No cuts, no confidence at University of Leicester

The president and vice-chancellor of University of Leicester, Paul Boyle, together with the senior management team has launched what he calls a process of ‘institutional transformation’ involving the closure of departments, subject areas and courses, including the Vaughan Centre for Lifelong Learning and the university bookshop. Hundreds of academic, academic-related and support staff are to be made redundant, many of them compulsorily.

Senior management claim the closures and job losses are necessary because of a looming financial crisis. We reject this rationale. LUCU’s analysis of the university’s own figures shows that senior management’s case for a financial crisis is misleading (see LUCU Briefing). LUCU believes compulsory redundancies are unnecessary and many of the closures avoidable, including the Vaughan Centre for Lifelong Learning.

Following a unanimous vote of no confidence in the VC by members at an EGM, LUCU wrote to Paul Boyle on 19 July 2016 asking for an assurance that the threat of compulsory redundancies will be withdrawn by the end of July. The reply reiterated the university’s continued refusal to do so.

Therefore, we the undersigned no longer have confidence in the president and vice-chancellor of University of Leicester, Paul Boyle, and demand that he withdraw the threat of compulsory redundancies.

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3,945 signatures

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3,945 Leo LibertiEcole Polytechnique and CNRS
3,944 Edward BarbeauUniversity of TorontoThe process described is outrageous, and it is hard to imagine how any administrator with academic standing and integrity would countenance such a procedure.
3,943 Johannes McKayNational High Magnetic Field Lab, Tallahassee USA
3,942 omar shahpoImperial College London
3,941 Gabrielle HarrisonUniversity of Warwick
3,940 Ivan VeselicTechnische Universitaet DortmundA University which does not show responsibility towards its scientists also looses credibility with students and society.
3,938 Rodolfo CuernoUniversidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain)
3,937 Luis DinisUniversidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain)
3,936 Paolo Malgaretti
3,935 JORDI FARAUDOICMAB-CSIC, SPAINThe report by the Leicester UCU Finance Action Group is clear. Please, follow the expert advise instead of indiscriminate cuts following criteria unsupported by evidence.
3,934 Vicente GarzoDepartment of Physics, University of Extremadura, Badajoz (Spain)
3,933 Jose Luis GuisadoUniversity of Seville (SPAIN)In support of the Mathematics Department.
3,932 Elena FimmelUniversity of Applied Sciences MannheimIn support of the Mathematics Department.
3,931 David HavardUniversity of GreenwichAt a time when modern society belittles knowledge, academia should be safeguarding knowledge and educating the masses. Let us not return to another dark age where only the wealthy have access to knowledge and learning.
3,930 Simone GianneriniUniversity of Bologna (ITALY) The world and the universities need more Mathematics not less.
3,929 Julyan CartwrightCSIC Fire the administrators, not the mathematicians
3,928 Joseph BetourasLoughborough UniversityI'd expect a more clever approach from an administrator who gets paid £300k.
3,927 Antoine Chambert-LoirUniversité Paris-DiderotAcademic research requires a confidence climate to be able to develop. It is the delicate duty of the president of our universities to create this climate, rather than employ managerial techniques of the type used in fast food industry.
3,926 Dan Saattrup NielsenUniversity of Bristol Because this is going to be a blow that's going to be nearly impossible to recover from.
3,925 Daniel Davies
3,924 Alexander HicksI heard of this through Tim Gowers' blog. As a maths graduate (Part III, Cambridge) who decided to refuse a funded maths PhD offer due to worsening (in particular postdocs/lectureship) prospects in the field it makes me very sad that research in not immediately applicable areas are seemingly being disregarded by universities and funding bodies despite their historical and present importance.
3,923 Stergios AntonakoudisUniversity of Cambridge
3,922 Thomas WaltherUniversity of Sheffield A VC who wants to close an important department at a university in order to implement structural reforms should step down and not be allowed to run a national instutute of Higher Edictaion
3,921 Finisterre McSeánUniversity of Leicester
3,920 Richard LawUniversity of York
3,919 Tabitha WatsonUniversity of Leicester As a current Natural Sciences student, I fervently oppose the proposed closures and redundancies.
3,918 Meera SitharamUniversity of Florida, GainesvilleMathematics is a necessity. In general, if cuts cannot be fought, distribute them across the board. "Strategic cuts" should only single out departments that grew quickly via "Strategic funding." There is little departments that grew over a long period of time should not be singled out for disproportionate cuts. Mathematics is a necessity.
3,917 Umair Aslam
3,916 John CorkeUniversity of Leicester
3,915 Shelisha KincarrUniversity of Leicester A student of STEM with Natural Sciences (the latter a casualty in this 'change'). From day one the staff have been amazing. They took time to discuss mutual concerns surrounding re-entering education, they show passion for their field, and are extremely supportive as tutors! I think the unversity may need to relook at the Staff are integral to the future too.
3,914 Stanislav PiletskyImperial College London
3,913 David Fodiman
3,912 Sharon LouchSmith & Nephew/ HullAs an alumni of the University of Leicester Physics Dept. , I am deeply saddened by and opposed to the proposed cuts and redundancies. In my opinion, the recent trend for British universities to be managed as corporate entities is a mistake. The core strength/USP of our Universities is their commitment to education and research, not underlying profits and this approach has stood the test of time.
3,911 Rafal MatuszewskiUniversity of Heidelberg
3,910 Michał WrochnaUniversité Grenoble Alpes
3,909 Matthew KousoulasUniversity of Maryland Baltimore CountyBy pursuing notions of efficiency transplanted from the world of markets and finance all the administration will accomplish is salting the Earth, devouring the part of University of Leicester that actually generate new knowledge and thus economic growth. If they are so considered about efficiency the really out to consider making themselves redundant instead.
3,908 Skye RosettiUniversity of Leicester, Department of Physics and AstronomyIn support of both the CMP group and Natural Sciences, whose closure will only serve to limit the opportunities available to future students.
3,907 Nicholas WrightKeele University
3,906 Hari Rau-MurthyCourant Institute, Columbia UniversityThe process of firing people from mathematical jobs is arbitrary and is based on metrics that are fundamentally flawed. It therefore makes no sense that the mathematics department is being singled out for cuts at Leicester. I have had several mentors from the University of Leicester; this is a petition that is close to my heart and I can tell say this is a change for the worst.
3,905 Jean FichotParis 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne / IHPSTJe signe pour les raisons indiquées plus haut.
3,904 Cesar LecoutreUniversity of Kent
3,903 Fernanda CardonaInstituto de Matemática e Estatística, Universidade de São PauloIn support of the mathematics department.
3,902 Gabrielle ProvanUniversity of LeicesterIn support of the CMP group and Natural Sciences
3,901 Javier Sánchez SerdàInstituto de Matemática e Estatística, University of Sao Paulo
3,900 Claudio GorodskiUniversity of São PauloI am totally against the idea of running universities as businesses. In the end run, this will destroy all source of academic creativity.
