No compulsory redundancies at Manchester Metropolitan University

 Closure of Manchester Metropolitan University Cheshire campus

We call on Manchester Metropolitan University following its decision to close the Cheshire campus to commit to no compulsory redundancies and to achieve this by working with the recognised trade unions.

No compulsory redundancies at Manchester Metropolitan University

We call on Manchester Metropolitan University to commit to no compulsory redundancies and to achieve this by working with the recognised trade unions.


1,097 signatures

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1,097 Dr Steve HansonMMU / Salford / Bradford
1,096 Catherine McDermottManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,095 Rebecca KennedyManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,094 Michael ReeveLeeds Beckett University
1,093 Andy SmithUniversity of Sheffield
1,092 Claire NallyNorthumbria University
1,091 Bill Hughes
1,090 Helen DarbyNew Mills
1,089 Sarah Miller
1,088 Kim HutsonManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,087 David McWilliam
1,086 Carolyn PowellMMU is damaging its academic status and excellent reputation as an educational institution. Without these staff, their specialist input and the popularity of their courses with students, it would be a seriously impoverished environment in educational and human terms.
1,085 Rachael TaylorEducation is not a commodity.
1,084 Anna WoodGoldsmiths, University of London
1,083 Chris DanielsManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,082 Helen East
1,081 Jane Purcell Open University (OU)
1,080 Susan FoxManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,079 Jane McIver
1,078 Basil GlynnMiddlesex University
1,077 Caroline Platt
1,076 Dawn HoldmanMMU Crewe staff deserve better than this. Compulsory redundancies are never the way.
1,075 Scott ThurstonUniversity of Salford
1,074 Jane McNultyUniversity of Salford
1,073 Rachel Broady
1,072 Ryan GroomManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,071 Victoria DoxatSouth Downs College
1,070 Colin NolanCentral College Nottingham (CCN)I did my MA (Industrial Relations and Labour Law) at MMU while working f/t at Manchester City Council Housing Dept and being a leading union rep. The academic and support staff were brilliant. Unfortunately, this university is now becoming notorious for its hostile attitude to unions.
1,069 Maxwell BarnishThe University of Aberdeen
1,068 Gary HazeldineBirmingham City University (BCU)
1,067 Julia CharltonNorthumbria University
1,066 Katherine HarrisonUniversity of Chester
1,065 Jill MarsdenThe University of Bolton
1,064 Hilary Partridge Open University (OU)
1,063 David ClancyUniversity of Huddersfield
1,062 Barbara BellManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)There has been an appalling lack of vision, leadership and management of this change process - compulsory redundancies are not the answer. MMU is damaging its reputation with partners, students and potential students in its handling of this closure.
1,061 Alberto Testa
1,060 Jack Winter
1,059 Julia BennettDurham University
1,058 James SchummThe University of Manchester
1,057 Molly GeidelThe University of Manchester
1,056 Leo McCannThe University of Manchester
1,055 Cheryl Capek The University of Manchester
1,054 Pierre FullerThe University of Manchester
1,053 Alexander SamelyThe University of Manchester
1,052 Alison HamiltonThe University of Manchester
1,051 Anke BernauUniversity of Manchester
1,050 Chika Watanabe
1,049 Maggy FostierThe University of Manchester
1,048 Douglas FieldThe University of Manchester
1,047 Rachel PowildThe University of Manchester
1,046 Jamie DoucetteThe University of Manchester
1,045 Kath HendersonThe University of Manchester
1,044 Hugo RickettsThe University of Manchester
1,043 Paul BennettUniversity of Manchester (retired)
1,042 Mark StoneThe University of Manchester
1,041 Alena Vencovska
1,040 Iain DeasThe University of Manchester
1,039 David CartwrightThe University of Manchester
1,038 Louise SethiThe University of Manchester
1,037 neil mackenzieManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,036 Richie NimmoEngland
1,035 Denise FarranManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
1,034 John LathamThe University of Manchester
1,033 Carl ClareLeeds Beckett University
1,032 John Rigby
1,031 Max Jones
1,030 Dr C J AshworthManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)It is vital to fight against further cuts which damage the depth, integrity and excellence provided in higher education.
