and quality of lecturers are why I chose this university in the first place.
2,621 James Owers
2,620 Christopher Williams
2,619 Rachael Milliner
2,618 Katie O'Connor The school is an invaluable resource to many students and the job security of staff should be guaranteed at a university that receives at least £9,000 tuition fees from every student
2,617 Hannah Billage
2,616 John-Michael Williams
2,615 Chen Khong Teoh This isn't fair towards the undergoing students and staff. I had a similar experience in Malaysian Campus and one of the module was opted out of my foundation course DURING my course, except this is on a much larger scale.
2,614 Matthew Skelding
2,613 Rositsa Anastenova Save the School of Contemporary Chinese Studies! The lack of care for your staff and students is shameful.
2,612 Catriona Neville
2,611 Jafar Ilyas
2,610 Byron Oputa
2,609 Paigan Hall
2,608 Olivia Gibson
2,607 Emily Smith The staff are the heart of the university and the university would do great harm removing them
2,606 Emily Hixon As a humanities student, we pay for our lecturers. We don't get labs, or equipment or even bought any new books so what do you do with our £9000 cause it definitely doesn't get spent on our education the least you could do is let us keep our staff!
2,605 Rachael Jones It would be a terrible shame to see such a successful school to be closed, especially one that offers courses that students have little to no options to study anywhere else!
2,604 Ben Hampson Universities were begun for the spreading of education and wisdom, not greed.
2,603 Joshua Buchanan I am signing because I came to study at the University of Nottingham because of the world class academic I was aware would be leading my course. A teaching institution is made not by its land, building or equipment but by its teachers, and this has never been more true than for Nottingham. To cut its staff needlessly in light of the universities plans to increase facilities would be criminal.
2,602 Joe Blythe
2,601 Rebecca Roberts I'm signing because I came to the University of Nottingham above all for the incredible modules they were offering and I now love my course for the lecturers I have had. I will be heartbroken if, as is supposed to happen in the theology department, I lose out on the opportunity to have such brilliant lecturers teach me the very things that I came to the university to study.
2,600 Cael Atkin-Palmer Because ill communicated, rushed decisions are normally a way of hiding something bad for the people involved
2,599 matilda dove-dixon
2,598 Evelina Mykolaityte
2,597 Elliot Holtom Why fix what isn't broken?
2,596 Ross Prudames
2,595 Olivia Thompson Please save our school.
2,594 James Li
2,593 William Smith I would understand budgetary cuts in the context of financial losses, but the university runs at a huge surplus and with the cap on student intake removed, this is only likely to increase over the next two years in particular. It is for this reason that I oppose the cuts; this is a world class university and we should treat our staff and students accordingly.
2,592 Laura Chamberlain
2,591 Abbi Clark
2,590 Wright Eleanor My learning will benefit more from the staff than the facilities you're planning to build with the extra money. Disgraceful. Don't just see people as numbers, but as real people with lives that you will be impacting hugely!
2,589 Katrin Dallimore
2,588 Ellen Wilkinson
2,587 Louis Goodman With a 25 million pound surplus, the university has no reason or need to cut academic staff, which is something that will diminish the quality of courses run.
2,586 Beverly Tran
2,585 Fiaz Riaz Disgraceful to be cutting employees especially with the funds generated by the university
2,584 Tayla Poole
2,583 Jozef Doyle In a scenario where our chancellor earns in a few weeks what some university workers earn in a year and where new buildings are replacing functionally adequate spaces for seemingly no reason other than prestige, the loss of staff who hugely affect students' learning and growth while at university makes no sense unless framed as a costcutting device. We cannot allow education to become commoditise
2,582 Rajesh Ramesh There should be no compromise for individual jobs in the University that positively help student experience. It is surely a harm being done to the passion and interests of individuals who have contributed so much to growth and progress of the University of Nottingham.
2,581 Matthias De Veer It's pathetic that the university is choosing to sack staff when the top brass are earning well into six figures, and they are making a huge surplus and CONSTANTLY expanding facilities. This should be an academic institution, not a hedge fund. It just shows what UoN's true priorities are - not the staff, or students.
