No compulsory redundancies at Manchester Metropolitan University

 Closure of Manchester Metropolitan University Cheshire campus

We call on Manchester Metropolitan University following its decision to close the Cheshire campus to commit to no compulsory redundancies and to achieve this by working with the recognised trade unions.

No compulsory redundancies at Manchester Metropolitan University

We call on Manchester Metropolitan University to commit to no compulsory redundancies and to achieve this by working with the recognised trade unions.


2,209 signatures

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2,209 Barry PowellBlackburn College
2,208 Lorna WarrenUniversity of Sheffield
2,207 Cheryl CapekThe University of Manchester
2,206 Aaron SwirlesManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
2,205 Lauraine EkwakaManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
2,204 Tricia WastvedtBath Spa University
2,203 Hannah ThorpManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
2,202 Timothy AshplantKing's College London (KCL)It's essential to work with the trade unions, and do everything possible to avoid compulsory redundancies.
2,201 Alex WithersMMC
2,200 Jack Sledden Accrington and Rossendale College
2,199 M AtreeThe University of Manchester Compulsory redundancies should be the very last resort in a well managed organisation. Manchester Metropolitan University please be a responsible employer and commit to no compulsory redundancies achieved by working with recognised trade unions.
2,198 Sarah Clutton
2,197 John TaylorStockport Town Hall
2,196 Joanne MolyneauxStudent at MMUI agree with the no compulsory redundancies at MMU.
2,195 Laura SouthgateManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
2,194 Charles WoollenUniversity of Glasgow
2,193 Ruth KerfootChorlton High School
2,192 Matt WatkinsEpping Forest College
2,191 Abbie Graham
2,190 Katherine GibsonManchester Enterprise Academy
2,189 Gary HumphryThe University of Manchester
2,188 Susan SweeneyManchester College St John's CampusEducation is the most important thing you can give a person. I don't think teachers/tutors /academics are treated with respect anymore. I support the action.
2,187 Ning GaoThe University of Manchester
2,186 Dickie DaviesRetired UCU memberDefending education jobs is a noble cause. Best of luck.
2,185 Amy FairbrotherManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)The lecturers at MMU are absolutely brilliant! We would be nowhere without them.
2,184 Frances DurkinRepresentative for PCS, Natural EnglandWe are very sorry to hear the campus is closing. Please do not issue compulsory redundancies,, but try to relocate staff in other parts of the campus or in similar organisations
2,183 Peter Royle
2,182 Michael Hogan Unison City of Liverpool College
2,181 Jackie Boardman The University of Manchester
2,180 Jennifer Skaife
2,179 Mark Hollinrake
2,178 Gwen VickersRedbridge CollegeSolidarity with MMU Its a disgrace how profit before people runs business; even when its education and we should be investing in our young people. Asset stripping via a land grab.
2,177 MICHAEL BURKESheffield College
2,176 Eric BushellPCS North West Branch Vice ChairI fully support your action against this kind of barbaric behaviour from very low grade employers who see profit before people. Stand firm and show them that when we stand together we c an not be defeated.
2,175 Michael LeachauthorThis closure is putting short-term financial gain before the welfare of students. Not everyone wants to study in the middle of a city, the Crewe Campus is an accomplished asset that should not be lost.
2,174 Peter AlcockStaffordshire
2,173 Meriel LlandManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
2,172 Alan BoydThe University of Manchester
2,171 Caroline MetzThe University of Manchester
2,170 Sonia WilliamsCrewe
2,169 Lydia FarinaThe University of Manchester The suggested future profits do not outweigh the damage to the reputation and morale of the university and the overall effect to the local community. Management need to be held accountable when making bad business decisions.