3,899 Francisco MiragliaProfessor of Mathematics, University of Sâo Paulo, Brazil
3,898 jorge beloquiInst. de Matemática e Estatística. University of São PauloI think that academic, academic-related and support staff cannot be treated in such a way. A University is an Institution which takes a long time to be built.
3,897 Juan MarinHarvard University, ETH Zurich
3,896 Jean BERARDUniversité de Strasbourg, France
3,895 Giorgis PetridisThe University Of Georgia
3,894 George FerzocoUniversity of BristolI have already written, in The Times Higher Education, about your actions relative to the closing of the Vaughan Centre for Lifelong Learning. Let me say how badly you are making your university look to the entire nation's higher education sector, and beyond. I used to be proud of saying I worked from 1997 to 2007 at the University of Leicester; now I am embarrassed, just as you should be.
3,893 Christine ScharlachInstitut für Mathematik, Freie Universität Berlin
3,892 Dmitri YakubovichDept. of Mathematics, Univ. Autonoma de Madrid, SpainIn support of the mathematics department.
3,891 Marshall HamptonUniversity of Minnesota DuluthIn support of the mathematics department.
3,890 Hartmut LogemannUniversity of Bath The Mathematics Department seems to be under particular threat and I learned about the proposed cuts and redundancies at Leicester through other mathematicians. The process (staff are essentially sacked and have to reapply for their jobs) sounds familiar. A similar process was used at U Bath to "restructure" the Foreign Language Centre.
3,889 Adam SaltzUniversity of Georgia, USA
3,888 Daniel KrashenUniversity of GeorgiaThe proposed redundancies would hurt not only the employees, but also the future reputation of the school. Top employees would likely seek employment elsewhere, rather then return to their original posts, and will certainly be targeted by hiring committees of other institutions.
3,887 Robert RumelyUniversity of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, USAThere may well be financial exigencies, but the proposed procedure of firing everyone and submitting applications for being re-hired grossly violates established practice regarding tenure in the academic world.
3,886 John BoltonRetiredThe VC clearly doesn't care about his staff - perhaps he should consider the effect on young people applying to university to study maths.
3,885 Jotsaroop KaurUniversity of BergamoI support Mathematics.
3,884 Gordana MaticThe University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USAThis as awful for the people at the Mathematics Department, but almost as much for the future of the Leicester University. Why would anyone ever again, who can get a job anywhere else, want to join the faculty at Leicester?
3,883 James GlazebrookEastern Illinois University, Charleston, Illinois, USAIt would be disastrous if such misguided policies were to be implemented. I am in support of the University of Leicester Mathematics Department.
3,882 Akos MagyarUniversity of GeorgiaIt will be a problem for the University of Leicester when the will try to hire in the future. Everyone will remember and will think twice to take a position at a university which fires 20% of their permanent math faculty on a short notice.
3,881 Michael KlipperUniversity of GeorgiaIf this crazy re-hiring plan goes through, it sets an awful precedent at other universities.
3,880 Dino LorenziniUniversity of Georgia
3,879 Tom Schreyer
3,878 Erik SchreyerUniversity of Georgia
3,877 Daniel MckenzieUniversity of GeorgiaIf 20% of the math department is to be made redundant it seems only fair that 20% of senior management and administrative staff should be made redundant too
3,876 Andrew MaurerUniversity of Georgia
3,875 Caner KazanciUniversity of GeorgiaIn support of the Mathematics Department.
3,874 Clint McCroryUniversity of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, USATwenty per cent reduction of the Mathematics Department is outrageous, and the method proposed for doing so is brutal.
3,873 Juanita Pinzón CaicedoUniversity of GeorgiaCreating an unstable environment is detrimental for the mathematics community at Leicester, and the mathematics community at large.
3,872 Pete L. ClarkUniversity of GeorgiaIn support of the Mathematics Department.
3,871 Paul PollackUniversity of Georgia, USAIn support of the Mathematics Department.
3,870 Angela GibneyUniversity of GeorgiaThis is a very bad idea!
3,869 Birgit SchmidtUniversity of GöttingenIn support of this petition, I'd like to express that it is a very unwise move to consider severe cuts in particular in the Maths department. My own background as a pure mathematician has served as an excellent background of my current work, being a project manager in the context of European digital research infrastructures for publications and research data which serves all research areas.
3,868 Alexander PraehauserUniversity of Vienna
3,867 Keith BrownUniversity of St Andrews He tried the same at St Andrews, and was then booted out.
3,866 Anthony BroomsBirkbeck College, University of LondonIn support of the mathematics department.
3,865 Mason PorterUCLA, Department of Mathematics
3,864 Nick MeyerDepartment of Mathematics ; Department of Physics, Winona State University, Winona, MN, USANo academic position is ever "redundant." Each faculty bring their own research and teaching methods to the staff.
3,863 Niall MacKayHead of Department of Mathematics, University of YorkLeicester's mathematics department, like most others, pays its university a large surplus (over & above the costs of buildings, university administration, etc.). This act will make it impossible for Leicester to recruit staff & students, and for the department to pay a large, sustainable surplus - and thereby subsidize other, loss-making departments - in ten years' time.
3,862 Alan RobinsonCoventryThe mathematics department at the University of Leicester is a world-class research department. The proposed reconstruction is extremely short sighted, and would inflict severe long term damage on the University's standing in the mathematical and physical sciences.
3,861 Fatiha AlabauUniversité de LorraineEducation and research are fundamental tools for the future of a country. How a university hopes to be a part of such a future by reducing the size of a reputed department, and lifelong learning from an accounting perspective? Impact of mathematics performed in UK in 2012
3,860 Tassio NaiaUniversity of Birmingham
3,859 Sadok KallelUniversity of Lille I, France
3,858 Maura PatersonBirkbeck College, University of LondonIn support of the mathematics department.
3,857 Imma Gálvez CarrilloUniversitat Politècnica de Catalunya
3,856 Adarsh HindujaUniversity of WaterlooHelping a friend
3,855 Eric AllendorfWilfrid Laurier UniversityAs a basis for many sciences, and as a nursing ground for broad learning, I would prefer the mathematics department not have compulsory redundancies.
3,854 Sanjay Krishna SundaresanUniversity of WaterlooMathematics, if anything, must be further invested on. To skimp out on what is both an art form and a fundamental tool to the scientist will downgrade UL in my eyes.
3,853 Joost VercruysseUniversité Libre de Bruxelles
3,852 Noam ZeilbergerUniversity of Birmingham
3,851 Sara MondiniCa' Foscari University, Venice
3,850 Radu StancuUniversite de Picardie, France
3,849 Wilhelm KlingenbergDurham UniversityThe proposed cuts to the Mathematics Department at Leicester put into jeopardy a group of outstanding academics and tarnish the reputation of UL.