2,580 Aqeelah Malek
2,579 Emily Bailey
2,578 Luke Hopper
2,577 Sophie Fry
2,576 Ella Wood Stop cutting arts lecturers when thats what most of the arts students fees should be paying for, instead our fees are paying for buildings we don't need and resources and equipment for schools we are not a part of!
2,575 Vyv Dryden To safeguard the quality of teaching and reputation of UoN.
2,574 Alice Richards We can't let them make people redundant, or let them disband The School of Contemporary Chinese Studies!
2,573 Isabel Scott
2,572 Jade O'Hanlon
2,571 Freya Cumming-Webb
2,570 Jordan Balkham
2,569 Eleanor Lord Teachers should not be considered as disposable income, especially not in order to pay for unneeded buildings! Also it is entirely unfair that arts subjects are taking the biggest cut; theology is a comparatively small faculty anyway, don't make it smaller! We pay the same tution fees as every other student, we shouldn't have our lecturers sacrificed!
2,568 Phoebe Lau Uni ID: 4167027 My school will be losing two members of staff both of whom have contributed immensely to our studies. It's a real shame considering the University it not in debt. I didn't apply to the University of Nottingham to study a Degree in sports I applied to Nottingham to gain access to first class academics who conduct important social research which inspire us.
2,567 Caitlin Holroyd
2,566 Jordan Dearn Because these cuts will have a detrimental effect on students!
2,565 Maziyah Ahmed
2,564 Bethany Jackson It is an unacceptable proposal as there is so much money in surplus. It is not only damaging to the members of staff at risk and the education of students - providing another reason why students feel disengaged with the fees that are paid and the amount of teaching taking place. Stop turning the education of people into profiteering for the minority and damaging the lives of hard working staff.
2,563 Moonisah Iqbal
2,562 Antoinette Graham
2,561 Phoebe Greggor
2,560 Catherine Goetze
2,559 Esther Bryan
2,558 Sascha Cornelius
2,557 Steven Pattison 🙁
2,556 Imogen White
2,555 Caitlin Spence I have had a number of personal issues at uni, without the support of charlotte halls i wouldn't have made it through university, to remove staff who are so greatly relied on in positions that are incredibly important is simply negligent. My complete support goes to ucu, as the campaigns and publicity rep for university of nottingham students and a proud CLAS student
2,554 Gabriella Ahmed
2,553 Charlotte Martin "The University consistently generates an annual surplus in excess of £20m but aims to see this increased to £30m." If the university wishes to be a business, it must be treated as such. We're fighting a battle of workers rights and Unions protecting them. Vast majority of students who did not want this selling off of education have to show solidarity. Where are the millions going, UoN?
2,552 Priyanka Mistry Detrimental to students, staff, and experience at the university.
2,551 Caroline Mason Because the university department I used to work in was closed down some years ago and I know the university suffered greatly from such a short-sighted move - and has now started teaching the same subjects, in much reduced form, under the aegis of another department!
2,550 Charlotte Cook Nope, stop.
2,549 Shirley Kirby
2,548 Irina Surducan
2,547 Nicole Quarrie
2,546 Anna Nicklin
2,545 Veroniki Mylonopoulou
2,544 Marina Pirzada I am signing this because I don't think the changes will benefit the students, getting rid of the few staff members who can help us and closing down our school won't help, especially with most of us going onto our last year; this is will actually disadvantage us
2,543 David Kirby SAVE THE SCCS!! Shame on The UON...
2,542 Kathryn Rose Donaldson
2,541 Charlie Maynard
2,540 Zac Barron
2,539 Susannah Portwood The departments as they are now are excellent, especially the language departments. I feel it will be ruined if specialist staff are taken away from this. Especially SCCS!!!! They are excellent in what they do and very important for the future
2,538 Hana Cobb
2,537 Ursalaan Khan
2,536 Roberto Berardi
2,535 Hope Wilson Save the SCCS!!