2,168 David RootesEdge Hill Universitywhen redeployment is available the opportunity for this to be an option should ALWAYS be a first priority. Compulsory redundancy should be a last approach, also with enough notice for employees to seek alternative employment. Solidarity with our Colleagues
2,167 Francesca Demontis
2,166 Tim WallaceUniversity of Manchester
2,165 R MarksThe University of Manchester
2,164 Joanne CarmodyThe Manchester College Solidarity with our Manchester colleagues
2,163 Nicola WildPCS DWP WirralSolidarity in your fight
2,162 Ismail ErturkThe University of Manchester
2,161 Ignacio AguiloThe University of Manchester
2,160 Hinna Zahid
2,159 Anza KhokharManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
2,158 Muhammad HussainManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
2,157 caroline kordeckiThe University of Nottingham
2,156 Chris PerriamUniversity of Manchester
2,155 Dawn Taylor
2,154 Sarah HarveyThe City of Liverpool College
2,153 Fumiko PescottActivate LearningThis closure will affect the community and hundreds of empolyees. It should not go forward.
2,152 Karen MorrisEdge Hill UniversitySharing concerns for colleagues at MMU.
2,151 Claudia BlindauerUni Warwick
2,150 James ChiriyankandathSenate House, University of London
2,149 Matt FerdinandEdge Hill University
2,148 Arnar ArnasonThe University of Aberdeen
2,147 Keith BuckmanRoyal Holloway, University of London (RHUL)
2,146 Robert SheppardEdge Hill UniversityI am signing this as a former external examiner at MMU Cheshire.
2,145 Graham DawsonUniversity of BrightonSolidarity with colleagues at MMU as you defend educational jobs, provision and access.
2,144 Mick JardineUniversity of WinchesterThis is educational vandalism. It will deny many people the opportunity to attend a local university, affecting those on low incomes in particular.
2,143 David RidleyCoventry University
2,142 Ailsa CoxEdge Hill UniversitySo much great work in the arts has been based in the Cheshire campus. A shocking, short-sighted decision by management.
2,141 Sarah GormanRoehampton University
2,140 Duncan AdamUniversity of Warwick
2,139 Peter CranieEdge Hill University
2,138 Lindesay DaweUlster UniversityCuts in HE in the UK seem to be driven by little evidence based research on what is best for the most important group of people within HE institutions, their students. Vice-chancellors and senior management across the country seem motivated by an avaricious market driven agenda, one which will undermine the quality of UK HE education. Academics and staff must resist this through collective action.
2,137 Daniel SageEdge Hill University
2,136 Julie McCabeEdge Hill UniversityI would like to echo the request above and ask that MMU commit to no compulsory redundancies and work with the UCU to achieve this.
2,135 Caroline TaggOpen University (OU)
2,134 Carol CodyThe City of Liverpool College
2,133 Cherryl CooperEdge Hill University
2,132 Mary McAteerEdge Hill University
2,131 Julian ClarkeEdgehill UniversityPoor management, poor decision making, unfair outcome.
2,130 Graham KirkwoodNewcastle University
2,129 Irene Dudley-SwarbrickEdge Hill University
2,128 Patricia Hornby AtkinsonEdge Hill UniversityIt is shocking that our Universities, who are growing rich from an iniquitous fees system, should treat those who are at the 'chalk face' and who have, and continue to, deliver excellence, with such contempt and disregard. If only they were as careful when it came to senior management pay and perks and making profit from property development. No compulsory redundancies at MMU!
2,127 Biddy CasseldenNorthumbria University
2,126 John BatesUniversity of Glasgow
2,125 Damien ShorttEdge Hill UniversityThere is always an alternative to compulsory redundancies that works to the benefit of all concerned.
2,124 jill LeighUniversity of Kent
2,123 Sally BurrGlyndwr UniversityPeople cannot do their job if they are constantly afraid of losing it.
2,122 Robert AveryYork St John University
2,121 John CostelloThe University of Manchester There should be no compulsory redundancies at Manchester Metropolitan. This causes poor morale and job losses that cannot be justified.
2,120 Jessica EvansThe open university
2,119 Elisabetta Girelli
2,118 Fan WangHeriot-Watt
2,117 Klaus ThieleThe University of Nottingham I believe the damage once done cannot be undone even when there is more money. For example, the damage already done the reputation of Manchester Metropolitan University might deter new prospective staff -- and maybe even students from choosing this university in the first place for a long time.
2,116 Graham WilsonCarnforth LancsNot a member of UCU but TU members support one another in solidarity. Compulsory redundancies should never be an option.