3,848 Sylvie HuetINRA
3,847 Gang LiuUniversité de Lorraine, France
3,846 Michael RosenblumDepartment of Physics and Astronomy, University of Potsdam, GermanyI know very well colleagues from the Applied Math department, I am convince that they are top-level scientists
3,845 Adrian FellhauerMunichThe proposed cuts amount to complete and utter foolishness, since a post-industrial society solely relies on clever people running and constructing machines that carry out the work too mundane for the human mind. The only and best way to spread intelligence and cleverness in society is to teach mathematics, and REAL mathematics, not any applied mathematics substitute riddled with logical flaws.
3,844 Arkady PikovskyUniversity of Potsdam, Germany
3,843 Nina AguillonUniversité Pierre et Marie Curie, France
3,842 Olga MulaParis Dauphine/CEREMADE/France
3,841 Jean-Baptiste CaillauUBFC & CNRS / InriaBecause it is a shame
3,840 Antonin ChambolleEcole Polytechnique & CNRS, Palaiseau, FranceJust a short question: In the future, who will train the maths teachers the VC plans to hire to replace the researchers in the department?
3,839 Otared KavianUniversité de Versailles
3,838 Marco FarinatiUniversidad de Buenos AiresI know Andrew Tonks for a long time and I really don't understand why a math. department can arrive at a suicide conclusion that people like him is not desirable. As argentinian I have lived the sad experience of having cuts in science in several "crisis" periods and viewing the hard-to-turn-back consequences along the years, I hope you don't act as we did.
3,837 David GontierUniversité Paris-Dauphine
3,836 Marianne ClauselGrenoble Alpes University
3,835 Irene KaltenmarkENS Paris Saclay
3,834 Jeanne ScottUniversidad de los AndesI know the faculty of the department of mathematics at Leicester and its program having worked there for two years and I can attest to the caliber of its members and their work as well as to the important and interesting activities going on there. Dr. Jeanne Scott
3,833 Frank NeumannUniversity of Leicester
3,832 Mark BroomCity, University of London
3,831 Vinicius SantosUniversidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil
3,830 Ioana ChisUniversity of Birmingham
3,829 Nigel FosterBirkbeck College, University of London
3,828 Angela DyLoughborough UniversityManagement should take seriously UCU's concerns.
3,827 Federico Cantero MoranUniversitat de Barcelona
3,826 Emmanuil GeorgoulisUniversity of Leicester
3,825 Simon GillUniversity of Leicester
3,824 Jo McNeillUniversity of Liverpool Sending complete solidarity to all suffering from the undue stress and uncertainty that unnecessary management decisions like this cause. Keep up the fight!
3,823 Andrew BowlerBirkbeck College, University of LondonI am very shocked and upset at the way the staff in the mathematics department are being treated. I gather that their student numbers are more than satisfactory, so the University seems to be over-reacting to a slightly disappointing REF result.
3,822 Netan DograImperial College London
3,821 Jeremy PageUniversity of Sussex
3,820 John JamesColeg Gwent, UCU Wales Council Chair
3,819 Isabel ScottBrunel University
3,818 Joanne TathamNorthumbria University
3,817 Winston ManoUniversity of WestminsterManagement should address the concerns raised by LUCU.
3,816 Porter WilliamsUniversity of PittsburghMathematics is a core department of any respectable university. Instituting cuts of this kind at Leicester will damage the standing of the University in the eyes not only in the UK, but among researchers, students, and potential colleagues worldwide. This, in turn, will harm the financial standing of the University far more seriously than will withdrawing their threat.
3,815 Benjamin JayeKent State University
3,814 Jean-Paul PenotSorbonne Université Paris 6
3,813 Luigi De PascaleUniversity of Pisa.
3,812 Lee JonesQueen Mary, University of London (QMUL)
3,811 Fay DowkerImperial College London
3,810 Giorgio PennesiPolitecnico di Milano / MOX
3,809 David WilsonLoughborough UniversitySolidarity with my UCU colleagues.
3,808 Anne TempletonSussex university
3,807 Lucas FresseUniversity of Lorraine, France
3,806 charles antakiLoughborough University
3,805 John DruryUniversity of Sussex
3,804 Johannes ZimmerUniversity of Bath I believe these cuts to Mathematics at Leicester will damage the reputation of the university. Mathematics and disciplines underpinned by mathematics will suffer, in Leicester and beyond.
3,803 Luis PalaciosUniversidad de GuanajuatoSchools have lost their purpose. They should be places where knowledge is share by people, where people can develop new ideas, and where the most important thing should be teaching and studying.
3,802 Marat GaifullinLoughborough UniversityThis is the result of the prosperity managerism in England. Bitter to see this in Newton's country. Mathematics is the basis of the Natural Sciences. These redundancies are unnecessary.
3,801 Aris BoukourasUniversity of LeicesterI completely disagree with the choices of the management team on how to implement their strategic vision for the University of Leicester. In my humble opinion, it will have the opposite effects from the intended consequences.
3,800 Elizabeth JamesUniversity of Sussex
3,799 Liana YepremyanUniversity of Oxford In support to mathematicians.
3,798 Yunus AksoyBirkbeck College, University of London
3,797 Sarah HartBirkbeck College, University of London
3,796 Wing Yee ChowUniversity College London (UCL)
3,795 Peter GuttorpNorwegian Computing Center
3,794 Nat RahaUniversity of Sussex
3,793 Gianfranco LovisonDepartment of Economic, Business and Statistical Sciences - University of Palermo - ItalyAll my solidarity to the colleagues of the Department of Mathematics al Lancaster University. As a statistician, I would like to add one thing: I understand in some Universities, pure mathematics departments are suffering cuts in staff in favour of more applied fields like Statistics; this is scientifically completely foolish: there is no good applied mathematics without good pure mathematics !!
3,792 f i r a t batma zLoughborough University
3,791 Vassilios ChouliarasLoughborough UniversityIt is heartbreaking seeing core, fundamental science slowly eradicated from our universities. As an academic in microelectronics I am disturbed at the prospect which reflects badly on the management at Leicester. My thoughts are with our colleagues at that institution.
3,790 Alena PfoserLoughborough University
3,789 Ana SalageanLoughborough University
3,788 Stephen O'SullivanLoughborough University
3,787 Maria LauretUniversity of Sussex
3,786 André GroßardtUniversity of Trieste, Italy
3,785 Ross McKenzieUniversity of QueenslandI think this is a flawed process. If the university wants to save money they should sack more senior managers and cut the salaries of the rest. This is very bad for the universities reputation.
3,784 Jon SmithUniversity of LeiceserAt the moment there are 20 administration openings, amongst them - Organisational Development Advisor; PA to the PVC International and College International Directors (The President and Vice-Chancellor's Office)
3,783 Roger BielawskiLeibniz Universitaet Hannover, Hanover
3,782 Jonathan ChuangSingapore GovernmentPure mathematics is a pillar of our society which should not be chipped away at by petty governance.
3,781 Naureen Durrani
3,780 Christopher MillerZurich
3,779 Man Wai CheungIASSupport the math dept
3,778 Piero Giacomelliuniversity of paduaLet the math spirit fly high
3,777 Rebecca JamesUniversity of Leicester/ NorthamptonshireIn support of the Mathematics department that I am so proud to have graduated from!