2,534 Claire Feeney If Nottingham wants to remain in the Russel group it should put the quality of teaching above wanting to expand. Having more buildings doesnt make you a better University,having more good teachers does. Not only are you reducing the quality of education provided but also demonstrating you do not care about the students concerns. put schools we already have over new ones
2,533 Maria Modan I am a student at the University of Nottingham
2,532 Annabelle Juffs
2,531 Tyrone Byrne A first year student at the university, who's department is due to be affected by this change
2,530 Sylvia Williams B.Sc.(zoology) B.A.(archaeology). Archaeology is deep history and informs us about past climate changes- very useful knowledge to have in the current situation.
2,528 Mae Stein How is academia supposed to exist without the support of Universities? It has to begin and be cultivated in the University in order to spread outwards into society.
2,527 Jose Meireles
2,526 Ruth Herd
2,525 Victoria Powell
2,524 Michael Dillon As a humanities academic made redundant in a similar process at another institution, I deplore this action which as usual targets arts and humanities posts. In particular it is utterly perverse to cut the provision of modern languages studies at a time of such international uncertainty when graduates with high level language skills are needed more than ever.
2,523 Joyce Dillon I am a mature postgraduate student in the School of English. I am strongly opposed to the redundancies which I believe will harm the departments concerned and the university as a whole.
2,522 Roberta Dewa Although I retire this year, I want to stand in solidarity with colleagues' justified protest against redundancies and their treatment by the university. This will impact on all staff in the future.
2,521 Ben Houston
2,520 Jeremy White
2,519 Pete Millwood
2,518 Gregoire Labbe
2,517 James Gaunt
2,516 Jonathan Wise
2,515 Matthew Skelly
2,514 Cameron Woodall The University should not be focusing on ulterior motives of profit, but instead focusing on caring for its staff and student needs. Its current profit margin is excessive as it it, and there is no excuse for such immoral, inconsiderate conduct on behalf of a 'world class' university.
2,513 Tom Clark
2,512 Gemma Collantes-Celador
2,511 Jane Harvey Disagree with redundancies
2,510 Fruela Fernández
2,509 Christine Achinger Modern Languages at the University of Nottingham are among the leading Modern Languages Departments in the country. The study of foreign languages and cultures is one of the cornerstones of our understanding of the modern world, and there is already a lack of language graduates in the UK. It is incomprehensible why the University of Nottingham would not support its Modern Language departments.
2,508 Michael Etienne The fundamental priority of any academic institution should be the maintenance of academic rigour and freedom of intellectual thought. These aims are fundamentally undermined by these proposals which, inevitably will be the first of many across the institution, in light of the current rationale. Universities are not investment funds, they are not and should not simply be accumulators of wealth.
2,507 Fred Slater As an alumnus of Nottingham University Modern Languages department, I found the teaching staff an irreplaceable cog of my university experience. While perhaps a capital investment program would ensure the future of Nottingham University, i do not believe that academic staff redundancies be the correct way to ensure the funds are raised.
2,506 Sam Little As a previous student of Nottingham University, I'd hate to see any of the brilliant teaching staff to suffer such an unjust end to their time there.
2,505 Hussein Khalidi As a former language student at this school this decision sickens me. The University of Nottingham has more than enough money to keep staff employed!
2,504 Jenelle Clarke
2,503 Stephen Bourne I spent seven of the last eight years living and working in South America, and also worked frequently in Europe prior to that, thanks to the excellent teaching at the School of Modern Languages at the University of Nottingham
2,502 Patricia Stoat Arts are fundamental to a civilised society, respect is fundamental to good human relations, universities should protect and defend both.
2,501 Nick Adams
2,500 Chelsea Phillips
2,499 Erica Brasil
2,498 James Gorey Language Graduate. The staff at Nottingham do an exceptional job (especially the language department, excuse my bias), would hate to see someone that has given so much to so many people be made redundant.