2,115 Gill JamesUniversity of Salford As a retiree / hpa I continue to support my fellow union members. The powers that be need to change their thinking: jobs for some lead to jobs for all, not the other way round.
2,114 Ruth HerdImperial College London
2,113 Jim GranterNewcastle-under-Lyme College (retired)
2,112 Pascale VacherSheffield Hallam University
2,111 Dorothy AidulisUniversity of Glasgow
2,110 Paul RobinsonUniversity of Teesside
2,109 Helen PearsonGateshead College
2,108 joanna evansBangor Universitythe fine art tutors at Bangor are being made redundant. I fully support colleagues at Manchester and Cheshire.
2,107 Roberto Rinaldi SobrinhoImperial College London
2,106 Wan Ching YeeUniversity of Bristol
2,105 Anandi RamamurthySheffield Hallam University
2,104 DAWNE BELLEdge Hill University
2,103 Chris BryantUniversity of Salford UCU NW region HE Secretary
2,102 Garry WilsonUniversity of Lincoln
2,101 Tanja van Mourik
2,100 Colin PriceRetired
2,099 Harry SCURFIELDO.U.
2,098 Sandy BywaterNottingham College
2,097 Sara GraceUniversity of Salford
2,096 H. DagdevirenUniversity of WestminsterNo compulsory redundancies.
2,095 Robert KirkwoodEast Midlands Retired Members
2,094 Andy LaneRetiredGood luck
2,093 kerstin wellhoferUniversity of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
2,092 Paul Bracey I call on MMU to halt the closure of their Cheshire Campus which has had a long established significance in the region.
2,091 Owen HollandJesus College, University of Oxford
2,090 Lynne LacockYork St John University
2,089 ilaria RussoThe University of Manchester
2,088 Derek TymanFalmouth University
2,087 Rajmil FischmanKeele UniversityIt is inconceivable that MMU is spending so much money on buildings such as a new Arts, Media and Culture Centre for £65 million, it is willing to effect cuts on its most precious resource: academic staff.
2,086 yvonne simpsonUoG, Built Environment, Greenwich
2,085 DAVE WILSONLancashire Assiciation of Trades Councils
2,084 Ivan ReidYork St John University
2,083 Simon Smith Coventry University
2,082 Peter MooreUniversity of Stirling
2,081 Ben GreenmanThe Glasgow School of Art
2,080 Umberto AlbarellaUniversity of Sheffield
2,079 Giulia PiccolinoLoughborough University
2,078 Edward GranterUniversity of ManchesterCompulsory redundancies are not necessary, are destructive to teaching and research, and devastate health and morale - even at the 'threat' stage.
2,077 Susan HillNottingham Trent University (NTU)
2,076 mehdi husainiTeesside University UCU
2,075 Paul-Francois TremlettOpen University (OU)
2,074 Jose SavalUniversity of Edinburgh
2,073 Bryn GriffithsRetiredAs an occasional visitor anduser of services in Crewe, I would want to be assured that everyone in the area has full access to excellent further education facilities
2,072 J YeatesQueen Alexandra College
2,071 John BaileyBangor University
2,070 Mark JardineUniversity of Hull
2,069 Helene Neveu KringelbachUniversity College London (UCL)
2,068 Helena CarrUEA
2,067 Meic Watkins
2,066 sareen galbraithLeeds Beckett University
2,065 Catherine JohnsonThe University of Nottingham
2,064 Rowena GriffithsSwansea University
2,063 Michelle RowleyWirral Met College
2,062 Katrina MitchesonUniversity of the West of England (UWE)
2,061 Dharminder ChuhanSandwell College of FHEIt's shameful instead of sacking HE staff you should be investing in them. You should hang your head in shame.
2,060 Silvia Casini
2,059 Emma AlexanderUCU
2,058 Cinzia ScorzonUniversity of Westminster
2,057 Madeline WynneTrafford College
2,056 Louise CunninghamKeele University
2,055 Markus EichhornThe University of Nottingham The Crewe campus is more than just a financial investment: it provides opportunities for advancement, education and employment to an area that desperately needs them. If a balance sheet is more important than making a positive difference to our local communities then the priorities of MMU are wrong.