1,029 Eleanor CasellaThe University of Manchester
1,028 David BrownManchester University
1,027 Sonja AndrewThe University of Manchester
1,026 Andrew HowesThe University of Manchester
1,025 Jane CapleThe University of Manchester
1,024 Ruth WoodThe University of Manchester
1,023 Una BarrLiverpool John Moores University (LJMU)
1,022 Samuel LlanoThe University of Manchester
1,021 Owen StewartThe University of Manchester Compulsory redundancies are simply not necessary. Management should value staff.
1,020 Mary BegleyUniversity of ManchesterFairness and equality for all! No compulsory redundancies.
1,019 Kiera BartlettThe University of Manchester
1,018 Laura SwiftThe University of Manchester
1,017 Clare MumfordThe University of Manchester
1,016 Stefania MarinoThe University of Manchester
1,015 Louise MillerThe University of Manchester
1,014 D Phipps
1,013 Theresa TengThe University of Manchester
1,012 Aubrey ScullyThe University of Manchester
1,011 Adrine Woodham
1,010 Roseanne McNameeUniversity of Manchester (emeritus)
1,009 Richard WhalleyThe University of Manchester
1,008 Naomi Billingsley
1,007 Sarah CotterillThe University of Manchester
1,006 Linda IrishThe University of Manchester
1,005 Gillian UlphThe University of Manchester
1,004 Frank HoganThe University of Manchester
1,003 Jennet GummadovaThe University of Manchester
1,002 Oscar de BruijnThe University of Manchester
1,001 Andrew MurrayThe University of Manchester
1,000 Adel NasserThe University of Manchester Stand Strong, you have our support and support of any hardworking people.
999 M BeharU o Manchester
998 Nigel HodsonThe University of Manchester
997 Rick KruzeUniversity of Manchester
996 Mat JohnsonThe University of Manchester
995 Alan JonesManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
994 claudia conerney Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
993 Barbara ThompsonUniversity of Chichester
992 Liam McCannUniversity of Lincoln
991 Naomi FoyleUniversity of Chichester
990 Hugh DunkerleyUniversity of Chichester
989 Martyn ColesIMD Ltd., Crewe
988 Chris MachellUniversity of Chichester
987 Samuel BaezaUniversity of Chichester
986 Daniel HuttoUniversity of Wollongong
985 Juliette FerryPhD student France
984 Barbara EichnerOxford Brookes UniversityColleagues at the Cheshire Campus are doing excellent work, and even if that campus has to be closed, they should be able to continue their work with MMU.
983 Kathleen O'NeillUniversity of Chichester
982 Paul KleimanCiel Associates / Middlesex University
981 Wendy SealyUniversity of Chichester
980 Daniel ElphickRoyal Holloway, University of London (RHUL)
979 Richard WallaceKeele
978 Sue MillerLeeds Beckett University
977 kevin stannardUniversity of Wolverhampton
976 Jon HirstThe Open University
975 Rachel CowgillUniversity of Huddersfield
974 David Websterretired from MMU CheshireShow solidarity; it could be you next.
973 Susan ColesCrewe
972 Deirdre HynesManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
971 Lesley TurnerWarwickshire College GroupJobs are important, please respect your employees.
970 Richard EskinsManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
969 James RichardsHeriot–Watt UniversityMMU management - do the right thing and work with the TUs to make sure the impact of what's happening in Crewe in kept to an absolute minimum.
968 Lauren AffleckUniversity of Glasgow
967 Stephen WhittleManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
966 Jonathan Sinclair University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
965 Peter CuthbertFormer MMU CheshireAfter years of under investment and neglect a policy of no redundancy is the least the MMU chiefs can do.
964 Russell CaplanLondon South Bank University (LSBU)We need to stand together in solidarity and support for national action to stop this vandalisation of Higher Education by the so called leaders of the sector. These people wreak havoc on Higher Education because they can, and reap their rewards for doing it. It is time to put a halt to these wreckers for the sake of the future.
963 Geoff BrightManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)I shall vote yes, and will take whatever action us required in accordance with the principles of solidarity that I learned as a child growing up in the coalfields to support my fellow workers
962 Katherine CuthbertRetired
961 John PiperRetired Loyal staff who are not to blame for their situation deserve to be treated with respect and humanity. Presumably very senior staff have performance targets, and reducing the salary bill, at whatever cost to individuals and their families, will garner an even greater pay rise than usual. Shame!