2,497 Giovanni Quartana
2,496 Jenni Turner Stop unnecessary redundancies that will impact staff and students of a wealthy uni! As a former student I'm very disappointed to hear about this
2,495 Joaquin Esteso Vidal Totally unfair!
2,494 Jamie Gibson Graduated in Spanish and Portuguese with a 2.1 last year and owe a massive debt to the amazing language staff for the support and motivation, they love what they do and are great at it, the university makes more than enough money to keep these educators.
2,493 Alexandra Wigley An institution that aims for quality and succes treats its staff well and not as expendible.
2,492 Jenny Williams In an age of globalisation when there is an increasing need for linguists - researchers, translators, interpreters, cross-cultural mediators, language teachers, lawyer linguists and so on - it is inexplicable that a University with such a high profile in Modern Languages should be planning to cut staff in this field. Monolingual graduates will not survive in the international job market.
2,491 Jane Brown
2,490 Edward Hardy
2,489 Hannah Bullen To Show support
2,488 Eleanor Turpin
2,487 Peter Bartlett I know affected people; their lives are hideous at the moment.
2,486 Harry Shaw
2,485 Stefano De Sabbata
2,484 Laura wilkinson
2,483 Alison Pilnick
2,482 Venanzio Capretta
2,474 kevin worsley
2,473 Louise Mason
2,472 Hannah Williams
2,471 carolyn worsley
2,469 Mark Wilkinson I have children at University and pay very high fees for the privilege. I am in total favour of retaining highly qualified staff to assist our graduates
2,468 Emily Bradshaw
2,467 Colin Smith
2,466 Ian James Wilkinson
2,465 George Wild
2,464 Helen McRobbie
2,463 Ailsa McCreadie Language graduate who is indebted to the UoN language staff. How can a university who claims to be of an internatinal standard not understand the value of this department and its staff? Short sighted.
2,462 Ben Donovan
2,461 paula perez lucas
2,460 James Sullivan
2,459 Claire Smith
2,458 Joerg Kaduk
2,457 Susan Page
2,456 Dave Ashby Resisting the increasingly neoliberal structuring of universities to protect staff and students- as well as for future generations who will find higher education both unaffordable and shit.
2,455 Brett Matulis
2,454 Sara Bradley I absolutely oppose the dismantling of arts and humanities departments in order to fund other projects, often unrelated to the departments that suffer. The staff should have 100% support from all departments in this.
2,453 Sarah Nussbaum
2,452 Jay Emery Solidarity across the Arts and Humanities and across institutions.
2,451 Simon Schillebeeckx
2,450 SHUSHAN POGHOSYAN Solidarity and good luck
2,449 Alastair Cumberpatch I graduated from Nottingham Uni in French and Hispanic studies. Universities should be in the business of educating students not making profits. Whatever returns are made should be invested back into the university: infrastructure, staff and lecturers! If you're sacking lecturers to reduce costs and therefore boost profits then shame on you am embarrassed to have even attended your institution!
2,448 Emma Kenwrick-Piercy
2,447 Patrick Gibbs The Portuguese department in particular maintained faith and support in me when most doubted I would even get a degree. They got me a great degree and platform to a good career
2,446 Hugo Costain The modern foreign languages department is already understaffed.
2,445 Vincent Duval Former student
2,444 David Manasse
2,443 Veronica Sastre hernandez Lopez
2,442 Giovanni Dini I heard about the outrageous decision by the university to cut their teaching staff wages and thought the university may consider cutting their executive pay rather than that of those keeping its doors opens. I hope the University of Nottingham won't take yet another morally reprehensible step and that they'll instead look for the funds they need from other streams of revenue.
2,441 Anna Poghosyan
2,440 Caterina Martins da Silva
2,439 Patrick Neilands Not an alumnus of UoN but disgusted at the decision. Seems to be short-term thinking and antithetical to the purpose of a university.
2,438 Lucy Walker Like all other alumni, I couldn't have got through my degree without the inspiration, suppor and efforts of every single member of academic staff in the department at UoN, if this went ahead it would seriously affect more than just 11-12 people... I hope the university will make the right decision and preserve its good reputation built by the staff themselves!