2,054 Tom RichardsonRetiredSolidarity with your / our fight to protect institutions, jobs and conditions.My introduction to this struggle, was the losing battle over 'Clegg' in 1980. Stronger fighting and success to you this time.
2,053 Eyad Abu-KhiranQueen's University BelfastWorking with trade unions to protect staff is a basic right we still have in this country
2,052 Stefan Gabriel
2,051 Martin ReadThe University of Manchester
2,050 Mohammed YaqoobBradford College
2,049 Julie ArmstrongSunderland College
2,048 Trevor Dance
2,047 Tracy FarrThe University of Nottingham
2,046 Sola Kasim
2,045 Martin YoungCity of Sunderland College
2,044 Eiluned EdwardsNottingham Trent University (NTU)
2,043 Ursula RotheOpen University (OU)It is very sad when university managements of all people have grown sick of experts.
2,042 Diane Keeble-RamsayAnglia Ruskin University (ARU)support for positive working relationships
2,041 Stephen WalkerThe University of Manchester
2,040 Suzanne HaganGlasgow Caledonian University (GCU)
2,039 Emma CavellSwansea University
2,038 Sarah KidaneCornwall College
2,037 Christophe GagneUniversity of Cambridge
2,036 Andrew KilmisterOxford Brookes University
2,035 Hank Roberts
2,034 Martin LambUniv of LeedsI'm strongly against the closure of the Crewe campus
2,033 Debbie JedwabMiddlesex University LondonShow some respect please for hardworking staff and realise that these life-changing decisions affect whole families
2,032 Philip LangleyUniversity of Hull
2,031 William CardBlackburn College
2,030 Matt ClementUniversity of Winchester Education for the many not the few means no redundancies in HE or FE. Scotland shows lecturers can win demands by striking together. Solidarity from Winchester UCU
2,029 Peter ScottThe University of Manchester
2,028 Peter TaylorThe University of Manchester
2,027 Hardy SchwammUniversity of Lancaster
2,026 Mario OrsiUniversity of the West of England (UWE)
2,025 mike kirkmanAston UniversityManagement will save themselves an awful lot of bother if they work with the recognised trades unions to avoid compulsory redundancies. I an organisation as large as MMU this should be achievable if there is a will on management's part. MMU management would do well to remember that staff are an institution's most valuable asset. Sit w=down r=with the trades unions and agree a way forward!
2,024 Michael AielloLiverpool John Moores University (LJMU)
2,023 Helen BakerEdge Hill University
2,022 Nick HeffernanThe University of Nottingham
2,021 Irene SotiropoulouCoventry University
2,020 Steven LucasLiverpool Hope University
2,019 Justin EdwardsUniversity of Stirling
2,018 Rose Harris-BirtillUniversity of St Andrews
2,017 Helen NolanCentral College NottinghamGood luck
2,016 Niklas VallströmUniversity of Sunderland
2,015 Mel Bach
2,014 Berenika PlusaThe University of Manchester
2,013 Caroline LeeBirmingham City University (BCU)
2,012 Jethro ShellDe Montfort University (DMU)
2,011 James RannUniversity of Birmingham
2,009 Clair SharpeUniversity of Liverpool
2,008 Kuldeep SinghUniversity of Hertfordshire
2,007 Claudia WulffUniversity of Surrey
2,006 Brendan McCuskerBrockenhurst College
2,005 James GodfreyBirkbeck College, University of London
2,004 Laura ConnellyUniversity of Salford
2,003 Elaine HarknessThe University of Manchester
2,002 Finbarr HayesThe University of Manchester
2,001 Hasan YesilkayaUniversity of Leicester
2,000 Fred Lindopretired - Greenwich Univ
1,999 Conrad JamesUniversity of Birmingham
1,998 cadence kinseyUniversity of York
1,997 Charlie McGuireTeesside University
1,996 Claire TaylorUniversity of Nottingham
1,995 David MiddletonThe Open UniversityAre these cuts necessary to balance the books or just management building up reserves?
1,994 Andrew BaronUniversity of Central Lancashire (UCLan)No to austerity at Man Met!!!!