3,776 Brian McShaneGoldsmiths, University of London
3,775 Malcolm JamesUniversity of Sussex Solidarity and a deep concern for what is happening to UKHE
3,774 Nicolo SibillaMax Planck Institute for Mathematics
3,773 Darrow SchecterHead of History, University of SussexThese job losses seem unnecessary.
3,772 Margaret Sleeboom-FaulknerUniversity of Sussex
3,771 Anneke NewmanUniversity of Sussex
3,770 Pushyarag PuthusserryUniversity of Sussex
3,769 Paul SmythDublin Institute of Technology
3,768 Cenk SahinalpIndiana University, Bloomington
3,767 Kate HowlandUniversity of Sussex
3,766 Kathy RomerUniversity of SusexSending my support to all colleagues under threat of redundancy at Leicester, especially those in the Physics Department (my area).
3,765 Laila KadiwalUniversity of Sussex
3,764 Michael McKinnellEUMETSAT, GermanyThere is a danger in modern society of losing what makes us human (art, music, sciences - in general, the pursuit of knowledge and beauty) by rationalising their contributions to society and/or an institution based on economic or 'business model' metrics of productivity, revenues, etc. These areas are most critical to humanity, and cannot 'mass produced' or 'standardised' to meet a 5-year plan.
3,763 Andrew PhilippidesUniversity of Sussex
3,762 Damien JarvisUniversity of Sussex
3,761 N YuillUniversity of Sussex
3,760 sharon lambleyUniversity of Sussex Redundancies are a 'management failure'. Managers should be looking for better ways to manage their failures other than through compulsory redundancies....
3,759 Pamela KeaUniversity of Sussex
3,758 Doug HAYNESUniversity of SussexThere is always an alternative to large-scale redundancies. If there is a will, there is a way.
3,757 Augusto CorrieriUniversity of Sussex
3,756 Thomas Devlin
3,755 Ian GoudieUniversity of St Andrews
3,754 Jordan Raine
3,753 Rob FidlerUniversity of Sussex
3,752 Lutz PreussUniversity of Sussex
3,751 Rumy HasanUniversity of Sussex
3,750 Femi AmaoUniversity of Sussex
3,749 Sara CrangleUniversity of Sussex
3,748 Ben FinchamUniversity of Sussex More idiocy from a handsomely rewarded, unimaginative and disloyal university management group.
3,747 Alex LathamUniversity of Sussex
3,746 Ben Rogaly
3,745 Adam HallUniversity of Sussex In support of colleagues at Leicester.
3,744 Roger FennUniversity of Sussex This behaviour by the VC is scandalous and goes completely against the idea of a university
3,743 Linda MorriceUniversity of Sussex
3,742 Aaron KahnUniversity of SussexI am opposed to any compulsory redundancies and feel that universities should be expanding departments. If there is any surplus at all, there should be no question of reducing the university, as they are meant to be public institutions of learning and not for-profit corporations.
3,741 Tanya PalmerUniversity of Sussex
3,740 Catherine WillUniversity of Sussex
3,739 jolyon westernsussex uni
3,738 Andrea BrockSussex University
3,737 Luke MartellUniversity of Sussex
3,736 Benedict AllbrookeUniversity of Sussex
3,735 Dean WilsonUniversity of Sussex Supporting colleagues at Leicester
3,734 Simon WilliamsUniversity of Sussex
3,733 Sue CurrellUniversity of Sussex
3,732 Mark SargentUniversity of Sussex
3,731 Rebecca AtkinsonUniversity of Sussex
3,730 Kamran MatinUniversity of Sussex
3,729 Koshka DuffUniversity of Sussex
3,728 Lawrence Robinson
3,727 Frazer JarvisUniversity of Sheffield In support of all those under threat, especially colleagues in Mathematics
3,726 Rick BeatsonUniversity of Canterbury, Christchurch, New ZealandI am signing this petition in support of the Mathematics Department. Mathematics is a fundamental subject in itself, underpins most of science and engineering, and is an essential part of much of modern industry. Reducing mathematics at Leicester will inevitably reduce the whole university.
3,725 Catherine MorganGloucestershire
3,724 Ken Huggett Leicester Vaughan Institute has improved the lives of those too poor or too obligated to attend University full time for 80 years. Giving a 2nd chance to everyone in the area is absolutely vital and Vaughan puts University quality education within reach of everyone
3,723 Andrew NorrisRutgers University
3,722 MICHAEL SHAINHGSMaths underpins new physics
3,721 Anders ClaessonUniversity of Iceland
3,720 Christopher DeningerUniversity of Muenster, GermanyThe university administration should note that with this kind of unpredictable layoffs, the good scientists who have other options will shun Leicester in the future.
3,719 Alex BellIII Department, University of LeicesterIn support of Mathematics department. Must be a better way to resolve the financial pressure.
3,718 Bo BerndtssonChalmers University of Technology,
3,717 Brita NucinkisRoyal Holloway, University of London (RHUL)I am signing in support of Leicester UCU, in particular to support the Department of Mathematics, who seemed to have been singled out for particularly harsh treatment, which I feel is especially sad at a University that had Sir Michael Atiyah as its Chancellor. I believe that Leicester University should withdraws these redundancies.
3,716 anthony scala
3,715 María Valeria HernándezFac. de Cs. Exactas y Naturales, UNLPam. Argentina.
3,714 Brad BaxterBirkbeck College, University of LondonIn support of the Mathematics Department.
3,713 Maria Andrea GaticaUniversidad Nacional del Sur, Bahia Blanca, Argentina
3,712 Daniel SheinbaumUniversity of British Columbia/Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences/ VancouverTo endorse practicalities over culture by deplorable means is an act of cowardice.
3,711 Emilie DufresneUniversity of Oxford In support of the Mathematics department.
3,710 David DerbesLaboratory Schools, University of ChicagoPhD Edinburgh 1979 theoretical physics. I believe in strong maths faculties, and I recognize the importance of mathematical research. Leicester is making a terrible mistake. The department won't recover for at least two generations, and maybe never. Remember Göttingen? The center of the mathematical universe pre-Hitler. And after? Just another university.
3,709 bobby banejeepower to the people
3,708 Yegor KorovinMax Planck Institute for gravitational physics
3,707 Roland BacherInstitut Fourier, Université Grenoble-AlpesMathematical research is often considered useless because it does not cost much and its results are not immediately physically visible. This is a huge mistake, its results are involved in every advanced technology. It is moreover part of the human culture and it is in fact one of the rare cultural areas shared by all humans.
3,706 Dimitri MugnaiUniversity of PerugiaSimply incredible
3,705 Roberto ArevaloNanyang Technological UniversityStand strong for science and research. You have all my support.
3,704 Charles NashNational Univeristy of Ireland, MaynoothI support the idea of Pure Mathematics remaining a premier University subject.