960 Aya Homei
959 Lisa GoldManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
958 Stewart FraserNew College Swindon
957 Judith WattsKingston UniversitySo short sighted of management
956 Sue McPhersonSheffield Hallam University
955 Martina ReynoldsBrunel University
954 David PottsUniversity of Bradford
953 Renee PrendergastQueen's university Belfast
952 Carol ReaUniversity of Lincoln
951 Rob CrowtherUnacceptable with close to £400 million in the bank!
950 Mike SearbyKingston University
949 Joe MorrisonQueen's University of Belfast (QUB)
948 Sophie Smailes
947 William WestThe University of Manchester
946 Carolyn DeanThe University of Manchester
945 Julie RyanManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)The cost: “Even a single experience of redundancy can lead to depressed trust and ... less willingness to trust others even after they got another job ... this (also) has important implications for society as a whole as trust can have significant benefits, from health and happiness, to social cohesion, efficient democratic governance and economic development.” Research study James Laurence, 2015
944 Adel NasserThe University of Manchester I strongly support the strong stand of our colleagues in MMU against closing Crewe campus.
943 Phil ReedThe University of Manchester
942 Phil O'BrienThe University of Manchester
941 Diane RobertsThe University of Manchester MMU Crewe provides a more localised opportunity for HE in the area and supports multiple jobs in an environment where they are increasingly hard to come by. Not only the academic jobs but also the support staff and the peripheral facilities servicing the student residential developments completed not many years ago. These are important for both the university and the surrounding area.
940 Howard BondThe University of Manchester
939 James GrahamThe University of Manchester
938 Lise ElliottThe University of Manchester Compulsory redundancy is always avoidable. Please work with the TUs.
937 Susan HoganUnviersity of Manchester
936 Martine StoreyThe University of Manchester The threat of compulsory redundancy is totally avoidable at MMU. Work with the unions and treat your staff with the respect and commitment they deserve.
935 Ben SpencerThe University of Manchester
934 Michele AbendsternThe University of Manchester
933 Tracy EptonThe University of Manchester
932 Jon Las HerasThe University of Manchester Keep up the fight!
931 Edward GavanThe University of Manchester Please reintroduce the closed shop and the principle of one out all out. Good luck, hope you win.
930 Mark WhidbyUniversity of ManchesterHaving been threatened with compulsory redundancy myself I understand how demoralising this can be for years to come. This is a despicable action to threaten loyal staff with.
929 Lucinda MayThe University of Manchester
928 Geoff WilliamsUniversity College London (UCL)
927 Neil James DouglasManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)The threat of compulsory redundancy is totally avoidable always in H.E. If the employer offers decent severance/early retirement packages, carries out matching on a flexible basis against new posts, etc. What MMU management are saying by deliberately increasing the job requirements to make matching against new posts impossible is we chose to use compulsory refundancy to change culture. Wicked!
926 Catherine LawsUniversity of York
925 Maria Llibert Mendez de VigoArnauEdinburgh Univesity
924 Janet FarrarGreater Manchester
923 Laura FormanUniversity of Bristol Stop this closure and work collaboratively with Unions to find a positive inclusive way forward. Please don't bring about compulsory redundancies.
922 Craig wilkinson
921 Phil Markham
920 Dylan FutterUniversity of the Witwatersrand
919 Anne CroninUniversity of Lancaster
918 Dennis LeechUniversity of Warwick
917 Laura MoralesUniversity of Leicester
916 Ruth ShepherdManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
915 Colin WaughWembley
914 Owen ParkerUniversity of Sheffield
913 Susan FitzpatrickYork St John University
912 Chris Brunsdon Maynooth University
911 alan LaffertyLondon Metropolitan University retired
910 david baggaleyManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)I am concerned that the MMU Cheshire campus will be running on 'skeleton crew' over the course of its closure. Although the closure of the campus itself cannot be disputed with the likes of the students, the sacking of highly qualified and experienced lecturers (some of over twenty years) can. Please take this petition seriously as staffing levels are a major concern for many of us.
909 Thomas AllmerUniversity of Stirling
908 Carole JonesUniversity of Edinburgh
907 Miriam GillVaughan Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of LeicesterThe support of colleagues from across the UK and the globe meant so much as the future of our Adult Education work was 'consulted on' and then confirmed for 'disestablishment'. I want to be in solidarity with our colleagues in a sector in which 'strategic management' is prioritised over students and social good.