1,993 Angie DalyLiverpool John Moores University (LJMU)
1,992 Bart CraenenUniversity of Glasgow
1,991 Richard AnafiBlackburn College
1,990 Ben PorterEdge Hill UniversityBest wishes to all affected at MMU.
1,989 Katherine HinchliffeThe University of Manchester
1,988 Sharon HutchinsonUnite- Salford
1,987 Tiernan GraberBlackpool and Fylde College
1,986 Lucy SuchmanUniversity of Lancaster
1,985 Jeanette FindlayUniversity of Glasgow
1,984 Emily SpiersLancaster University
1,983 Lois GaleThe University of Manchester
1,982 Maureen ButtleBury College
1,981 Julien Landel
1,980 darren mccabeUniversity of Lancaster
1,979 Cathy GelbinThe University of Manchester
1,978 Vincenzo BavosoSchool of Law, University of Manchester
1,977 Nathan ErskineUniversity of Cumbria
1,976 Hal GladfelderThe University of Manchester Compulsory redundancies signal the failure of an institution's senior management team, and are a disservice to students who deserve the best teachers.
1,975 Glyn HeathUniveristy of SalfordMMU one of many Universities dismissing staff through redundancy and intensifying the work load for those who remain. The education sector has high levels of work related stress, which is a Health & Safety issue. Meanwhile employers continue increasing the pay and numbers of managers.. MMU Branch UCU, continue the struggle to prevent these redundancies. National UCU should "Grey List" MMU now.
1,974 Constantinos DemonacosThe University of Manchester, Division of Pharmacy and Optometry
1,973 Alexander GunzAMBS
1,972 Celeste-Marie BernierUniversity of Edinburgh There should be no compulsory redundancies of any kind.
1,971 Ruben Peinado-AbarrioThe University of Manchester
1,970 Maria Pampaka
1,969 Ian CrockerUniversity of Manchester
1,968 Tracey HooperUniversity of Bristol
1,967 Barbara LebrunThe University of Manchester
1,966 Kathryn Telling University of Manchester
1,965 Stuart CampbellThe University of Manchester
1,964 Eithne QuinnThe University of Manchester
1,963 Rachael PowellThe University of Manchester
1,962 Robert SpencerThe University of Manchester
1,961 Debbie Hall
1,960 Eleanor CasellaThe University of Manchester
1,959 Alison SealeyUniversity of Lancaster
1,958 Julie LarsenUniversity of Edinburgh
1,957 Kirsty Priestley
1,956 Xaroula Kerasidou
1,955 Nils Markusson
1,954 Judith AnsteeUniversity of Lancaster
1,953 Michael HobsonSt Mary's University, Twickenham
1,952 Kyran JoughinUniversity of the Arts LondonThese cuts are a shot in the foot for MMU. The University needs to accept ACAS and listen to its Faculty. The political landscape can turn overnight. It is a catastrophically myopic institution that tries to 'read' the 'market'. The Employer's duty is to minimise compulsory redundancy. MMU is reneging on that duty. That will not be forgotten.
1,951 Jon DartLeeds Beckett University
1,950 Dermot O'ReillyUniversity of Lancaster
1,949 Patricia BurgessEdge Hill University
1,948 Christopher DonaldsonLancaster University
1,947 Jacob PhelpsUniversity of Lancaster
1,946 Ian Fletcher University of Lancaster
1,945 Daniel McCullochOpen University (OU)
1,944 Diane FrostUniversity of Liverpool
1,943 Ruth Davison-SteyertGrimsby Institute of FHEAs an alumnus of MMU and the Crewe and Alsager Faculty (as was) I fully support this petition.
1,942 Mike RobertsKingston University
1,941 Paul SeagerUniversity of Central Lancashire
1,940 Ashley WoodwardUniversity of Dundee
1,939 Raphael HoermannUniversity of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
1,938 Vincent Morley Hughbaird College The rot has to stop
1,937 Chris Lloyd MillsNottingham Trent University (NTU)
1,936 Barbara HarringtonNorthumbria UniversityI think it is disgusting what university's are doing in terms of getting rid of valued members of staff for short-sighted aims of giving vast amounts of money to a few managers at the tops of institutions. They should be working with recognised trade unions to avoid compulsory redundancies.