3,703 Evan WarnerStanford University
3,702 Yingying Wang
3,701 Nathan Carlson
3,700 Valentin OvsienkoI signing this petition in support of the Colleagues working in the Math. Department.
3,699 Anush TserunyanUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
3,698 Kelvin CheungUniversity of Edinburgh
3,697 Nicholas Cooney
3,696 Oleg DavydovUniversity of Giessen, GermanyI strongly support the petition. I have head about the plans for redundancies at the Mathematics Department and justifications for them, and think they are unreasonable.
3,695 Katherine StadenUniversity of Warwick
3,694 Nga Bellis-PhanUniversité Panthéon-Assas Paris 2, FranceDon't let pure mathematics study wither away, and don't forget how it's fundamental for any natural science research. UK higher education has suffered enough from unreasonable budget cuts. My full support to colleagues from the mathematics department at Leicester.
3,693 David RitchieChelmsford
3,692 Thomas BlokMassey University
3,691 Federica BroiloUniversita degli Studi di Urbino Carlo BoThis is academic terrorism
3,690 Derek HirdUniversity of WestminsterCompulsory redundancies wreck lives and harm the institution. They are unnecessary: the VC and his team must think again.
3,689 Dr Lucy P EperonUniversity of Leicester Last minute closure by the Physics Department of the excellent interdisciplinary Natural Sciences course
3,688 Patrick AllenUniversity of IllinoisIn solidarity with the Leicester Mathematics Department.
3,687 Quoc HoUniversity of Chicago
3,686 Pierre TarragoCimat, Guanajuato
3,685 Tue TrinhUniversity of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
3,684 Laure Saint-RaymondENS Paris, FRANCE
3,683 Hannah CooperUniversity of Hull
3,682 Carolin Le Ha long
3,681 Bao Chau NgoUniversity of ChicagoPaul Boyle's "institutional transformation" seems to me a blatant violation of the tenure system in force in western universities.
3,680 Christian KlesseManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
3,679 Sara MaioliNewcastle UniversityMy solidarity to the Maths Department and the rest of the University threatened by unjust redundancies.
3,678 Terri EdwardsDurham University
3,677 Michał JóźwikowskiInstitute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Seciences
3,676 Henk BroerUniversity of GroningenI can't believe that Leicester University is so careless about this. Mathematics is the basis of all technology and deserves a better treatment.
3,675 Joern SteudingUniversity of WuerzburgSevere budget cuts destroy teaching and research at Leicester. Universities should not be treated as business companies.
3,674 Nigel PeakeDAMTP, University of Cambridge
3,673 Clara SaluenaUniversitat Rovira i Virgili, TarragonaUniversities are custodians of knowledge, not enterprises. Closing departments and schools for the sake of immediate benefit is laughing now, crying later. It takes generations to build a center of academic prestige, it takes nothing to knock it down: Any number of trees do not make a forest. And the question: after this aggression, who will be applying to the U of Le in the future? I wouldn't
3,672 Lee Crouch
3,671 Philipp HabeggerUniversity of BaselIn support of the department of mathematics and all academics.
3,670 Boris AdamczewskiCNRS, France
3,669 Yiannis SakellaridisRutgers University – NewarkIt is sad to see the long-term damage that a few administrators who obviously lack an appreciation for academic standards and due process can do to the reputation, reliability, and ability for high-quality future hires of the University of Leicester.
3,668 Andrei BejanCambridge, UKIn support of the Leicester Mathematics Department.
3,667 Ghislaine GueudetUniversité de Brest
3,666 David PackwoodUniversity of Warwick
3,665 fabien duranduniversite de picardie Jules Verne
3,664 Peter HillUniversity of Oxford
3,663 tom kenworthyOpen University (OU)
3,662 yves Pouzaint
3,661 Graham NortonUniversity of QueenslandMathematics is a vital, multi-faceted subject. It has many bedrock interactions with Statistics, Physics, Biology, Computer Science and Engineering, and any real university would be impoverished by its demise. A university is not a business.
3,660 Raad Al Kohli
3,659 stefano paveri fontanaretired professor of applied mathematics. University od Milan, Italy
3,658 Clare BradleyRoyal Holloway, University of London (RHUL)UCU at RHUL and members of threatened departments were successful in defending against most of the unjustified cuts proposed by management at RHUL when they worked together and openly against the proposals. Publicity is your friend! Don't let management divide and rule! Good luck!
3,657 Christopher DouceThe Open University, LondonIt is really important that senior management listen to those who are working on the ground. Management should protect their staff, not threaten them. A message of solidarity from a colleague in the OU.
3,656 Paul GassiatUniversité Paris Dauphine
3,655 Anna Marie RoosUniversity of Lincoln
3,654 Alison TurnbullLaw School Birmingham City UniversityTo keep Leicester University as my alma mater a place of broad learning
3,653 Penny WelchUniversity of Wolverhampton
3,652 Catherine RitchieThe Open University
3,651 Sandra Plummer
3,650 Melissa WhiteUniversity of New BrunswickAs former faculty at the University of Leicester I understand corporatization at U of L. I'm now at the UNB and working to challenge corporatization here through our union. I research corporatization and the implications for higher ed. Universities are driven by mission, not profit and we risk losing that with corporatization. I stand in solidarity with UCU and Leicester faculty.
3,649 Eleni MichalopoulouUniversity of Liverpool
3,648 Ashley TiffenUniversity of Cumbria Reason for cost cutting = Total management failure Yet Vice Chancellor gets twice what the UK Prime Minister gets! Deplorable
3,647 Laura Povoledo
3,646 Professor Graham DawsonUniversity of BrightonOn solidarity with colleagues at Leicester which has become a new front line in the fight to save HE in Britain from the cataclysm that it is now facing.
3,645 Andrew KerrCardiff University
3,644 Patrick Andrews
3,643 Svetlana StephensonLondon Metropolitan University
3,642 Fatihah ImanUniversity of Leicester
3,641 Nigel GatesRetired
3,640 Simon DysonDe Montfort University (DMU)
3,639 Máire CrossNewcastle University
3,638 Mark TaylorLiverpool
3,637 Meltem Altun ÖzarslanHacettepe University Ankara TurkeyI want to support our colleagues in Leicester.
3,636 Dana RosenfeldKeele UniversityEducation is key to civilization, national integrity, and local economies. University staff have invested years in training to do their jobs well. Do not undermine your own standing and the future of the region with short-sighted moves motivated by business models which simply do not work.
3,635 Alexandre ZagoskinLoughborough University
3,634 Alexander BalanovLoughborough UniversityFull support to the Mathematics department
3,633 Stanislaw BetleyDeapratment of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, University of Warsaw, Poland
3,632 Jessica BainUniversity of Leicester
3,631 Claudio Antares MezzinaIMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca, Italy
3,630 Melanie KennedyUniversity of Leicester
3,629 Steve DaviesCardiff University
3,628 Linda WhitternI want to protect the UK's future by safeguarding the knowledge / research base we'll need to compete in today's global business environment.