906 Vasiliki FilippakopoulouEm. Professor of NYUA
905 William OuthwaiteEmeritus professor of Sociology, Newcastle University
904 Hugo GorringeUniversity of Edinburgh
903 Jerry GoodenoughUniversity of East Anglia (UEA)
902 ralph timmsunderland college
901 Patrick AinleyUniversity of Greenwich Business School
900 Kate HardyThe University of Leeds
899 Michael CostenBristol University
898 John O'NeillThe University of Manchester
897 georgina housleyManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
896 Helen MayallManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
895 Irina BiktashevaThe MMU has to find another, sustainable route to deal with temporal difficulties without compulsory redundancies. And the best way to achieve the sustainable development for the University would be by working with the recognised trade unions.
894 Gary AndersonLiverpool Hope UniversityLift the idle threat of compulsory redundancies and get round the table! You're not fooling anyone!
893 Barnaby HaranUniversity of Hull
892 Catherine O'BrienKingston University
891 Dave LangcasterHull CollegeMembers at Hull College are shocked and saddened to hear that yet another University is attacking the jobs of our members as a consequence of the continued marketization of education. Having been through 6 rounds of redundancy in the last 5 years, Hull College UCU fully understands your plight and wholeheartedly supports your action. An injury to one is an injury to all! In Solidarity
890 Paul BrookUniversity of Leicester (Co-Secretary UCU)
889 Tracey HillBath Spa University, UCU Branch chair
888 Michael CoatesManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
887 Oula KadhumLondon
886 Luke YatesThe University of Manchester
885 Joseph BurridgeUniversity of Portsmouth
884 Julia WellandUniversity of Warwick
883 Pavel GregoricUniversity of Zagreb
882 Jonathan VickeryUniversity of Warwick
881 Line NyhagenLoughborough University
880 Christine VieUniversity of Leicester There is no need to make excellent dedicated staff redundant. Another short sighted appalling decision from an overpaid ruthless University management. Resist! We stand with you.
879 Chris RossdaleLondon School of Economics (LSE)
878 Ben TrubodyWorker's Education Association
877 Lee JonesQueen Mary, University of London (QMUL)
876 L. Elaine Miller
875 Raphael SalkieUniversity of BrightonThe alternative to working with the recognised trade unions to avoid compulsory redundancy is a harmful effect on staff morale and a collapse in good will from staff.
874 Alexander MacKinnonUniversity of Glasgow
873 Andrew ThackerNottingham Trent University (NTU)
872 Ben SpatzUniversity of Huddersfield
871 Keith ReaderUniversity of London Institute in Paris (visiting emeritus)
870 Carol DennisUniversity of Hull
869 Niamh MooreUniversity of Edinburgh
868 Michael PickenUniversity of the West of Scotland
867 Simon MarsdenUniversity of LiverpoolI'm a former staff member at MMU Cheshire and well remember the dedication and professionalism of its staff. They deserve better.
866 Martin McAreaveyUniversity of BoltonFat cats treating universities like factories - it has to stop!
865 Sean SayersUniversity of Kent
864 Rachel HowellUniversity of Edinburgh
863 David HarvieUniversity of Leicester
862 Jo IngoldUniversity of Leeds
861 Balihar SangheraUniversity of Kent
860 Mehmet Ali DikerdemMiddlesex UniversityToday's THE has an article on what we think how universities are run. The sector has been driven for years by so-called market discipline and ruthlessly applied strategies of fear and insecurity. The first reaction in this managerialist iron cage is the threat of redundancy. I am witness to the increased productivity of colleagues who have traded their health and well being for a precarious salar
859 Andreas ZaunsederThe University of Aberdeen
858 Gavin BrownUniversity of Leicester
857 Erin BelUniversity of Lincoln
856 Jane AaronUniversity of South Wales
855 Natalie FentonGoldsmiths, University of London
854 Jamie MelroseUniversity of Bristol
853 Paul CecilUniversity of Brighton
852 Andrew SayerLancaster University
851 alan wardeThe University of Manchester
850 Philip MoriartyUniversity of Nottingham
849 Milly WilliamsonBrunel University
848 Gordon AsherUniversity of West of Scotland
847 Pam LoweAston University
846 Alex Bridger University of Huddersfield
845 Richard HallDe Montfort University (DMU)
844 Elinor TaylorUniversity of Westminster
843 Yaiza HernandezCentral Saint Martins, University of the Arts London
842 G. K. BhambraUniversity of Warwick
841 Emy-Leigh HealeyManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
840 Stephen McCannUniversity of Glasgow Narrow mindedness and knee-jerk reactions from senior management faced with a crisis that they have probably caused. As usual its the staff that pays while the senior managers pay thousands to consultants to make this all disappear.
