No compulsory redundancies at Manchester Metropolitan University

 Closure of Manchester Metropolitan University Cheshire campus

We call on Manchester Metropolitan University following its decision to close the Cheshire campus to commit to no compulsory redundancies and to achieve this by working with the recognised trade unions.

No compulsory redundancies at Manchester Metropolitan University

We call on Manchester Metropolitan University to commit to no compulsory redundancies and to achieve this by working with the recognised trade unions.


1,878 signatures

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1,878 Rebeccca JohnsonUniversity of South Wales
1,877 Helen Campbell
1,876 steveland minta
1,875 Phil Tyler
1,874 Lou SpiersThe University of Northampton
1,873 Anna VaughanUniversity of Salford
1,872 Karen VeitchUniversity of Edinburgh
1,871 Marta Dzik
1,870 Olivia AtkinsonManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,869 Alexandros Anesiadis
1,868 neil johnson
1,867 Mark Wainwright
1,866 Peter BrewisField Music Ltd
1,865 Rasmus Thedin
1,864 Matthew LightboundThinkSpace EducationA dramatic closure such as this can only be blamed on miss management, making the staff and researching bodies pay for higher management mistakes is unacceptable. I want to be proud of being a graduate of this institution, but I will not be if MMU continues on this line of action.
1,863 Vinnie Wainwright
1,862 Dr Adam SalesUniversity of Bristol
1,861 Scott WilesI am a student who graduated from this university and am shocked by the treatment given to an astounding and brilliant lecturer! Pete helped myself and others develop in both our performance and writing abilities as musicians and should be credited for the fantastic work he had done at the university!! I hope that the same is not happening to many of the other excellent lecturers at the university
1,860 Rob SavageTyne & Wear
1,859 Darryl ProctorManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,858 Kate Jackson-Moss
1,857 Sinead Wilson Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,856 Giles Barrett
1,855 Elaine WilkinsonNatural wastage is always a better option, alongside with working with recognised Trade Unions.
1,854 Daisy Hudson
1,853 Paul DibleyOxford Brookes University
1,852 Rob Gray
1,851 Sophie WoodManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,850 Charlotte Frost
1,849 Christianne Ormston
1,848 Michal William
1,847 Maria CowalskyManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,846 Peter BowersStaffordshire
1,845 Marcelina Sawicka
1,844 Trevor McCabe Cardiff
1,843 Sean PriceCGI
1,842 Karen EvansUniversity of Liverpool
1,841 Stephen HylandLeeds Libraries
1,840 Paula Mccann
1,839 Dave MurituSandwell College of FHE
1,838 Sakina Shulver
1,837 Stewart Moffat
1,836 Adam LeaverUoM
1,835 Janay WyardManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,834 Klaus KruseFalmouth University
1,833 Gráinne Curzon Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,832 Kjersti Dahle
1,831 Kirstie PatonGreenwich NUT We should be investing in education not cutting back.strike to save jobs and courses.
1,830 Rhianna McPartlandManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,829 Dan BoydPlease reconsider this ill-advised action.
1,828 Melanie Barnes
1,827 Elliott RochCREWE
1,826 Daniel Clegg-Hughes
1,825 Clare Mullady
1,824 Elena Boschi
1,823 Elena BoschiEdge Hill University
1,822 Dominic BurgessManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,821 Graeme Jamieson
1,820 Aaron FogartyManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)All the staff at MMU Cheshire have been absolutely fantastic and they deserve every possible measure be taken to ensure they aren't thrown aside.
1,819 Alan Morrison Do the right thing. Don't tarnish your good reputation.
1,818 Irum BiManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,817 Callum AckroydManchester Metropolitan university
1,816 Paul Knox City of Sunderland College
1,815 Anna Atkinson
1,814 Meriel MurraySheffield Hallam University
1,813 Emma JacksonGoldsmiths, University of London
1,812 Nick KempNewcastle University
1,811 Carol WalshHome worker
1,810 Matt WeaverNewcastle University
1,809 Irene Revell
1,808 Suzanne AllottIt makes no sense to lose highly skilled, highly rated and popular staff.