3,627 Suttisak WattanawongwanThe university of edinburgh
3,626 Megan SandeyUniversity of NottinghamIn support of the mathematics department.
3,625 Phil RipponOpen University (OU)I gather the criteria being used are extremely unfair and are being applied in undue haste.
3,624 Geordie WilliamsonMPI Bonn, RIMS Kyoto, University of Sydney
3,623 oleg petrenkoWarwick University in support of Leicester Physics
3,622 Franz ChoulyUBFC
3,621 Robert BaileyMemorial University of NewfoundlandYet another instance of why I'm glad I left the UK university sector.
3,620 Marianna CerasuoloUniversity of Portsmouth
3,619 Glynne WilliamsUniversity of LeicesterDisgraceful vandalism.
3,618 Antoine BourgetUniversity of Oviedo
3,617 Paul ExpertKing's College LondonFull support to the Mathematics department and other Departments to be touched by this affair. This seems to be yet another sad episode in businessisation of UK Universities.
3,616 Harry Van den AkkerUniversity of Limerick, IrelandKeep the healthy Mathematics Department alive and keep the university bookshop and the centre for lifelong learning open.
3,615 Alison HarveyUniversity Of Leicester
3,614 Luigi AccardiUniversità di Roma Tor Vergata
3,613 Jan TuitmanKU Leuven
3,612 Alexei LozinskiLaboratoire de Mathématiques de Besançon, UBFC, FranceSuch a treatment of the Mathematics Department is shameful and counter-productive
3,611 Tom DucatKyoto University
3,610 Kevin Carlson
3,609 Nancy HardingBradford UniversityThis is one of the worst indications yet of the managerialisation of HE, with staff reduced to production line workers churning out graduates.
3,608 Anthi ChondrogianniUniversity of BristolFull support for the Mathematics Department
3,607 Serena PenmanSussex Downs College, LewesAm dismayed that a crude cost-cutting exercise appears to be being dressed up as applying more rigorous academic standards. The idea of mathematical excellence seems unlikely to play any part in making these redundancies.
3,606 Eleni TsougkouLoughborough University
3,605 Athanasios GoulasLoughborough University/Researcher
3,604 Stanisław SzawielUniversity of WarsawThe LUCU briefing is damning. A harmful project is being executed under a veil of "necessity". For shame! This is not an acceptable standard of leadership.
3,603 Ilias ChondrogiannisLoughborough University
3,602 Madelena GonzalezAvignon UniversityFull support for the Mathematics Department
3,601 Hugh ThomasUniversité du Québec à Montréal
3,600 Daniele PretolaniUniversity of Modena and Reggio EmiliaRunning education as business is the safest way to decline.
3,599 Dima GrigorievCNRS, Lille, FranceThere are several first-class mathematicians in Leicester both in pure and applied areas. The management should not destroy mathematics, but rather foster its development.
3,598 Charlie ElliottUniversity of WarwickI wish to support my colleagues in the Mathematics department at Leicester. It is a good department with a well earned international reputation. Carrying out this proposal will be damaging not only to the Mathematics Department but also to the reputation of the University as a whole.
3,597 Marta MazzoccoLoughborough University
3,596 Wolfgang PitschUniversidad Autonoma de Barcelona, SpainIn support of the math. department. These blind policies only lead to disaster.
3,595 Martin GoughUniversity of Liverpool Centre for Lifelong LearningAs staff in my institution's Centre for Lifelong Learning, I perceive the benefit of investment in such depts - snubbing the local environment will come back and haunt Leicester University, even if this provision currently does not seem as profitable as financial controllers would like it to be. Cutting 'difficult' subjects such as maths is in turn counter-productive for the nation/humankind.
3,594 Sara MerinoImperial College LondonIn support of my colleagues in the Mathematics Department.
3,593 Steven CammissUniversity of Leicester
3,592 Jean-Baptiste DurandLaboratoire Jean Kuntzmann, Grenoble, FranceLet the members of the Department of Mathematics decide their own future. Their proposal should be taken into consideration.
3,591 Kevin JenningsNational University of Ireland, GalwayIf expensive research requires an eco-system of professionals to manage it but who themselves do not contribute to it directly, then the monetary cost of the research will likely become more important than the scholarship itself, depending on who decides the priorities. Not good for frugal modest folk. In solidarity.
3,590 Matt Clark
3,589 Laura BraceUniversity of Leicester
3,588 Ruth HollandUniversity of LeedsIn support of colleagues in the mathematics department, lifelong learning, and other areas under threat.
3,587 Rowena PagetUniversity of KentIn support of my colleagues in the Mathematics Department.
3,586 Maria ZaturskaSchool of Maths, U of BristolThis is about the Maths Department.
3,585 Vincent CalvezCNRS, ENS de Lyon, FR
3,584 Fred McVittieCornwallI particularly oppose the closure of the Vaughan Centre, which has been a major contributor to lifelong learning for many years.
3,583 Reshetikhin NicolaiUniversity of California, Berkeley
3,582 Markku NiemenmaaUniversity of Oulu, FinlandIn support of the Mathematics Department
3,581 Pierluigi ColliPavia, Italy
3,580 Jerry SwanUniversity of York
3,579 Magda PeligradUniversity of Cincinnati USAThe strong mathematicians in this department should not have to endure this type of stress, which certainly is counterproductive.
3,578 Christina Fournier
3,577 Charles TurnerWarwickA university closes its university bookshop. You couldn't make it up. Sam Allardyce for VC!
3,576 Damien GaboriauCNRS, Lyon, France
3,575 Anand PaulUSAThis is no way to treat the Queen of the Sciences. A penny for every result borrowed by the scientific community at large from mathematics will pay for the salaries of the entire mathematics faculty many times over.
3,574 Caroline SalingerUKI watch with alarm what is being done: the closure of good and profitable courses using a rationale employing logic that is hard to fathom. These radical changes are doing untold damage to the University, and decisions are being made that would appear to make little financial sense
3,573 Stefan SuhrUniversity of HamburgBecause things are the same almost everywhere
3,572 Renaud GagneCambridge
3,571 Alfonso SorrentinoUniversity of Rome "Tor Vergata"
3,570 Kirsty NewsomeSheffield
3,569 Neil CursonUniversity College LondonI am graduate of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Leicester and my 3rd year project in Condensed Matter Physics (CMP) sparked a love of the field and a successful academic career in the area. I am dismayed to hear about the threat of the closure of the CMP group. The university should be aware that institutional reputations do not recover from this kind of stupidity.
3,568 Erik BurmanUniversity College London
3,567 Angie McConnellOpen University
3,566 James StankewiczUniversity of BristolIn support of the mathematics department.
3,565 Terry GriggsOpen University (Emeritus Professor)This seems to be a short sighted move. It takes many years, even decades, to build a successful Department such as Mathematics at Leicester but only months to destroy this work. I urge the VC to think again.
3,564 Tracy SimmonsUniversity of LeicesterI stand with all my colleagues at Leicester to oppose the redundancies and restructuring at Leicester.