839 Jonas IvarssonUniversity of Gothenburg
838 Michael LynchCornell UniversityMMU has been an extremely important institution for me, particularly the Departments of Philosophy and Sociology, which have hosted numerous professional meetings (such as the Mind and Society meetings) I have attended over the past 30 years. The threatened compulsory redundancies would diminish the quality of MMU and its international reputation.
837 Douglas MacbethOhio State UniversityThe University is a site of deep institutional wisdom. It is engaged in the induction of the next generation. It is not a retail outlet. Historically, university administrations, drawn from the faculty as they were, shared the history, the vision and the appointment. Something very destructive is happening at MMU; MMU is becoming an institution that is debasing its own wisdom.
836 Bahar BaserCoventry University
835 Andrea ChristofidouUniversity of Oxford
834 Ronald Spensley11 Meadow Rise, Wadworth, Doncaster, DN11 9APA policy of compulsory redundancies would harm not only the people who lost their jobs but also the Institution which operated such a policy since it would lose its reputation in this country and abroad for good teaching and research.
833 Margaret Spensley3 Spring Vale, Reeds Brow, Rainford, St Helens, Merseyside, WA11 8PB Before taking any action which could result in a huge loss of teaching and research expertise, the University should first discuss these matters with the lecturers' professional organisations to find a way of redeploying staff and avoiding compulsory redundancies.
832 Judith RamsayManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
831 Sam RobertsonPlymouth College of Art
830 Rona Thornton
829 Laura Coombs
828 Rowen GriephanPlymouth College of Art
827 Rosaunte SolomonManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
826 Conor GeorgiouUniversity of York
825 Amy AllenManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
824 Seosamh RankinManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)We have been told as students that our student experience would be paramount, obviously that is not the case if they're firing lecturers for no reason.
823 Steven TaylorManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
822 Clara Griephan-Culshaw Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
821 Alison PritchardOxfamMalcolm Press is a disgrace. Simple as that. He should be the only redundancy.
820 Leon Sealey-HugginsUniveristy of Warwick
819 Maria JimenezUned. Spain
818 Michael LewisNewcastle University
817 Janet BujraUniversity of Bradford Threats of compulsory redundancies are now coming thick and fast, so we have to stand up and be counted.
816 Ajay ChandraUniversity of Warwick
815 Lisa TilleyUniversity of Warwick
814 Ray BushUniversity of Leeds
813 Marijn NieuwenhuisUniversity of Warwick
812 James McDougallUniversity of Oxford
811 Dalia MostafaThe University of Manchester
810 Toni HaastrupUniversity of Kent
809 Nicola PrattUniversity of Warwick
808 Fenella Porter
807 Andrew Brockbank
806 Eric LeeLabourStartSolidarity forever!
805 John Gillies
804 Leon CulbertsonEdge Hill University
803 Justin BonusFontys University, the Netherlands
802 David TeiraUNED
801 Sita BalaniKing's College London (KCL)
800 Wendy TaylorUniversity of St Andrews
799 Diane Bush
798 Bernard HowardSOAS Universtiy of LondonTory Government cuts again, yet its ok for them to waste money on the high speed rail link which will only shorten journey times by a 20 minutes, ok to renew trident at a cost of billions, ok to wage war in the middle east at a cost of billions ongoing, ok to keep giving foreign aid to countries like India and Pakistan which both have wasted money getting the atom bomb, and space program.
797 Patricia VallelyBelfast Metropolitan College
796 Farzana Qureshi-WhitfieldSOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
795 Peta BulmerUniversity of Liverpool This is outrageous. MMU please reconsider!
794 Kalle Jarvinen
793 Eliane Vicente TsarouhisSOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
792 Tanya WilliamsonUniversity of Lancaster Support public higher education! Privatisation is on Manchester's doorstep with 'Football University'.