2,437 Lindsay Hopkinson
2,436 Sarah Timson
2,435 Jack Reilly Alumnus
2,434 Sarah El Abdli Making the backbone of your institution redundant just to increase profits is disgusting and shows the true intentions of the University of Nottingham is not to teach, educate, research and develop; but to act like any private company and increase profit for shareholders and to ultimately increase the wealth gap. What a pity. The
2,433 Jeremy Stubbings
2,432 Joseph Izzard The language and media departments got me my degree through great teaching and incredible support
2,431 Nicola Cranham
2,430 Scott Oliver I graduated from UoN with a first degree, MA and PhD, and it taught me that education should not be treated like a corporation.
2,429 Meesha Nehru No to unnecessary, ideological cuts. Solidarity to a fantastic School, with dedicated staff.
2,428 Hannah Masters
2,427 Dan Amias I'm signing because I would not have been able to succeed in my languages if it were not for Rino Soares and his fantastic colleagues. They deserve to be treated with respect.
2,426 Miguel Ferreira da Silva The University of Nottingham from were I received my PhD is a world class institution, which status will follow me and my career. I don't want it to be any less than that.
2,425 Rebekah Rocker
2,424 Charlotte Hatcher The University of Nottingham is an institution well known for the calibre of its teaching and which gives its alumni the best possible start in their careers. It cannot hope to continue to do so if worrying trends such as this are allowed to become the norm.
2,423 ROXANE HUGUES I studied languages at the UoN and it was brilliant, mostly thanks to the school staff. The University always says to be proud of its former students. It would be a shame to dismiss the people that have contributed to our success. And as stated in the petition headline, seeing the high tuition fees, I believe the UoN does not need to make anybody redundant.
2,422 Amy Scarrott I currently work for an international company which is completely reliant on me as a French speaker to support their ever-increasing French client base. I therefore know firsthand how crucial linguists are to the business world. Language learning needs to be encouraged and developed, not thrown to the bottom of the academic pile.
2,421 Simon Hands
2,420 Darren Adams-Shaw Choose profits over young minds? Well played.....
2,419 Matthew Watts
2,418 Dave Stubbins Old student, a great department
2,417 Laurence Ball I enjoyed four wonderful years under the tutelage of the MFL department at Nottingham. I want others to continue to have the same opportunity in this increasingly undermined and rarefied discipline.
2,416 Rebecca Hodson Top level university should hold onto academic staff to remain competitive on the world stage
2,415 Jemima Drayton
2,414 Jennifer Ellison
2,413 Rachel Dutton
2,412 Lois Ryan I trained at the university of Nottingham to become a teacher and I've no doubt that each and every employee that assists on the functioning of this university helped to make my journey positive. It would be an outrage to deny such hard workers their jobs.
2,411 Freya Macknight The academic staff made my university what it was, and I want future generations of students to have the same support, brilliant minds and inspirational people to learn from.
2,410 Amit Mandalia Cutting spending doesn't always make a business more profitable in the long run, while the knock on effects on staff morale & class sizes are unlikely to improve the quality of education that it should be the university's primary objective to achieve. Also, what will the savings of maybe c.£500,000pa in staff salaries be spent on that can't be achieved out of the c.£20,000,000pa profit quoted?
2,409 Steve Moorhouse The quality of teaching, research and student experience will invevitably and necessarily be impacted by the action proposed.
2,408 David Kenyon The University of Nottingham is supposed to be a world leading institution. It is not possible for Nottingham to continue to have such status if it makes academic staff redundant. I hope this decision to make 11.5 academic staff redundant will not take place.
2,407 Sam Mustafa As a former languages student at the University of Nottingham and a current teacher, I find it absolutely abhorrent that the university is to jump on the conservative band wagon of cutting the Arts and limiting options to future cohorts of students. Shame on you, UoN!