1,807 David Watson
1,806 Phil DysonKing's College London (KCL)
1,805 Danielle WilsherManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,804 Pat ParslowUniversity of Reading
1,803 eric ho--
1,802 Heidi Henders
1,801 Rebecca BillingtonUniversity of Salford
1,800 Paul HollinsUniversity of Bolton
1,799 Kevin Hickson Crewe Town Council
1,798 Lewis CoxManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)I studied for three years at MMU on the Crewe campus and if it wasn't for the lecturers I had there are somewhat responsible for moulding me into who I am. It is a great shame to see them be made redundant like this. I expected better from such a good University.
1,797 Lisa Platt
1,796 Bruce BakerNewcastle UniversityThe management of Manchester University have a very cynical view of how a university works. I am sure the University -- which is the faculty and the students, not the management, whose job is only to facilitate the academic work of the University -- will come together and prevail and hopefully send some of them packing for the jobs in the business world they really want, or the Job Centre.
1,795 Lewis GledhillManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,794 Katie BossonManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,793 Natalie SutcliffeManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,792 Sukraj ShergillMMUCWhat's a uni experience without teachers?? Give all the money you'd like but you won't be able to successfully provide me with a good uni experience without our amazing teachers
1,791 Christopher OldfieldManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,790 Catriona Maccallum N-a
1,789 Ruby RamfulKent Adult Education Service
1,788 Jenna Bannister
1,787 Joe DuffyManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,786 Alfred Daval
1,785 Ian Evans
1,784 Grant Jones
1,783 Michaela Griffin
1,782 Maureen Henderson Do the right thing and look after your talented staff.
1,781 Alex LancasterUniversity of Liverpool
1,780 Katherine CooperUniversity of East Anglia (UEA)
1,779 Jan Millington
1,778 Alec MacHenryMwstardI am disgusted at this behaviour. My daughter was considering coming to MMU next year. We are having to re-think this.
1,777 Venetia Anastasakou Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,776 Leanne Green
1,775 Claire EllisKing's College London (KCL)
1,773 Joe ReadManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,772 Marti Gama
1,771 David WalshFormission College
1,770 Jessie FleischhackManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,769 Emlyn JonesNHS England
1,768 Jon ColeStaffordshire University
1,767 Ian Evans
1,766 Kieran Thompson
1,765 Martin Hastie
1,764 Barbara Cohen
1,763 Alex BellManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,762 Aaron Batley
1,761 Julie SpellmanUniversity of Manchester
1,760 Lisa O'Shea
1,759 Jessica BarnesManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,758 George DarrallManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,757 Amelia Yeates
1,756 Saskia Cox
1,755 stewart collinsonLincolnshire
1,754 Elaine Craig Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)Redeploy or offer decent voluntary redundancies. The staff experience is a critical part of the student experience! Cannot believe how callously the campus closure has been dealt with.
1,753 Christine White
1,752 Rob HuntStaffordshire University
1,751 Rose Cheesman Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU)
1,750 Cassie Agbehenu
1,749 Emily GobbettBangor UniversityI am transferring to MMU and would greatly appreciate all the lecturers being there and so would the remaining students
1,748 Tracey MckeownBlackburn
1,747 Mary de SoissonsThe public needs good, experienced teachers and researchers. These need to be paid and given proper job security - for the benefit of students, this country's future wealth creators.
1,746 Damien JarvisUniversity of Sussex
1,745 Andrew OdeonUnivetsity
1,744 Chris Phillips
1,743 Sarah BottomleyManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,742 Emily ParvinManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,741 Piyush PushkarThe University of Manchester This is affecting admin staff as well as faculty. I am hearing of redundancies being made in office staff while workloads increase for the remaining staff, leading to burnout and (in some cases) people having to take time off due to stress. Bad for the staff, bad for the university.