791 Larry Brown
790 Christopher BirtDepartment of Public Health and Policy
789 Lisa McNulty
788 Carmine Ventre
787 Jessie CooperUniversity of Liverpool
786 Ciara KieransThe University of Liverpool
785 Andrew NewshamSOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)I would strongly encourage management to explore more creative ways of dealing with the implications of closing the Cheshire campus.
784 Charles CaudellSOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
783 Bernd BuldtIndiana U-Purdue U Fort Wayne (IPFW)I sign to express my grave concern about what seem to be shortsighted decisions that might please misguided administrators with a myopic views of their role and responsibilities but harm students and their educational opportunities. We need to invest more in their futures, not less!
782 Nancy EvansUniversity of Liverpool
781 Conrad Moriarty-ColeGoldsmiths, University of LondonThis is not an isolated case and symptomatic of the current climate in HE (cf. Goldsmiths and Canterbury). No to compulsory redundances!
780 Claudia LappingUniversity College London (UCL)
779 Esther SayersGoldsmiths, University of London
778 Stuart HanscombUniversity of Glasgow
777 Shema TariqUniversity College London (UCL)Very concerned and saddened to hear about this. I have worked with the philosophy team at the Cheshire campus and have found them to be truly innovative in their interdisciplinarity. Their contributions to clinical research are vitally important.
776 Arabella FisherOpen University (OU)
775 Stefanie DoeblerUniversity of Liverpool
774 Conor McHughUniversity of Southampton
773 Sheryl ClarkGoldsmiths, University of LondonThis is a clear example of indiscriminate redundancies based on little planning or communication with staff that needs halting.
772 Peter DuncanPhilosophy staff at MMU Cheshire have a deservedly high reputation, in my direct experience. (And I am sure other staff there do as well.) They should not be facing compulsory redundancy.
771 Sarah Aldred
770 Ernst WolffUniversity of Pretoria, South Africa
769 Sam FilerTeacher, former MMU student
768 Marco Angel universidad autónoma de Querétaro
767 Laura Clark
766 Daniel BurkeMurdoch University
765 Kyle GleadellMurdoch University
764 Thomas SzantoUniversity of Copenhagen
763 Jennifer McSheraUWA
762 Tom McKinnellNhs
761 Véronique Pin-FatThe University of Manchester
760 Paul JonesUniversity of Liverpool
759 Ciaran Summerton
758 Mark JenningsAustralia
757 chris grantindependent researcher, australia
756 Lubica UcnikMurdoch University
755 Hazel Marsh
754 Ben JonesUniversity of East Anglia (UEA)
753 Kate Bennett
752 Floriana GrassoUniversity of Liverpool
751 Noriko Iwasaki
750 Jenny Van HooffManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
749 Will McGowan
748 Dirk KindermannUniversity of Graz
747 Malcolm CareyUniversity of ChesterAppalling economically deterministic and target fetish led management from another bully boy VC at a neo-liberal University. Forget the staff or local community unless it helps sell the product in reports or a league table. Hoping SMT grow a conscious and save the good people from redundancy.
746 Richard TruslowINTO Manchester
745 Stephen Littleretiredformerly senior lecturer and subsequenlty external examiner , Manchester Metropolitan University
744 Pedro LoureiroSOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
743 Feyzi Ismail SOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
742 Tim ChattertonUniversity of the West of England (UWE)
741 Ian JonesLoughborough University
740 Jonathan WayUniversity of Southampton
739 Avril PowellSOAS (University of London)
738 Philip GouldingSheffield Hallam University
737 Kenneth FulfordSt Catherine's College, University of OxfordI and my colleagues have worked closely with a number of philosophers from MMU doing important work particularly at the interface between philosophy and policy/practice - the planned redundancies seem at best ill-considered given current shifts towards impact-related criteria of academic excellence for university ratings
736 Rahul RaoSOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
735 Rageshri dhairyawan
734 Luke MartellUniversity of Sussex
733 Carolyn Marcusretired member, Hackney
732 Rebecca RichardsKeele University
731 Peter HickManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
730 Robert TopinkaUniversity of Sussex
729 Jon LanderCivil Servant
728 Dana MillsNYU/ Bard College
727 Alex DennisUniversity of SheffieldI have worked with colleagues and friends at the Crewe campus for a number of years now on a number of collaborative international initiatives. It seems bizarre to me that their jobs are at risk. Are MMU happy to become the institution that fired a bunch of talented and successful people simply because their building was in the wrong place?