3,563 Iorwerth ThomasUniversity of Exeter
3,562 John HelsbyUniversity of CambridgeThis seems to be an incredibly short-sighted and damaging move by the university to both the Mathematics Department and to itself.
3,561 Dafni MangalousiLeicestershire
3,560 Yaroslav KurylevUCLIt looks like a lock-out. Are they legal in XXI century?
3,559 Simon ParkerCass Business School
3,558 R BallLeicesterThis is not only about staff jobs, but about defending education and where it will be in future years.
3,557 Allister MactaggartChesterfield College
3,556 Ahmed ZeriahiUniversity of ToulouseThis message is to support our colleagues from University of Leicester. Closing a department of teaching and research is like burning a library. It's against culture and freedom of Professors and students! The financial crisis is not du to academics but to speculation and this should be stopped definitely.
3,555 Greg FasshauerColorado School of MinesThere must be a better solution. It takes next to no time to destroy a department, but decades to regain trust and reputation.
3,554 Felix CremerJena
3,553 Martin BuhmannJustus-Liebig UniversityAlso in the name of the chair of the Konferenz der mathematischen Fachbereiche (KMathF, Germany).
3,552 Nidhi Srinivas The New SchoolI cannot support university leaders whose goal is to "transform " a university without the support of the academic and student community. I write this in support of a more thoughtful approach to managing a university and in support of my management department colleagues at Leicester. Pity the chancellor does not wish to hear them.
3,551 n ramachandranUniversities are part of Britain's wealth and greatness. Hard to build and easy to destroy!
3,550 Laetitia PirsonBrussels
3,549 Philip MoriartyOutside US
3,548 Sarah GilmoreUniversity of Exeter
3,547 Bruce BakerNewcastle UniversityI am extremely disappointed by the lack of leadership demonstrated by Vice Chancellor Boyle at the University of Leicester. Universities should be led by the priorities agreed by the academics, not made to follow a business plan designed by those who neither teach nor research but simply see the university as a money-making venture.
3,546 Barbara RussellretiredI am saddened by the deliberate destruction of Leicester University's high position in approval ratings amongst Universities which must surely follow these moves.
3,545 Brendan FongUniversity of OxfordIt would be a shame to see an excellent maths department damaged in this way.
3,544 Jasdeep AnandUniversity of LeicesterThis decision will lead to irreparable damages to the University's standing and its ability to provide world-class research and teaching.
3,543 Karoline Wiesner
3,542 Nishad KarimLeicesterUoL is a brilliant university. It has achieved all that is has due to the hard working staff; to slash departments now will surely lead to ruin. This university id more than simply a profit making cog. It is there to nurture people of all ages and backgrounds and the best way to do this is to keep as many optionss open at the university.
3,541 Nicolas BillereyUniversity Blaise Pascal Clermont-Ferrand 2, FRANCEIn support to the Math. Dept.
3,540 Jean Harbour RetiredI
3,539 Ivan De Mello| King's College Hospital NHS Foundation TrustLUCU’s analysis of the university’s own figures shows that senior management’s case for a financial crisis is misleading
3,538 Steven TaylorUniversity of Huddersfield
3,537 Bernardo Batiz-LazoBangor Univeristy (Wales)Austerity should start with the salaries and expense accounts of top university management (including the previous VC's 250k annual salary)
3,536 David MossUniversity of Leicester
3,535 Philip HancockUni of EssexI am signing because I am sick of seeing this breed of academic managers creating these crises in order to boost their own CVs by presenting themselves as 'troubleshooters', without giving a damn about who or what gets hurt in the process. They are poor managers and even worse academics.
3,534 Fiona Anderson-GoughUniversity of WarwickIt is not clear that other avenues for moving forward have been explored and communicated in an informed and collegial way. Top down imposition of selective austerity measures in an environment of distrust is unlikely to help the university.
3,533 Frithjof LutscherU of Ottawain support of the mathematics department at Leicester
3,532 Sara JabbariUniversity of Birmingham
3,531 Frances McNallyLoughborough UniversityThe case for redundancies contravene the University's own policies, the legal requirements for terminating employment and are based on deeply flawed costings.
3,530 Sam JonesBrightonIn support of the excellent mathematics department.
3,529 Laurent RegnierUniversité d'Aix-MarseilleIn support of the math department and the University of Leicester
3,528 Andreas ThomTU DresdenI have no confidence in the president and vice-chancellor of University of Leicester, Paul Boyle, and demand that he withdraw the threat of compulsory redundancies.
3,527 Alexandra TzellaUniversity of BirminghamIn support of the Mathematics department
3,526 Michael McNallyUniversity of LeicesterThe University recently published a new strategic vision. This would make the University a hub for research driven teaching, attract international students and encourage visionary interdisciplinary work. The implementation of this vision is working towards the opposite: drive out research, drive out international postgrads, shut down the groups taking risks and forging links across departments.
3,525 Monika Kostera
3,524 Kenneth Russell\international Review of Law Computers and TechnologyThe decision is not in the best interests of Leicester University.
3,523 Michael CooganLancaster UniOnce a proud Leicester graduate, now ashamed of what is going on there
3,522 David PollakDMU (retired)This way of treating staff has got to stop. The marketisation of HE must be resisted.
3,521 Max MoorkampUniversity of Leicester
3,520 Fran HewetthomeI support the arguement that other options should be re considered particularly in view of closure of the centre for life long learning and the impact that academic staff redundancies might have on the university's reputation.
3,519 Yohan PenelUniversity Paris 6
3,518 Kate BracegirdleUniversity of SheffieldI am a graduate of University of Leicester (LLB Law with French, 1996). I should like to see the institution retain the excellent academic standards and wonderful atmosphere that I experienced and make these available to as wide a range of potential learners as possible. It is misguided to prioritise capital expenditure on infrastructure at the expense of staff who are doing the educating.
3,517 Bernice Reynolds JonesRetired teacher Glenfield LE3
3,516 Peter FiebigFAU Erlangen-NürnbergAs a mathematician, I am primarily, but not at all exclusively, concerned about the future of the department of mathematics at the University of Leicester, which has a highest reputation on an international scale. The threats of compulsory redundancies already hurt this reputation, and it is of utmost importance that it is withdrawn as quickly as possible.
3,515 Ludovic MarquisIRMAR Rennes
3,514 Lionel RoquesINRA - FRANCE
3,513 Denis TalayINRIA
3,512 Myriam FradonUniversité Lille1, France
3,511 Liz GraySelf-employed, Leicester
3,510 Julien BichonUniversité Blaise Pascal/Clermont-Ferrand
3,509 Stephan SturmWorcester Polytechnic Institute
3,508 Eitan TadmorUniversity of MarylandIt difficult to build a viable math department over the years yet it is too easy to lose what was achieved in the process of restructuring. In support of my colleagues from the department of mathematics.
3,507 Alexander StasinskiDurham UniversityThe teachers and researchers are the lifeblood of a university.