1,740 Adam PottsNewcastle University
1,739 Kwong Lee
1,738 Darryl Lonsbrough Coleg Llandrillo
1,737 Louis GilbertMMU
1,736 Jonathan GIbson
1,735 Kevin WallMiddlesbrough
1,734 Alexandra BirchallManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,733 Heather VickersWest Yorkshire
1,732 Nathan GriffinDurham University
1,731 Linda PittwoodThe University of Nottingham
1,730 ALISTAIR MACDONALDFreelance (recent MMU postgraduate)
1,729 Rachel Walker
1,728 Kyle Brook
1,727 Jennifer HaywoodGreater Manchester
1,726 Patricia Henderson
1,725 Cassie EarlUniversity of Bristol So typical of MMU, solidarity with those effected, they're not the first and won't be the last. We need to organise around the massive job losses taking place in HE.
1,724 Vic Conway
1,723 Adam DeakinUniversity of Huddersfield
1,722 Keri Morgan
1,721 Kyle BarnettBellarmine University
1,720 gary edgar
1,719 Cheryl Thomas
1,718 Stephen Bray
1,717 Graham WalesVirgin Money Plc
1,716 Liam Faulkner
1,715 Lee JonesThread Recordings / Unicorn Grocery
1,714 Jack CottonLiverpool Hope University
1,713 Kirsty LohmanUniversity of Surrey
1,712 Emma ShortNewcastle University
1,711 Mick SharpNewcastle University
1,710 Matt Kassell Furness College
1,709 Chloe BlackburnManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)None of these lecturers should be laid off, if they are then are education is laid off with it. I personally would not be graduating with a good a mark as I have without the support of my tutors, I want this for the future 3rd years as well.
1,708 Sioned Pearce
1,707 Alison Nicholas
1,706 d woolley
1,705 Dom HibbertManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,704 Holly MumfordManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,703 Daniel EllisNorthumbria University
1,702 Amy SpencerUniversity of the West of England (UWE)
1,701 Londwa DlaminiManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,700 Karen Amoudry
1,699 John GilfillanBradford College
1,698 Caitlin Gaffin
1,697 Julia DownesThe Open University
1,696 Lois WoolleyManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,695 William HutchinsonManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,694 Gary Lang
1,693 Jessica SeedwellManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)It's not right and it's not fair. The university decided to shut its doors, why do the students and lecturers have to pay the price? Without the properly trained staff there, the students will fail.
1,692 Claire KinsellaLiverpool Hope University
1,691 Laetitia PrasadamThe University of Manchester
1,690 Maire DaleyLiverpool Hope University
1,689 Alex Wheeldon
1,688 Chloe CarmanManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,687 Rebecca MosleyThe quality of education of fee-paying students should not suffer as a result of qualified staff compulsory redundancies. A post becomes redundant - not an employee. Is there suddenly, miraculously, no longer the need for permanent members of qualified staff who offer a high level of provision due to (purely coincidentally, no doubt) a campus close being imminent? (Sarcasm)
1,686 Rebecca GillieronSt Mary's School, SouthendKeep Pete Dale on!
1,685 Claire PenkethLiverpool Hope University
1,684 Carolyn DownsUniversity of Lancaster As a visiting research fellow at MMU I am horrified to think there will be so many redundancies at MMU. Please work with the unions to get a fair deal for all affected by the closure of Crewe
1,683 Claire HarrisonGateshead
1,682 Richard LeveneSouthampton City Council
1,681 Kirsty DolmanManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,680 Jennifer OrrNewcastle UniversityVery sorry to hear this and sending my support.
1,679 Lynnette DerbyshireMMU Cheshire
1,678 Ed Roberts
1,677 Wendy Ashton
1,676 Jess WoollamManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,675 Anthony HunterManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,674 Toby BlackmanUniversity of Brighton
1,673 Richard WhitehurstStaffordshire University
1,672 Jan ButlerOxford Brookes University
1,671 Patrice HaynesLiverpool Hope University
1,670 Matthew RobsonUniversity of Leeds
1,669 Toby Russell-Vick
1,668 Mark ShippenPete Dale is an outstanding lecturer and mentor.
1,667 Chris LaniganTees, Esk and Wears Valleys NHS Foundation TrustAs a Unison member I think this is dreadful. My Foundation Trust would move heaven and earth to seek redeployments or voluntary redundancies before making compulsory ones, so the public sector can get it right in a way which MMU clearly is not.