726 Stuart WhiteUniversity of Oxford
725 Alan FinlaysonUniversity of East Anglia (UEA)
724 Oliver BondUniversity of Surrey
723 Shreya SinhaSOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
722 Rebecca Roache Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL)
721 Alan SmithUniversity of Leeds
720 Lisa CullenUniversity of Salford
719 Angela HoldenManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
718 Vicky BlakeUniversity of Leeds
717 Rossella FerrariSOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
716 Hassan HakimianSOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
715 Simon Carney
714 Edward fitzsimonsefitppts
713 Min WildUniversity of Plymouth
712 Alun CokerUniversity College London (UCL)
711 Claudia WulffLondon
710 Rachel HeahUniversity of Liverpool
709 Thomas MaroisSOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
708 Andrew Kennedy SoasSolidarity!
707 Liam WrigleyUniversity of Liverpool
706 Lynn HancockUniversity of Liverpool
705 Lucy James
704 Ian CrossonTower Hamlets College
703 Guy Bennett-HunterUniversity of Edinburgh
702 James BrownSOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
701 Marta Agosti SOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
700 Fujiko KobayashiSOAS, University of London
699 Tove OstermanUppsala university
698 Glennie MooreSOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
697 Jonathan GoodhandSOAS
696 Don LeviUniversity of Oregon, emeritusOne of my best experiences as a long-time professor of Philosophy was attending a conference at MMU (Cheshire) that was organized and run by Phil Hutchinson. The collegiality, students, and intellectual atmosphere was second to none, and I am convinced that MMU needs to find a place for Phil, whom I consider to be equal to the best philosophers anywhere.
695 Rachel WilliamsGtechPlease don't allow mmu Cheshire to close it is a campus like no other with its countryside town life. Brilliant staff should not lose work from this they must be given jobs in the city!
694 Vanja HamzicSOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
693 Aditya RameshSOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)Please stop the casualization of labour on such a scale. Clearly staff have worked in these spaces for many years, and its incumbent on the university to either not shut down an entire campus on a few years' notice, or re-house staff at other campuses.
692 Alex LathamUniversity of Sussex
691 Nithya NatarajanSOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
690 Jake LeeperSOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
689 charlotte neweyCardiff University
688 Anna RajalaUniversity of Brighton
687 Kate Burton
686 Anna GrantGoldsmiths, University of London
685 Jo Boffey NHS
684 Sandy NicollSOAS, University of London
683 Catherine LawlessTrinity College Dublin
682 Paul WarmingtonUniversity of Warwick
681 Z Alker
680 David PearsonSOAS, University of London (The School of Oriental and African Studies)
679 Robert NagelUniversity of Kent
678 Chris LawtonEdge Hill UniversityIn light of the Universal REF on the horizon, it makes no sense not to move staff (especially the research active ones, as in Philosophy, for example) to the Manchester campus - especially when Heads of Department in Manchester want this to happen.
677 Vee EasthamUniversity of Bolton
676 Clara FischerUCD
675 Liam O'HareOpen University (OU)
674 David RandallLinneus University
673 Peter LucasUniversity of Central Lancashire (UCLan)Universities are not businesses that can hire and fire staff at will. They are civic institutions with a vital social mission. There should not be any circumstances in which a university needs to make dramatic cuts to staffing, and attempts to do so should be met with firm resistance premised not only on defending the rights of affected staff but on the mission of the institution itself
672 Deana HeathUniversity of Liverpool
671 Lucy BurkeManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)This decision is having a devastating impact on people's lives, wellbeing & futures & it is unnecessary, damaging & unjust.
670 Ana Maria LobosUniversity of Kent
669 Rosemary JaneUniversity of Portsmouth
668 Sue MeniconiBradford College
667 Ivan ReidBradford UniversityStop the rot
666 olivier perezThe University of Manchester
665 Yusef AzadI've seen the great work and its practical application of one of the MMU academic staff - the proposals seem arbitrary and short-sighted.
