Open petitions & letters

Defend jobs and education at Oxford Brookes University

Oxford Brookes University has announced plans to reduce academic staff numbers in Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Maths, leaving 48 jobs at risk of compulsory redundancy. Please read and share UCU’s open letter here and sign our petition to save jobs at Oxford Brookes University.

Open letter to the principal of Weston College: prison staff need a pay rise

Graphic of a key with the wording 'UCU prison educators: unlocking futures'

Please sign this open letter to the principal of Weston College today if you work on the prison estate and want a pay rise as soon as possible. The number of staff signing the letter will be disclosed. Names will be publicised when at least 50 staff have signed the letter, and will be presented to Weston senior management as part of the pay campaign. You can still sign the letter if you are not…

Open letter to the vice-chancellor: devalued degrees at the University of Bristol

Dear Professor Evelyn Welch cc Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education and Students) and Chair of the University Education Committee; Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor (Quality and Standards) and Chair of the University Academic and Standards Committee We are writing in response to the recently published temporary amendments to academic regulation for 2022/23, approved by yourself, the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education and Students), and the Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor (Quality and Standards) on 11 May. We do not believe that it is…


Barnet & Southgate College staff demand fair pay and manageable workloads

FE staff have had enough - pay us respect

Barnet and Southgate College UCU members demand a decent pay rise and concrete measures to reduce workload Barnet and Southgate College UCU call upon the College CEO, Darren Mepham, to pay a decent consolidated percentage pay rise and agree measures to reduce workload for his professional, hardworking and loyal staff. Over a decade of below-inflation…

Bradford College UCU members demand an inflation meeting pay rise

FE staff have had enough - pay us respect

The UCU branch at Bradford College calls upon the Corporation and executive to pay us respect by awarding staff with a real pay rise that makes up for the last 12 years where we have had no significant increases. The value of our pay has not kept up with inflation and therefore the value of…

Help us save Kidlington Adult Education Centre from closure

Staff based at the Kidlington Adult Education Centre in Oxfordshire were told at the end of June 2022 that they must vacate the premises by the end of October. The Centre opened in 1959 and has provided courses and events for local residents for over sixty years.

USS cuts are not necessary

A rotten retirement - get in the bin

In February UUK voted through plans to cut 35% from the guaranteed retirement income of members of the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS). However, the latest USS Financial Monitoring Report (FMP) shows that scheme assets have soared to over £88bn, placing it in a stronger position and evaporating any justification for devastating pension cuts.  We the…

Give prison educators a much-needed and deserved pay rise

Picture of empty wallet with the text 'No one esle works for nothing - why should prison educators have to'

​UCU is campaigning for a pay rise ​for prison educators. Your pay has reduced against inflation by over 25% which means you are working one day a week for free compared to 2009. Average salaries are the lowest in the sector with prison teachers earning on average £10,000 less than secondary school teachers The cost…

Staffordshire University: NO to a two-tier system

Staffordshire University UCU is campaigning to stop the University’s plans to bring in a two-tier workforce. The University has decided that all new staff will be employed by a wholly owned subsidiary on different contractual terms. This will inevitably lead to a two-tier workforce and over time, increase pressure by the University to ‘harmonise downwards’…