1,666 Mary Rose BilsonRedeployment is a legal entitlement for those awarded a permanent contract, as Pete was. Redundancy depends on no alternative post being available to any candidate. That is transparently not the case, from what Pete says. The Union must take this injustice on and contest the bad faith of Pete's employers.
1,665 Konstanze SpohrerLiverpool Hope University
1,664 RUTH CHARNOCKUniversity of Lincoln
1,663 Hannah FindleyLiverpool John Moores University (LJMU)I think there should be no compulsory redundancies
1,662 Marcin MaslankaManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)Studying on MMU helps me to reach my dreams. Redundancy MMU music staff will not help me, and my friends achieve it. Think people!
1,661 Gwyneth LonerganUniversity of Sheffield
1,660 Jonathan Jones
1,659 Natasha HollinsheadManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,658 Dave NearyLiverpool Hope UniversityOppose the marketization of higher education. Learning is a gift from one generation to the next. Solidarity!
1,657 Ella Manning
1,656 Elliot OakleyUniversity of South WalesPete Dale is more than a lecturer, he gave me confidence in my songwriting when I had none. I wouldn't be where I am today without Pete and others like him. He and the other lecturers deserve so much more than this. Elliot.
1,655 Elliot MillerManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,654 Andrew Dick
1,653 Simon Coxall
1,652 jennie brewis
1,651 Nicholas HindManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,650 Hannah JonesUniversity of Warwick
1,649 Mike WalshManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,648 Anna PechurinaLeeds Beckett University
1,647 Lucy French Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)The Musics department at MMUC have been an incredible asset to the campus. Dr Pete Dale in particular has been an incredible mentor to me and other students over the past few years. To see them leave this campus would greatly affect students quality of learning.
1,646 Kirsty Finn University of Lancaster
1,645 Sophie NorrisManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,644 Jodie LouzaManchesterOne of my lecturers has just won an outstanding teacher award, yet within the same week he has been made redundant? This is ridiculous. Highly undeserved
1,643 Martin YelvertonHope these people do the decent thing.
1,642 Amie AtkinsonManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,641 Jodie LouzaManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,640 Lucy HansonLiverpool Hope University
1,639 Lewis Givvons-CollingeRedundancies would only make our student experience worse. We've made friends with our lecturers and this makes our studying and our work better. Don't redesign the Student Zone and pay lecturers more. We don't need a new Student Zone, we need the lecturers.
1,638 Carey OllerheadUniversity of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
1,637 Georgina NelsonStudent at Manchester Metropolitan University
1,636 Joao SilvaUniversidade Nova de Lisboa
1,635 john negus
1,634 Joanne FynnNhs
1,633 Bryan BrownUniversity of Exeter
1,632 Mark Jasper
1,631 Kevin BirchallDJ
1,630 John JordanLiverpool Hope University
1,629 Barbara Meier
1,628 George MasonManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,627 Kenneth McKenzieRetiredPeter Dale is an outstanding teacher. I should know, I was his boss!
1,626 Tracy RamseyLiverpool Hope University
1,625 BRENT ThomasLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
1,624 Jessica McNultyManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,623 Chris KeelanLiverpool Hope University
1,622 Megan HpodManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,621 Shaunie McwilliamsManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,620 Veronica SkrimsjoLiverpool Hope University
1,619 Jacquie Wilson
1,618 Lauren Hayes
1,617 James ParrishManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,616 Fred McVittie
1,615 Harriet BradleyUniversity of the West of England (UWE)It is atrocious that outstanding teachers should be made redundant
1,614 Catalina Montoya
1,613 Francesca Platt
1,612 Emilie Prasadam-
1,611 Ciera EvansManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,610 Sherryl WilsonUniversity of the West of England (UWE)
1,609 Jamie DunstanManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,608 Leonie HicksCanterbury Christ Church University (CCCU)
1,607 Gary PeploeUniversity of Salford Solidarity with staff at MMU.
1,606 Galina ParameiLiverpool Hope UniversityThey should be ashamed of these compulsory redundancies. In the country that needs educated people the state should value and support its academics, not throw them out into and add to the social layer with precarious life circumstances.