664 Jan Deckers
663 GALE DAWSONUniversity of Birmingham
662 Kevin LynchSunderland College
661 Laura PovoledoUniversity of the West of England (UWE)
660 Matthew EvansUniversity of Sussex
659 Julian GoodareUniversity of Edinburgh
658 Meg Maguire
657 Keir MobbsUniversity of Bath A job loss to one is a job loss to all. United we stand
656 Alan McShaneBlackburn CollegeStop the job cuts now!!!
655 John ClearyHeriot–Watt UniversityAll Universities should commit to moving forward in the current environment by protecting what makes them strong, their staff, by pledging to never make compulsory redundancies.
654 Halima RahmanUniversity of Liverpool
653 Helen WarnerUniversity of East Anglia (UEA)
652 Kelly JolleyAuburn University
651 Jeff CoulterBoston University
650 Anna BergqvistManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
649 Anat MatarTel Aviv University
648 Lindsay CrispGoldsmiths, University of London
647 Roy Coleman
646 Stefanie KhouryUniversity of Liverpool
645 David WhyteUniversity of Liverpool
644 Ruth LeysJohns Hopkins University
643 Mark Foley
642 Sue DixonGoldsmiths, University of London
641 Charlotte BleaseDublin Institute for Advanced StudiesWake up! Philosophy is required more than ever!
640 James GarveyThe Philosophers' Magazine
639 Anna TraianouGoldsmiths, University of London
638 Aimee TombsNHS
637 Gwen WordinghamUniversity of Kent
636 Jenny BunkerUniversity of Roehampton
635 Christopher Galloway
634 Martyn HammersleyThe Open UniversityFrom what I have read about what MMU is proposing, I can only conclude that its management now consider it only a university in name, being instead an organisation in which staff are hired and fired according to what are deemed to be 'current needs'. This is a sad demise for an institution that has long had an impressive academic reputation.
633 Chris HenryUniversity of Kent
632 Michael MairUniversity of Liverpool The situation faced by our colleagues at MMU's Cheshire campus is disgraceful - MMU's management are sabotaging their own institution and staff. Aside from the terrible position this puts our colleagues at the Cheshire campus in, this cannot but have profound reputational damage for MMU. I've written to my MP and I urge others to do so too. Let's name and shame MMU in parliament as well as in UCU.
631 Daniel MoermanUniversity of Michigan-Dearborn, Dearborn MI USAI work closely with a colleague at MMU at the Cheshire campus. He is known across the globe as a superior scholar and colleague. This closure is a terrible idea.
630 Jessica Dollman
629 Richard Menary
628 Camilla KronqvistÅbo Akademi University
627 Helen De CruzOxford Brookes University
626 Shamira MEGHANI
625 C Veliz
624 Laura DearloveDurham University
623 Tadek MarkiewiczUniversity of Kent
622 Lene AuestadLondon/Oslo
621 Richard ShieldUniversity of Liverpool
620 Paul Coates-
619 Conor HeaneyUniversity of Kent
618 Peter EspersenUniversity of East Anglia (UEA)
617 Juliette HarkinUniversity of East Anglia (UEA)
616 Eve Merrick-Williams
615 Timo JüttenUniversity of Essex
614 Alberto Vanzo
613 Erin KavanaghUWTSD
612 Neil Hamilton FairleyUniversity of Reading
611 Dawn WilsonUniversity of Hull
610 Oskari KuuselaUniversity of East Anglia (UEA)
609 Florian Steinberger
608 Simon ScottUniversity of Warwick
607 Lubomira RadoilskaUniversity of Kent
606 Monique WhitakerUniversity of the Witwatersrand
605 Florence PlatfordGoldsmiths, University of London
604 Mary LengUniversity of York
603 Christian SchemmelThe University of Manchester
602 Dan DegermanUniversity of Lancaster
601 Angelo CeiUniversity of Leeds
600 John Wright
599 Phil HutchinsonManchester Metropolitan University (MMU)I thought my employer considered me to be doing my job well. Why? Well in the last 3 years they gave me 2 performance related pay rises in explicit recognition of having exceeded my contractual role. They also presented me with an award for best Knowledge Exchange research project in late 2014, & so on. Yet here I am, facing redundancy because my office is in Crewe rather than Manchester
598 Gry WesterUniversity of Bergen