1,935 Amanda Seims
1,934 Peter GriffinUniversity of Cambridge
1,933 Lily MarrinanThe University of Manchester
1,932 Susannah O'SullivanUniversity of Leicester
1,931 Nimisha Patel University of Bristol
1,930 Dr Rajesh PatelManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)The university needs to take a stand and show the potential of HE rather than caving in to managerialist culture.
1,929 Juliette Taylor-BattyLeeds Trinity University
1,928 Rosalind MasonFive Acres School Ambrosden
1,927 Christiana TsaousiUniversity of Leicester
1,926 Amanda EarleyUniversity of Leicester
1,925 Alan BevingtonUniversity of Leicester
1,924 Dan TurtonManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,923 Paula Serafini
1,922 Felicity JamesUniversity of Leicester Please think again about closing this valuable resource
1,921 Laura Jackson
1,920 Amee YostrakulUniversity of Leicester
1,919 Georgios PatsiaourasUniversity of Leicester
1,918 Maddalena TacchettiUniversity of Leicester
1,917 Daniel Gibbon Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)They have worked so hard to try make this work and it's really not their fault
1,916 Lise Frances
1,915 Gabriel VargheseUniversity of Exeter
1,914 Kate LovemanUniversity of Leicester
1,913 Rosemary MitchellLeeds Trinity University
1,912 Eda UlusUniversity of Leicester
1,911 Jacqueline Sanchez Taylor University of Leicester
1,910 Emilio TuostoUniversity of Leicester
1,909 Steven BrownUniversity of Leicester
1,908 Ross WilsonUniversity of Cambridge
1,907 Patrick WhiteUniversity of Leicester
1,906 Alexander BaranovUniversity of Leicester
1,905 Doris EikhofUniversity of Leicester
1,904 Jeremy LevesleyUniversity of Leicester This drift in the sector to managerialism must be resisted.
1,903 John WilliamsUniversity of Leicester We must protect academic jobs. Shame on you, Manchester!
1,902 Lesley WylieUniversity of Leicester
1,901 Bob CarterUniversity of Leicester
1,900 Pascale Lorberuniversity of leicester
1,899 Andrew HopperUniversity of Leicester
1,898 Simon LilleyUniversity of Leicester
1,897 Andrew DunnUniversity of Leicester
1,896 Andreas AnastasiouUniversity of Leicester
1,895 Mike Mulheran University of Leicester The plague of redundancies in HE spreads to MMU - Innoculate now and stop the rot
1,894 Jo BrewisUniversity of Leicester
1,893 Nikola ChalashkanovUniversity of Leicester
1,892 Ivan TyukinUniversity of Leicester
1,891 Raymond DalgleishUniversity of Leicester
1,890 Phil DukeUniversity of Leicester
1,889 Martin ParkerUniversity of Leicester There is clearly a coordinated campaign by VCs here. Redundancies at MMU, Manchester, Aberystwyth, DMU, Coming soon to somewhere near you?
1,888 Selina LockUniversity of Leicester
1,887 Simon JamesUniversity of Leicester
1,886 Jermaine LynchAnglia Ruskin University (ARU)
1,885 Peter AngellHigher education is extremely valuable and we need to protect it.
1,884 Natasha Martono
1,883 Catherine Smith
1,882 Michael CrickWythenshawe Hospital
1,881 Konstantinos ZervasLeeds Trinity University
1,880 Emma Wigham
1,879 Jo LordBrighton
1,878 Rebeccca JohnsonUniversity of South Wales
1,877 Helen Campbell
1,876 steveland minta
1,875 Phil Tyler
1,874 Lou SpiersThe University of Northampton
1,873 Anna VaughanUniversity of Salford
1,872 Karen VeitchUniversity of Edinburgh
1,871 Marta Dzik
1,870 Olivia AtkinsonManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,869 Alexandros Anesiadis
1,868 neil johnson
1,867 Mark Wainwright
1,866 Peter BrewisField Music Ltd
1,865 Rasmus Thedin
1,864 Matthew LightboundThinkSpace EducationA dramatic closure such as this can only be blamed on miss management, making the staff and researching bodies pay for higher management mistakes is unacceptable. I want to be proud of being a graduate of this institution, but I will not be if MMU continues on this line of action.