1,605 Mat MellorManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,604 Linda YarwoodRetiredCompulsory redundancies can be avoided with open and honest Union & Management negotiation. We need more inspirational lecturers and teachers in the North not less!
1,603 Annalaura AlifuocoLiverpool Hope University
1,602 Stephanie ParsonsonManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,601 Aimee HaldronManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,600 Jan WebsterOxford
1,599 Adam GolightlyLiverpool
1,598 Ben KerbyManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,597 Alex CravenVCH FloucestershireI am an alumnus of the university.
1,596 Jesus Enrique Salcedo-SoraLiverpool Hope University
1,595 Laura Hamer
1,594 Steven ShakespeareLiverpool Hope University
1,593 Deirdre DuffyManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,592 Zachary ParkerThe University of Northampton
1,591 Hayley ThulbornMMU Cheshire StudentWe shouldn't be throwing away lecturers who have worked and gave their last few years wholeheartedly to both students and campus.
1,590 Emma Webster
1,589 Annie GohGoldsmiths, University of London
1,588 Clare Lambert
1,587 Kelsie MayManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)I am currently a student at the Cheshire Campus. My education is important to me. I still have 2 years left and I can't watch my lecturers loose their job as this will effect my education
1,586 Rebecca HicksAlsager
1,585 Jen HarvieQueen Mary, University of London (QMUL)
1,584 Matthew CosgroveManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,583 Rae DawsonManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)These lecturers put their heart and soul out for students!
1,582 TIM MAYUniversity of Sheffield
1,581 Stefano BelliUniversity of Lincoln
1,580 Alan WhitakerLancaster UniversityCompulsory redundancies are short term solutions which bring long term problems, damaging the morale of all staff and students and inflicting harm on localities. Intransigent management has to be resisted for the good of all so that solutions can be found.
1,579 Philippa LovattUniversity of Stirling
1,578 zhongwei liLondon School of Economics (LSE)
1,577 Jennifer Denitto
1,576 Jack HarrisManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)Brilliant music staff who supported their students.
1,575 Lucy MiddletonManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,574 John HughesThe University of Manchester
1,573 Thomas BuckDlg group
1,572 Peter Henderson Durham University
1,571 Stephen PowellLiverpool
1,570 Georgia SewellManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)My lecturers have played a huge part in my growth as a student. They actually care about us and we have built up a good relationship with them, making them redundant would change our course completely.
1,569 diane dickinson
1,568 Darren Hubbard
1,567 Marie ThompsonUniversity of Lincoln
1,566 Narbi PriceNewcastle UniversityThere should never be lecturers with exceptional REF ratings being made redundant
1,565 Rache Lalor
1,564 Daniel DaviesManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,563 Dr Evangelia ProkopiouNorthampton University
1,562 Natalie AshtonManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,561 Craig ProsserOxford Brookes University
1,560 Patrick KirbyRetired
1,559 Gareth Abbott
1,558 David Pope
1,557 Sarah Miller Alsager, Cheshire
1,556 Sharene Thompson
1,555 Rebecca Ogbeide-John
1,554 Elodie Ginsbourg
1,553 martin smith
1,552 Verity LongleyThe University of Manchester
1,551 Richard ElliottNewcastle University
1,550 Peter WebbUniversity of the West of England
1,549 Giacomo BottàUniversity of Helsinki
1,548 Lucy Robinson University of Sussex
1,547 Russ BestleyUniversity of the Arts, London
1,546 Matthew WorleyUniversity of Reading
1,545 Nzera CantwellManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,544 Louise CockbainNorthumbria University
1,543 Hannah Brock
1,542 Andre CleggCrewe Volunteer redundancies only
1,541 Ricky MurrayChildren North East
1,540 Hannah Saunders
1,539 Aaliyah AllenManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,538 Aiden CondronFalmouth University
1,537 Jacqueline ButlerManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,536 Max KnudsenManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)You're crazy.