3,506 Mary RhoadsIBM/LeicesterCompulsory redundancies destroy the great teams currently supporting student learning and research at the University of Leicester. Remaining staff will be demoralised to the point that maintaining continuity of morale and team spirit will be impossible. This level of redundancy will jeopardise the entire academic programmes affected.
3,505 Simon WoodSchool of Mathematics, Cardiff UniversityThe treatment of the Mathematics Department seems very poorly thought through and will be damaging to the long term future of mathematics education and research.
3,504 Gordan ZitkovicThe University of Texas at Austin
3,503 Anna MelnikovDepartment of Mathematics, the University of Haifa, IsraelI would like to support my colleagues from Math department. I cannot believe that the administration tries to destroy this excellent department.
3,502 jerome covilleINRA, BioSP, Avignon, FranceThe math department has members internationally recognised that have a great impact on the applied math community. It will be a pity that such distinguished members are just confined to teaching duties if they succeed in the reapplication process. Besides, most of the teaching courses are evolving with the research progress. To be up to date, It is then important to not seperate the activities
3,501 Chun-Yen ShenNational Central Univ, TaiwanSupporting the Math Dept
3,500 Itzel ToledoUniversity of Essex
3,499 Alain TrouveENS Paris Saclay, France
3,498 Antonio LANTERIDept. of Math., University of MilanoSenior Management should carefully consider that repairing what is going to be distroyed now will require a lot of years !
3,497 Sylvie RuetteUniversity Paris 11, Orsay
3,496 Serge BoucCNRS-Université de PicardieI want to support in particular my colleagues from the department of mathematics.
3,495 Ilya ShkredovSteklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow
3,494 Alan Batterham Teesside
3,493 David COLQUHOUNUCLThere is no subject more important than maths. Do you want Leicester to become known as the innumerate university?
3,492 Srikanth KumarIndian Institute of Astrophysics
3,491 Paolo BertozziniThammasat University - Bangkok
3,490 John Drenon
3,489 Michael KompatscherTU Wien
3,488 Anna PorzioUniversité Paris XIII, Villetaneuse
3,487 Alexandra LaPrevotteMathematics is the language we use to describe and understand our universe. It is the most important thing a person can learn and beating down the maths department is bad for everyone.
3,486 Anne FishendenRetired teacherThis seems a very poor way to deliver top quality education. What is more important?
3,485 Ivan FumagalliPolitecnico di MilanoResearch and knowledge must be the very top priority for a University.
3,484 Markus SchweighoferUniversität KonstanzMy signature is in support of the Mathematics Department.
3,483 Tayyibe Erten
3,482 Roberto FerrettiRoma Tre UniversityEnough of cuts on culture and knowledge! We are all Leicester.
3,481 Olivier BokanowskiUniversity Paris Diderot / Paris
3,480 Jan-Christoph Schlage-PuchtaUniversity Rostock/Germany
3,479 Alain BACHELOTUniversité de Bordeaux
3,478 Michel GRANGERUniversity of Angers
3,477 David KyedUniversity of Southern DenmarkIn support of the Mathematics Department
3,476 Daniel SzyldTemple University, Philadelphia, USAAs a fellow professor, I fully understand the situation that the president and the vice-chancelor is putting the faculty. I also understand that these moves will weaken the educational mission of the university. It would be a real shame!
3,475 Alex ParryThird Year on Natural Sciences at the University of LeicesterThey're planning on cutting an internationally-leading course, based on false reasoning and weak statistics. This course and its staff have changed my life- I want others to have the same positive experience. I hope they reconsider this decision!
3,474 Simone Brugiapaglia SFU
3,473 Alexander PolishchukUniversity of Oregon
3,472 Rosalie IemhoffUtrecht University
3,471 Gordon HunterKingston University, LondonAt a time when the Government are emphasising the importance of STEM subjects, and Mathematics in particular, it seems crazy for any University to be reducing their provision for higher-level Mathematics education.
3,470 Dung Trang LEUniversite d'Aix-MarseilleOnly people in the same field can decide to expel their own fellows.
3,469 Marco VeraniPolitecnico di Milano
3,468 Alex MartsinkovskyNortheastern University, Boston, MA, USAMy signature is in support of the Mathematics Department and against compulsory redundancies.  To deal with a transient (expected) deficit, one should start with trimming the compensation of the inapt administrators, or even better, firing those "managers" altogether. P.S. I like that Orwellian term: "university leadership team".
3,467 Moreno Concezzi
3,466 Richard Walton
3,465 Francis BonahonUniversity of Southern CaliforniaAt a time where mathematics is playing an increasing role in science and technology, and attracting more interest from students (to mention the situation in the United States), decreasing the size of the Leicester mathematics department seems very shortsighted. The rest of the world is watching with great concerns, and sometimes dismay, the current administrative trends in British academia.
3,464 Zofia DenkowskaUniversité de Nantes, FranceI find this project contrary to all the principles of our scientific society.
3,463 bernard LeclercUniversité de CaenIn support of the mathematics department
3,462 Pierre TorassoUniversité de Poitiers
3,461 Julian GilbeyUniversity of CambridgeI fully support the staff in the mathematics department, in particular, and in the university as a whole. At a time when we need more students to be studying STEM subjects, including pure mathematics, reducing the faculty seems incredulous.
3,460 Matthias BorerUniversité de Nantes, France
3,459 James BullockNERC Centre for Ecology and HydrologyMaths is core to the scientific disciplines. These cuts threaten science as a who,e in the UK
3,458 Emre Coskun
3,457 sarah dijolsAix Marseille
3,456 Andrea GenoveseUniversity of Sheffield
3,455 Evghenii GaburovNVIDIA now/Leicester AlumniPhysics is one of the last disciplines that should go under the knife, and it absolutely makes no sense as to why such an esteemed Condensed Matter Physics group should go away. Physics, especially the physics of new materials, is what will drive this world forward! This is similar mistake as when Utrecht University killed 400 year old Astronomy department. They regret it, so will you. Shame!
3,454 Nicolas DirrCardiff UniversityI strongly support the resistance against ill-thought measures that seriously damage the excellent research and teaching at Leicester by pitting colleagues against each other, and scaring off potential job applicants. Obviously any financial problems, real or not, will in this way get worse, not better. I hope VC Boyle can be stopped before doing any more damage.
3,453 Paul YoungmanFormerly University of Leicester
3,452 Arnaud BodinUniversity Lille 1
3,451 Xavier MaryUniversité Paris OuestIn support of the Leicester Mathematics Department.
3,450 Claire LacourUniversité Paris-Sud, Orsay, France
3,449 Chiara GuardasoniUniversity of Parma
3,448 Alessandro CalamuneriUniversity of Messina
3,447 Antoine RousseauInria France
3,446 Paolo FrascaNederlandI want to specially express my support to the Mathematics Department, where several faculty members are threatened to loose their job or be reduced to 100%-teaching position. I think this is a slippery slope that is bound to eventually decrease the quality of teaching and to waste precious research expertise that has cost public money to create along these years.

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