1,863 Vinnie Wainwright
1,862 Dr Adam SalesUniversity of Bristol
1,861 Scott WilesI am a student who graduated from this university and am shocked by the treatment given to an astounding and brilliant lecturer! Pete helped myself and others develop in both our performance and writing abilities as musicians and should be credited for the fantastic work he had done at the university!! I hope that the same is not happening to many of the other excellent lecturers at the university
1,860 Rob SavageTyne & Wear
1,859 Darryl ProctorManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,858 Kate Jackson-Moss
1,857 Sinead Wilson Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,856 Giles Barrett
1,855 Elaine WilkinsonNatural wastage is always a better option, alongside with working with recognised Trade Unions.
1,854 Daisy Hudson
1,853 Paul DibleyOxford Brookes University
1,852 Rob Gray
1,851 Sophie WoodManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,850 Charlotte Frost
1,849 Christianne Ormston
1,848 Michal William
1,847 Maria CowalskyManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,846 Peter BowersStaffordshire
1,845 Marcelina Sawicka
1,844 Trevor McCabe Cardiff
1,843 Sean PriceCGI
1,842 Karen EvansUniversity of Liverpool
1,841 Stephen HylandLeeds Libraries
1,840 Paula Mccann
1,839 Dave MurituSandwell College of FHE
1,838 Sakina Shulver
1,837 Stewart Moffat
1,836 Adam LeaverUoM
1,835 Janay WyardManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,834 Klaus KruseFalmouth University
1,833 Gráinne Curzon Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,832 Kjersti Dahle
1,831 Kirstie PatonGreenwich NUT We should be investing in education not cutting back.strike to save jobs and courses.
1,830 Rhianna McPartlandManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,829 Dan BoydPlease reconsider this ill-advised action.
1,828 Melanie Barnes
1,827 Elliott RochCREWE
1,826 Daniel Clegg-Hughes
1,825 Clare Mullady
1,824 Elena Boschi
1,823 Elena BoschiEdge Hill University
1,822 Dominic BurgessManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,821 Graeme Jamieson
1,820 Aaron FogartyManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)All the staff at MMU Cheshire have been absolutely fantastic and they deserve every possible measure be taken to ensure they aren't thrown aside.
1,819 Alan Morrison Do the right thing. Don't tarnish your good reputation.
1,818 Irum BiManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,817 Callum AckroydManchester Metropolitan university
1,816 Paul Knox City of Sunderland College
1,815 Anna Atkinson
1,814 Meriel MurraySheffield Hallam University
1,813 Emma JacksonGoldsmiths, University of London
1,812 Nick KempNewcastle University
1,811 Carol WalshHome worker
1,810 Matt WeaverNewcastle University
1,809 Irene Revell
1,808 Suzanne AllottIt makes no sense to lose highly skilled, highly rated and popular staff.
1,807 David Watson
1,806 Phil DysonKing's College London (KCL)
1,805 Danielle WilsherManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,804 Pat ParslowUniversity of Reading
1,803 eric ho--
1,802 Heidi Henders
1,801 Rebecca BillingtonUniversity of Salford
1,800 Paul HollinsUniversity of Bolton
1,799 Kevin Hickson Crewe Town Council
1,798 Lewis CoxManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)I studied for three years at MMU on the Crewe campus and if it wasn't for the lecturers I had there are somewhat responsible for moulding me into who I am. It is a great shame to see them be made redundant like this. I expected better from such a good University.
1,797 Lisa Platt
1,796 Bruce BakerNewcastle UniversityThe management of Manchester University have a very cynical view of how a university works. I am sure the University -- which is the faculty and the students, not the management, whose job is only to facilitate the academic work of the University -- will come together and prevail and hopefully send some of them packing for the jobs in the business world they really want, or the Job Centre.