2,406 Hannah Ward I attended nottingham uni and spent 4 amazing years studying for a degree in spanish and portuguese. The languge teachers were brilliant.
2,405 Victoria Golding
2,404 Natalie Bennett
2,403 emma wood I am a graduate of the Uni of Nottm modern languages faculty. To enforce redundancies on staff is to reduce the quality of tuition and student support that this great uni has always provided
2,402 Natasha Kobrak
2,401 Lucy Barry
2,400 Rachel Hall My teachers from the university of Nottingham made my student experience the best it could be, their teaching inspired me to continue in higher education.
2,399 Matthew Grogan
2,398 Verity Jawando-Williams These cuts are simply unnecessary. The university is an educational establishment not a business.
2,397 Sophie Harrison As a former graduate in French and Hispanic studies and currently living and working in Spain, I literally wouldn't be where I am today had it not been for the modern foreign languages department at Nottingham University.
2,396 Ben West As a current postgraduate student at the University, a graduate of CLAS-SPLAS, and a trainee teacher, I cannot see the value in financing capital investment if there are no staff to be a part of the University alongside said investment. The teaching in CLAS and English are rarely bettered in other institutions.
2,395 Andrew Kaufman
2,394 Sofia Mason Do not make any redundancies. We need more investment in language learning at all levels.
2,393 Sophie Harris
2,392 Omotara Odeinde
2,391 Oliver Ross
2,390 Christina Turner
2,389 Jeremy Julius The languages staff had a profound impact on my time at Nottingham and deserve to be treated with respect.
2,388 Onur Alptekin I am one of the victims of "academic enterprise." I was misinformed by the University of Nottingham regarding funding possibilities and had to withdraw from my Ph.D. course. I hope that the resistance of postgraduates in Nottingham can alter the University's neoliberal policies.
2,387 Alison Fisher I was a student of French at Nottingham from 1969 - 1972. Nottingham has always been in the forefront of excellence in language teaching and should continue to be so.
2,386 Martina Lauster I am signing this petition because Nottingham is one of the few universities in the UK where Modern Languages may have a future as a subject group. If Nottingham starts cutting academic posts, Languages will suffer too. Besides, I agree with the point made in the petition that teaching staff should not be targeted in order to make financial gains. The times when 'dead wood' was got rid of are ov
2,385 Jon Marsden The idea that redundancies are needed to make economies is ridiculous when we see building after fanciful building being erected on campus. Stick with it!
2,384 John Rycroft The teaching resource is the key resource any university has, not the buildings. It is hugely disappointing that the body that manages the University cannot be bothered to explain such important changes to the students. They don't deserve the confidence of the students they are supposed to be looking after.
2,383 Tom Swaak
2,382 Desislava Angelova Tartova
2,381 Roderick Dale
2,380 Davide Castiglione
2,379 Francesca Suppa Universities are people, not buildings.
2,378 Steve Roberts
2,377 Eleni Ponirakis I do not think that it is profitable for students or the university ro make these cuts and to make them in the face of million pounds of spending on unnecessary luxuries at the cost of the fundamental raison d'etre of an educational establishment is obscene.
2,376 Michele McIntosh
2,375 Annalise Peters
2,373 Elvira Perez Vallejos In solidarity
2,372 Lisa Objartel
2,371 Miriam Cardenal
2,370 John Baker
2,369 Irina Reisig
2,368 Didier Occhipinti
2,367 John Budd
2,366 Julian Meyer
2,365 Clara Dunphy I do not understand how a prestigious university that generates millions of pounds from students thinks that it is acceptable to take away jobs and student opportunities whilst funding other areas of study and building works. I chose French for the choices that it would provide me. As a student who has considered dropping out, these changes will encourage me and others to end our studies at UoN.
2,364 Liesbeth Minnaard
2,363 Omara Dyer-Johnson As a student, teaching staff make the university what it is. I will take enthusiastic and dedicated staff over an impressive building, as would most other students.
2,362 David Beach The culture and history of the Netherlands is a lynch-pin in our own development. We are linguistic neighbours. The Dutch faculty of the University of Nottingham is a vital national resource and should be kept.