1,535 Hazel Plater
1,534 Brian Wilkinson Byker CC
1,533 Carole Thirlaway
1,532 Jamie Wilson
1,531 Jo Clay
1,530 Kieran Wilkinson Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,529 Patricia Abbott
1,528 Jack GoldsteinGoldsmiths, University of London
1,527 Jessica Arnold
1,526 Courtney Briggs
1,525 Grace Dunne
1,524 Mark BissetFast shippingDisgraceful
1,523 Amy DevereuxBolton
1,522 Sally StoneBath College
1,521 Nikki Barr
1,520 Erica Halliday
1,519 Polly Bound
1,518 Kyara MelaanManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,517 Mark WatsonManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)Like many other students, my favourite university lecturer was made redundant and I believe this is shocking and does not serve the students best interests or recognise the contributions which have been made on their part.
1,516 Rebecca Conway
1,515 Keith MetcalfTYNE AND WEAR
1,514 Colin Swift
1,513 Donna Grace Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,512 Thomas WoodwardManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)I am a first year student here at Manchester met and I have been fortunate to have an amazing first year of study and to say the least the campus closing has been a huge problem and try ensure that the great staff that helped me have such a great year still are there working in my third year
1,511 Julie Armstrong
1,510 Natalie Hudson
1,509 Daniel Irwin
1,508 Chloe CainManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)Brilliant staff, much needed support
1,507 Shaunnah BakerWe are paying for tutors that are just going to be made redundant, them tutors are the best dance teaching that I've had and don't deserve to be treated in such a way.
1,506 Ashleigh RalphManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)People have families, homes, children to provide for!!!!!!
1,505 Josie WalkerManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,504 Josephine PilkingtonManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,503 Rhiannon Broadhurst
1,502 Ben BurnsManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,501 Ione DownsManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,500 Conor DevlinManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,499 wayne ashdonManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,498 Alex DanksManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,497 Naomi Pemberton Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,496 Katerina Miltiadous
1,495 Rosie Garvin
1,494 Emma GibbinsManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)This is not fair. The tutors have worked so hard to make sure that we are well looked after, academically and as care givers. The fact that the university is making them suffer is absolutely abhorrent behaviour, and if I hadn't of been graduating this year, then I would definitely change to a different university.
1,493 Ben St JohnManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,492 Joshua MatthiasManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,491 Andrew HodsonSeed studios cio
1,490 Caliyah JonesManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,489 Maeve Kelly
1,488 Kieran CurranThe state of emergency is the norm
1,487 John HaineyManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)The most helpful lecturer on my course was made redundant. Letting go such an outstanding lecturer is a disgrace!
1,486 Tim WardleyManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,485 M PelfreyRetired
1,484 Julie BissetHirst wood nursery school
1,483 Holly Fitzgerald
1,482 Dominic SearbyManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,481 Chris Trew
1,480 Jack Patchett
1,479 Daniel Mee
1,478 Nicola Idowu Liverpool
1,477 Cassie GeorgeManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,476 Margaret KeelingAlsagerWe need experienced, well qualified educators to ensure students get the standard of teaching they deserve
1,475 Christine RoweSt aloysius rc primary school
1,474 Kieran TeelingManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,473 Catherine Smith
1,472 Tyla RoxburghManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)Everyone there has been extremely helpful to me developing as a musician. They made tough times with my social problems great and the university would be losing out to make the, redundant
1,471 Elle DunneManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,470 Samuel WillmerUniversity of Birmingham
1,469 Renee McCroneManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,468 Jake MorganStoke–On–Trent College
1,467 Aiden ChiuManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,466 Alex Woolfall Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,465 Jamie CorriganManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,464 Annie GreggTyne and Wear
1,463 Callum HollingsworthManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,462 Marc OliverEpping Forest College
1,461 Tom McGaffinManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,460 Sam Heppenstall Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,459 Emma ShippenManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)Ridiculously upset about these decisions. A tutor that has proved more times over that he has had a huge impact on his students has been made redundant! An insult to lectures and students.
1,458 Kevin Dosdale
1,457 Melanie Cousins
1,456 David WilliamsManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,455 Jo DaleMy husband was given a teaching award on Tues night last week by mmu and then made redundant on Weds morning. Absolutely disgraceful. We are so angry!