1,795 Lewis GledhillManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,794 Katie BossonManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,793 Natalie SutcliffeManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,792 Sukraj ShergillMMUCWhat's a uni experience without teachers?? Give all the money you'd like but you won't be able to successfully provide me with a good uni experience without our amazing teachers
1,791 Christopher OldfieldManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,790 Catriona Maccallum N-a
1,789 Ruby RamfulKent Adult Education Service
1,788 Jenna Bannister
1,787 Joe DuffyManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,786 Alfred Daval
1,785 Ian Evans
1,784 Grant Jones
1,783 Michaela Griffin
1,782 Maureen Henderson Do the right thing and look after your talented staff.
1,781 Alex LancasterUniversity of Liverpool
1,780 Katherine CooperUniversity of East Anglia (UEA)
1,779 Jan Millington
1,778 Alec MacHenryMwstardI am disgusted at this behaviour. My daughter was considering coming to MMU next year. We are having to re-think this.
1,777 Venetia Anastasakou Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,776 Leanne Green
1,775 Claire EllisKing's College London (KCL)
1,773 Joe ReadManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,772 Marti Gama
1,771 David WalshFormission College
1,770 Jessie FleischhackManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,769 Emlyn JonesNHS England
1,768 Jon ColeStaffordshire University
1,767 Ian Evans
1,766 Kieran Thompson
1,765 Martin Hastie
1,764 Barbara Cohen
1,763 Alex BellManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,762 Aaron Batley
1,761 Julie SpellmanUniversity of Manchester
1,760 Lisa O'Shea
1,759 Jessica BarnesManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,758 George DarrallManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,757 Amelia Yeates
1,756 Saskia Cox
1,755 stewart collinsonLincolnshire
1,754 Elaine Craig Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)Redeploy or offer decent voluntary redundancies. The staff experience is a critical part of the student experience! Cannot believe how callously the campus closure has been dealt with.
1,753 Christine White
1,752 Rob HuntStaffordshire University
1,751 Rose Cheesman Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU)
1,750 Cassie Agbehenu
1,749 Emily GobbettBangor UniversityI am transferring to MMU and would greatly appreciate all the lecturers being there and so would the remaining students
1,748 Tracey MckeownBlackburn
1,747 Mary de SoissonsThe public needs good, experienced teachers and researchers. These need to be paid and given proper job security - for the benefit of students, this country's future wealth creators.
1,746 Damien JarvisUniversity of Sussex
1,745 Andrew OdeonUnivetsity
1,744 Chris Phillips
1,743 Sarah BottomleyManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,742 Emily ParvinManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,741 Piyush PushkarThe University of Manchester This is affecting admin staff as well as faculty. I am hearing of redundancies being made in office staff while workloads increase for the remaining staff, leading to burnout and (in some cases) people having to take time off due to stress. Bad for the staff, bad for the university.
1,740 Adam PottsNewcastle University
1,739 Kwong Lee
1,738 Darryl Lonsbrough Coleg Llandrillo
1,737 Louis GilbertMMU
1,736 Jonathan GIbson
1,735 Kevin WallMiddlesbrough
1,734 Alexandra BirchallManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,733 Heather VickersWest Yorkshire
1,732 Nathan GriffinDurham University
1,731 Linda PittwoodThe University of Nottingham
1,730 ALISTAIR MACDONALDFreelance (recent MMU postgraduate)
1,729 Rachel Walker
1,728 Kyle Brook
1,727 Jennifer HaywoodGreater Manchester
1,726 Patricia Henderson
1,725 Cassie EarlUniversity of Bristol So typical of MMU, solidarity with those effected, they're not the first and won't be the last. We need to organise around the massive job losses taking place in HE.
1,724 Vic Conway
1,723 Adam DeakinUniversity of Huddersfield
1,722 Keri Morgan
1,721 Kyle BarnettBellarmine University
1,720 gary edgar
1,719 Cheryl Thomas
1,718 Stephen Bray
1,717 Graham WalesVirgin Money Plc
1,716 Liam Faulkner
1,715 Lee JonesThread Recordings / Unicorn Grocery
1,714 Jack CottonLiverpool Hope University
1,713 Kirsty LohmanUniversity of Surrey
1,712 Emma ShortNewcastle University
1,711 Mick SharpNewcastle University
1,710 Matt Kassell Furness College