2,361 claude hamon
2,360 Arnd Korn
2,359 Maja Urbanc
2,358 Patrick Montague
2,357 Sibylle Moulin In solidarity with my colleagues in the Faculty of Arts. Another short-sighted decision undermining the teaching of foreign languages in British Universities!
2,356 Stephen Kenny
2,355 Iria Gonzalez-Becerra
2,354 Sue Cooper
2,353 Thea Xu
2,352 Christian Wuthrich
2,351 Eleanor Rye
2,350 Doug Lee
2,349 Olga Grinchenko
2,348 G Morgan
2,347 Lauren Boland
2,346 Paulina Bajko
2,345 Aya Van Renterghem
2,344 Paul Whickman
2,342 Marianna Kyriacou Language department already understaffed
2,341 Alessia Molteni I sign because I'm doing a PhD in a subject that is note very considered in this University; I know how it feel to be consedred 'not useful'. The progressive cut of subjects impoverishes our culture as people; plus we are customera, we pay a lot, we must have all the classes we want!
2,340 Javier Pardo
2,339 Zoltan Dornyei I do not think that this exceptional measure is warranted by the financial state of the University and it would set a dangerous precedent. The colleagues in question have got into this situation for reasons beyond their control.
2,338 Stephen Cope If Nottingham wants to be seen as a proper university then all disciplines and subjects, including the arts, need to represented.
2,337 Jessica Gibbs
2,336 Ronja Bodola
2,335 Manuela Leisker
2,334 Anke Hampl
2,333 Christopher Whittaker
2,332 Joanna Martin I am signing in support of all my academic colleagues and to remind the university that the student experience will only be made world class through the work of high quality academic teaching staff and a good staff-student ratio.
2,331 Philip Bullock
2,330 Ben Mitchell How can this be justified? The University should be doing the exact opposite. CLAS was both brilliant and inspiring. More students, not fewer, should have the same opportunities offered to me and my friends.
2,329 Ivana Petric Lasnik If you fire any of the excellent staff at the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, this will mean that the future students will have much less exposure to all diverse areas of expertise and this will seriously compromise the quality of their studies. I dont think this cuts will pay off in the long run ...
2,328 BEATRIZ MACÍA-VEGA In a multicultural society, in the age of globalization, languages are the key to our relations with others. Therefore, we should encourage the teaching of languages in public universities instead of making it a business. Universities should treat both staff and students with greater respect and see languages as an enrichment and investment, not a waste of money.
2,327 M.N Desai
2,326 Cormac Bryce
2,325 Hannah Barnes Up until now I have enjoyed learning and working with passionate and talented lecturers and staff who share my love of languages. If these cuts go ahead we are going to lose many valuable staff who make the University of Nottingham one of the top universities in the country and who have always gone out of their way to help us succeed. Languages need more contact hours and teachers, not less.
2,324 Chris Mollon Supporting university staff's livelihoods. Trying to secure or raise awareness of the importance of ANY university staff.
2,323 Anna Zarubina
2,322 Mark Eastwood
2,321 Laura Blackie
2,320 Kay Greasley
2,319 Barak Kushner I am signing because British universities need to stop taking short-sighted decisions to cut key programs that help set them apart from becoming mere cogs in an intellectual wasteland.
2,318 Dave Pitt
2,317 Sally Jackaman
2,316 Sarah Sewell
2,315 Emma Quance
2,314 Martin Flanagan With a surplus of £20 million pounds, the institution must have plenty of students. Cutting academic staff at a time of relative financial affluence is not putting students first.
2,313 Sergio Romero Bueno Languages must be promoted.
2,312 Javier Arenas As a student I am concerned about the university and how it can improve its academic level.
2,311 Max Bacharach
2,310 zhuo earl
2,309 Jean Duffy The Modern Language Departments of the University of Nottingham have long been regarded as centres of excellence producing top-quality research and offering a wide range of well-designed and intellectually stimulating research-led courses. Given their success, any reduction in staffing would seriously damage the University’s reputation both in the UK and abroad.