1,454 Lucy Wentworth Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,453 James coyle
1,452 Aaron Simon Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,451 Kerensa Palao
1,450 Jordan OlukanmiManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,449 Kynnedy WilliamsManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,448 Chris GreenManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,447 Tom MckeeganManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)The best lecturer was made redundant on my course, surely you would want an award winning lecturer from when the course moves to Manchester
1,446 Phil ChildWEA South WestCut executive pay, not lecturers.
1,445 Dan RussellManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,444 Katrina Roman
1,443 Sophie QuinnManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,442 Andy Roman
1,441 Cat LayManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,440 Alex HammersleyManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,439 Kerry LambChester
1,438 Harrison Leat
1,437 Andrew Jon GregoryMaking a lecturer redundant is effectively tearing out a part of one's inspiration or pathway towards a future, neither does it allow the tutor, who chose to help, to guide a student towards a life.
1,436 Sion WilliamsManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,435 Layth IbrahimManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,434 Jake TilleyManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,433 Stephen SomersetAO - Crewe
1,432 Mark SherryThe employees of a University are what makes it succeed, what students remember, what gives it an academic life, and what makes it a vibrant intellectual space. You will also harm people's lives through reckless and careless management, if you pursue compulsory redundancies.
1,431 Sorcha Ni Fhlainn Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,430 Michael KerinsNo redundancies please!
1,429 Simon BishopKeele University
1,428 Tom priceThe staff at the cheshire campus were some of the most friendly helpful people I have ever met, the music staff sold me on the course and location straight away and went above and beyond to help me reach my true potential. I cannot thank them enough for their role in my degree, The none teaching staff also did an incredible job and always made me feel at home.
1,427 Sophia LindenBirkbeck College, University of London
1,426 Nick HerringManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,425 Pete DaleManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)I am being made redundant despite 3-4* research and being awarded as an outstanding teacher
1,424 Jason Toynbeeformerly Open University
1,423 Prof. Tanya TitchkoskyOISE of the University of TorontoNo compulsory redundancies -- the well-being of MMU depends on its demonstration of a collective care and care for the collective that has generated MMU's diverse, and important, work in the past.
1,422 Bethan EvansUniversity of Liverpool
1,421 Cristina Delgado-GarciaUniversity of Birmingham
1,420 Shaun Grech
1,419 Kirsty LiddiardUniversity of Sheffield
1,418 Patrick Glen University College London (UCL)
1,417 Joanna Howard
1,416 Cormac O'Neill
1,415 Rebecca HillmanUniversity of Exeter
1,414 Susan Lee
1,413 Louise McKeeXaverian College
1,412 Elizabeth Connor Carmel college
1,411 Alastair Gordon
1,410 David WilkinsonManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,409 Robert Hamilton Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,408 Hannah O'Donnell
1,407 Daniela CaselliThe University of Manchester
1,406 John RoweDoctor John Proofreading
1,405 Lucy Simpson
1,404 Lucy CromptonManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,403 Tanya FozzardUniversity of Huddersfield
1,402 Saxon Whittle Amiculum
1,401 Stephen PearsonFreelance Youth Services Manager
1,400 Hannah SimpsonUniversity of Oxford
1,399 Jill BurkeUniversity of Edinburgh
1,398 Sinead MannionTeacher
1,397 Mary GarlandDevon
1,396 Elizabeth Barry
1,395 Jo SmithLewisham
1,394 Bridget Taylor
1,393 Tim HarrisonSICK! Festival
1,392 Adrian Garvey Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL)
1,391 Jose ArroyoUniversity of Warwick
1,390 Scott FreerUniversity of Leicester
1,389 Susan Lee
1,388 Aidan Arrowsmith Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,387 John NeillManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,386 Darren Waldron
1,385 Marina Isaac
1,384 Howard BoothUniversity of Manchester
1,383 Ryan WilkinsonUniversity of Huddersfield
1,382 Calum Day-LewisIt's wrong that these university's are having such major cuts and job losses when big corporations are getting tax breaks. Backward Mayhem
1,381 Tim Reinke-WilliamsThe University of Northampton
1,380 Julie FroudThe University of Manchester
1,379 Nick BogiazidesUniversity of Thessaly