2,308 Camillia Cowling
2,307 Patrick Burke
2,306 Gareth Stockey
2,305 Martin Young
2,304 Elena Alonso
2,303 Sarah Cardwell How can we have reached a stage where academics - and the subjects and students they teach - are disposed of in order to build more shiny buildings? This kind of nonsense is happening almost everywhere, in every university. At least this petition shows that many people are still willing to stand up for the real values of higher education, at the centre of which is the pursuit of knowledge.
2,302 Sally Longford
2,301 Monica Borg I support 0 redundancies at The University of Nottingham
2,300 Robert Knight This measure is unworthy of any university claiming to be excellent.
2,299 Emily Finer
2,298 David Doody
2,297 Elli Adler
2,296 Amy Satow
2,295 Ivan Ortega
2,294 John Bentley
2,293 Elaine Bentley
2,292 julie atkinson Hey come to Nottingham University! "beautiful building but no staff....
2,291 Nick Bentley
2,290 Rob Bentley
2,289 Amy Hughes
2,288 Andrew Barker
2,287 Beatriz Caballero Rodriguez Languages should be celebrated and promoted.
2,286 Elena Solá
2,285 Simon Ludwig I'm a former languages graduate, though I didn't study at Nottingham. I still work in the languages field in Germany. The very last thing European industry needs is fewer high-quality translators. They are difficult enough to find as it is!
2,284 Susanne Krauß
2,283 Ben Richardson Universities are generating huge surpluses as a result of the rise of fees - those that aren't are going bankrupt. NOTTINGHAM UNIVERSITY IS NOT ONE OF THOSE! A Russell Group Uni, Nottingham too is seeing million of pounds extra every year. These cuts are not justified as a result.
2,282 horst simon
2,281 Kate Adams
2,280 Sophie Jones
2,279 Katharine Nash Because I studied at this department and the staff were wonderful
2,278 Deborah Holmes
2,277 Sudabeh Mohafez
2,276 Niall Palmer A depleted learning environment and devalued student experience. For what? Universities need to remember they are centres of academic excellence, not playgrounds for over-salaried, ladder-climbing 'managers' who wouldn't last ten minutes in the business world.
2,275 Fay Rayner
2,274 John Tiplady The proposed redundancies will have an adverse impact on the quality of teaching and research at the University of Nottingham. The cuts are driven by an ill-considered short term vision that prioritises new buildings over world class research expertise. In the interest of the University of Nottingham's long term reputation these redundancies should be scrapped.
2,273 Abi Rhodes The priority of the university should be to provide the best learning environment for their students and without the staff the students will not attain the education that they want and deserve.
2,272 Gianluca Sergi It is the right thing to do
2,271 J Brown New buildings are all very well but not much use if there is nobody left to teach in them.
2,270 Teodora Todorova Because education should come before profit in a leading university.
2,269 Simon Bishop
2,268 Marion Coderch
2,267 Phil Green
2,266 Caitlin Sayce
2,265 Daniel Pitt It seems unnecessary to make redundancies to free up funds for buildings, especially when most staff I speak to are struggling to manage the increasing workloads they are expected to deliver. It indicates to me where the university's priorities are, and ARE NOT.
2,264 Christian Mossmann
2,263 Harriet Halsey The lecturers make the language department what it is. The help and attention they give every individual student is what produces great results. Without the lecturers the department would not be what it is.
2,262 Nell Stevens
2,261 Charlie Martineau
2,260 Emily Orley
2,259 Simon Stevens
2,258 Nicholas Grant Support staff over sport centres!
2,257 Dimitra Theodosiadou
2,256 Katherine Bone To safeguard colleagues jobs and to give students high quality experiences, there needs to be experienced staff who are skilled and not feeling devalued, demotivated and under stress as workloads and pressure are increased. I strongly believe that it is not ethical and moral to put making a profit a priority over staff and learners.